Dijon: Best Things to Do

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Burgundy is a city well-known as the city of ‘good wine’ in the region of Eastern France

In this city, the beauty of Medieval culture in France is still preserved in many buildings around the city

You can go sightseeing in Abbaye de Fontenay, Palais des Duc’s and Eglise Notre-Dame to name a view place worth-visiting here

Go treat yourself shopping jewelry and fragrance as much as taking pictures in this one of a kind landmark



If you visit a city as romantic as Burgundy, it is best for you to take a look at Abbaye de Fontenay. This complex of churches built in the 12th century is a perfect place to stroll around enjoying the Romanesque vibe of the city. The gardens alongside this complex give you the ultimate serene atmosphere to relax your nerves. For all the calming air, this place has been used for people to heal and meditate. This place is also a renown UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Abbaye de Fontenay

This immaculate monastery was founded in 1118 & retains its historic buildings & landscaped gardens


Strolling in the main street of Burgundy, you will be welcomed by an outstanding view of Romanesque architecture. Palais des Duc’s as the historic center in the city is the highly recommended spot for you who want to indulge in the beautiful fragrance of Medieval palace. Musée des Beaux-Arts as the best art museum in France is also the top destination when you want to spend time at the heart of the city.

Palais des Duc’s

Medieval palace with a collection of artifacts dating to the Middle Ages & the Renaissance

Musée des Beaux-Arts

Dukes of Burgundys' former palace housing major collections of 14th-19th century western art


Bijoux Blues is a gorgeous choice to shop for jewelry in Burgundy. The owner of the shop designs the jewelry by herself. With the touch of elegance from the owner’s hand, the jewelry from Bijoux Blues captures people’s hearts. Huygens is a wonderful place to buy high-quality fragrance, perfume, hand lotion, body scrub and all sorts of things to treat yourself. There are a variety of scents of those products that you can choose to suit your taste.

Bijoux Blues

Costume jewelry shop


A shop for perfume lover


There is no secret about how much Burgundy is well-known as the city of good wine. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are notably among the most favorite for many wine lovers from all over the world that are produced in this land of Burgundy. But, Burgundy’s pride in the culinary field is not only limited in the wine alone. Coq au vin is a delicious chicken braised in wine that is a must-try meal in this city. Many foods that are mixed with wine is a signature style of Burgundy’s culinary.


Burgundy is a city with overflowing charm when it comes to the region of culture. Historically, this city is a very significant place that shaped France’s culture. Here and there, you can find the traces of European Medieval culture stretched in the buildings’ architecture. The most common language spoken by the people in Burgundy is called Bourguignon-morvandiau.


It is said that the best time to visit Burgundy is during the autumn season which falls in the months of September to November.


During your stay in Burgundy, don’t forget to spend some time visiting Musée des Ursulines. This place provides you with collections of fine arts and archeology dated from the 17th century. Take a picture of yourself with the background of this artistic site. Château Commarin is a charming building you can capture for its signature two large towers and a small chapel from 14th-century architecture.

Musée des Beaux-Arts

Dukes of Burgundys' former palace housing major collections of 14th-19th century western art

Château Commarin

A charming building with the signature of two large towers and a small chapel from 14th century architecture


Surrounded by the nearby panorama of beautiful gardens and decorated with the mixture of Medieval style and 21st-century cozy style, Château D'igé is prominently one of the most recommended places to stay during your visit in this beautiful city. Allow yourself to be pampered with the good service provided in this hotel. Another plus of this hotel is its location in the heart of Southern Burgundy. Abbaye de Maizieres, only some minutes’ walk from the city’s downtown spots, is a 12th-century styled place to have a wonderful stay in this city. The accessibility to many nearby Burgundy destinations is a top point to be considered for your convenience.

Château D'igé

Surrounded by beautiful gardens nearby, Château D'igé is a cozy place to stay

Abbaye de Maizieres

12th-century styled hotel to have a wonderful stay in Burgundy


Restaurant Frédéric Doucet is a majestic modern dining room that is suitable to be used as a place for family or group gathering. To name some of the most favorite menus by the customers include Breton lobster, Charolais beef, Grand Marnier soufflé, all dipped in the best wine produced by Burgundy. Now if you want to experience the more lowkey setting of Burgundy with the high-quality taste, Pause Gourmande is definitely the right choice. Get yourself a sweet treat like pastries and tea in this restaurant.

Restaurant Frédéric Doucet

Majestic modern dining room

Pause Gourmande

Outdoor seating restaurant for your sweet treat


Morning Glory Cafe is a lovely relaxed place for you to have a chill while enjoying a variety of pastry, granola to espresso. The simple but cute style of the cafe gives a different experience to your journey in Burgundy. If you seek for an outdoor cafe with good quality, Madeleine Café is very recommended for its aesthetically pleasing style and delicious desserts.

Morning Glory Cafe

Cozy relaxed cafe to have a chill in Burgundy

Madeleine Café

Outdoor seating cafe with aesthetically pleasing style and delicious desserts


Les BerThoM Dijon is a pleasant place offering local and worldwide alcoholic beverages for you to spend the night comfortably. This bar is really suitable for a hangout place with friends. Dr Wine, just like the name, serves you with original good quality wine. They also list more than 1000 wine names from all over the world into their boutique.

Dr Wine

A bar serveing original good quality wine

Les BerThoM Dijon

Offering local and worldwide alcoholic beverage with good service


Eglise Notre-Dame has an interesting Gothic architecture which makes it rather different than many buildings in the city. The architecture of this church is considered a masterpiece of the 13th-century Gothic style. Another serene site in Burgundy is Basilique Sainte Marie-Madeleine, a church with unique architecture that will not disappoint your visit there.

Eglise Notre-Dame

13th-century Catholic church with classic Gothic architecture, including many exterior gargoyles

Basilique Sainte Marie-Madeleine

Striking, hilltop Romanesque church with a unique carved doorway & the relics of Mary Magdalene

Address : 89450 Vézelay, France