La Rochelle: Best Things to Do - Photo by Destination 360

La Rochelle is a coastal city in southwestern France and a capital of the Charente-Maritime department. The city has been known as a center of fishing and trade since the 12th century.

Lantern Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks here.

La Rochelle Cathedral, Musée maritime de La Rochelle, and La Rochelle Aquarium are some of the most interesting spots you must visit while you’re in the city.

Experience the most luxurious dining at the best eateries in the city; Christopher Coutanceau and Café de la Paix la.

Before you go for picture hunting at Port Des Minimes and Charruyer Park of La Rochelle, make sure to try their iconic drink called Pineau.

Hôtel Saint Nicolas La Rochelle or Hôtel Best Western Plus Masqhotel La Rochelle would be the perfect match for your best resting place.



Admire the fascinating building of Lantern Tower and discover its amazing history. As a national monument in La Rochelle, these three medieval historic towers are popularly visited by the local and tourists. The Lantern served as a Lighthouse and prison throughout its history. The towers were also known by other names; Garrot tower, Priest tower, and Four Sergeant tower. There are so many things to explore, from the decoration to its historical rooms. Look out for the red-half-timber house next door called The Cat. Totally worth your time and a must-visit spot.

Lantern Tower

Tour de la Lanterne or the Lantern Tower is a must visit national monument in La Rochelle.

There are several rooms you can explore, the guard room on the first floor and can access the tower from the wall.

There are great views and a good vibe to the area.

Absolutely must visit and especially young children to visit and explore its Stunning history.

Address : Rue sur les Murs, 17000 La Rochelle, France


If you want to enjoy and admire wild life in a city full of history and its medieval buildings, La Rochelle Aquarium should be the place for it. This place is more than just an aquarium, it’s a research, a training, and an awareness center for all its 800.000 visitors to protect the wild life animals. See and discover the beauty of the animals, from fragile jellyfish to impressive sharks. Everything in this place is very well taking care of. The water is so clear that you feel like playing with those beautiful animals. Enjoy an unusual brunch at the available eatery. For an entrance, you can pay €16.50. This place will definitely worth your visit.

La Rochelle Aquarium

The Aquarium La Rochelle is one of the largest private aquariums in Europe.

Its prices are cheaper than most aquariums.

They have many different species of sea creatures.

It’s ideal for kids or for a rainy day in La Rochelle.

Address : Quai Louis Prunier, 17000 La Rochelle, France


Your visit in La Rochelle is not complete without coming to the most popular local market called Marché de La Pallice. This market is one of the most visited places by both locals and tourists. Checkout all local things like fresh food, clothes, shoes, belts, bags, and much more. The market is open on Sunday from 8 am to 1 pm. Absolutely worth a visit for goodies and passing a few hours. Make sure to check out what Magasins Galeries Lafayette has for you. Many famous brands are seen here, such as Adidas, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Fila, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and so many more. If you haven’t had enough, in the same block, there are many other high-end stores for you to explore more. The arcade of pedestrian in this area is filled with not only boutiques, but also cafes, restaurants, special gourmet food, and more.

Marché de La Pallice

Superb market, close to the fishing port.

Complete market, clothing, beauty accessories, plants, animal accessories etc.

There are also all types of food, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, cakes and so much more.

Address : 14 Boulevard Maréchal Lyautey, 17000 La Rochelle, France

Magasins Galeries Lafayette

Nice store, with beautiful brand boutiques and good products.

The store is spacious and each space well determined.

Many choices of clothing especially for women and very high prices.

Address : 31 - 39 Rue du Palais, 17000 La Rochelle, France


Over the years, La Rochelle has managed to preserve the traditions of cooking interesting dishes which were invented hundreds of years ago. The mainly menu today is based on sea fish and other seafood. When you visit some of the restaurants in the city, you can easily find seafood menu. While the classic taste of the seafood on your plate, Pineau comes as the favorite drink in the area. It’s a unique sweet fortified wine from a single estate produced from grapes that used to make both grape juice and Cognac.


La Rochelle city is known for its Atlantic seaport and capital of Charente-Maritime department, western France. Apart from seaport, this city is also popular for its museums and medieval buildings. The fascinating sights and iconic landmarks are ready to be explored. French is definitely their official language. Before you travel to La Rochelle, you may want to learn French for a better experience.


