Pons: Best Things to Do

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Pons is a city in the Charente-Maritime department, located in Southwestern France famous for numerous national historic monuments dating back from 12th century.

Most of historical buildings were built in Romanesque architecture.

One of the most popular attractions here is Donjon médiéval.

Hopital des Pelerins is also popular attractions that listed in UNESCO Heritage Site.

Let's explore this amazing city!



Pons is obviously a nice destination to go sightseeing in historical sites. Église Saint-Vivien is a tourist attraction that mostly visited by travelers. This 12th-century church becomes one of the city's landmarks. You will find the Romanesque style with nice stained glass from its architecture. The church facade, stained glass window, outside view, and its baptistry are worth to enjoy.

Église Saint-Vivien

Pretty church which is a small part of the heritage of Pons.

The architecture is superb and very well preserved.

The parking is well arranged and allows for beautiful walks around

Address : 9 Pl. St Vivien, 17800 Pons, France


Start your trip to the central square of Pons, Place de la Republique street. This area has several cultural sites with its historical story. Head to Donjon médiéval or known as Keep of Pons, a fantastic medieval tower with its exhibits. Designed in a 19th-century style, this tower looks impressive from the outside. Enjoy the Romanesque secular architecture and its excellent stonework. Do not forget to climb up to the top of tower to see the stunning city view.

Donjon médiéval

Superb feudal dungeon.

Interesting exhibition of Medieval weaponry.

The construction is well maintained as well as the neighboring town hall.

Fantastic views from the roof terrace.

Address : Place de la République, 17800 Pons, France


Hunting souvenirs or gifts for your family is a must when you travel to another city. La Poupetterie is one of famous stores that offering hand-made souvenirs. There are plenty of original and cute stuff that you can buy as gifts. They sell unique accessories and home decor.

La Poupetterie

Nice shop with lots of original gift ideas.

There are lots of cool little things.

Also handmade objects, good advice.

Very nice welcome and helpful person.

Address : 8 Rue Emile Combes, 17800 Pons, France


Since located in Poitou-Charentes area, seafood becomes an important part of cuisines in Pons city. Food made from oysters, sea bass, and mussels is easy to find in the city's restaurants. The iconic food you should try is Mouclade that made from mussels cooked with cream, saffron, white wine, and curry spice. The famous drink is Pineau, a great fortified wine made from adding unfermented grape.


Since located in Southwestern French, Pons city is culturally and architecturally diverse from other France region. The culture of Southwestern France is influenced by Spain and North Africa. While Pons has numerous national heritage sites that exist from the 12th century.


The best time to visit Pons city is between May and September. At this period of time, you will experience the loveliest weather that make you comfortable to explore the city.


Saint James House can be a perfect choice to stay in Pons city. This unique small hotel is a lovely homely place to stay that looks like a typical Frech house. This accommodation offers a sensational swimming pool, a sun terrace, and also a small garden. Les Balcons de la Seugne can be another option to experience 19th-century stay. Located in a scenic area near downtown, it offers visitors a relaxing and comfortable environment. This is one of the excellent starts to explore this interesting region of France.

Saint James House

Saint James House is cute hotel surrounded by calm environment.

It provides comfy bed,great amanties,and excellent service.

It also provides superb breakfast.

Their staff are welcoming and kind.

Address : 17 Rue du Château d'Eau, 17800 Pons, France

Les Balcons de la Seugne

Stunning building of hotel.

They provide great amanties and comfy bed.

They also provide xcellent breakfast with a great service.

You can get great view from your balcony.

Address : 33 Rue Charles de Gaulle, 17800 Pons, France


For your culinary experience, visit creperie Saint Jacques as one of the best restaurants in the city. It is a typical French restaurant that serves plenty of delicious menus. This restaurant also has homemade pancakes and waffles as its desserts. Another recommendation is La Florentine. This restaurant is located in Gemozac, about 10 km from the city. It offers you Italian dishes and also pizza. For vegan lovers, this restaurant is where you should go because they also provide plenty of veggie menus.

creperie Saint Jacques

Pleasant place to have a delicious pancakes.

