First Time Tourists Guide in Bury

Bury City - Photo by wagon16 from Flickr

Bury is a city in England known for its award-winning open-air market namely Bury Market.

While visiting the Bury Market, do remember to taste the famous local dish, black pudding.

Located on the bank of the River Irwell, you can enjoy the best sightseeing view in Bury from Burrs Country Park.

Learn about history of Bury with the interesting interactive ways in Bury Transport Museu.

If you want to take good pictures, you probably have to visit Heaton Park.



Burrs Country Park offers you the best sightseeing view of the River Irwell. This county park features a wide space that is filled with a variety of local habitats, well-maintained pathways, woodland, and ponds. Walk along the river or just sit on the park bench enjoying your quality time here with a view.

Burrs Country Park

One of favourite parks and a lovely place to spend a few hours.

Very scenic with some nice walks.

There is camping site and kids play areas.

There is also a cafe too which serves very nice ice cream.

Address : Woodhill Rd, Bury BL8 1DA, United Kingdom


The downtown Bury is filled with numerous heritage rich with its interesting history. On the highest peak of the city center, you will find the iconic Church of St Mary the Virgin. It's one of England's important heritage that saves the history of the nation. Though this Victorian church has been rebuilt many times, it still maintains the medieval characters engraved in the architecture. There is also a gift shop and cafe shop namely The House on The Rock located within the narthex of the church. Tour around the building to enjoy the view.

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Bury

Gorgeous church worth a visit.

The sound is exceptional with the acoustics of this building.

There is a coffee shop within the church itself which is spacious and welcoming.

Address : The Rock, Bury BL9 0AH, United Kingdom


Shop until drop in Bury town center! One of the remarkable shopping places that you have to visit in Bury Market. It is an award-winning open-air market located right in the city center of Bury. Here you can find a large market hall in the center and stalls around the market surrounding selling local produce. In the market, you will also find the local famous black pudding. Also, note that the indoor market is closed on Sundays.

Bury Market

Fantastic large market and all round shopping in general.

It is a proper place to go if you are looking for some quality fresh meat and seafood.

Bury has so much to offer and the stall holders are such nice people too.

Address : 1 Murray Rd, Bury BL9 0BJ, United Kingdom


Complete your journey in Bury by having a culinary tour of British food. As one of the British cities, Bury is filled with numerous good British restaurants. Some restaurants in Bury serve the cuisines from locally sourced ingredients. One of the freshly made foods you should try in the city is the fish and chips menu. It is a dish made of fried battered fish that is served with potato chips. For a street food recommendation, you can try the black pudding. It is actually a sausage that is made of pork blood, herbs, and oatmeal. It has a unique flavor of sweet and spicy.


Bury is known as Greater Manchester’s Town of Culture. Bury has amazing cultural diversity and art-rich to explore. The city is blessed for its remarkable heritage sites, lively arts scenes, and great museums. The city is also known to be home for famous artists like musician Guy Garvey and comedy legend Victoria Wood. You can find the statue of Victoria Wood located in the Bury town center. Tour around and enjoy the historical scene in Bury by visiting the Fusilier Museum. It is a Military museum that displays the history of The Lancashire Fusiliers.

The Fusilier Museum

A great little museum to follow the history of an English Military Division.

Lots of artwork, weapons and uniforms from the most recent combat and peacekeeping missions.

It's a fact that the premises is steeped in history of a very famous regiment of the army.

Staff are friendly and helpful.

Address : Moss St, Bury BL9 0DF, United Kingdom


The best times to visit Bury for ideal weather are early June to September. It's the best time to explore the city. Around the time, the city has the most suitable weather for outdoor activities in the Bury.


One of the best hotels in Bury you can book is the Village Hotel Bury. This hotel offers you a modern and stylish room. This luxury hotel also provides a modern health club that features a gym, a pool, and an aerobic studio. The hotel itself is best known for the tasty foods served in its pub and grill. Feel the luxury vibes in every corner of the hotel. But, if you want to save your budget for your trip, Red Hall Hotel can be one of the best hotel options for you. They provide contemporary rooms with reasonable prices. If you choose the right room, you will have a view of the West Pennine Moors from your room.

Village Hotel Bury

Would definitely recommend for leisure activities and staying.

The room is great with access to the spa and gym which is also great.

The appetizers are amazing, huge selection of salad pots, aperitifs, soup, rolls, pate, crudits.

Staff are very helpful and friendly.

Address : Waterfold Business Park, Rochdale Rd, Bury BL9 7BQ, United Kingdom

Red Hall Hotel

Lovely hotel with beautiful views at the back.

Nice, clean and well appointed rooms.

This place has a restaurant, it is fantastic with a large variety of different food and nice selection of drinks.

Such a delight to work with and really good value for money for a small family event.

