Bradford: Best Things to Do

Flickr - Photo by Tim Green

Bradford is a city in the northern English county of West Yorkshire.

The city is famous for its 19th-century mill and historical museums that you should visit.

There are about 530.000 people live in the city. Most of them obviously speak English.

Bradford is also famous as the "Curry Capital of Britain" because the city has amazing curry you must taste.

Come and have an Italian coffee or Yorkshire Ale!

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Centenary Square is a popular urban park you must visit in Bradford. This place is perfect to take a walk and enjoy the breeze.
There are big mirror pool, 100 fountains, and light projectors with the mist effects that make the area so adorable to visit. Come with your family or buddies and feel the lovely side of Bradford! Don't worry, you can come at any time because the park is open 24 hours.

Centenary Square

This place has 100 fantastic fountains.

It's perfect to take a walk or people-watching.

Enjoy the lovely sight of the city at this area.

Address : 9a Sunbridge Rd, Bradford BD1 1HY, United Kingdom


National Science and Media Museum is a modern museum focuses on TV, radio, film, and photography. There are 7 floors to explore with amazing permanent exhibitions. But, there are temporary exhibitions too. There is a collection of 3.5 million pieces in its research facility. This museum also hosts many media festivals that you can join if you're lucky.

National Science and Media Museum

This museum has media exhibitions to see.

It's perfect for media people to see the history.

This museum is usually used for media festivals.

Address : Pictureville, Bradford BD1 1NQ, United Kingdom


Come to Karma to get souvenirs from the city. This store offers cool handmade items, from Indian ornaments to souvenirs to buy. They sell the stuff at good prices. There are so many choices to check out at this store. But, if you love antiques, come to Antiques at the Mill. They sell collectibles and unique stuff for you to buy, from little to big items.


Check out its handmade souvenirs!

There are many items to buy at reasonable prices.

The ornaments are so artful!

Address : 53 Darley St, Bradford BD1 3HN, United Kingdom

Antiques at the Mill

This store is great for antique collectors.

There are unique items sold at this store.

Get some cool stuff to bring home!

Address : Cullingworth Mill, Greenside Ln, Cullingworth, Bradford BD13 5AB, United Kingdom


The popular food from Bradford you must eat is curry. It's an Indian dish but Bradford has a very nice taste of it. You can get the food at many Indian restaurants in the city. The restaurants are easy to find in Bradford. Italian Pizza is also famous in the city. For the drink, don't miss the Italian coffee and Yorkshire Ale!


Bradford is a city in the northern English county of West Yorkshire. The city is well-known for its 19th-century museums. Bradford is also famous as the "Curry Capital of Britain". That's why curry is something you can't miss when visiting the city. There are about 530.000 people live in the city. Most of them obviously speak English. For the cultural events, there is the famed Bradford Mela you might join when you visit the city.


The best time to visit Bradford is between May and September. The weather is warm and pleasant during the months. You can get the
best sights of the city and do outdoor activities.


Stay at The Bradford Hotel when you travel to the city. This modern hotel has comfortable bedrooms, showing a great view of the city from your windows. The hotel is located across St. George's Hall, a 3-minute walk from Bradford Interchange train station, and an 8-minute walk from Alhambra Theatre. Also, you can stay at the Midland Hotel. This Victorian hotel was built in the 1880s. The
bedrooms are designed with classic decors. This cultural hotel is located a 9-minute walk from both the National Media Museum and the Alhambra Theatre.

The Bradford Hotel

This hotel shows great view of the city from your windows.

The bedrooms are so comfortable to sleep.

It's located across St. George's Hall

Address : Hall Ings, Bradford BD1 5SH, United Kingdom

Midland Hotel

This hotel has a Victorian design and nice bedrooms to stay.

It was built in 1880s. It's old and cultural!

Enjoy nice views of the city from your room.

