Bergerac: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Photo by Joël Mompontet

Bergerac is a municipality and sub-prefecture of the Dordogne department in southwestern France.

This city is one of the largest cities in the region and is also known as a city rich in art and history.

The best destination in Bergerac is the old city with views of its historic buildings.

Besides being known as a historical city, Bergerac has a new, more modern brand such as with more typical streets, squares to explore, and various boutique type shops.

If you are planning a vacation to Bergerac, you can be with family and friends and explore this city.



There's plenty things to do and see in Bergerac, you can start by visiting Cloitre des Recollets. a former medieval convent located in Old Town. Here you can see the remaining architecture of the 11th-century. The Old town is home to many historical and cultural sides of Bergerac, so you won't miss this place.

Cloitre des Recollets

This is in the beautiful old quarter of Bergerac a must see.

Interesting information about local wine and wine production.

Make sure you check out all the rooms as in the basement there is a wonderful video to see.

Address : 1 Rue des Récollets, 24100 Bergerac, France


The downtown of Bergerac is the main area of business district and commercial activities. You'll easily find eateries and place to buy something. But, before you bustling around you can stop at Musée Costi, a museum that displays sculptures. This museum presents near 60 sculptures in bronze or plaster, made between 1929 and 1973 by Constantin Papachristopoulos (Athens 1906- Paris 2004), known as Costi.

Musée Costi

Small museum with beautiful sculptures.

Very beautiful sculptures put in values ​​in a surprising place.

Surprising discovery of the costi museum presenting a collection of mainly female bronze sculptures.

Costi pays tribute here to feminine curves and sensuality, the bronze chosen and worked offers shimmering reflections.

Address : Rue de la Mission, 24100 Bergerac, France


If you're thinking to buy souvenirs and go shopping in Bergerac, you can visit Cristalor. A gift shop that provides variety of interesting items from Bergerac. You can buy some nice items like watch and many more.


A gift shop for tableware and everyday decoration, the major brands of tableware are at Cristalor Bergerac.

If you are fond of good products, good wines and fine dining, take the time to stop.

A very good knowledge of the products they offer, a lot of French manufacturing.

The boss loves what he does and shares his passions.

Address : 23 Place Gambetta, 24100 Bergerac, France


Bergerac combines a beautiful combination of wine and cuisine such as the sweet Monbazillac wine and pate de foie gras made from duck or goose hearts. This dish is perfect for the perfect start for any dish. Or combine Saussignac's semi-sweet wine with blue cheese or strawberries.


As one of the oldest city in the Dordogne, the cultural sides of the city can be found easily. The language they speak is French as the other cities in France.


The best time to visit Bergerac in France is from May until October, when you will have a pleasant or warm temperature and limited rainfall.


Hôtel de Bordeaux is about 8 minutes walk from the Bergerac train station, this relaxed hotel overlooking the park is also an 8-minute walk from the Musée du Vin et de la Batellerie and 7 km from the 16th century Château de Monbazillac. Relaxing rooms, some with colorful accent walls, can accommodate up to 3 guests. Château Les Farcies du Pech is located in the middle of the trees and 9.1 km from the castle of the Renaissance Château de Monbazillac, a quiet guesthouse and vineyard in this restored 18th-century monastery 2.2 km from the dinner theater at Le Music Hall. These 5 individually appointed rooms offer garden views, wooden floors with Oriental rugs, antique furniture, TVs and en suite bathrooms.

Hôtel de Bordeaux

Friendly hotel in the convenient location with pleasant atmosphere.

It provides excellent amanties,large and clean rooms with comfy bed.

The foods at restaurant are wonderful served by great waiter.

The staff are kind and welcoming.

Address : 38 Place Gambetta, 24100 Bergerac, France

Château Les Farcies du Pech

Stunning property for staying in Bergerac.

It offers complete amanties and the rooms are spacious in a pleasant atmosphere.

The breakfast is delicious.

The staff are great and kind.

Address : Les Farcies Nord, 24100 Bergerac, France


L'Imparfait was established in 1982, nestled in the historic district of Bergerac, warmly invites you to taste its delicious dishes. The menus they serve change frequently with the seasons, combining traditional ingredients with modern techniques, while retaining subtle scents. The sumptuous cuisine is served either in an exposed stone dining room dating from the 12th century, or on a shaded terrace overlooking pedestrian lane. If you are a lover of French cuisine, Le _ Vin'Quatre is a place where you cannot get enough delicious homemade food. You can also enjoy British cuisine at this restaurant. Make yourself comfortable on a sunny day in our private outdoor seating area.


Amazing spot for authentic French food.

Beautifully prepared dishes and kind attentive service in a quiet location.

