Cahors: Best Things to Do

Image by Géraldine Deveau from Flickr - Photo by Géraldine Deveau

Cahors is a famous destination city in France with historical buildings, ancient buildings, and others.

This amazing city is dominated with historical buildings such as Cahors Cathedral, Pont Valentré, Fontaine des Chartreux, and Camping Rivière de Cabessut as the best destination in Cahors.

The best accommodation in Cahors is BEST WESTERN PLUS HOTEL DIVONA CAHORS and Hôtel Terminus to stay in.

Don't forget to try Asperges en vinaigrette as the authentic food in Cahors.

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Take a walk along Le Mont Saint Cyr is an observation deck in Cahors. This place is the right place to see a lot of this city from the top. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with the natural environment on every side of this place. Then, you can do walking around, picnic and other activity. So, you enjoy the amazing scenery by taking some photos here.

Le Mont Saint Cyr

Le Mont Saint Cyr is the highest peak and the highest point in the Mâconnais mountains.

Address : Route du Mont Saint-Cyr, 46000 Cahors, France


The city is famous for Maison de l'eau. Maison de l'eau is a famous museum in Cahors. This museum is about the former pumping station. Then, you can see water usage throughout the ages. Here, you can also directly see Pont Valentré from here. Thus, you can enjoy the museum with the new knowledge that you get here.

Maison de l'eau

Museum in an 1853 former water-pumping station focused on human interaction with water & stone.

Address : Chemin de la Chartreuse, 46000 Cahors, France


You can find numerous gift shops with interesting items to bring home. Leonidas is the chocolate shop in Cahors. This chocolate shop offers many options great chocolate that you can buy. Limitroff is a gift shop in Cahors. This gift shop provides bags, shoes, accessories, and others.

Leonidas Cahors

Leonidas offers chocolates are made from the finest ingredients and real Belgian chocolate.

Address : 87 Rue du Maréchal Joffre, 46000 Cahors, France


A charming boutique full of original ideas, jewerly and gifts at reasonable prices.

Address : 109 Rue nationale, 46000 Cahors, France


The authentic food in Cahors is Asperges en vinaigrette. Asperges en vinaigrette serves with Asparagus, white wine vinegar, dijon mustard, olive oil, egg, and others. Benedictine is the typical drink from France. Benedictine made from herbal liqueur such as twenty-seven flowers, berries, herbs, roots, and spices.


Cahors culture has a rich culture with its history, habit, and festivals. This city has a popular festival that held every July that is The Cahors Blues Festival. If you want to holiday in Cahors, we suggest you use the guided tour because almost all of the residence use France to communicate. So, it's easy for you to traveling to Cahors.


The best time to visit Cahors is from May to October. These months, the weather is really great with a pleasant temperature on vacation in Cahors.


Stay in BEST WESTERN PLUS HOTEL DIVONA CAHORS is a four stars hotel located a 3-minute from Pont Valentré by walk. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, plus minibars, coffeemakers, and balconies. These other public facilities are a lobby bar, plus an indoor pool, a sauna, and a fitness center. Hôtel Terminus is three stars hotel with competitive prices. This hotel located 2-minute from the Gare de Cahors by walk. This hotel provides suite bathrooms, TVs and others.


Contemporary hotel offering a lobby bar, plus a gym, an indoor pool & a terrace.

Address : 113 Avenue André Breton, 46000 Cahors, France

Hôtel Terminus

Casual quarters in mansion with stained-glass windows, offering a chic restaurant & cooking lessons.

Address : 5 Avenue Charles de Freycinet, 46000 Cahors, France


Try the famous food with a visit to L'Ô à la Bouche. L'Ô à la Bouche is a famous restaurant that you can find in Cahors. This restaurant is really cozy place to enjoy the French authentic food. You can choose to eat in an indoor place or an outdoor place. Le Courson is another recommended French restaurant in Cahors. This restaurant has delicious French food that you should try it.

L'Ô à la Bouche

Serving inventive cuisine, exclusively concocted with fresh products, carefully selected.

Address : 56 Allées Fénelon, 46000 Cahors, France

Le Courson

Offering home-cooked meals made with fresh products and serve by professional waitresses.

Address : 28 Allées Fénelon, 46000 Cahors, France


Hangout in Cahors, Café Shop Francesa is a famous coffee shop in Cahors. This cafe has a classic design with great decoration. Then, this cafe has many varieties of coffee that you can like. Pizza restaurant cahors le saint georges is a pizza restaurant that popular in Cahors. This restaurant is a good place for breakfast in the morning. You can find various delicious pizza and vegetarian food.

Café Shop Francesa

A lovely cafe serving coffee and chocolate with little treats.

Address : 165 Rue nationale, 46000 Cahors, France

Pizza Restaurant Cahors Le Saint Georges

Offers its homemade pizzas, salads and dishes, on site or to take away. In a warm setting.

Address : 220 Avenue Anatole de Monzie, 46000 Cahors, France


Spend your time with a visit to LE BEFORE - Bar Lounge Tapas is a nice bar in Cahors. This bar has some attractive activities such as DJ and lives music performance. The good selection of beer, wine, and others makes you happy to spend the night here. Le Bar Ouf is a smalls bar in the heart of this city. This bar has many various foods that you can try it. Then, they also have a great selection of alcohol drinks in Cahors.

LE BEFORE - Bar Lounge Tapas

A selection of organic wines and house cocktails will accompany your evenings at the Before.

Address : 270 Quai de Regourd, 46000 Cahors, France

Le Bar Ouf

Ideal small bar in a small street in the shade offering variety of cocktails.


The interesting place that you should visit is Fontaine des Chartreux. Fontaine des Chartreux is a Tourist attraction in Cahors. This place famous with crystal clear water coming out of the rocks. Camping Rivière de Cabessut is another interesting place in Cahors. Camping Rivière de Cabessut is a camping ground with many facilities. This place is the right place for a picnic, camping, swimming pool, and others. Then, you can bring your family or friends to enjoy this place.

Fontaine des Chartreux

The fontaine des Chartreux is a limestone resurgence, once a place of worship of the goddess Divona.

Address : 914 Chemin de la Chartreuse, 46000 Cahors, France

Camping Rivière de Cabessut

Organised site with lovely pool and large hedged beautifully shaded pitches.

Address : 1180 Rue de la Rivière, 46000 Cahors, France


If you want to search the Instagram spots in Cahors is Pont Valentré. Pont Valentré is a historical bridge in Cahors. This bridge has an ancient vibe and amazing architecture. Thus, many people should take photo in here. Cahors Cathedral is another beautiful building that suitable to take some pictures. This cathedral is a Roman Catholic church with Roman architectural tradition.

Pont Valentré

The Valentré Bridge is the most famous monument restored by the architect Paul Gout.

Address : 46000 Cahors, France

Cahors Cathedral

Cahors Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church and national monument located in the town of Cahors, Occitanie, France.

Address : 17 Place Jean Jacques Chapou, 46000 Cahors, France