Kettering: Best Things to Do

Wikimedia Commons - Photo by Euan Myles Photography

Kettering is a town in Northamptonshire, England. The town is home to several historical monuments and buildings, such as the Boughton House and Eleanor Cross.

Visit excellent museums that showcase the history and art in Kettering, like the Manor House Museum and the Alfred East Gallery.

Experience amazing outdoor activity at Wicksteed Park and West Lodge Rural Centre.

And, don't forget to have some unique shopping experience at The Yards.

Find out more about the town of Kettering below!



Head to Wicksteed Park and enjoy a great time in Kettering with more than 30 exciting rides and activities. The park is divided into several different zones, such as Thrill Zone, Heritage Zone, Splash Zone, and Adventure Zone. Here, you can ride all the fantastic rides the park has, such as the sway rider, carousel, roller coaster, water chute, and many more. All the amazing things that you can do here will guarantee that this place is well worth a visit.

Wicksteed Park

Along with 30 exciting rides and activities, including one of Europe’s longest zip wires, there’s 147 acres of beautiful rolling parkland – perfect for a game of frisbee, or a big family picnic.

Address : Barton Rd, Kettering NN15 6NJ, United Kingdom


Discover the local history of Kettering at the Manor House Museum. This museum has an amazing collection of fascinating objects ranging from archeological, natural history, geology to costumes. There's also a gift shop that sells items related to the museums.

Manor House Museum

Covering the history of the Borough, the Museum is packed with fascinating objects including Archaeology, Natural History, Geology and Costume.

Address : Sheep St, Kettering NN16 0AN, United Kingdom


The Yards is a fantastic place to visit. Here, you will find an abundance of awesome unique shops that offer some amazing local products such as clothes, souvenirs, and local artworks. The bright and colorful atmosphere of this place makes it well worth a visit.

The Yards Kettering

A lovely selection of shops full of interesting niknaks. Great for buying some unique Birthday or Christmas presents for loved ones.

Address : 10 Market St, Kettering NN16 0AH, United Kingdom


Kettering has a wide and diverse choice of food. You can find Indian, Caribbean, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai, and even Bangladeshi dishes in Kettering. And for the drink, Kettering has several great bars where you can get specialty drinks from each bar.


Kettering is home to various cultural events that reflect the diversity of the town such as The Northamptonshire Good Food and Drink Festival, West Lodge Farm Park’s Lambing Festival, Kettfest, and many more. Every month, there are different festivals ranging from music, food, and nature.


Peak season: From July to August is the ideal time to visit Kettering. The weather during this time is very comfortable with sunny days and mild temperatures which allows visitors to explore Kettering's attraction without having to worry about much rain.


Stay at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa and enjoy the amazing amenities the hotel offers. An indoor pool, a spa, a bar, and a fitness center are available for guests to enjoy. You will also get easy access to get to the Wicksteed park since the hotel is located only 1.8 miles away from the park. Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa is another great option of accommodation in Kettering. The hotel that is situated in a 15th-century country mansion will make you feel like you're going back in time. Here, there are also a spa, an indoor pool, a bar, and a fitness center that will make your stay more enjoyable.

Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

Whether you’re staying for work or play, Kettering Park Hotel & Spa is within striking distance of landmark destinations. There’s also a 750-acre nature reserve close by, ideal for picnics and leisurely walks.

Address : Kettering Pkwy, Kettering NN15 6XT, United Kingdom

Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa

Located in the county that boasts the largest number of stately homes in the UK, Rushton Hall offers guests the best of a luxury hotel in Kettering and historic venue in Northamptonshire.

Address : Desborough Rd, Rushton, Kettering NN14 1RR, United Kingdom


Come to Kino Lounge and taste the delicious foods they offer. Set in a beautiful old cinema building, this restaurant provides delicious foods that will guarantee to satisfy your appetites, such as burgers, tapas, sandwiches, salads, as well as some beef and chicken dishes. The various different kinds of seating and the atmosphere of the restaurant makes this place a cool place for a hangout. Trading Post Ketteringis another great restaurant that serves tasty classic British dishes as well as some pub grubs. An amazing range of drinks, from draught beer, wine, and spirits are available to complement your food.

