First Time Tourists Guide in Pornic, FRANCE

Pornic - Photo by JP on Google Maps

Pornic is a seaside city, specifically a commune in the départment of Loire-Atlantique. The city is located precisely in South-Eastern Brittany, western France.

As a seaside city off the Jade Coast, Pornic gives a beautiful resort atmosphere to Pornic's most attractions.

During your vacation in Pornic, stay at Hôtel Beau Soleil or Thalasso Pornic Alliance Resort & Spa for a comfortable rest.

Beside the city's beautiful sea scenery, you can also indulge to the downtown where you can discover the historical and cultural buildings.



Pornic is a city that is truly sea-oriented. The city offers a variety of activities in a generous natural environment. You can try collecting shells, fishing in the sea or lake, fishing the fishing net, boat trips to Noirmoutier Island or admiring the Jade Beach, swimming in the beautiful beaches of L'Étang, La Boutinardière, La Noëveillard, and La Source, and other fun watersports. Also, make sure to go and see the shops, small fishing huts on the water's edge filled with distinctive local charm. The most historical place in town besides beaches is Presbytery of the Church Saint Gilles. It's a historic church that was built in the late nineteenth century.

Presbytery of the Church Saint Gilles

Huge church with essential element of the Pornic heritage in the city of Pornic.

Address : 2 Rue Saint-Gilles, 44210 Pornic, France


In the center of the medieval town of Pornic, walk around the narrow streets and climb the winding stairs between the fishing houses. Also find its old harbor, with traditional fishing boats and sailboats, and postcards illustrated by the 13th-century castle. Take time to be pampered at the thalassotherapy center and treat yourself to artisanal ice cream at La Fraiseraie, a real institution at Pornic. Château de Pornic originated in the 13th century is the best place you can visit in the downtown.

Château de Pornic

Beautiful castle overlooking the water and the city of Pornic.

Address : Plage du Château, 44210 Pornic, France


If you're looking for a place to shop in Pornic, you can visit the cheesemaker store in Pornic. Le Curé Nantais is an artisan milk cheese in Pays de Loire. Traditional raw milk cheese cooked with Muscadet. Here you can find numerous cheese and milk products to buy.

Le Curé Nantais

Curé Nantais is cheese factory and museum open to the public and direct sale.

Address : 16 Rue du Dr Auguste Guilmin, 44210 Pornic, France


Pornic, as any other cities in France, has its own cuisine that is worth trying. In Pornic, you'll find numerous cuisines from the local ingredients as well as international. Mâche nantaise is a type of small lettuce of olitoria varieties. It's long leaves shaped like a spoon that appears from the roots. Lamb lettuce, as it is called in English, cannot be sold directly from the ground. It must be processed into finished and washed products that are ready for consumption.


Pornic has a rich cultural heritage that you can find on its cultural and historical buildings like churches and museums. The dominant language that local people speak in Pornic is French.


The best time to travel to Pornic is during the early fall when the temperatures are still warm but accommodations are much more affordable.


Hôtel Beau Soleil is located in the old fishing port of Pornic. It offers views of the harbor and castle, free Wi-Fi access, and luggage storage. Noëveillard Beach is only a 10-minute walk away from the hotel. The rooms are spread over 3 floors and feature beautiful beach views. Thalasso Pornic Alliance Resort & Spa is the next recommendation. It offers ocean views and luxury accommodations. The hotel is just a few meters from La source Beach and Chemin des Douaniers. If you book in advance, you can enjoy free access to a spa with a swimming pool and other full amenities.

Hôtel Beau Soleil

Down-to-earth rooms in a harbor-side hotel, with free Wi-Fi, flat-screens & minibars.

Address : 70 Quai Leray, 44210 Pornic, France

Thalasso Pornic Alliance Resort & Spa

Waterfront property offering relaxed rooms, plus bars & dining, a spa & a thalassotherapy center.

Address : Plage de la Source, 44210 Pornic, France


Le Jardin à l'Italienne is an Italian restaurant that lets you get amazed and tempted by this beautiful terrace. It's made of stone with beautiful wooden floors, the perfect place to enjoy some sunshine around good food. L'Escalier Gourmand is another recommended restaurant to visit. It's a French restaurant with a calm atmosphere. Located near the heart of the old port of Pornic, this restaurant offers a small, modern, and beautiful garden terrace, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Le Jardin à l'Italienne

Located in the heart of the town of Pornic, Le Jardin à l'Italienne offering private garden and pleased you appetite with pizza.

Address : 42 Rue des Sables, 44210 Pornic, France

L'Escalier Gourmand

L'Escalier Gourmand selects local and seasonal products for their "home-made" cuisine.

Address : 4 Passage Escalier Galipaud, 44210 Pornic, France


Don't forget to visit Bernie Coffee! This cafe is overlooking the port of Pornic. It is also a good friendly restaurant. With good and generous food, the dish will delight you. Whether you come with family or friends for a concert or enjoy the view of the harbor from your room or terrace, the cozy atmosphere will satisfy you! The next one is Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons. It is an old farmhouse located on the coast of Jade to Pornic. Enjoy the rustic decor of this place with a beautiful fireplace, stone walls, and wooden furniture. The menu is full of Grandma's delicious recipes to smell the aroma. The chef cooks the dishes with seasonal and local products, some of which come directly from the home garden.

Bernie Coffee

Excellent seafood cafe restaurant and chips in front of the harbor with fresh food.

Address : Nouveau Port Noëveillard, 44210 Pornic, France

Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons

Auberge La Fontaine aux Bretons offer a menu inspired by seasonal produce, fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden.

Address : Rue des Noëls le Clion, 44210 Pornic, France


OAK Bar - Pub in Pornic is one of the best places to have drinks and karaoke with friends. You can also discover local groups, DJs or themed evenings every Saturday at the OAK. They serve the best drink with a comfortable atmosphere. Another great place to drink is Chope et Compagnie. At Chope et Compagnie in Pornic, there are over 1100 references of mousses, wines, and spirits to taste on the spot or to take away. They have Webcast of matches, concerts, after-works, entertainment, the days and evenings.

OAK Bar - Pub

Discover local groups, DJs or themed evenings every Saturday at the OAK!

Chope et Compagnie

With their orange apron, at your service and always with a smile, you cannot miss them!


You can still admire the remains of Presbytery of the Church Saint Gilles. You can also find the church of the same name that was built in the late nineteenth century. The latter presents a beautiful neo-Gothic style. The Church of Saint-Gilles originates from the same period, while the chapel of Notre-Dame de Gourmalon was built in the early twentieth century. These two places are recommended to complete your journey in Pornic.

Presbytery of the Church Saint Gilles

Huge church with essential element of the Pornic heritage in the city of Pornic.

Address : 2 Rue Saint-Gilles, 44210 Pornic, France

Chapelle Notre Dame De Gourmalon

A must-see chapel located in the historic city of Pornic.

Address : 3 Rue Charles Babin, 44210 Pornic, France


Built-in the 12th century in the Clion-Sur-Mer region, the Brefs Castle has been rebuilt from time to time, before taking on its current appearance. It became a pleasure castle of Louis XIII style and expanded in the 18th century, before being returned to the Clissonnais style in the early 19th century. Owned by the Gallimard family in the following century, this site welcomes internationally famous authors such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, or Albert Camus. Don't forget the very unique spot called the Château de Pornic. It was built in the 13th century where you can admire towers overcome by a machicolation. Today, the castle is a center of art and culture, with a year-round show or exhibition organization.

Château de Pornic

Beautiful castle overlooking the water and the city of Pornic.

Address : Plage du Château, 44210 Pornic, France