The pancakes are plentiful, very good taste, good presentation.

Warm and friendly welcome.

The owner and the waiter are very friendly and kind.

Address : 15 Avenue Gambetta, 17800 Pons, France

La Florentine

Lovely restaurant for have a lunch.

Loads of pizzas to choose from and plenty of other dishes too.

Good quality, well presented food.

Pretty clean with choice of indoor or terrace tables.

Address : 10 Place de Verdun, 17260 Gémozac, France


Get relax after exploring the entire city at Cafe du Donjon. This cafe set in a great square with beautiful buildings and garden. It is where you go when craving for the best steak in town. They also serve extensive and mouth watering menus for you. Or head to Le Donjon à Pizz' to enjoy various fabulous pizzas. This cafe is popular for its well cooked pizza at reasonable price.

Cafe du Donjon

Decent cafe in a nice setting.

Pretty establishment, fast service and excellent food

They also offer variety of beers.

Their water is very kind and friendly.

Address : 5 Place de la République, 17800 Pons, France

Le Donjon à Pizz'

Great place to stop and enjoy a special pizza.

The pizzas are plentiful and very good.

The ingredients are of quality.

Kindness and welcome from the staff.

Address : 2 Rue Barthélémy Gautier, 17800 Pons, France


Pons does not provide lots of bars and nightlife entertainments to visit. But you can go to Bar Tout Va Bien as one of the best bar in the city. Besides offering cocktails and beers, there is also an interesting tea-room inside. If you want to have some alcohol drinks with several food menus, go to Le Français. This is a mix of bar and restaurant located in the historical donjon medieval castle. It offers typical French food as well as plenty of selection of beers.

Bar Tout Va Bien

Superb bar to stop for a coffee or for lunch.

The food is very good and small price.

Quiet and relaxing atmosphere, the setting despite the roadside is really nice.

Address : 1 Saint-Vivien, 17800 Pons, France

Le Français

A great "neighbourhood pub" with good beer, delicious wine and a good hand in the kitchen.

Food is reasonably priced and the portions are huge.

The setting is great and the service efficient

Address : 1 Place de la République, 17800 Pons, France


Hopital des Pelerins is one of the popular destinations in Pons city. This place was a hospital and now it changes to a museum. It is also listed as a UNESCO heritage site. The graffiti made by pilgrims are laid on the walls, reflecting what it was in the past era. Other historical sites to visit is Castle Plassac. It is located in Plassac, about 13 km outside the city. This medieval castle was first built in 1340 completed with park and garden.

Hopital des Pelerins

A very interesting museum-hospital.

Explanations of medieval medicine.

There is also a very nice garden of medicinal plants.

Address : 70 Rue Georges Clemenceau, 17800 Pons, France

Castle Plassac

Magnificent castle.

There is open space is in front of it.

You can relax and walk around.

Address : Chateau de Plassac, 17240 Plassac, France


Pons has few stunning spots for your instagram worthy. The Castle of Riddles is a great choice for you who love to captured historical sites. It is a magnificient castle of Italian Renaissance that famous for the first Escape Games in Charente Maritime. You can also explore the city's surroundings such as Basilique Saint Eutrope de Saintes. This masterpiece church was first built in 1081 bringing the Romanesque architecture. The great shape and its history on each sides will makes you amazed.

The Castle of Riddles

The adventure trail is a nice addition to the château.

The track is well organised and the park is very well maintained.

Signs are in English as well as French

Fun activity for all to do the treasure hunt for clues.

Address : Château d'Usson, Route de Fléac, 17800 Pons, France

Basilique Saint Eutrope de Saintes

The Crypt is a fabulous place.

Superb Roman crypt, to see for the simplicity, the work and the beauty of the place.

Beautiful building outside and inside.

Address : 56 Rue Saint-Eutrope, 17100 Saintes, France