Angoulême: Best Things to Do

Wikimedia Commons - Photo by JLPC

Angoulême is a city that is located in southwestern France rich in culture. It's no wonder that the city is listed as a City of Art and History since Angoulême is blessed with numerous historical sites.

Some of the historical sites that should not be missed while you're in Angoulême are the Angoulême Town Hall, Angoulême Cathedral, and Église Notre-Dame d'Obézine.

Besides the City of Art and Culture, Angoulême is also known as the Capital or Cartoons, and you will understand why if you visit CNBDI or la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image.

Angoulême is worth visiting since it has charms that cannot be found in other cities in France.

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Have fun at Nautilis, an aquatic area that features 7 indoor pools, a spa area that consists of a sauna, jacuzzi, and relaxation pool, a training room, and seasonal outdoor pools that open during the summer which consists of a wave pool, water slides, river and paddling pool. There's also a skating rink where visitors can have fun times on the ice.


Indoor 50m pool with diving areas, sauna & a seasonal outdoor wave pool, lazy river & water slide.

Address : 16000 Angoulême, France


Angoulême Town Hall is located in the heart of Angoulême and situated in a former castle. The historical building that was built in 1858 features several architectural styles like the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Second Empire. The architectural beauty of this building makes it a perfect spot for photography since beauty can be found in every angle and corner.

Angoulême Town Hall

Former Counts of Angoulême castle converted to town hall from 1858-69, retaining 2 original towers.

Address : 1 place de l'Hôtel de Ville - CS 42216, Cedex, 16000 Angoulême, France


Champ de Mars Mall is the perfect place for shopping since it has a good selection of shops. You can find various items from different stores in the mall such as clothing, accessories, makeup, and jewelry. Several eateries can also be found around the mall where you can get coffee, sandwiches, and pastries.

Champ de Mars Mall

Champ de Mars Mall is a shopping centre in Angoulême with good shops selection.

Address : 4 Place du Champ de Mars, 16000 Angoulême, France


When in Angoulême, don't forget to have one of their local specialties, which is a chocolate in the shape of a marguerite flower. Besides chocolate, Angoulême also has other foods that must be tried, such as Fouée, which is a round, airy bread that is best to have for breakfast. Meanwhile, for the drink, Cognac and Pineau are quite popular in the city.


Angoulême is listed as a City of Art and History by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It is no wonder since Angoulême is blessed with numerous cultural heritages, such as historical buildings, squares, cathedrals, and museums. Angoulême is also a city of festivals because there are many annual festivals that the city holds such as the Angoulême International Comics Festival, International Forum for Animation Technologies, The Circuit des Remparts, Astronomades Festival, Music Metisse, and Piano en Valois.


Peak season: Summer is the best time to visit Angoulême, especially in July. During summer, the weather in Angoulême is pleasant since the weather is nice and sunny, so it makes traveling around Angoulême more enjoyable. Besides July, May and June are considered to be the busiest and best time to visit Angoulême.


Have a comfortable stay at Hôtel du Palais, a charming hotel located in the heart of Angoulême. This hotel is housed in a stunning 18th-century building. The interior of the hotel is mainly decorated with bright colors that create a great ambiance. The hotel is only a few minutes walks from Angoulême popular attraction, la Cathédrale Saint-Pierre d'Angoulême. Mercure Angoulême - Hôtel de France is another great hotel that is set in a 19-th century manor that features a beautiful garden. This pet-friendly hotel has some great facilities provided for the guests, such as a business center, fitness center, a bar, and a restaurant.

Hôtel du Palais

Stone-walled rooms in a former 18th-century convent with optional breakfast & a gift shop.

Address : 4 Place Francis Louvel, 16000 Angoulême, France

Mercure Angoulême - Hôtel de France

Modern quarters in a 19th-century manor with gardens plus a low-key bar & a bright restaurant.