Address : Manchester Rd, Walmersley, Walmersley Bury BL9 5NA, United Kingdom


Start your culinary tour in Bury by having a plate of good foods in The Hungry Duck. This restaurant offers you the local and modern British cuisines sourced from local farming. This restaurant is set in a traditional British dining hall with a dim light atmosphere and candlelight on the table. Another good spot to eat in Bury is The Fisherman's Retreat. In this restaurant, you can have a British dining experience with a view. This restaurant is best known for the award-winning malt whiskey bar. It serves a good selection of Scottish single malt whiskeys and real ales as specialties. Have a wonderful dining experience with a beautiful view of the countryside green area here.

The Hungry Duck

Awesome little restaurant.

The restaurant has upstairs and downstairs seating.

Food is tasty, portion size good and excellent selection of wines.

Staff are friendly, patient and helpful.

Address : 76 Bridge St, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AG, United Kingdom

The Fisherman's Retreat

Lovely restaurant with picturesque views in a stunning location.

Picturesque views in a stunning location.

The prices are reasonable for the quality of the meals.

The big windows at the end of the restaurant give brilliant views and give the place a fantastic feel.

Address : Riding Head Ln, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 0HH, United Kingdom


Have a cup of morning coffee at Bloom Coffee Company. The cafe is set in a modern cafe setting with a wide glass window to enjoy the surrounding view. This coffee shop serves a menu that is inspired by the Australian coffee culture. Here, they serve coffees from a wide selection of beans and different brew methods. If you are a coffee lover, you will probably love this cafe. Another good spot to enjoy coffee in Bury is Grind & Tamp cafe. It is a small simple cafe located in the city center. It's best to know to specialize in making high quality freshly ground cafe. Here, you can also enjoy a wide selection of desserts and brunch to fill your empty stomach.

Bloom Coffee Company

Nice café with great tasting coffee and food.

It's a place that you can sit back, relax and read a book.

They serve delicious coffee, cakes and brunch and always with a smile on their faces.

The servers are polite and quick.

Address : 6 Market St, Bury BL9 0AJ, United Kingdom

Grind & Tamp

A lovely 'rustic' themed place for good coffee, light meals and cakes.

They also have a good selection of smoothies.

The service is very good and the prices are reasonable.

The guys who work here are pleasant and professional, you have to visit.

Address : 45 Bridge St, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AD, United Kingdom


Looking for the best bar to spend your night in Bury? Irwell Works Brewery is your answer. This traditional brewery pub offers you a memorable drinking experience in Bury. They have a good selection of craft cocktails, beers, and also some bar snacks. But, if you want to enjoy live jazz music in Bury, The Doghouse Jazz Bar offers you a great drinking place with live music. The local musicians here give a great live music performance to entertain your night in Bury. Toast your drink and dance all night here.

The Doghouse Jazz Bar

Beautiful, atmospheric little jazz bar under new management.

Very intimate with live music, wonderful and welcoming barkeeps, all set in a very friendly atmosphere.

They have delicious cocktails.

The owner and waiters are excellent.

Address : through the stone archway near the bottom of, 5b Kay Brow, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AY, United Kingdom

Irwell Works Brewery

This brewery serves some made on-site beers.

Sit on the balcony and enjoy the surrounding view.

Address : Irwell St, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9YQ, United Kingdom


Traveling in Bury means you have to visit its interesting museums. Start your cultural tour in Bury by visiting Bury Transport Museum. It is a museum that displays the restored vehicles and original artifacts found around the city. Here, you can learn about the history of the city in interactive ways. Another must-visit attraction of the city is Bury Art Museum. It's a perfect place for art enthusiast who wants to enjoy art. This art museum focuses on collecting high-quality recent art from local and international. This museum also hosts some temporary exhibitions that you can check online. Adore the art collections and exhibition here!

Bury Transport Museum

Wonderful little museum run by friendly and welcoming enthusiasts.

Amazing exhibition of classic cars, trains and buses.

The staff are all very pleasant and helpful and also willing to tell the history of the different buses.

Address : Castlecroft Goods Warehouse, Bolton St, Bury BL9 0EY, United Kingdom

Bury Art Museum

Small museum with big ideas, some brilliant contemporary exhibitions in the past.

With a mix of new, upcoming and established artists.

The Victoria wood exhibition is great.

The staff are welcoming and well informed about the artwork found here.

Address : Moss St, Bury BL9 0DR, United Kingdom


Bury has numerous beautiful places to capture. Heaton Park is what you should not miss capturing. It is a municipal park that covers more than 600 acres are. The park is known for its iconic neoclassical 18th-century country house. Turn on your camera and capture the green area with old scene vibes of Heaton Park. Another good spot to capture in Bury is the Church of St Mary the Virgin. The building is built beautifully with stone and slate roofs. There are 3-stage of the tower with a spire that allows you to see the city overview. The highlights of the interior are the beautiful mosaic flooring and stained glass.

Heaton Park

This is a great place to go for families.

are playgrounds for children, a boating lake, a heritage tramway and some animals to see.

Lots of grass and fields to wander, it's really good.

Address : Middleton Rd, Manchester M25 2SW, United Kingdom

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Bury

Gorgeous church worth a visit.

The sound is exceptional with the acoustics of this building.

There is a coffee shop within the church itself which is spacious and welcoming.

Address : The Rock, Bury BL9 0AH, United Kingdom