Bedford: Best Things to Do

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Bedford is a town located in Bedfordshire, England. This pretty town owns some gems that have amazing historical value, such as the Bedford Castle and Bedford Suspension Bridge.

Other historical and beautiful landmarks can also be found in Bedford.

Some of them are St. Paul's Church, Moot Hall Museum, and Panacea Museum.

Also, don't forget to taste Bedfordshire clanger, delicious traditional food in Bedford that has been existing for hundreds of years.

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Take a walk at Bedford Park and enjoy a quiet time surrounded by trees. This park also features some interesting facilities such as play areas, cricket, and soccer fields. There's also a pond and even a cafe. The well-kept garden makes this park a lovely place to visit.

Bedford Park

Landscaped recreation destination with a cafe, pond, play areas & fields for cricket & football.

Address : No 98 Kimbolton Rd, Bedford MK40 2PF, United Kingdom


Learn the story of the Panacea Society at the Panacea Museum. Panacea society is a religious community founded in the early 20th-century. Located in a beautiful Victorian house, this museum displays items such as the Box of Prophecy and healing linen. There's also a chapel and a small cafe where visitors can have a cup of tea, coffee, soft drinks, as well as snacks and cakes.

Panacea Museum

This Victorian house museum was the headquarters of a religious community from the early 1900s.

Address : 9 Newnham Rd, Bedford MK40 3NX, United Kingdom


Harpur Shopping Centre is an indoor mall with numerous stores. This mall is well-known in Bedford since it's the only shopping mall that you will find in Bedford. You can find various stores here such as clothing stores, book stores, phone shops, and even coffee shops, restaurants, and some independent stores like Italian and Asian shops.

Harpur Shopping Centre

Standard indoor mall with nationally known chain retailers, plus casual eats & free Wi-Fi.

Address : Horne Ln, Bedford MK40 1TJ, United Kingdom


Bedfordshire clanger is a must-try in Bedford. This dish has a history dating back to the 19th century. It tastes sweet and savory because it is made of suet pastry that is filled with liver or meat, potatoes, onions, and jam or fruit. There are also other foods that are worth to try in Bedford, such as apple florentine pie, Catherine cakes, Bridie, and butter pie.


Bedford has some amazing festivals that represent the culture of Bedford, such as the Bedford River Festival. This festival is held every two years in July and includes different kinds of events such as sports, funfairs, and live music. Other interesting events that Bedford has are Bedford International Kite Festival, Bedford Festival of Motoring, and Proms in the Park.


Peak season: Summer is the best time to visit Bedford. From July to August, the weather in Bedford is pleasant since the temperature ranges from mild to warm. Therefore, summer is a good time to explore Bedford's interesting attractions.


The Barns Hotel is a riverside hotel situated in an old historical building that was built in the 13th century. While staying here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the River Great Ouse and the surrounding nature. This pet-friendly hotel also features some interesting facilities that guests can enjoy such as a restaurant and a bar. The Embankment is a unique option of accommodation in Bedford. This hotel, which also functions as a pub is situated in a Tudor-style building completed with a business center, restaurant, and bar. Here, you will be able to enjoy a plate of delicious English breakfast, as well as other traditional British dishes.

The Barns Hotel

Traditional rooms in a historic riverside house, plus an on-site bar and restaurant.

Address : Cardington Rd, Bedford MK44 3SA, United Kingdom

The Embankment

Half-timbered gastropub & cottage offering contemporary rooms, some with river views.

Address : 6 The Embankment, Bedford MK40 3PD, United Kingdom


Taste a tender and juicy steak at Miller & Carter Bedford, an eatery that also offers 30-day aged British and Irish chops. This cozy place also offers different menus for lunch, dessert, gluten-free, graduation, and even menu for Sunday and younger guests. A selection of wine and cocktails are available to order here. Or come to Poppins Restaurants Bedford to enjoy traditional British dishes such as English breakfast, Jacket Potatoes, and Gammon Delight. Various sweet and tasty desserts are also available to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Miller & Carter Bedford

Warmly-lit, casual eatery offering 30-day aged British & Irish chops plus wine & cocktails.