Address : 1 Place Des Halles Centrales, 16000 Angoulême, France


Enjoy a plate of great food in an amazing environment at Chez Paul. There are several rooms in this restaurant that offers a different yet amazing vibe, like the lounge, the garden, the veranda, the bar, and the cave. Each of these rooms offers different kinds of atmosphere. Delicious dishes such as steak, seafood, burgers, salads, and desserts can be ordered here along with a good selection of drinks. You can also come to Le River 102 to enjoy a delicious meal with an incredible view. The restaurant that features a large bar, cocktail lounge and a wine cellar offers various dishes that will definitely satisfy your appetite. The location of the restaurant that is overlooking the river makes it a perfect place to take a break and relax for a moment.

Chez Paul

Chez Paul offers you a cuisine based on fresh products, following the best culinary traditions.

Address : 8 Place Francis Louvel, 16000 Angoulême, France

Le River 102

Eclectic spot with a restaurant, large bar, cocktail lounge & wine cellar overlooking the river.

Address : 102 Rue de Bordeaux, 16000 Angoulême, France


Grab a quick bite at La Biscuiterie Lolmède. This place is known for having the best macaroon in the city. Besides delicious macaroons, this place also offers excellent cookies and cakes. There are also
tables available for you to have a cup of coffee with your pastries. Or you can stop by the Cozy Corner, a nice cafe and a great place to have a coffee in Angoulême. Coffee drinks, teas, chocolates, and pastries are available here.

Cozy Corner

A lovely cafe with large choice of coffee, tea and chocolate.

Address : 35 Rue de Genève, 16000 Angoulême, France

La Biscuiterie Lolmède

La Biscuiterie Lolmède offering the old-fashioned chocolate and macaroons.

Address : 3 Rue des Arceaux, 16000 Angoulême, France


Have a glass of great drink at La Girafe, a nice bar that has an excellent atmosphere and great music. The bar also has a good selection of beers at an affordable price. With the fun decor and great drinks, this bar is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy great night time in Angoulême. And if you want to spend a crazier night, then Le Duplex is the perfect choice for you. Here, you can spend the night partying and dancing to live DJ performance and mingle with new people.

Le Duplex

The biggest club of Angoulême in a unique and completely renovated setting.

Address : 71 Boulevard Besson Bey, 16000 Angoulême, France

La Girafe

La Girafe is an incredible bar with variety of cocktails and beers.

Address : 23 Rue de la Cloche Verte, 16000 Angoulême, France


See the beauty of the Romanesque architectural and sculptural traditions at the Angoulême Cathedral or the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre d'Angoulême. The cathedral that was built in the 1100s features a unique facade that is adorned with more than 70 sculpture, stunning stained glass, and statuary. Since the cathedral is located on a hill, you will be able to see the panoramic view of Angoulême from the cathedral. Learn the history of French and American comics at the CNBDI or la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image. This comic book museum has amazing collections such as hundreds of pieces of original artworks, toys, and movie excerpts. Besides a museum, this place also has a documentation center, an international artists’ residence, a bookshop, cinema, a heritage library, and a public library.


A National Center for Comics and Images with great layout.

Address : Quai de la Charente, 16000 Angoulême, France

Angoulême Cathedral

Medieval Romanesque-style cathedral built in 1100s with a sculpted facade & nave covered by 3 domes.

Address : 1 Place Saint-Pierre, 16000 Angoulême, France


Musée d’Angoulême is a public museum in Angoulême that exhibits archeology and art from Africa and Oceania. The museum that is housed in a beautiful cathedral is home several amazing collections such as the Casque d'Agris, or the Agris helmet, from around 500 BC, 17th-century Netherland paintings, and 19th-century stained glass windows. Église Notre-Dame d'Obézine is another place that is worth visiting in Angoulême. This magnificent place is full of charms and beauty, from the architecture and the gorgeous stained glass that adorns the church.

Église Notre-Dame d'Obézine

Église Notre-Dame d'Obézine is a parish church situated on the south-east side of the French town of Angoulême.

Address : Rue des Bezines, 16000 Angoulême, France

Musée d’Angoulême

Fine arts, archaeology & art from Africa & Oceania in apse of the cathedral in old bishop's palace.

Address : Square Girard II, Rue Corneille, 16000 Angoulême, France