Birmingham: Best Things to Do

Image by Khamkhor from Pixabay - Situated just about 160 km form Central London, Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom.

Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom.

It famous for arts and cultures from many galleries, museums, and artworks.

Head to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery to discover 17th and 19th centuries art works collection.

This city also popular for National SEA LIFE Center, a marine life museum that has more than 60 exhibits.

Do not forget to explore the city center that at Victoria Square.



Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter should be put on your bucket list. This area is a home to more than 700 jewelers, retailers, thriving food and drink also fill with over 200 listed buildings that each has an incredible story. Lots of fun things can be done here. If you love history, it may better go to the Pen Museum to know about 19th century pen trade. While if you are curious about jewelry and how it manufactured as well as the natural materials, you can take a tour at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.

Pen Museum

Great slice of history with a working pen workshop.

A truly fascinating place and friendly, knowledgable staff.

Quirky, amazing collection.

Fascinating reading material and workshop.

Small and not really suitable for children.

Address : Unit 3, The Argent Centre, 60 Frederick St, Birmingham B1 3HS, United Kingdom


The heart of Birmingham is situated around the pedestrian Victoria Square. Surrounded by plenty of prominent buildings, the square is a great destination to just strolling around. Visit the attractive old Town Hall that was first built in 1832. Designed in a Victorian architecture, this building has became the city's music center. Still in the Victoria square, take a tour at Birmingham City Council to enjoy its Renaissance-style architecture. The building was used to run all local services since 1974.

Town Hall

A fantastic building, superb for music events.

The projection set up is great quality.

The seating comfortable and roomy.

Great location, easy to find.

And really beautiful inside.

Address : Victoria Square, Birmingham B3 3DQ, United Kingdom


Birmingham is well known for everyone's lifestyle destination because there are many premier shopping stores to go to. For fashion lovers, there are plenty of clothing shops from high-end brands to local retailers. Head to Selfridges, an upmarket department store offers boutiques with popular designer labels. With the unique architecture, this place also considered as the most iconic building and a landmark store in Birmingham.


Luxury store in the heart of the city, in the modern The Bull shopping center.

Service and choice in the food and drinks hall is excellent.

The floor below has several

Variety of food & clothes.

Friendly and welcoming staff.

With a great variety of brands.

Address : Upper Dean St, Birmingham B5 4BP, United Kingdom


Birmingham has a great reputation for food. It was where the Typhoo Tea, Cadbury's chocolate, and Bird's Custard were created. While Balti is the most popular dish from this city. It is a curry cooked served in a steel bowl and a bread as its accompaniment. Brummie bacon cookies, lambswool, and pikelets are another local food you should try.


Birmingham's culture is more diverse than any other city in the United Kingdom. The city is considered the most culturally mixed city reflected in the arts. It also becomes the center of Asian music industry, UK center for Garage Music, UK's first South Asian Music Performance and Dance company. In addition, culture and history remain long-lasting and proudly displayed in museums and in the heart of locals..


The perfect time for exploring Birmingham is during Spring or Fall. If you like to go hiking or other outdoor activities, you may travel between March and May. But if you love to see some festivals, September and November are the best time to go.


It's really easy to find suitable accommodation in Birmingham. But staying in a unique hotel will be worth it after exploring tourist attractions. Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel, a beautiful historic 4 star hotel is a perfect place to stay. Sets in 10 acres of breathtaking gardens, this hotel offers 38 attractive bedrooms with luxurious facilities. While staying in the city center, Hampton Inn & Suites is a good option. This 3 star hotel sits on an old building. Its strategic location gives you easier access to many popular venues and attractions.

Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel

A pretty nice architecture.

The bar and ground floor areas are pleasant and comfortable.

Staff on reception very helpful.

Lovely and warm room, very clean, evening meal was very nice, breakfast was good too.

Address : Chester Rd, Birmingham B36 9DE, United Kingdom

Hampton Inn & Suites

It's really easy to find suitable accommodation in Birmingham.

This 3 star hotel has old building and completed with older properties

Its strategic location gives you easier access to many popular venues and attractions.

The breakfast is great.

Nice atmosphere.

Address : 98-104 Constitution Hill, Birmingham B19 3JT, United Kingdom


Grand Central Kitchen Birmingham will give you the best local cuisine culinary experience. They offer a variety of good quality meals and bread. You can also have a traditional breakfast, European food, and veggie on their menus. Harborne Kitchen is another option to taste modern British cuisine at affordable prices. This restaurant serves many choices of menu with outstanding ingredients. Not only has delicious dishes, but the place is also completed with a small bar to enjoy a drink.