The desserts are excellent and the wine list friendly.

The wait staff are very accommodating and friendly.

Address : 8 Rue des Fontaines, 24100 Bergerac, France

Le _ Vin'Quatre

Exquisite and inventive food in this delightful restaurant in the old quarter.

Wonderful food, magnificently prepared and presented.

Wonderful hand made food, with French ingredients, by an English chef.

From appetizers, to plates, to desserts, each unique, blending excellent tastes.

The waiters are superb.

Address : 14 Rue Saint-Clar, 24100 Bergerac, France


Cafe Le Riche is cafe located in the downtown of Bbergerac serving snacks and foods for breakfast and luch. They also have drinks with coffee and tea. It is a nice place to spend your time during a busy day. Another great cafe in Bergerac is French Coffee Shop. As its name implies, this coffee shop is one of favorite. The vibes of having coffee in France oldest city will be more authentic in this cafe.

Cafe Le Riche

Fantastic little traditional cafe with a lovely owner.

It is a very nice place, with old decor, very pleasant service

Excellent meal, fresh product and quality of coffee is wonderful served by attentive server.

Must visit if you are looking for authentic cafe.

Address : 5 Place Gambetta, 24100 Bergerac, France

French Coffee Shop Bergerac

Very welcoming and warm cofffee shop.

Fantastic selection of coffee and tea

You will find hot drinks, cold and for all tastes.

Nice staff who cares about the coffee they serve and their customers.

Address : 5 Rue Paul Bert, 24100 Bergerac, France


Riverside is a restaurant and bar located in the downtown of Bergerac. The setting is quite comfortable and great for having dinner and gathering. They serve numerous menus with some great selections of wine. You can spend your night here with friends. Another good bar in Bergerac is PQP - Over The Perfect. It is located in a rocky lane in the old center, find a young and friendly place with rooms with original decorations. You can taste delicious Belgian beer and delicious cocktails, this house specializes.


Excellent cosy bar with great river view from the balcony.

It serves great selection of beers and meal.

The ingredients are fresh and tasty.

A nice glass of rose with river views and a sunny outdoor dining area make it a pleasant stop.

Address : 12 Quai Salvette, 24100 Bergerac, France

PQP - Over The Perfect

One of the best bars in Bergerac.

Lots of draft beers as well as local breweries.

Good selection of gin as well.

The atmosphere is really good and it is in a very good location for taking a lunch.

Address : 12 Rue des Fontaines, 24100 Bergerac, France


Musée de la ville (du vin et de la batellerie) is an essential complement to a pedestrian visit to the historic center of Bergerac or to a walk on the Dordogne, the City Museum contributes to the dynamics of a City of art and history. From photographic documents, rare archives and selected objects, the history of the birth of a city and its evolution to the present day, its anchoring in a territory where rivers and vineyards have always existed. Musée du Tabac's collection in Bergerac evokes the story of plants with an extraordinary destiny. Put in the dock in current consumption mode, however, has marked all civilizations at the sociological, economic, cultural, artistic and political levels. This place becomes interesting to visit.

Musée de la ville (du vin et de la batellerie)

Pleasant building housing a very basic history of wine making in France.

The history of the city is very well explained and detailed.

Some beautiful objects from the history of wine and the inland waterways complete the museum.

Recomended for local and tourists.

Address : 5 Rue des Conférences, 24100 Bergerac, France

Musée du Tabac

A local industry explained and documented with beautiful artifacts , in a stunning building.

Magnificent museum where you can see real carved works of art.

Beautiful collection of snuff boxes and pipes.

It is nice to visit absolutely during your stay in Bergerac.

Address : Place du Feu, 24100 Bergerac, France


Place de la Myrpe is a public park located in the heart of the city. With numerous attractions inside the park, you can explore the historical and cultural heritage of the city as well. You can relax on the bench inside the park and having a fresh air. Built around 1550, the Château de Monbazillac (property of the Cave Coopérative de Monbazillac since 1960) presents a unique and original architecture, a mixture of medieval defensive systems and Renaissance elegance. This Protestant stronghold has been classified as a Historic Monument since 1941.

Château de Monbazillac

Beautiful chateau in picturesque surroundings.

Lovingly restored with interesting exhibits, an included wine tasting and reasonable wine purchase prices.

The views are breathtaking you're surrounded by beautiful country side at a perfect chateau.

Address : Le Bourg, 24240 Monbazillac, France

Place de la Myrpe

Very nice place in the old Bergerac lined with old half-timbered houses with a statue of Cyrano.

A cute little place to take a break on a bench in the shade of trees.

The environment is lovely.

Address : 24100 Bergerac, France