Douarnenez: Best Things to Do

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Douarnenez is located on an attractive coast with four ports and numerous interesting places to visit in France.

You can enjoy the busy live of the harbor life with narrow streets and workshops as well as the fishing huts.

Bustling around the downtown of Douarnenez is also a good thing to do with its beaches and eatery spots around.

Then fill your lungs with sea air and enjoy walking to Plomarch, beautiful bays, beaches only a stone's throw away, and the island of Tristan.

Douarnenez is absolutely a perfect place for those whose looking for the seaside city in France.



The sea and legend unite in Douarnenez: the city is said to have originated in the city of Ys, the domain of King Gradlon, whose dangerous daughter Dahut caused it to be swallowed up by the bay water. But it was also a very real commercial port, exporting fabrics produced in the region around the 16th century. Ancien abri du marin was inaugurated in 1903, built at the initiative of administrator André Potigny of maritime registration and financed thanks to donations from Mrs. Le Monnier (wealthy widow of a ship owner from Nantes) and for loans, without interest, provided by the local bourgeoisie.

Ancien abri du marin

One of the greatest places full of history.

The building itself is cute with a nice environment.

Address : 51 Rue Henri Barbusse, 29100 Douarnenez, France


Douarnenez is found in Douarnenez Bay, in the Finistere department in northwest Quimper. This is an ordinary city with an active sardine and canning industry. Like many coastal cities in Brittany, tourism began to play a greater role in the city when the fishing industry declined, and not surprisingly, because this port city has a lot of praise, the port area is no exception and easy access to the coast. In the Cuves à garum (vestiges gallo-romains) site, history is a crowd at every step left by Gallo-Roman settlements and tanks that were healed by 19th century epic sardines. A heritage site to please visitors.

Cuves à garum (vestiges gallo-romains)

Beautiful historic place, with an exceptional coastal panorama.

Surprising to discover these Roman remains at the bend of the hiking trail.

The information boards are very informative.

A beautiful discovery to make with the family.

Address : Sentier des Plomarc'h, 29100 Douarnenez, France


If you're thinking to buy fishing equipment in Douarnenez, YS&O is the place. This shop allows you to pick the equipment for your fishing trip on the coast and also some interesting things available.

YS & O

It is the greatest fishing store in Douarnenez.

There are many variety of fishing gears.

There are also some clothes,bags on the nice display.

Address : 53 Quai de l'Yser, 29100 Douarnenez, France


If you're thinking of typical cuisines in Douarnenez, you must try this. True Belon oysters are produced in the area around the French Belon river, and some say that they are the rarest oysters in the world. They have a flavor reminiscent of salt water and a strong copper layer, and are full of umami. These oysters are flat and round, with corrugated green shells. However, in the 1950s, scientists brought these oysters to the United States, especially Maine, where they sold only 5,000 oysters per year.


The culture found in Douarnenez can be seen from its old buildings and ports. You can get around the city and visit the nearest museums as well. Douarnenez as well as other cities in France speak French.


The best times to visit Douarnenez for ideal weather are May 21st to October 21st based on average temperature and humidity.


At the L'Effet Boeuf restaurant in Douarnenez, we let our meat rest on the carcass for 25 to 40 days in our cold room: it's cooked. Maturation is a decisive step to get quality meat. Just as you ripen cheese or age wine, beef takes time to get tender, tender meat. L'Esquisse is designed with a wise storefront is a soothing interior, the background for the creation of a chef who has a clear vision of good quality ingredients, full preparation of flavors and skills (to presentations on a plate), careful observation of the season, and with good creativity measured.

L'Effet Boeuf

Warm place and with a very well-stocked menu for those who love meat.

The dishes are excellent and the value for money is good.

Try the meal where you can grill your own meat directly at your table.

Good choice of wines too, remember to book.

Address : 1 Rue des Peupliers, 29100 Douarnenez, France


One of the pleasant restaurants and the restaurant is conveniently located.

High quality service, excellent dishes.

Best waiter service you can find in this restaurant.

Address : d'Arc France, 1 Rue Jeanne d'Arc, 29100 Douarnenez, France


LES RESIDENCES D'ARMOR is 1 minute walk from the sandy beach and 15 minutes walk from 1 of the 3 ports of Douarnenez. Thalassotherapy spa is 5 minutes walk. Bright rooms, some with sea views, feature simple furniture, free WiFi and satellite TV. Hôtel Du Port Rhu is a 2-minute walk from the pier in the port of Rhu, this simple hotel is also a 12-minute walk from the marine exhibit at Port-musée de Douarnenez. Featuring unpretentious décor with bright accents, these simple rooms provide free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs.


