Alicante: Best Things to Do

Alicante - Photo by Vicente Viana on Pixabay

Alicante is a city in Spain famous for its Mount Benacantil that you can visit in the city.

Alicante is known for its lovely palm trees on the streets and shopping streets.

There are about 370,000 people live in the city and they speak Spanish and Valencian languages.

Come to the city and enjoy its authentic food, paella alicantina! You can find it in almost all restaurants or food stalls.

For the iconic drink, Alicante is famous for horchata de chufas.

Scroll down below to know other amazing places in Alicante that you must visit!



Santa Bárbara Castle is a popular destination in Alicante. It's a Muslim castle from the 9th century, showing city views from the hilltop. Not only the views, but the museum is also worth exploring. Tour guides are also available here. Enjoy the beach and the sunset sceneries with your buddies or partner.

Santa Bárbara Castle

Cool place for history and beautiful landscape lovers.

They offer an elevator climbing the top of castle for such a fair price

Views form the top are awesome, especially in good weather.

The entrance is free.

Address : 03002 Alicante, Spain


MACA Contemporary Art Museum of Alicante is an important museum in Alicante. The museum is so large with its cool modern interior. There is artsy stuff to see in the museum, from permanent to temporary exhibitions of 20th-century art. There are 3 permanent collections of about 800 art pieces. See the cool paintings, sketches, and sculptures to see. They are created by famous artists, like Eusebio Sempere and Joan Miró Pablo Picasso.

MACA Contemporary Art Museum of Alicante

Amazingly beautiful contemporary art museum in Alicante.

It is interesting exhibition with free of charge enterence admission.

There is a lot to see and it is located in a beautiful central area.

It is definitely worth checking it out!

Address : Plaza Sta. María, 3, 03002 Alicante, Spain


Mercado Central de Alicante is a popular market in Alicante. It's popular not only for tourists but also for locals. You can find many vendors selling local foods or stuffs to buy. The foods are fresh with the taste of Alicante. The market is great to meet locals too! For antique lovers, come to Pin-Up Vintage. There are many cool collectible items to offer. You can buy local souvenirs too at this store.

Mercado Central de Alicante

Nice market with a lot of stalls selling meat and fish/seafood.

This is a place where locals really do their regular shopping.

There are sections for fresh meat, dry meat, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, sweets, etc.

Some stalls for tourists too and worth it.

Address : Av. Alfonso El Sabio, nº 10, 03004 Alicante, Spain

Pin-Up Vintage

Such a cool store.

They have a great selection of vintage items.

There are very interesting products and the prices are totally affordable.

The owner is very welcoming and passionate about it too.

Address : Calle Belando, 11, 03004 Alicante, Spain


The authentic food from Alicante is paella alicantina. It's made from saffron rice, red peppers, chicken, and shellfish. You can get the food at many local restaurants in the city. Arroz a la banda, Arroz negro, and esmorçaret alacantí are also Alicante's local foods you must try. For the drinks, Alicante has horchata de chufas and local wines to taste.


Alicante is known for its lovely palm trees on the streets and shopping streets. It's a city in Costa Blanca, Spain and the capital city of Alicante province. The city has high-quality foods and friendly people. There are about 370,000 people live in the city. They speak Spanish and Valencian languages. Prepare your money in the Euro currency to pay for everything in the city. For the cultural event, there is a popular festival called Las Hogueras Festival you may want to join when visiting Alicante.


You can visit the city all year round. But, the best time to visit the city is between March and September. It's when the weather is pleasant and the rainfall is less. It's perfect to explore the city and do outdoor activities.


Stay at Hotel Almirante when you visit Alicante. It's a beachside hotel with a comfortable bedroom to sleep in. The hotel offers an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea from your windows. This great hotel is located close to the Archaeological Museum of Alicante and Santa Bárbara Castle. You can also stay at Hotel Boutique Alicante Palacete S.XVII. This hotel has a classic interior in all bedrooms. It's so strategic because it's located a 5-minute walk from El Postiguet Beach and 2 km from the Muslim Santa Bárbara Castle and Alicante-Terminal train station.

Hotel Almirante

It's a lovely hotel right on a fantastic beach.

The premium room is lovely, has air conditioning and a fridge.

Reception and restaurant well presented and good atmosphere to relax.

The staff are lovely.

Address : Av. de Niza, 38, 03540 Alicante, Spain

Hotel Boutique Alicante Palacete S.XVII

Stunning hotel in the old town.

The building itself is absolutely spectacular with its old charm and its unique design.

The location is excellent and the staff extremely accommodating.

It provides very nice restoration and beautiful rooms in the heart of Alicante.

