Dénia: Best Things to Do

Image by Marcela Escandell from Flickr - Photo by Marcela Escandell

Denia is a coastal city situated in Alicante province, Spain where the sea and the mountains merged.

Holding the title "City of Gastronomy", Denia is home to beautiful beaches such as Playa de las Marinas.

The magnificent historical sides also can be found in the city's old town

It is great to visit Denia during sunny day.

Let;s explore this amazing city!



Explore the best place for sightseeing in Denia by visiting Playa de las Marinas. It is a lovely beach near the downtown of Denia. Take a walk along the stretch of the beach and you will find several restaurants and bars. The area around the beach is filled with 1970s style apartments and small hotels.


Denia's historical center offers a fascinating mix of modern and ancient architecture. You will find elegant building, old fisherman's houses, as well as colorful and modern streets. Discover rich history of the city by visiting Ajuntament de Dénia, town hall of Denia. The ground floor of this building is available to visit. Do not skip the cultural side of Museu Etnològic next to the Town Hall. The museum was established in 1991. You will see an interesting collection of manufacturing process of raisin in the ground floor.

Museu Etnològic

Great, a building full of the history of Denia, its most prominent characters.

It is a beautiful museum, with real recreations of rooms and clothing of the time.

Small collection, provides information about the city's history, shipping and agriculture.

Address : Carrer dels Cavallers, 1, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain


Shopping store are spread along the city center streets at Calle Marqués de Campo and Carlos Sentí. This area house traditional markets, numerous boutiques, gift and souvenirs shop. Go to ALE-HOP as one of the most popular gifts shop in Denia. You can buy things like knick-knacks, hat, bag, and other cute stuffs. When you want to witness "Paris" zone shopping, you can stroll around Patricio Ferrándiz and Paseo del Saladar. You will find weekly market every Monday and antiques market on Friday.


Great chain store, clean and tidy.

Lots of fun stuff really cheap.

Very friendly employees, cool!

Address : Carrer del Marqués de Campo, 36, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain


The city of Denia is popular for its seafood and rice dishes. The culinary heritage is rooted from traditional local fishing and surrounding rice fields. Try traditional dish called the Espencat. It is basically a kind tasty of cold salad consists of eggplant and baked red pepper strips. Also try Liandeta, a typical white fish and rice stew. While for the drink, you can have a glass of vermouth.


As one of the oldest Spanish town, Denia has rich culture that left in the heart of historical center area. You will find beautiful buildings with great value like the church of Iglesia de la Asunción of the XVIII century. The culture also reflects in the city's festivals and traditions. Bonfire festival is a popular event that celebrated annually in March. Another one is The Bous a la Mar, week-long festival in the main street of Marqués de Campo.


The perfect time to visit Denia is between June and August. You will experience a fun vacation in a very comfortable weather. These months have the least precipitation. But, it quite busy for tourism.


La Posada del Mar is obviously a nice accommodation for travelers like you. It is located in a strategic area near landmarks such as Placa del Convent and Placa del Concell. Overlooking the Mediterranean sea, this hotel sets in a 13th century building. While for getting a warm atmosphere of historic center stay, head to Hotel Rosa. This is a charming 3 star hotel that well decorated in typical Spanish style.

La Posada del Mar

Wonderful hotel with beautiful decor on the corner of the sea.

The hotel has a beautiful sitting room surrounded by books.

The rooms are lovely with excellent balcony and views.

Breakfast is a delight and service is excellent.

The staff are all very helpful and keen to make your stay enjoyable.

Address : Plaça les Drassanes, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Hotel Rosa

Beautiful little boutique hotel, with excellent staff, and very welcoming atmosphere.

Breakfast is terrific and the quality of food in the restaurant is excellent.

The hotel is beautifully decorated, the room is lovely.

Friendly and accommodating staff.

Address : Carrer Congre, 3, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain


Visit Restaurant Estanyo to taste Denia's local cuisine. With a wonderful setting near the beach, you will get a fantastic traditional dishes and also fresh seafood. Enjoy the stunning sea view while chewing your food. Restaurante El Faralló is also a great place for satisfying your culinary experience. The restaurant serves Mediterranean, European, and Seafood menu. You can also have a choice of deserts and wines to complete your meal.