Pleasant hotel for spending a night in the beautiful city.

The amanities are excellent,outstanding swimming pool with excellent view and gym.

The rooms are neat with big beds and comfy.

The food and breakfast are tasty served by nice waiter.

All staff in the hotel are attentive.

Address : 36 Rue des Sables Blancs, 29100 Douarnenez, France

Hôtel Du Port Rhu

Friendly place for short stay in Douarnenez.

The place is surrounded by beautiful garden will make you more comfortable.

The rooms are clean and tidy.

The foods are tasty and the staff are great.

Address : 99 Avenue de la Gare, 29100 Douarnenez, France


Café Mercure Bar Brasserie offers an eclectic selection of traditional Thai & International dishes. With alfresco choices or indoors dining, MCafe has the flexibility to suit your actual needs. The restaurant is open only for bookings or private events. Café de la Pointe offers family recipes and traditional specialties prepared by chefs reinvented two to three times per week with ups and downs and the season is offered to include "Menu du Jour." Focusing mainly on local fisheries (daily fish, shellfish and seafood in the region) and regional products without fail to find dishes that are boiled on Friday and Saturday nights.

Café Mercure Bar Brasserie

Cool cafe for having a meal or drink in a chill atmosphere.

Aperitif with plate of cold meats / cheese with friends

They also serve amazing beer and coffees.

The pleasant and smiling waiter.

Address : 15 Rue des Professeurs Curie, 29100 Douarnenez, France

Café de la Pointe

An excellent lunch break in a nice place, pleasant and attentive service.

Great welcome and tuna steak a treat.

The wine is very good.

Address : 55 Quai de l'Yser, 29100 Douarnenez, France


LE POURQUOI PAS is a cafe and bar since 1987 you can taste pancakes, ice cream every afternoon. A dozen beers on tap including the famous God of Peace. Establishments are made as if on a ship, all in wood with extraordinary sea architecture. If you want to find a fun place or have fun, you can go to V and B Douarnenez. The waiter will welcome you and advise you to choose more than 1000 beers, wines, whiskeys or alcoholic drinks in Douarnenez. Take the basement side or taste, the bar side!


Nice bar, next to the harbor with a small terrace.

A welcome always at the top and a good atmosphere for this bar with atypical decoration

Varied menu, Guiness pressure well served.

Room well arranged.

Address : 15 Quai du Port Rhu, 29100 Douarnenez, France

V and B Douarnenez

One of the best bars in the area with Western style decor.

Good choice of beer and very friendly manager.

A great atmosphere with a smiling staff, friendly and kind really top.

Address : 1 impasse de Penn Ar Creac'h ZI de Pouldavid Haut, 29100 Douarnenez, France


Located in the Pouldavid district, the Chapelle Saint Vendal is built on a rectangular plan. In the chapel enclosure, we can note the presence of Calvary which was built by the workshop of the sculptor Roland Doré and a fountain whose water is said to be magical in rheumatic healing. The Chapelle Sainte Hélène, listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments in 2012, is located in the maritime quarter of Rosmeur in Douarnenez. Built ex-nihilo from 1480, in several stages, depending on the offerings and fishing yields, this former parish church was then altered in the 17th and 18th centuries. The bell tower would have been inaugurated in 1642.

Chapelle Saint Vendal

One of the interesting places with great history.

The place itself is great and calm.

Address : Unnamed Road, 29100 Douarnenez, France

Chapelle Sainte Hélène

A very special beautiful church, the atmosphere when entering is breathtaking.

Here in Sainte Hélène it is worth taking a look at the ceiling.

The construction is simple, wooden ceiling with masonry, plaster windows everything beautiful.

Address : Rue Anatole France, 29100 Douarnenez, France


Port-museum (Port-musée) is a museum with a difference, a boat and human museum, from Brittany and far. The museum's national reference collection takes visitors on a journey through maritime culture throughout the world. Plage des sables blancs or Sables Blancs beach is a beautiful family beach, with fine sand. A nautical spot offers nautical activities. Facilities for people with reduced mobility available from the lifeguards.


An unexpected gem of a museum.

Nice collection of atrifacts, actual ships which can be climbed on.

Beautiful exhibition about any aspect of sea cruising (including navigation, engines, history, fishing and lot more).

Lots of boats to look at and explore both on and off the water and good value too.

Address : Place de l'Enfer, 29100 Douarnenez, France

Plage des sables blancs

Wonderful scenery and admirable beaches.

Good opportunities for renting different equipment like sailing boats, SUP, Kanoes, windsurf etc.

Good for all seasons but it's windy sometimes.

Address : 29 Rue des Professeurs Curie 27, 29100 Douarnenez, France