Pontevedra: Best Things to Do

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Pontevedra is a city in Spain. This city is home to interesting and magnificent historical buildings.

Some of the most popular and must-visit historical buildings in Pontevedra are the Santa Maria la Mayor Basilica, Capela da Peregrina, Monastery of Santa Maria in Armenteira, and Ponte do Burgo.

Pontevedra also has some amazing museums that can't be missed, and one of them is Sexto Edificio in the Museo de Pontevedra.

Don't forget to also check out the Praza da Ferraría that is surrounded by beautiful buildings and various restaurants.

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Sexto Edificio in the Museo de Pontevedra to see the Galician and Spanish art form the 14th to 20th centuries. The museum is home to over 16.000 pieces of arts such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, archeological objects, engravings, and many more. The highlight of the museum is the paintings by Castelao.

Sexto Edificio

Collections of Spanish & Galician art & decorative arts from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Address : Rúa Padre Amoedo Carballo, 3, 36002 Pontevedra, Spain


Take a stroll at Praza da Ferraría, a beautiful and spacious plaza with a lovely view of the Convent of San Franciso. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings and some terraces where you're able to enjoy a drink or meal. The square is also a great starting point to explore the city.

Praza da Ferraría

An emblematic square in the city of Pontevedra. Nice place to walk and to eat or have a drink. It is recommended to visit the old town of this beautiful city.

Address : 36002 Pontevedra, Spain


Find anything that you need at the Centro Comercial A Laxe, an indoor shopping center located on the Ria de Vigo. There various stores that are available in the shopping center ranging from fashion, accessories, jewelers, cafes, restaurants, and there's even a casino on the second floor of the building. You can also enjoy a meal at the terrace of the shopping center that features the gorgeous view of the water. You can also shop at Gran Vía de Vigo, a big mall that features stores from famous fashion and lifestyle brands. There are also a movie theater, restaurants, and a supermarket.

Centro Comercial A Laxe

Modern, enclosed shopping center on the waterfront, with a top-floor terrace for dining & views.

Address : Rúa Cánovas del Castillo, 1, 36202 Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain


Seafood is the most prominent dish in Pontevedra. There are various delicious foods made of seafood such as Pulpo a Feira, which is a grilled octopus with potatoes and paprika. Other dishes that must be tried in Pontevedra are the Arcade oysters, oyster soup Lérez style, and Lobster with Chocolate by Picadillo. And for the drink, Pontevedra has several great bars where you can get
great drinks.


Traditions in Pontevedra is heavily influenced by the maritime and trading industry. Pontevedra also has several interesting festivals that are held annually, like a Jazz festival, outdoor cinema, and medieval fair reenactment.


Peak season: Summer is the perfect time to visit Pontevedra. From June to September, the weather in Pontevedra is perfect to explore the city with sunny days and very little rain.


Parador de Pontevedra is an awesome hotel situated in a 16th-century Renaissance-style palace. The hotel that is decorated with gorgeous antiques and furniture offers different types of rooms that guests can choose to their liking. The hotel location is also closed to several Pontevedra's iconic landmarks, such as Basilica de Santa Maria a Maior, Capela da Peregrina, and Ponte do Burgo. Hotel Galicia Palace is another great option for accommodation in Pontevedra. This casual hotel offers some amazing amenities that guests can enjoy, such as a spa, a fitness center, and a bar. This hotel is also pet-friendly, just in case you want to bring your pet to travel along with you.

Parador de Pontevedra

Refined rooms & suites with antique touches in an upmarket palace-turned-hotel with dining & a bar.

Address : Rúa do Barón, 19, 36002 Pontevedra, Spain

Hotel Galicia Palace

Warm quarters with free Wi-Fi in a relaxed hotel offering a restaurant & a cafe/bar.

Address : Av. de Vigo, 3, 36003 Pontevedra, PO, Spain


Enjoy various delicious Galician dishes at the Casa Fidel O'Pulpeiro. This restaurant is well-known for its seafood dishes. Some of the food that you can order here are empanada, tortilla,
shrimp scampi, garlic scallops, and octopus dishes. El Cafetín is another fabulous place to grab some food in Pontevedra. It serves various Spanish, European, and Mediterranean dishes at an affordable price such as traditional chorizo, burgers, breaded mussels, croquettes, chicken, and prawn. The terrace seating is a perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal on a sunny day.