Address : Unit 4C, River St, Bedford MK40 1NY, United Kingdom

Poppins Restaurants Bedford

Unfussy family chain restaurant with an all-day menu of traditional British favourites.

Address : 84 High St, Bedford MK40 1NN, United Kingdom


Coffee with Art is a cozy coffee shop that offers delicious specialty coffees. You can order amazing coffee drinks that are available here, such as espresso, americano, cappuccino, mocha, latte, espresso macchiato, and flat white. Vegan-friendly and lunch menu can also be ordered at this coffee shop. The great atmosphere and menu of this coffee shop make it a perfect place to hang out. Stop by Fancy Bakery to have a bite of sweet home baked desserts. This place has a wonderful option of baked goods that will boggle your mind. You can't only just buy one thing at this place, because the many choices of foods will be such a shame to miss.

Coffee with Art

Coffee with Art providing fantastic coffee, loose leaf teas, freshly prepared food and beers.

Address : 82 High St, Bedford MK40 1NN, United Kingdom

Fancy Bakery

Fancy Bakery offering hand-crafted cakes, savouries, biscuits and desserts prepared using only the finest ingredients.

Address : 35 Roff Ave, Bedford MK41 7TH, United Kingdom


Have a glass of tasty cocktails at the Auction Room Bar. This stylish bar does not only offers a wide collection of bars, but also wine. On the weekend, this place becomes lively by people who love to enjoy a great night time accompanied by live music performance. Empire is another place to go to if you want to have lively night time. This premium nightclub is the perfect place to spend the night dancing and meeting new people. Live entertainment performances such as live music, comedy, and even cabaret often take place at this club. With the great drinks and fun environment, this place is worth visiting while you're in Bedford.

Auction Room Bar

The Auction Room is a stylish, atmospheric wine and cocktail bar situated in the heart of Bedford.

Address : 1 Duke St, Bedford MK40 3HD, United Kingdom


Empire first established itself in the heart of Bedford night life back in 2016 with its Legacy Saturday club night.

The venue combines original features with clean, contemporary design.

Split across 2 floors Empire boasts four bars, a VIP room, a vast dance floor, beautiful leather couches and marble-topped tables.

Address : 29 Mill Street, Bedford. MK40 3EU


Bedford Castle was built in the 11th century, and today there's only a little that is left from this castle because of the siege that happened in 1224. The area around the castle is perfect to have a little picnic because it has an amazing view of the river. Moot Hall Museum is an interesting museum which used to function as a market house. The museum that is located in the 15th-century timber-framed market hall showcases several period furniture and a glimpse of the life and traditions of England in the 17th century.

Bedford Castle

The history of a former 11th-century castle, destroyed in a siege, is depicted on the ruins' site.

Address : Newnham Rd, Bedford MK40 3NX, United Kingdom

Moot Hall Museum

Moot Hall Museum is a permanent museum to illustrate English 17th century life.

Address : Church End, Elstow, Bedford MK42 9XT, United Kingdom


Bedford Suspension Bridge is a popular landmark in Bedford. This iconic bridge was build in 1888 to connect The Embankment and Mill Meadows. This lovely bridge provides the scenic view of River Ouse and the surrounding area makes it perfect to take a quiet walk in the town. St. Paul's Church is a beautiful building located in the heart of Bedford. The church often holds some events such as antique and craft fairs on Saturdays. You can learn more about the history of the church dating back to 1000 years ago from the guide at the church. The architectural beauty of this church is something that you definitely want to see in Bedford.

Bedford Suspension Bridge

A pedestrian bridge with a wonderful view of River Ouse.

Address : 35 The Embankment, Bedford MK40 3PE, United Kingdom

St. Paul's Church

St Paul's is a thriving parish church in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England.

Address : St Paul's Square, Bedford MK40 1SQ, United Kingdom