Address : Calle Miguel Soler, 22, 03002 Alicante, Spain


Nou Manolín is a Mediterranean food restaurant to visit with your buddies or family. It's so cozy to have dinner. They serve amazing delicious, ham, croquettes, and donuts. The lobsters, lamb, and montadito are fantastic! Also, you can come to Bodeguita 1999. This brick-decored restaurant is a gem in Alicante. It's cool and cozy to sit and eat. Order its paella, sirloin, tapas, or chistorra. Those are highly recommended at this restaurant.

Nou Manolín

One of favourite places for seafood tapas in Alicante.

They offer fantastic traditional Spanish food with a very modern twist.

Staff are so lovely and friendly.

This is a must go place.

Address : Calle Villegas, 3, 03001 Alicante, Spain

Bodeguita 1999

Really great and atmospheric restaurant in a quaint and cozy part of Alicante.

They offer fantastic meal with some of the best French fries.

They also offer great paella.

The server is extremely friendly and spoke English very well.

Address : Calle Bailén, 4, 03001 Alicante, Spain


While you're in Alicante, make sure to visit Sip and Wonder Coffee House. This coffee shop is perfect for coffee lovers. It's also recommended for having breakfast. The chic decor is cool, as well as outdoor seating. The toasts and pancakes are so delicious to eat. Also, come to Madness Specialty Coffee. The cafe is so warm and cozy to hang out. There are roasted coffee, kombucha, and even craft beer. For the food, the tart and bizchoco are so fantastic!

Sip and Wonder Coffee House

One of the best brunch / breakfast in Alicante.

The food is fresh, coffee is nice, service is very local and attentive.

The decoration is also perfect and makes the cafe seem cosy.

Its also quite dog friendly.

Address : Carrer Poeta Campos Vasallo, 8, 03004 Alacant, Alicante, Spain

Madness Specialty Coffee

Superb coffe shop in Alicante.

The interior is beautiful and definitely exentric and comfortable.

There is a English menu with toast and coffee.

Staff is really helpful and friendly.

Address : Calle San Nicolás, nº4, Bajo, 03002 Alacant, Alicante, Spain


Tribeca Music Bar is a bar with a wooden style and cozy seating you can visit to enjoy the city's night. They have great cocktails and beers to offer. Don't forget to try its amazing recommended foods, like nachos, guacamoles, and bocadillos. You can also go to Manero. It's a tapas bar, serving Spanish tapas, beer, and wine. Enjoy the great late-night foods at this bar. The Squid Sandwich and French Oyster are awesome!

Tribeca Music Bar

A lovely little bar with amazing burgers and the best Quesadillas.

It offers nice variety of food types.

Gluten free bread is available on the menu which is a big plus.

The music is good and the prices are reasonable for the amazing quality.

Address : Calle San Fernando, 18, 03002 Alicante, Spain


Classy place with very good selection of wines.

Many varieties of their own produced wines.

They also offer fabulous tapas.

Really great atmosphere and modern relaxing vibe.

Staff really warm and happy to assist.

Address : Calle Médico Manero Mollà, 7, 03001 Alicante, Spain


Concatedral de San Nicolás is a classic Roman Catholic co-cathedral that worths your visit. See the 45-meter blue cupola tops, a baroque chapel and elegant cloisters in the area. The architecture of the building will bring you back in time. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Alicante. This is a cool museum in the city, housing beautiful permanent and temporary exhibitions. There are 8 galleries to explore and know about the field, urban & underwater archaeology of Alicante.

Concatedral de San Nicolás

Beautiful catholic cathedral in the middle of the old quarter of Alicante.

There is very little information on the history but impressive all the same.

Nominal entry fee with great views over the city and surrounding area and good value cafe.

Very much worth visiting and attending a service.

Address : Plaza del Abad Penalva, 2, 03002 Alicante, Spain

Archaeological Museum of Alicante

A good museum to learn about the history of Alicante.

A great display for artifacts of different eras.

Very well maintained and interesting.

Some exhibits have an English explanation that can be played on your phone.

Address : Placa Dr. Gómez Ulla, S/N, 03013 Alacant, Alicante, Spain


San Juan Playa is a lovely public beach in the city. Enjoy the sun and the vibe, especially in summer. There are many nice spots for taking photos in the area. The sunset is so beautiful at this beach. Also, you can tan yourself or enjoy a cup of coffee here. Another nice spot is the Basilica of Santa Maria. This is a 16-century Catholic basilica. The building is built with an amazing gothic Valencian style and an ornate baroque entry. Take pictures with the building will be so perfect.

San Juan Playa

One of the best beaches in Alicante.

There is always a good atmosphere, even in winter, with an excellent promenade.

Awesome maintenance for cleanliness, sport and entertainment

there are many coffee shops too.

Address : Av. de Niza, 27, 03540 Alicante, Spain

Basilica of Santa Maria Alicante

Beautiful architecture in the old town.

Nice and cool inside.

Full of local activity and attending worshippers

There is cafe in the square is lovely spot for good food and a quiet retreat.

Address : Plaza Sta. María, 1, 03001 Alicante, Spain