Kino Lounge

Lounges was founded in 2002 by a trio of long standing friends, Dave Reid, Alex Reilley and Jake Bishop. Having spent years in the restaurant and bar trade, they decided it was time they did their own thing.

Address : 3 Market Pl, Kettering NN16 0AJ, United Kingdom

Trading Post Kettering

From classic British carvery to legendary pub favourites, their food is fresh, hot, and served daily.

Address : 10 Bignal Ct, Kettering NN15 7RH, United Kingdom


Grab a quick bite at Bewiched Coffee, an excellent local coffee chain in Kettering. The delicious breakfast menu, from sandwiches, cakes, and paninis can be ordered here along with some amazing coffee drinks. Teas, hot chocolate, and milkshakes are also available for you who don't drink coffee. Mental Monkey Coffee Shop is another awesome cafe in Kettering that has a nice ambiance and a unique interior design. A great selection of coffee and cakes this place has makes it one of the most favorite spots in Kettering for a hangout.

Bewiched Coffee

Started in Northamptonshire in 2010 Bewiched Coffee continues to provide something new and better.

Address : 34 High St, Kettering NN16 8SU, United Kingdom

Mental Monkey Coffee Shop

With a selection of quality coffee blends available, come in and enjoy a cup of the finest roasted coffee in Kettering. Take in the great atmosphere, interior decoration and experience great customer service.

Address : 1, Market Street Mews, 16-18 Market St, Kettering NN16 0AH, United Kingdom


Alexandra Arms is an awesome place to spend a night out in Kettering. This nice and friendly pub offers a number of different ales, beers, and ciders. This place also has a traditional appearance and unique interior decoration that are worth checking out. You can also come to Decades Kettering, another great place to enjoy amazing drinks, DJ performance, and party in a fun atmosphere.

Alexandra Arms

An original old pub that has a huge selection of real ales and ciders, serves a good pint, bar games, very friendly landlord and staff, dogs are allowed, worth a visit.

Address : 39 Victoria St, Kettering NN16 0BU, United Kingdom

Decades Kettering

A club that has a great music, many songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. It also has a good club atmosphere and friendly service.

Address : 8 Carrington St, Kettering NN16 0BY, United Kingdom


Eleanor Cross Geddington is one of the most iconic monuments in Kettering. This monument was built between 1291 and 1295 by King Edward I in memory of his wife, Eleanor of Castile. Today, this monument is the best-preserved and the only monument that has a triangular shape. Experience the farm and country life at the West Lodge Rural Centre. Here, you can do many exciting activities related to farming, such as a ride on a tractor, ride a pony, see a piglet racing, handle small animals, as well as the opportunity of seeing different kinds of farm animals closely such as cows, sheep, pigs, goats, and many more.

Eleanor Cross, Geddington

The best Eleanor monument left and good information available attached to it's adjoining wall. Very photogenic at the right time and can be moody when the weather isn't so good.

Address : Bridge St, Geddington, Kettering NN14 1AD, United Kingdom

West Lodge Rural Centre

West Lodge Farm is an award-winning farm park where children and adults of all ages can have hands-on experiences of farm and country life. There are so many opportunities to explore the whole farm.

Address : Back Lane, Desborough, Kettering NN14 2SH, United Kingdom


Explore the contemporary arts in Kettering at the Alfred East Gallery. This gallery is home to a great collection of paintings dating back to the 19th century to the modern era. The admission to enter the gallery is free and you can explore and admire the artworks that are in the gallery as much as you want. See the magnificent beauty of the Boughton House, one of Britain's greatest country houses. The building that was built in the 16th century is now open to the public for a guided tour. The building is even more stunning with the garden and sprawling green field.

Alfred East Gallery

Kettering has its own centrally-located art gallery, housing a rich collection of paintings, ranging from 19th-century works to 21st century works, by contemporary artists.

Address : Sheep St, Kettering NN15 7QX, United Kingdom

Boughton House

What was once a simple Tudor manor, with a Great Hall at its heart, was now a palatial residence on the scale of the most splendid in the country.

Address : Geddington Rd, Kettering NN14 1BJ, United Kingdom