Restaurant Estanyo

It is a great place to get your value for money, and some consistent good local seafood.

They have a wide variety of rices and fresh fish.

. The place is very cosy.

Attentive service and nice and simple decor.

Address : Carrer Llac Sanabria, 6, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Restaurante El Faralló

One of the best restaurants in Dénia, to eat a good rice.

Great quality seafood, molluscs and fresh fish.

The service is efficient, they have a large cellar.

Address : Carrer Fènix, 10, 03700 Rotes, Alicante, Spain


Take a short break at La Dolce Vita after strolling the city of Denia. This is the best ice cream cafe in the city. Located just in front of church in Denia's old town, the cafe set in a beautiful square. It becomes everyone's favorite place to enjoy ice cream and watch the world changing. If you are a coffee lover, go to Café Mediterráneo - Desayunos, Aperitivos & Cócteles. The cafe offers relaxing sea view while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee.

Café Mediterráneo - Desayunos, Aperitivos & Cócteles

It is the best place for breakfast or cocktails with friends.

The terrace is beautiful and the attention phenomenal.

A popular breakfast and evening drinks local.

Excellent treatment by its owner and all the waiters.

Address : Carrer de la Via, 33, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

La Dolce Vita

An ice cream shop with artisan and very varied ice creams.

It also has a wide assortment of homemade cakes as well.

The quality of the ice cream is really good.

The coffee and cakes are also fabulous.

Address : Plaça de la Constitució, 3, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain


There are plenty to choose when you need a fun spot to spend your nightlife. Condado Gastro Show Club is the most popular place to have cabaret show and live band performances. The venue is truly modern with great lighting and sound systems. If you want more relaxed bar, head to Mira Luna. There is enough choice of cocktails and beers to keep you happy.

Condado Gastro Show Club

Condado is best club in Denia for fun night.

The only place in town for shows and events.

Wonderful top class entertainment with a mouth watering meal.

Address : Carrer del Marqués de Campo, 42, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Mira Luna

Very good place in an outstanding location in Xabia.

A good glass of wine and a good wine choice.

Super staff and wonderful owners.

Address : Plaza Adolfo Suarez, 17, 03730 Xàbia, Alicante, Spain


Túnel del Castillo becomes one of main attractions of Denia. The tunnel is dating back to Civil War in Spain. It cuts straight through beneath of Denia's castle. Also explore many collection of toys at Museo del Juguete de Denia. You can discover various toys across the ages. On the lower floor of the museum is displayed amazing paintings from great local artists.

Túnel del Castillo

The castle tunel is one of favorite places in Dénia

The history of this tunnel is the function of refuge during the Civil War.

A tunnel only for pedestrians, you should walk through, when you are in Denia.

Address : Carrer del Trinquet, 2, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Museo del Juguete de Denia

Free museum with an extensive collection of antique toys.

A lot of interesting exhibits, struck by the jewelry making of children's toys

Especially furniture for dolls, dishes and others, some of the toys are very old.

It is easily accessible because it is located in the center of Denia.

Address : Carrer Calderón, 2, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain


There are plenty beautiful spots Denia offers to you. Make sure you are ready with you cameras and head to Castillo de Denia. The castle was built in the 11th century during the period of Arab domination. Built on top of cliff overlooking the coast, the place offers breathtaking sea view to capture. Centro de interpretación Parque Natural del Montgó is another place that gives you beautiful nature view. The park features exhibition on the ecosystems of mountain.

Castillo de Denia

Excellent museum of local archeology.

Great views from top and interesting small Archeological museum.

Worth visiting for the views and the antiquities exposed.

Address : Carrer Sant Francesc, S/n, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Centro de interpretación Parque Natural del Montgó

A wonderful place to enjoy urban biodiversity

A lot of explanation about the environment received from a helpful nature guide on the basis of a large scale model.

The entrance is at the parking lot in the beginning of the street.

Address : C/. San Joan, nº1, Finca "Bosc de Diana", 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain