Royan: Best Things to Do

Royan - Photo by hape662 on Flickr

Royan is a coastal city in France famous for its beautiful beaches.

Must visit beaches in Royan are Plage de la Grande-Conche, Plage de Pontaillac, and Plage du Bureau.

Today, Royan is a tourist and cultural hub with around 90,000 visitors each summer.

To know more about this city, you should spare your time to visit Royan Museum.

Don't miss visiting Marche Central de Royan, a local market where you can buy locally fresh products.

The best time to visit Royan is from late April to mid-October.

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Start your Royan city adventure by sightseeing in Planet Exotica. It’s a botanical garden and Zoological Park that will impress you with its exotic animals and plants, such as snakes, crocodiles, alligators, tropical plants, bonsai, olive trees, and much more.

The park itself ensures good health and living condition of the animals inside. It’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway with your family. It also has a research laboratory, collaborating with scientists all over the world processing venoms for pharmaceutical advancement.

The highlight of Planet Exotica is its real life-sized dinosaurs. You can get a family ticket for a cheaper admission price!

Our second pick for sightseeing in Royan is Plage de la Grande-Conche. It’s a beautiful beach with gentle waves. Around the beach, you can find architectural remnants from world war II. The beach is quite long and well maintained. You can also rent chairs and umbrellas on the spot. A perfect place for just relaxing and enjoy the breeze!

Planet Exotica

A fantastic park suitable for children and adults

Plenty of playing areas

Abundance of reptiles

Address : 5 Avenue des Fleurs de la Paix, 17200 Royan, France

Plage de la Grande-Conche

Plage de la Grande-Conche is a perfect family vacation destination

Kids can easily access the beach

A perfect place to stroll along enjoy beach view

Address : Boulevard Frédéric Garnier, 17200 Royan, France


You can visit a museum named Maison Des Douanes near the beach! It’s a lovely small museum with rotating exhibitions, as well as beautiful paintings inside. The parking is a bit complicated, so you better park on the Saint Palais sur Mer and then walk to the museum. The museum has a walking path to a rocky area of a beach as well! The view outside the museum makes this place is a must-visit. Maison Des Douanes is just 5 kilometers from Royan by car.

Maison Des Douanes

A lovely small museum with breathtaking views

The museum sometimes hosts exhibitions

Address : 46 Rue de l'Océan, 17420 Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, France


For shopping in Royan, we recommend you to visit Marche Central de Royan or Royan Market! It has foods, drinks, fruits, fish, and many more. It opens daily for indoor market and best to be visited in the morning while the foods are still fresh. The outdoor market is open on Sundays.

This market is a must visit for its very friendly vendors and the good foods. There are also bars and cafes if you want to wind down for a while after shopping!

Marche Central de Royan

Market in Royan selling high quality products

Come in the morning when everything are still fresh!

Address : 72 Rue Pierre Loti, 17200 Royan, France


Royan is not famous for its local food and drinks. The food is probably the same as other cities in France. But, you could certainly please your tummy by eating the delicious food of France. Because Royan is located on the western part of France, we recommend you to try the region’s specialties such as duck, foie gras, prunes, oysters, mushrooms, and truffles. For the drink, you can get a rich red Bordeaux wine!


As a city in France, Royan has witnessed major events that shaped what France is now. From middle age when a castle in Royan was used as a harbor, French Revolution, attacked on World War II and was a representative of Modernist architecture in the 1950s. Royan is also home to Pablo Picasso, Leon Trotsky, and Emile Zola.


Weather-wise, the best time to visit Royan is from late April to mid-October when the temperature is most comfortable. But, the busiest month in Royan for tourism is May, June, and July. The city is least likely to be visited by tourists in December.


There are many good hotels you can book in Royan. To name a few, our picks are Inter-Hotel Foncillon and Hotel Miramar!

Inter-Hotel Foncillon is great whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or even family. The staffs are known to be friendly and attentive. Breakfast is provided as well. Even better, the hotel is located in front of the sea and can be reached by only 10 minutes of walking.

Hotel Miramar also offers you a stay with ocean view. The room is designed with modern-cozy touch to make your sleep even better. The staffs are also very attentive and there is a casino nearby the hotel. Breakfast is provided in this hotel.

Inter-Hotel Foncillon

Hotel in Royan with complete amenities

Bike rentals and meeting room is available

The rooms are chic and comfortable

Address : 57 Avenue des Congrès, 17200 Royan, France

Hotel Miramar

A very nice hotel overlooking the beach

The building looks old, but the interior design will give you comfort

Address : 173 Avenue de Pontaillac, 17200 Royan, France


Satisfy your appetite by having meals in L’infini and Le Petit Bouchon. L’infini is famous for its delicious burgers. Visitors can also opt for outside seating, not to mention that the restaurant is facing the ocean as well. So you can get a meal with an ocean view. The ingredients used for making the foods are fresh and good quality. A digestive is offered in L’infini!

Le Petit Bouchon is also one of the best restaurants in Royan offering delicious food at reasonable prices. The service is known to be top-notch and the restaurant is facing the sea as well. The decoration is simple, featuring the comfortable ambiance inside.


Complete package of a restaurant: Good meal, good service, good ambience

Outdoor seating is available

Address : 199 Avenue de Pontaillac, 17200 Royan, France

Le Petit Bouchon

Excellent wine options

Service is known to be great and friendly

The portion is also generous

Address : 8 Quai Amiral Meyer, 17200 Royan, France


If you want to have a coffee, come to French Coffee Shop in Royan! Their coffee is known to be tasty especially their specialty coffees. They also have a wide option of hot and cold drinks. The atmosphere is good and the place is cozy. It’s a perfect place to hang out with your travel buddies.

Located in Pontalliac, Iguana café is also a great choice of place to wind down. The café is facing the sea, just next to a casino and is dog friendly. Interior decorations is very beautiful and the staffs are friendly.

French Coffee Shop Royan

Serves tasty sweet coffee

Their signature is the abundance of whipped cream

Try their yummy muffins!

Address : 5 Boulevard Aristide Briand, 17200 Royan, France

Iguana Cafe Royan

A nice cafe with scenic view of the sea

It's a dog friendly cafe as well

Address : 209 Avenue de Pontaillac, 17200 Royan, France


Have an enjoyable and relaxing night in Royan by visiting Gueuleton and Le Garage! Gueuleton has a wide option of wine and the foods served are delicious. The great atmosphere and welcoming staffs will make you want to come again to the bar. The interior design is made to be dark-themed but classy, perfect for romantic occasion or hanging out with friends.

Want to dance? Visit Le Garage instead! It’s a bar located in Pontaillac, excellent for dancing and karaoke while enjoying your drinks. The atmosphere is great – like a happy place. The staffs are known to be super friendly as well. Definitely try their cocktails if you’re visiting!


Wide selections of wine and beers are available

Good atmosphere and high quality foods

Address : Rue Gambetta, 17200 Royan, France

Le Garage

A nice bar with music playing in the background

You can dance and karaoke in this bar

Address : 149 Avenue de Pontaillac, 17200 Royan, France


Visit Royan Museum for an interesting and insightful visit while in Royan! The museum is very informative with a really cheap admission ticket (free for 18 years and younger, Euro 20 for adults). The museum tells about the history of Royan city and its architectural heritage. Even though it’s small, your visit would still be very exciting!

Our second pick for interesting place in Royan is Coolongalook Adventure Park. You will have a lot of fun visiting this park, they have lots of games with ropes and tree climbings. It’s a perfect place to spend a weekend with your kids. The staffs are very well educated and trained and the facilities are adequate.

Royan Museum

A small museum with a lot of informations about the city

The admission price is affordable

The building is unique

Address : 31 Avenue de Paris, 17200 Royan, France

Coolongalook Adventure Park

An adventure park with plenty of playing area

A perfect place for kids to play

Staffs are well trained to keep the visitors safe

Address : 9 Allée des Chevrefeuilles, 17200 Royan, France


If you’re looking for a place to take photos and to show your Instagram followers, go to Le Puits De L’Auture! Most people come to this place for camping, but the view of this beach is exceptional and Instagram-worthy. The place is clean and well maintained and there are trees around the beach. For even more picturesque view, there is a coastal walk to Palais Sur Mer. Get ready with your camera when visiting this place!

Our second pick for the most instagrammable spots in Royan is Eglise Notre Dame de Royan. It’s a catholic church with a modern architectural design. Once you get in, you’ll be impressed by the space and lightings. Stained glass makes this church even more exceptional. A true iconic landmark in Royan!

Le Puits De L'Auture

A beautiful beach that will make your instagram feed even prettier

The beach is well maintained with adequate facilities

Address : 110 Avenue de la Grande Côte, 17420 Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, France

Eglise Notre-Dame de Royan

Catholic church with unique-modern architectural building

Very peaceful for praying

Lightings inside will make your instagram followers impressed

Address : 1 Rue de Foncillon, 17200 Royan, France