Casa Fidel O'Pulpeiro

Casa Fidel O'Pulpeiro serving one of the most traditional dishes of Galician gastronomy.

Address : Rúa San Nicolás, 7, 36002 Pontevedra, Spain

El Cafetín

Incredible cafe and restaurant, their menu section are spectacular with excellent service.

Address : Rúa Alameda, s/n, 36001 Pontevedra, Spain


Café Museo da Historia is a really good place to grab breakfast, coffees, and some snacks such as croissants, churros, and some skewers. Besides coffee, hot chocolate, wine, and beers are also available at the cafe. La Torta is another great breakfast spot that serve tasty desserts such as cakes, crepes, and waffles. The cafe is also an ideal and cozy place to hang out with its various seating arrangements such as sofas, chairs, armchairs, as well as a terrace with a great outdoor atmosphere.

Café Museo da Historia

Relax on Café Museo terrace while enjoying a complete and comforting breakfast.

Address : Rúa Arcebispo Malvar, 30, 36002 Pontevedra, Spain

La Torta

La Torta offers an extensive range of high quality coffee and freshly prepared dishes.

Address : Rúa dos Soportais, 6, 36002 Pontevedra, Spain


Ye Olde BASSET is the place to go in Pontevedra if you want to enjoy a glass of tasty drink. This place offers a great selection of beers, from craft beers to international beers. There's also an awesome whiskey menu that can be ordered here. The great atmosphere of the pub makes it a perfect place to drink with friends. And if you want to spend the night dancing to great Latin music, then you can come to Discoteca Tropicana. The wide dance floor and bar make it a great place to have fun in Pontevedra.


A London theme pub in the old area of ​​Pontevedra, with large variety of imported beers.

Address : Av. Santa María, 4, 36002 Pontevedra, PO, Spain

Discoteca Tropicana

Discoteca Tropicana is one of the most popular entertainment spot feature latin music and great cocktails.

Address : Rúa de Benito Corbal, 14, 36001 Pontevedra, Spain


See the magnificent beauty of the Santa Maria la Mayor Basilica or Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor. This 15th-century Catholic church is like a work of art with its architectural beauty, both from the exterior that is adorned with carvings, and the interior that features beautiful ceiling and altar. Here, you will also find several rooms that house some religious artifacts. Capela da Peregrina is another beautiful building that must be visited in Pontevedra. The chapel that was built in 1778 features Baroque and neo-classical designs that are able to grab the attention of the people around it. You can even go up to the dome of the church for only one euro.

Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor

15th-century Catholic church with unique architecture & remnants of a 13th-century mosque.

Address : Av. Santa María, 24, 36002 Pontevedra, PO, Spain

Capela da Peregrina

15th-century Catholic church with unique architecture & remnants of a 13th-century mosque.

Address : Praza da Peregrina, 5, 36001 Pontevedra, Spain


Monastery of Santa Maria in Armenteira or Monasterio de Santa María da Armenteira is a historic monastery and church located about 20 km from the center of Pontevedra. The monastery has a history dating back from the 16th and 17th centuries, and there's a Romanesque church that was built in 1667. Though visitors aren't allowed to enter the monastery, they're still allowed to enter the garden and the church. Another historical spot that is worth checking out is the Ponte do Burgo, an old Roman bridge that the city is named after. The bridge that is crossing the Lérez River offers a beautiful view of the river.

Ponte do Burgo

An old Roman bridge over the river Lérez, with the wonderful views of Pontevedra city.

Address : Rúa Río Lérez, 36002 Poio, Pontevedra, Spain

Monasterio de Santa María da Armenteira

Beautiful peaceful 16th Century Monastery with 12th century origins like church & rose window.

Address : Lugar de la Iglesia, s/n, 36192 A Armenteira, PO, Spain