Vannes: Best Things to Do - Photo by Liubomir Paut-Fluerasu

Vannes is a city in the western part of France. It's precisely located in the south of Brittany region.

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Vannes and Remparts de Vannes are the perfect starts to explore the city.

Don’t skip the city's popular attractions such as Vannes Aquarium, DéDaLe Rive Gauche, The Butterfly Garden, and Golfe du Morbihan Natural Regional Park.

Come to Marché de Vannes to buy local products for souvenirs. If you're looking for a more modern sight, come to Carrefour Shopping Center.

Make sure to taste Vannes’s favorite dishes namely Steak Tartare and Galettes. For the drink, Breton Ciders is a must try.

Stay at Hôtel Mercure Vannes Le Port or BEST WESTERN PLUS Vannes Centre-Ville to get a comfortable rest.

Blend in and feel the lovely atmosphere with the surrounding of the lovely local people.



Explore the most amazing cathedral in Vannes city called Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Vannes. It is also known as Vannes Cathedral. This cathedral is famous as the seat of the Bishop of Vannes. It is blessed with the most beautiful architectures, unique styles, and a huge tower. By the fact that this cathedral isn’t too crowded, you can explore this stunning place with full satisfaction. Maximize your sightseeing tour by capturing every detail of this building with your camera. You definitely should not miss this iconic landmark!

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Vannes

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Vannes is a historic Roman Catholic church and the main tourist trail.

Address : 22 Rue des Chanoines, 56000 Vannes, France


Vannes downtown area has the most popular spot waiting for you called Remparts de Vannes. It is a fortress displaying beautiful gardens full of colorful flowers and greenery plantations. The old way houses on the edge of the river are a delight to visit. There is more to explore. For example, if you come in August, there are fireworks display on the ramparts and a costume parade with the Middle Ages theme. Buckle up and be ready to see other exciting things in this famous landmark.

Remparts de Vannes

Remparts de Vannes is great space with its castle, gardens and historic wattle and daub style houses.

Address : 4 Rue des Vierges, 56000 Vannes, France


Come and explore the biggest mall in Vannes named Carrefour Shopping Center. Get fashionable stuff like dress, sweater, coat, lingerie, shoes, accessories from famous brands. Marché de Vannes is another best recommendation if you're coming for local products. Set in a very historical spot, this traditional market is open on Wednesday and Sunday morning. It offers many fresh local products such as fish, meat, fruits, food, clothes, hats, and many other things. Not only that, gardeners would totally love this place, plenty of flowers are available to choose from. Blend in and feel the lovely atmosphere with the surrounding of the lovely local people.

Carrefour Shopping Center

Carrefour Shopping Center providing a variety of stores, low-key dining options & a movie theater.

Address : 95 Avenue de la Marne, 56000 Vannes, France

Marché de Vannes

Marché de Vannes is typical market where you can get fresh products.

Address : Place des Lices, 56000 Vannes, France


Better not miss Vannes’s favorite dishes, Steak Tartare. It’s a meat dish made from raw ground beef or horsemeat. It is usually served with onions, carpers, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonings. Galettes and Crêpes are some other famous dishes in the city. Look out for the most popular drink in the Vannes city, it’s called Breton Ciders. It’s a clear or cloudy beverage made from apples with a fine foamy head and bubble in the liquid.


Vannes is known as a market town linked to the sea. Sea and water spots will definitely be much seen when you’re in the city. Vannes city is also known for its world-class buildings. Explore the city’s history in an iconic landmark like Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Vannes. Since this city is located in Brittany, Breton is the official language spoken by the people. Breton is a Southwestern Brittonic language of the Celtic language family spoken in Brittany.


The best time and the ideal weather to visit Vannes city are early June to mid-October. That’s when the weather is friendly and enjoyable. Your trip will be definitely memorable with the comfortable temperature in this period.


Hôtel Mercure Vannes Le Port should be your consideration for local and authentic experiences. The hotel offers exciting location which is in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan and close to the historic center of Vannes. It is 3 km from Vannes Cathedral and 4 km from Gare de Vannes train station. Two electric car charging points are available at the hotel entrance. With its modern equipment, enjoy living in a privileged room with stunning view across the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan. BEST WESTERN PLUS Vannes Centre-Ville is another good recommendation for a comfortable stay. Located in the heart of Vannes city, this modern hotel is offering the most beautiful-looking and colorful rooms with its exciting equipment for your enjoyment. The exotic universe with shimmering colors makes the atmosphere soft and charming. The hotel is an 8-minute walk from the 15th century Vannes Cathedral and a 15-minute walk from the Stade de la Rabine sports venue. A breakfast buffet is served in a posh restaurant with a terrace. Amenities like a lounge bar and a fitness center are ready to be your company. Enjoy the tropical atmosphere that blows like a breath of a fresh air.

Hôtel Mercure Vannes Le Port

Unfussy hotel offering streamlined rooms feature flat-screen TVs, minibars and free Wi-Fi.

Address : Le Parc Du Golfe, 19 Rue Daniel Gilard, 56000 Vannes, France

BEST WESTERN PLUS Vannes Centre-Ville

Laid-back hotel with colorful contemporary rooms offer free Wi-Fi and other facilities.