Summer is undoubtedly one of the most admirable and popular seasons for traveling. La Rochelle city is no different, summer is the best time to plan a trip here. The warm and sunny climate is the perfect period to explore the most interesting places in La Rochelle. July and August are the peak months with an average temperature of 20⁰C.


Hôtel Saint Nicolas La Rochelle is the best recommendation for your comfortable stay in La Rochelle city. This quaint hotel is only a 4-minute walk to Le Vieux Port. The elegant rooms with colorful accent are the best spot to lay down your tired body. Their glass-roofed dining room/lounge is where the continental breakfast buffet is offered. Other amenities like bar, meeting rooms, and parking are available for your best experience. Hôtel Best Western Plus Masqhotel La Rochelle would be an excellent choice for travelers out there. Set on a leafy street, this gorgeous hotel is an 8-minute walk from the Aquarium de La Rochelle and 3 km from Plage des Minimes. Their airy rooms come with modern equipment for the comfort of the guests. While the room service is offered 24/7, the suites feature balconies and/or living space. Perfect for enjoying the city views. Other amenities like a bright bar and lounge, business center, meeting rooms, a gym, and a breakfast buffet are ready for your enjoyment.

Hôtel Saint Nicolas La Rochelle

Hôtel Saint Nicolas La Rochelle is the best recommendation for your comfortable stay in La Rochelle city.

This quaint hotel is only a 4-minute walk to Le Vieux Port.

The elegant rooms with colorful accent are the best spot to lay down you tired body.

Their amanties and their staff are excellent.

Address : 13 Rue Sardinerie, 17000 La Rochelle, France

Hôtel Best Western Plus Masqhotel La Rochelle

One of the best choice to stay in La Rochelle.

It provides modern amanties,and excellent rooms.

They also provide superb breakfast in a excellent atmosphere.

Their staff are very welcoming and accommodating.

It is perfect for enjoying the city views.

Address : 17 Rue de l'Ouvrage À Cornes, 17000 La Rochelle, France


Christopher Coutanceau has to be the best restaurant in La Rochelle city. From the unique design of the room to the furniture in the room. Literally, stepping into this restaurant is like diving in the fascinating world of the deep ocean. As sea lovers, both the owners of this restaurant created an ocean world-inspired decor, featuring sand-colored walls, deep blue carpets, a wavy seabed-like ceiling enlighten with a set of eight hundred pendants. Everything in this restaurant is nothing but excellent. From great service, taste of the food, the food presentation, the prices, the views, to the atmosphere. It’s hard to be disappointed in this restaurant. Completely a real treat for yourself. Other good recommendation is Le P'tit Nicolas. Experience the best meals in this restaurant. They serve all good food with the quality of taste at affordable price. If you don’t know what to eat, listen to what the staff has to offer, you may want to consider it. Because everything served in this restaurant is impressive and tasteful. They always serve homemade dishes with fresh ingredients to embrace their customers’ attention. Make sure to try their Magret de Canard and other food like barbecue for your best dining experience.

Christopher Coutanceau

One of the best restaurants in La Rochelle.

The atmosphere exudes luxury, with a very big window facing the ocean.

The meal brings a multitude of flavors.

An exceptional service in a sumptuous setting.

Address : Plage de la Concurrence, 17000 La Rochelle, France

Le P'tit Nicolas

A nice classy restaurant.

Good service and home-made dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

They also have a real barbecue and best beef tataki.

Great night definitely recommend

Address : 6 Rue Chef de ville, 17000 La Rochelle, France


Experience an unforgettable moment with the flamboyant and classy establishment at Café de la Paix la. Besides being treated like royalties with first class customer service, this cafe’s decoration will make you feel like you are the baron of the joint. This incredible cafe welcomes you with ambience and affordable menu. Don’t rush it up, take your time to enjoy the delicious menu and read its history then soak up the stupendous interior. A heavenly place to enjoy a relaxing moment after your hectic day. Highly recommended. For a stunning outside view, stop by at Café Corniche. Enjoy some of the most delicious breakfast while seeing the stunning ocean as your view. Known as one of the busiest cafes in La Rochelle, this cafe offers special menus like homemade steak and dessert. Once you’re in the city, you don’t want to miss this popular cafe. Make sure to try their Steak Haché and dessert Brioche Pain Perdu.