Harborne Kitchen

A really excellent place.

Superb food for good price with good vibes.

The atmosphere and staff are all so lovely.

A fantastic place to eat.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

Address : 175-179 High St, Harborne, Birmingham B17 9QE, United Kingdom


Damascena Coffee House serves you an enjoyable cozy place to grab a cup of coffee. Its beautiful themed coffee shop is perfect for chill out with your friends or even just to relax after the trip. This cafe wants you to taste its delicious healthy food, bakeries or vegetarian menu. While for coffee lovers, Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters is a great place to visit. This cafe offers you nice coffee brewed, espresso-based drinks, and tea. There is also a brunch menu including granola, toast, and smashed avocado. They make sure that every dishes are made from fresh ingredients.

Damascena Coffee House

Nice little place.

Food is tasty and the coffee is superb.

The atmosphere of the cafe is very lively.

Yummy food and drink

Address : 103 High St, Harborne, Birmingham B17 9NR, United Kingdom

Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters

Best coffee around but that is pretty obvious.

Perfect spot to hang out and get some work done.

Great atmosphere, friendly service, tasty coffee.

nice environment

Address : 88-90 Bristol St, Birmingham B5 7AH, United Kingdom


Located in the heart of the city, Flight Club Birmingham is where you should go to enjoy the nightlife. This club offers a unique twist of Birmingham heritage of darts and plenty of rooms to enjoy the cocktails. There are also dance floor and live music performance every day and it will reach the peak crowd during weekends. Another recommendation is Island Bar where you can try the traditional cocktails. Besides, they also have DJs performance on Friday and Saturday at its downstairs.

Island Bar

This is a great place with lovely cocktails.

Extensive cocktail menu, nice atmosphere

Nice friendly staff and good tunes.

Definitely recommend the rum runner.

Great vibe, mix of all types of music which is great.

Address : 14-16 Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham B1 1LT, United Kingdom

Flight Club Birmingham

This club offers a unique twist of Birmingham heritage of darts and plenty rooms to enjoy the cocktails.

There are also dance floor and live music perfomance everyday.

perfect service and great food and drinks.

Perfect for works nights out.

Address : 13 Temple St, Birmingham B2 5BN, United Kingdom


National SEA LIFE Centre is one of must-visit destination once you are in Birmingham. This marine life museum has more than 60 exhibits including aquarium's massive million-liter ocean tank, Penguin Ice Adventure habitat, and also conservation Park. You can explore the entire exhibits to know about sea life, and also have penguin-feeding experience here. Another fun trip is visiting one of the most popular chocolate factory, the Cadbury World. This place features 14 zones which represent the story of chocolate and its development through presentations, cinema, interactive display and others.

National SEA LIFE Centre

What a great place.

The aquatic creatures on display are visually pleasing.

There is a 3D cinematic film.

Very friendly staff, very close to parking and walking distance to food places.

The staff are friendly and knowledgable about the animals they care for.

Address : The Water's Edge, Brindley Pl, Birmingham B1 2HL, United Kingdom

Cadbury World

Excellent tour of Cadbury World.

There are lots of informative historical displays, a 3D cinematic, a ride, freebie chocolates and an area.

There are lots of activities running for kids during holidays too.

The gift shop is lovely and the cafe looks good.

A great family day out.

Address : Linden Rd, Birmingham B30 1JR, United Kingdom


Get a stock of vacation photos by visiting some instagrammable worthy spots. Head to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, one of the finest museums in the city. You can take some pictures of 17th and 19th centuries' artwork collections or capture yourself in a great scene of its architecture. Another recommendation is the Ikon Gallery, a two-floor gallery displaying contemporary art. This place is situated in the Brindenleyplace complex at a canal side area. You can choose any great spot to get captured inside and outside the gallery.

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Beautiful building, inside and out.

Art and photography from beautiful to confusing to fun.

Has an excellent collection.

The history of Birmingham section is also good.

A lovely museum lots to see helpful staff.

Address : Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DH, United Kingdom

Ikon Gallery

Fantastic modern art gallery.

It's a famous art gallery and almost everyday there is an exhibition or two.

The interior of this place is magnificent.

There's a gift shop and a nice looking cafe too.

Very friendly staff and great location for a quick looking round.

Address : 1 Oozells Square, Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2HS, United Kingdom