Address : 6 Place de la Libération, 56000 Vannes, France


Make your first stop at La Tête en l'air restaurant for an exciting culinary experience. This restaurant is loved by many of its customers. It comes with the best service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Not only they have tasty dishes, the menu is served with an original concept. Check out their blind menu in 2, 3, 5, or 7. This is where the fun and the surprise come. Located just outside the old center, the restaurant comes with reasonable prices and always serves the best seasonal products. Rozili Restaurant Vannes is the next best restaurant for you to visit. Located on the edge of the Gulf of Morbihan, this traditional restaurant is pleased to welcome you in a friendly, warm, and beautiful setting. The restaurant serves nouvelle cuisine type of menus, which are largely based around locally caught fish. But other tasty offers are also available. Discover the delicious dishes while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Morbihan.

La Tête en l'air

La Tête en l'air is a great restaurant serves French cuisine.

Only fresh products directly from the market and changes everyday.

Address : 43 Rue de la Fontaine, 56000 Vannes, France

Rozili Restaurant Vannes

Le Rozili, located in Vannes near the Parc du Golfe, is a traditional restaurant.

The whole team is pleased to welcome you in a warm and friendly setting to offer you tasty cuisine.

Address : 178 Avenue Maréchal Juin Maréchal de France, 56000 Vannes, France


Enjoy a perfect brunch time at The Bagel Ouest Café. With the best service and reasonably priced menu, this cafe is the one spot to stop by for a quick bite and a relaxing break time. Try their popular bagels and other well-displayed and tasty menus in a very thoughtfully decoration setting. Don’t miss Les Nénettes Chocolate and Coffee for all chocolate and coffee lovers out there. With the quality of the coffee machine and the combination of quality and taste, this cafe has been known for serving the best coffee for the locals and visitors. The service is great, fast without being hurry. The atmosphere is cozy and cool while the price won’t hurt your wallet. Make sure to check out this place and see why this cafe is simply the best.

The Bagel Ouest Café

The Bagel Ouest Café is a cosy cafe offers customers all kinds of bagels.

Address : 15 Place du Général de Gaulle, 56000 Vannes, France

Les Nénettes Chocolate and Coffee

Les Nénettes Chocolate and Coffee is a hall where you can find great chocolates and coffee.

Address : Halles des Lices, 4 Place des Lices, 56000 Vannes, France


One of the best bars in Vannes city you shouldn’t miss is Les Valseuses. The team working here will welcome you with the best service and hospitality. Dance and enjoy the night on their nice terrace while accompanied by the popular cocktails. The live music will definitely add excitement to your night. Bubble / No Limit is the other best recommendation for a crazy fun night. This night club is very popular in the eye of the locals, especially the students. The student would spend their break time to have the craziest night here. With a great atmosphere and inviting lighting, this club would totally be the best spot for a memorable night with friends.

Les Valseuses

Les Valseuses is a heart-warming bar providing large selection of beers.

Address : 12 Rue Porte Poterne, 56000 Vannes, France

Bubble / No Limit

Bubble / No Limit is a clubnight located in Parc du Golfe providing you space for having fun.

Address : Parc du Golfe, 7 Rue Gilles Gahinet, 56000 Vannes, France


If you are wildlife lovers, Vannes Aquarium is the best place in Vannes for it. It's a fresh and saltwater aquarium, home to global species like sharks, crocodiles, and local seahorses. Wander around and discover many other animals here. As one of the most popular tourist attractions, this place would be perfect to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Although it's a bit pricey, the experience will definitely worth your money. DéDaLe Rive Gauche is another interesting place to enjoy the most unique arts created by the talented young artists of Vannes. This museum is showcasing all the works by street artists who have immense love for art and street life. Known as a great place for expressing talents, this place is enjoyable for all ages and a great spot to know more about the life of Vannes city.

Vannes Aquarium

Vannes Aquarium is a large pond and aquarium with many fish species.

Address : 21 Rue Daniel Gilard, 56000 Vannes, France

DéDaLe Rive Gauche

DÉDALE is a place of cultural life in Vannes and open to the public free of charge.

Address : 8 Rue du Commerce, 56000 Vannes, France


Come to The Butterfly Garden for a lovely afternoon and take your best shots in this beautiful garden. Even though it's small, this garden is a very well-maintained place with lots of butterflies. Other wildlife animals like bugs and birds are also seen here. Photographers are highly recommended and shouldn’t miss this spot. As we all know, butterflies are some of the best objects for stunning pictures. Better not miss Golfe du Morbihan Natural Regional Park before you leave the city. Located on the southern coast of Brittany, this Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan is known for its exceptional natural and cultural riches. Things you can enjoy are stunning views of the coast, birds, shore fishing, moors, megaliths, and so many more. Treat your Instagram followers by creating some of the best pictures in this iconic spot.

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is a place where you can discover an ecosystem of hundreds of tropical flowers and plants.

Address : 15 Rue Daniel Gilard, 56000 Vannes, France

Golfe du Morbihan Natural Regional Park

Expansive natural park on the Gulf, offering hiking trails, kayaking, birdwatching & fishing.

Address : 8 Boulevard des Îles, 56000 Vannes, France