Saint-Nazaire: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Photo by David Degliame

Saint-Nazaire is famously known for its harbor facilities and shipyards, located in the region of Loire-Atlantique, France.

In the harbor of the city, a former submarine base invites you to dive first into its extraordinary world.

The city is dominated by submarine life and also attractions that will take you back to its history as harbor.

Besides harbor, Saint-Nazaire has plenty of beaches you can visit with beautiful sandy beach and warm sunlight.

You need to bustling around to the downtown to find out more about the city's museums, eateries, and many mor.



Saint-Nazaire is a city with many coastline beaches that stretch from the east to its southwest. It is also home to Ecomusée, a small permanent exhibition about Saint-Nazaire and shipbuilding heritage. This gallery displays prehistory in the city of Saint-Nazaire and its development in the 19th century, explaining the major technological leaps over the past 150 years. You can learn some of the mystical crafts that have been collected at Saint-Nazaire. There's plenty more to see and do in this city that you can explore and discover.


Small but formidable museum about the history and shipbuilding of St Nazaire.

The main themes are archeological finds, construction of harbor, ships, seaplanes.

Start with a history of the region.

Then more the history of ship building and the importance of the industry for the region.

The photos of shipbuilding in particular are beautiful.

Address : Avenue de Saint-Hubert, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


Exploring the downtown of Saint-Nazaire won't be complete without stopping by at its beaches. One of the popular is Villès Martin beach, a beach with relaxing view of the sunset on the evening. Here you can also play with your kids or friends on the white sandy beach. Nearby the beach you can find eateries, cafe, restaurants, and places to drink.

Villès Martin beach

The beach of Villès Martin is very pleasant with a beautiful stretch of fine sand.

Free public toilets easily accessible.

There are carpets for wheelchairs for people who want to enjoy them by getting closer to the water.

Address : Place Neptune, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


If Paris is famously known as a shopping center in France, Saint-Nazaire also has something to offer. Visit Breizh Boutik and get your best offer of numerous interesting items to buy for souvenirs. Before leaving the city, it feels kind of lack when not buying souvenirs, and this place is your spot to shop.

Breizh Boutik

Very nice shop on the theme of Brittany.

Small shop of Breton products with many choices of souvenirs.

The boss is very friendly and very talkative.

Address : et des Arts, 29 Rue de la Paix, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


If you're belly feels needing to fill with typical food in Saint-Nazaire, you can stop at some restaurants downtown with specialties. Quick lunch, traditional Breton specialties, delicious dishes from around the world, or fine dining at gourmet restaurants. You will definitely find what you want among the many places to eat and drink in Saint-Nazaire.


Saint-Nazaire is a city in the southern France with submarine heritage and culture. French is the official language spoken in this city as well as most cities in France.



Restaurant Le France located between Morteau and La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Le France hotel and restaurant welcomes you in the heart of the Haut Doubs mountains. For a business dinner, a simple stopover on a vacation or gourmet vacation for a few days, discover the charm and comfort of Le France hotels and restaurants inventive cuisine, warm welcome, contemporary decor. Restaurant Le 16 Saint-Nazaire is located by the sea in Saint-Nazaire. You can enjoy your food takes place in a warm atmosphere. Here you can order à la carte or set your sights on one or more menus.

Restaurant Le France

Perfect home and superb restaurant with beautiful views.

The plates are delicious and well served and the warm welcome.

Quality dishes and reception always on top.

The staff is attentive and the super chef.

Address : PLAGE DE MONSIEUR HULOT, Rue du Commandant Charcot, 44600 SAINT MARC SUR MER, France

Restaurant Le 16 Saint-Nazaire

Pleasant and friendly restaurant in the city.

The setting is nice and you can land by the sea on sunny days.

The presentation of the dishes of the neat and original.

The cook is an artist who knows how to highlight these products by preserving their flavors.

Address : 16 Boulevard de Verdun, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


Eco Nuit Saint Nazaire constructed from ecological wood and concrete materials, this relaxing hotel with space full of natural light is a 2-minute walk from the Chesnaie bus stop and 2 km from Porcé Beach. The sleek rooms have bright accent walls, and are equipped with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, wardrobes and en suite bathrooms with showers. Holiday Inn Express Saint-Nazaire is located in a bustling port area, this modern hotel is a 3-minute walk from Escal'Atlantic, a museum located on a boat, a 7-minute walk from the nearest beach and 2 km from the Saint-Nazaire train station. The rooms are brightly appointed, sleek rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, plus flat-screen TVs, coffee makers and pull sofas. Children stay free of charge with adults.