Address : Forster Square, Cheapside, Bradford BD1 4HU, United Kingdom


Mylahore Bradford Flagship is a famous restaurant to get Bradford curry. This restaurant serves amazing Indian foods, like seekh kebabs, chicken karahi, and absolutely Indian curry. Not only the foods, but the place is also big and cozy to sit and eat with your buddies or your family. You can also have dinner at the International Restaurant Bradford. This place is also so popular in the city. They serve foods from many places. The lamb dishes are highly recommended at this restaurant.

Mylahore Bradford Flagship

Come and taste its fantastic curry.

This restaurant serve delicious Indian foods you can order.

The space is so cozy to sit and eat with your family or friends.

Address : 52 Great Horton Rd, Bradford BD7 1AL, United Kingdom


Tiffin Coffee is a cool cafe with great interior and cozy seating. It's perfect to spend time with your travel buddies. They serve delicious foods to order, like sandwiches and cakes. Also, coffee and hot chocolate are so fantastic! You can also hang out at Junoon Cafe. This is a shady cafe with comfortable sofas to chill out. The deserts, milkshakes, and mocktails are so tasty! Shisha is also available too.

Tiffin Coffee

This cafe is perfect to chill out with your friends.

Come and have breakfast at this cafe because the foods are amazing.

Don't forget to order a cup of coffee to complete your day.

Address : The Wool Exchange, 22 Bank St, Bradford BD1 1PR, United Kingdom

Junoon Cafe

This cafe serves delicious coffees and milkshakes.

The place has a shady theme and nice sofa.

Come and enjoy your night at this cool cafe.

Address : 1st Floor, 156 Grattan Road, Bradford BD1 2JL, United Kingdom


Enjoy your night at Sunbridgewells. There are underground arcades and 8 pubs in this gastropub. Also, they serve fantastic foods, like tapas and sweets you can order. For the drink, the gin is the favorite one. Also, visit The Record Café. This is also a nice place to visit in the evening or at night. They serve delicious hamburgers and alcoholic drinks, like gin or craft beers.


There are underground arcade with 8 pubs in this place.

The alcoholic drinks are so delicious!

Don't forget to taste its desserts too!

Address : Millergate, Bradford BD1 1SD, United Kingdom

The Record Café

This bar is so relaxed to hang out in the evening or at night.

They serve delicious foods and drinks.

The gin and Lagers beer are highly recommended.

Address : 45-47 N Parade, Bradford BD1 3JH, United Kingdom


Bradford Industrial Museum is an interesting museum, showing the mill life in the 1870s. See the displays and steam demonstrations that will bring you to the locals' life in the old days. Also, check out its museum and shop before you leave. Don't forget to visit the Lister Park. This green park is so beautiful to visit. There is a boating lake, botanical and Islamic water gardens, and an art gallery to explore. Stop by at the cafe too for a cup of coffee while enjoying the views.

Lister Park

This park is green and so big to relax and take a walk.

There are a boating lake, botanical and Islamic water gardens, and art gallery to explore.

There is a nice cafe to stop by.

Address : Bradford BD9 4JN, United Kingdom

Bradford Industrial Museum

This museum shows the mill life in 1870s in Bradford.

See the steam demonstrations in this museum.

This place is good for history lovers!

Address : 235 Moorside Rd, Bradford BD2 3HP, United Kingdom


Peel Park is a lovely park in the city with its historical gardens and lawns for taking photos. There are many beautiful landscapes to offer. Also, you can take pictures at the lake or with its artsy statues. Another nice spot is Bolling Hall. There is a historical museum with a classic interior and green space to capture. There are old artifacts and furniture to see. This offers many cool spots around the building.

Peel Park

The park has many good spots for photographs.

You can take photos with the lake or with its artsy statues.

Don't forget to enjoy the atmosphere too!

Address : Cliffe Rd, Bradford BD3 0LT, United Kingdom

Bolling Hall,

This site has vintage building and garden to capture.

This place is so old, showing the life of old times in Bradford.

Enjoy the lovely sight and vibe at this area.

Address : 15 Bowling Hall Rd, Bradford BD4 7RY, United Kingdom