Laval: Best Things to Do - Photo by leocadie1920

Laval is a town in Western France, it's approximately 190 miles West-Southwest of Paris and the capital of the Mayenne department.

Laval is a home to France's original list of historic monuments, Château de Laval.

There is a botanical garden which is located along the river Mayenne, Jardin botanique de la Perrine.

You can buy so many souvenirs at Manuella - Boutique de déco à Laval and Marché Mardi Matin.

Laval has several hotels available at town including excellent amenities you might enjoy at Chateau de la Scorie and Hôtel Spa Restaurant Perier Du Bignon.

Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Avesnières or Lactopôle to experience new things.

Take a picture of these instagrammable spots at square de Boston and musée d'Art naïf et d'Arts singuliers which are worth visiting! Let's stroll it right now!



Château de Laval was built in the 11th century on a rocky outcrop overlooking the La Mayenne river. It features several extraordinary collections such as a hundred game pawns dating from the 10th-12th centuries, chess and backgammon pawns constitute which is the most important collection discovered in France. In addition, there are also several exhibitions every year.

Château de Laval

Château de Laval located in the center on a pedestrian street with lots of shops around.

Address : 70 Rue du Val de Mayenne, 53000 Laval, France


Jardin botanique de la Perrine is the ideal place for a family walk. There is a children's play area, animals, and ponds. Besides, you will see several varieties of flowerbeds with a great diversity of tree species such as ginkgo, cedar, sequoia, magnolia, holm oak, and etc. Jardin botanique de la Perrine also pays tribute to famous Laval residents through monuments and museums like Espace Alain Gerbault, lantern by Ambroise Pare, Henri Rousseau tomb which offers a beautiful panorama of the city of Laval.

Jardin botanique de la Perrine

Jardin botanique de la Perrine is a botanical garden located along the River Mayenne with a magnificent panorama.

Address : 53000 Laval, France


Here you will find Laval's culinary specialists like pots, pans, casseroles, stainless steel, and cast iron. Not only that, you can make your wedding items list, they also provide a children's department. The store is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm. Marché Mardi Matin consists of five markets that operate between Tuesday and Saturday. On Saturday, it features around 150 150 non-sedentary trailers including 60 markets located over the central market site like places des Acacias, Saint-Tugal, de la Tremoille, Hardy de Levare, and rue Pauline and Daniel Oehlert, Charles Landelle. Besides, the Tuesday morning market is specialized in food.

Manuella - Boutique de déco à Laval

Women's boutique carrying clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

Address : 12 Rue des Déportés, 53000 Laval, France

Marché Mardi Matin

Smell the atmosphere of traditional markets and stock up on local products in Laval.

Address : Place des Acacias, 53000 Laval, France


There is a popular food in Laval, Rillettes pate. It is prepared from selected varieties of pork. Fish dishes are also popular in Laval, you can try varieties from the sea and river.


Laval's scenes have various social occasions of assorted types, from traditional shows, music exhibitions to parody shows, theater, and movies. Laval additionally incorporates lovely memorable locales with a few spots of enthusiasm, including eateries, create shops, workmanship exhibitions and classical shops.


The best times to visit Laval for ideal weather are on May 21st to October 14th.


Stay in the Chateau de la Sicario which is comfortable and enjoy an exceptional view of the magnificent Mayenne bocage. In addition, there is a varied breakfast menu including homemade jams and yogurts, fruit juice, cold meats, cheese, pastries, and fresh bread. This hotel was built in the 18th century in the historic center of LAVAL. Hôtel Spa Restaurant Perier Du Bignon has 42 rooms including nine suites with incredible atmosphere. Besides, there is a restaurant with a lover of French gastronomy. They will make your dinner perfect with fresh and seasonal products. In addition, you can celebrate your special occasion such as weddings, birthday parties, baptisms, etc here.

Chateau de la Sicorie

Casual hotel in a stately hotel featuring fantastic carved wooden fireplace.

Address : La Sicorie, 53240 Saint-Germain-le-Guillaume, France

Hôtel Spa Restaurant Perier Du Bignon

19th-century property offering polished rooms, plus an outdoor pool & elegant dining.

Address : 7 Rue du Marchis, 53000 Laval, France


Le Bistro de Paris is the perfect place to have dinner with your loved ones or even your family. It has a capacity of around 60 people and a private room for 15 people. The restaurant is open every day except Saturday noon, Sunday evening, and Monday all day. Le 345 offers a pleasant setting including delicious dishes, tasty appetizers, and good coffee. Besides, you can reserve a group catering for your special events.

Le Bistro de Paris

Le Bistro de Paris welcomes you for an evolving cuisine in an art nouveau setting.

Address : 67 Rue du Val de Mayenne, 53000 Laval, France

Le 345

Le 345 is a French restaurant where you can get authentic cuisine.

Address : 353 Rue de Bretagne, 53000 Laval, France


La Maison offers a cozy space that is located in the city center where you can have a light lunch in the right place. There are homemade pastries and milkshakes available. The famous dishes here are from fish and white meat. Etienne coffee shop Laval offers several varieties of menu you might like such as Nespresso compatible capsules, artisanal jams, Monbana chocolate including tea and coffee with equipment related.

La Maison

Old Laval house, an invitation to taste tea, in the main room, a small lounges or on the terrace.

Address : 45 Rue des Déportés, 53000 Laval, France

Etienne coffee shop Laval

Etienne is artisan roaster since 1907, has selected for you the best origins of coffee beans or ground.

Address : 2 Parvis des droits de l'Homme, 53000 Laval, France


DELUXE FAMOUS CLUB is open every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm to 6 am. They will treat you with good music like Deep-house, Disco Funk, Electro, and etc. It's not just a place to have fun but QUI L'UBU offers you with several drinks and dishes available. This place is quite perfect to come with your buddies while spending your time with their menu and service available.

Deluxe Famous Club - Laval

Dark & moody, this long-standing hangout offers classic cocktails, plus DJs, burlesque & live bands.

Address : 10 Allée Louis Vincent, 53000 Laval, France

Qui L'Ubu

Neighborhood bar offering a wide selection of beers, wine and great meals.

Address : 7 Rue du Val de Mayenne, 53000 Laval, France


There are several attractive capitals including a polychromatic 15C wooden Christ and an amazing statue of Our lady. In the entrance gate, there are two huge polychromatic wooden statues of Saint Christoper and Saint Saviour. You will not be disappointed by visiting Lactopôle, it has a unique collection of over 4,000 objects which are located in 5,000 meters square. Besides, take the opportunity by joining a tour to experience the evolution of the dairy world.

Basilica of Our Lady of Avesnières

Located on the edge of the Mayenne, Basilica of Our Lady of Avesnières is one of the most beautiful churchs in Laval.

Address : Place d'Avesnières, 53000 Laval, France


Large museum showcasing the history of the dairy industry with unique exhibits & cheese tastings.

Address : 18 Rue Adolphe Beck, 53000 Laval, France


Take a moment at their available spot like an esplanade to host special events, green areas with a children's play area including steps on the bank of the river. Musée d'Art naïf et d'Arts singuliers offer for its exceptional collection which presents the work of major self-taught artists like Henri Rousseau. You can join the exhibition with your group by register by phone.The operational hours divided into several time, on Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm. July 14 and August 12, 12 pm to 6 pm, and Sunday is from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Square de Boston and musée d'Art naïf et d'Arts singuliers

A unique place devoted to Naive and Singular Arts which presents its collections and exhibitions.

Address : Place de la Tremoille, 53000 Laval, France