Eco Nuit Saint Nazaire

Stunning hotel in the perfect location.

It provides excellent amanties,spacious room with large and comfy bed.

The restaurant is perfect for having a breakfast and dinner.

Their staff are welcoming and attentive.

Address : 5 Rue des Troènes, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France

Holiday Inn Express Saint - Nazaire

One of the greatest property for staying in a convenient location.

The hotel provides many amanties in a cool ambience.

The rooms are spacious with comfortable,big,and tidy bed.

The restaurant has unique decor with large selection of breakfast.

All staff are very accomodating and helpful.

Address : 1 Rue de la Floride, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


Café Indian Rock is located at 55 Street, a haven for night owls especially for those who are music lovers. Besides serving some foods and drinks, they also serve the best wines in the city and the atmosphere is great for partying all night long. Café Concert le Centre à Saint-Nazaire in Saint-Nazaire is open all year, 7 days a week. The place that grooves in Saint Nazaire with a café pub atmosphere. Over lunch or dinner, Monday to Saturday, let yourself be transported into a culinary universe that will not leave your taste buds indifferent.

Café Indian Rock

One of the coziest cafes with pleasant atmosphere.

Soft lighting and rock music.

It serves great selection of beers,and coffee too.

Highly recommend to have a good time with friends.

Address : 55 Rue Aristide Briand, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France

Café Concert le Centre à Saint-Nazaire

One of the best cafes in the area.

Good beer and excellent Asian food.

Great coffee and pastries.

Perfect for a afternoon wine in the sun.

Address : 2 Rue du Commandant Charcot, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


Le Trou du fut is based in St Nazaire (44600). For more than 10 years this cafe has been welcoming everyone, in order to taste our home cooking in a warm and friendly spirit. In a wine cellar decor and a warm atmosphere, 7 days a week from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m., you can savor our bowls. La Baleine Déshydratée Saint Nazaire offers friendly atmosphere, where discovery and tasting are in the spotlight. You can also bite some snacks alongside your drinks. Here they have live music performance once a week.

Le Trou du fut

Charming spot with a lot of character.

Plenty of beers and other libations to choose from.

Good value for money.

Highly recommend this place.

Address : 19 Rue du 28 Février 1943, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France

La Baleine Déshydratée Saint Nazaire

Fun bar with great location on beach in St. Nazaire.

They have a lot of craft beer, the hamburgers are amazing and cheap.

Room has an excellent buzz and huge patio outside.

This allows you to dry different beers.

Address : Place du Commando, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


Tumulus de Dissignac is a megalithic barrow a few kilometers west of the city. It has been dated to around 4,500 BC, making it the oldest man-made structure in the entire Loire-Atlantique. Inside one of the two burial rooms was a stone with a strange and incomprehensible carving. Pont de Saint-Nazaire is one of the must visit places in Saint-Nazaire. When it was completed in 1975, this is the longest bridge in France, and this bridge also remained the longest cable bridge in the world until 1983. Including the bridge its total length is more than 3.3 kilometers, and its height of nearly 60 meters makes it visible from a distance.

Tumulus Dissignac

Very beautiful site to visit.

The site is well highlighted.

The setting is relaxing, and beautiful scenery.

The guide knows the subject very well.

Address : Route de Dissignac, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France

Pont de Saint-Nazaire

One of the most interesting places in St.Nazaire.

The architecture is wonderful and unique.

Superb view from the top of the bridge.

Address : Pont de Saint-Nazaire, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France


Botanical Garden Saint-Nazaire has a weak English design with trails bent over perfect lawns, flower gardens and majestic trees both from the Atlantic coast of France and the Mediterranean. Southern species of pine and palms thrive in this park because of the mild temperatures and the abundant sunshine in Saint-Nazaire. Escal'Atlantic utilizing the romance of the cruise ship era is a tourist attraction on this submarine base that shows you the beautiful decorations and extraordinary inner work of two historic ships, Normandie SS, which originated in 1935, and the French SS, was launched in 1960. Here You will go through 20 different rooms and areas, including dining room, piano bar and escort and luxury cabins for passengers.


Definitely best museum in the whole city.

The decor is really thought out and authentic.

You can really feel like passenger or crew member of ocean liner.

Many interactive stands, visual and audio presentation.

They have ipads around with information in English, French and German.

Address : Boulevard de la Légion d'Honneur, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France

Botanical Garden Saint Nazaire

One of the greatest botanical gardens.

The park is well established with interesting plants & nice paths around the park.

Very clean & well maintaned.

Pleasant to see during a simple walk.

Address : Boulevard du Président Wilson, 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France