Café de la Paix la

Beautiful intreior and a lovely place for a coffee.

They offer great meal and coffe.

The waiters are friendly.

A must when visiting la Rochelle.

Address : 54 Rue Chaudrier, 17000 La Rochelle, France

Café Corniche

Solid french bistro style food in a lovely setting

Super pleasant and quick service

Home made steak haché and dessert of brioche pain perdu to die for.

Drink a coffee with a nice view of the sea.

Address : 2 Boulevard Winston Churchill, 17000 La Rochelle, France


Come at The General Humbert's to enjoy some of the most exciting night activities. Located in historic heart of the city, this night club is offering you an authentic lively and friendly place with great atmosphere. Enjoy live music, clubbing, sports, and the pub for the best night life experience. Another good spot for a disco night is Le Blackout. Your night club would be better in this disco club. Despite small place, people come here to have the most fun night. The crowd may be overwhelming, but the atmosphere of this place is totally worth visiting.

The General Humbert's

One of the best authentic Irish pubs in La Rochelle.

It offers good and wide selection of beer

There is some atmosphere in this place.

Address : 14 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 17000 La Rochelle, France

Le Blackout

Cute litte bar for dance with lovely music.

They offer great beers in a fun atmosphere.

Their bouncers are cool.

Address : 41 Rue de la Scierie, 17000 La Rochelle, France


Constructed in 1784, La Rochelle Cathedral is housing ceiling frescoes by local artist named William Bouguereau. As one of the most visited attractions in La Rochelle, this Catholic cathedral is the kind of place that’s good for admiring both excellency of the building and its history. This cathedral is known as one of the iconic landmarks and a stupendous national monument of La Rochelle city. Check out the breathtakingly gorgeous stained-glass windows by Antoine Lusson, Lubin, and Emile Hirsch. There are many things you can explore in this beautiful cathedral. Be ready to be amazed. Value your money by visiting this unique museum called Musée maritime de La Rochelle. This museum is located inside the boat floating on the sea water. The idea that this museum is floating on the water is just amazing. This would be an exciting experience for you as a first-time traveler. Explore local-related history while surrounded by the stunning sea atmosphere. If you need some entertainment, there are places like bar and eatery on the top of the boat to enjoy the local meals and drinks.

La Rochelle Cathedral

The Saint-Louis Cathedral of La Rochelle is located in the heart of the city center.

The paintings are beautiful, the atmosphere soothing and full of little details are beautiful

There are nicer things in La Rochelle.

Highly recommend.

Address : Rue Pernelle, 17000 La Rochelle, France

Musée maritime de La Rochelle

Superb museum with beautiful history of fishing in La Rochelle.

There are many historical sailboats.

Varied display, with English translation, plus a free printed guide.

The cafe is on the top of a research vessel

Address : Place Bernard Moitessier, 17000 La Rochelle, France


Admire the beautiful and huge marina at Port Des Minimes. This spot offers gorgeous view of the sea, many yachts views, lovely beachfront cafes with great food and drink, affordable price, friendly staff, and many more. The beauty of this place should be collected by your camera. Though the place is quite far from the city center, you can rent the popular bike named Yellow Bike for a fun ride in the afternoon. This would be a lot of fun. Nature never left out when it comes to beautiful Instagram pictures. Charruyer Park of La Rochelle is a great nature spot for it. This stunning park was designed between May 1887 and December 1890 for the gratitude to the liberty of Mademoiselle Adele Charruyer. A tranquil and charming park area towards the end of the Lantern Tower. Other than the beauty, this park is offering Nelson Mandela passage, street parking all along the avenue, kids’ playground, picnic benches, and it’s only a short stroll from the heart of the city. Collect your best Instagram pictures while surrounded by the beauty of this park.

Port Des Minimes

It is beautiful marina in La Rochelle.

Plenty to see and places to eat at reasonable prices.

Lovely beachfront cafês with great food, coffee and friendly staff

A good place to bring the family.

Address : Avenue de la Capitainerie, 17000 La Rochelle, France

Charruyer Park of La Rochelle

Nice place to visit & trip to the neighbourhood island's.

It is charming park.

Great for family and strolls.

Address : 4 Place de la Chaîne, 17000 La Rochelle, France