First Time Tourists Guide in Margate, United Kingdom

Google Maps - Photo by Nicky Roos

Located close to the Isle of Thanet, on Margate you can find year-round attractions and endless tourist attractions.

Here you can find numerous enchanting sandy beaches, eclectic centers and creative culture.

Other names by some as "Kent Riviera," Margate is a city that has experienced a revival of the past half decade.

The bustling and comfortable seaside city, which is part of the Isle of Thanet, is now home to an eclectic mix of long-term local residents, retirees, young artists and Londoners.

Margate is a seaside city where you can spend the day under the warm summer sunshine.



Margate is ideal for a romantic or family vacation. The miles of coastline shelter a series of pristine, secluded sand bays, limestone cliffs and the nearest surf beach to the capital. Existing cultural heritage is direct evidence of the first Saxons, early Christians, Georgian and Victorian architects, WWII and seaside kitsch. An art gallery you can visit in Margate is Turner Contemporary, it displays contemporary arts and catalyst for generations.

Turner Contemporary

Come through the doors, and you might encounter a new artwork, be inspired by our current exhibition and get engrossed in an activity, tour or conversation.

Address : Rendezvous, Margate CT9 1HG, United Kingdom


In downtown of Marget you can follow the journey of discovery with a series of digital interpretation plaques in all areas. Learn about some of the rich heritage, the unique story of Thanet, and secrets in key locations around Thanet beach. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let beautiful Margate help you release tension, relax, relax, and breathe. The Shell Grotto is an ornate underground shell cave cave in Margate, Kent. Nearly all surface areas of walls and roofs are covered with mosaics made entirely of shells, totaling about 2,000 square feet of mosaics, or 4.6 million shells.

Shell Grotto

Shell Grotto is another thing you can only spot on Margate with its unique shell things.

Address : Grotto Hill, Margate CT9 2BU, United Kingdom


Ruskin de la mer is an ideal spot to buy souvenirs in Margate with lots of collection. You can stop off and get your gifts while bustling around the city. Reasonable prices applied for numerous items in at this shop.

Ruskin de la mer

This shop provides everything you need for souvenirs in Margate.

Address : 12 Marine Dr, Margate CT9 1DH, United Kingdom


Fish and chips are the best combination of food you can find in Margate. As the most popular foods, you can easily find it in numerous restaurants in Margate. Just go around the downtown and grab your seat and enjoy the typical food from Margate.


The cultural and art heritage in Margate can be seen from its buildings in the downtown. Go bustling around and you'll encounter the cultural sides of this city. British English is the official language spoken in Marget like other cities in England.


The best time to visit Margate in England is from june until october, when you will have a soft or pleasant temperature and limited rainfall.


Located in a Victorian house, Crescent Victoria is a 5-minute walk from the Turner Contemporary museum and Margate Sands, and 5.6 km from the RAF Manston Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum. Premier Inn Margate hotel with complete facilities can be your stopover while on holiday in Margate. The hotel is located just a few minutes walk from the Margate train station, this casual budget hotel is also a 2 minute walk from Margate beach and a 6 minute walk from the Turner Contemporary art gallery. With a comfortable atmosphere and complete facilities, this hotel can be your first choice to stay at Margate.

Premier Inn Margate hotel

Right beside the seafront with its idyllic views and close to shops and cafes of the quaint Old Town.

Address : Station Green, Station Rd, Margate CT9 5AF, United Kingdom

Crescent Victoria

With sea views from many of the rooms and convenient access to all that Margate has to offer, the Crescent Victoria is the perfect place to stay.

Address : Fort Cres, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 1HX, United Kingdom


GB Pizza Co is the best spot of eatery you can visit in Margate. The locals ingredients with Italian combination created the best food in town. With cozy and comfy place, this place is the best place to eat. Angela's is located in the corner of Margate city with a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Angela is a small sustainable seafood restaurant, serving delicious seafood sourced ethically, in addition to simple seasonal dishes based on vegetables.


Angela’s came first, and is a small sustainable seafood restaurant serving delicious, ethically sourced seafood, alongside simple, seasonal vegetable-based dishes.

Address : 21 The Parade, Margate CT9 1EX, United Kingdom

GB Pizza Co

GB•Pizza•Co’s founders have always been passionate about food. Rachel Seed is a an award-winning chef (Best Gastropub in the South West, UK Food Pub of the Year) and a former food writer; Lisa Richards.

Address : 14a Marine Dr, Margate CT9 1DH, United Kingdom


The Dalby Cafe are one of Margate's oldest cafes, if not the oldest cafe in the area. The cafe has been operating right after the war. Food is made using only the best ingredients using ingredients called local brands & sources, for example bread from local bakers, kentish sausages and vegetables from local farm shops. The Bus Café provides fresh, healthy and delicious food for Margate people and so on. They also provide drinks with a lot of variety so that makes it a comfortable cafe.

The Bus Café

Even though at the time we didn't actually know each other.... at all! we found that we all shared a similar dream. To cook fresh, healthy and delicious food for the people of Margate and beyond!

Address : Royal Cres Promenade, Westbrook, Margate CT9 5AJ, United Kingdom

The Dalby Cafe

We also can cater for large pick up take aways or you can order your meal and we'll try have it ready for you when you arrive.

Address : 4-6 Dalby Rd, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 2EX, United Kingdom


In Lighthouse Bar enjoy the famous sunset on the roof of the lighthouse while downing your favorite cocktail made by experienced bartenders or enjoy a bottle of cold beer. Regular events are available every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for the unlimited "I Love BBQ" buffet, with live music. The Glass Jar is a new Margate bar full of character with a friendly atmosphere, specializing in cocktails, wines and boutique beers. The Glass Jar made it the first foray into the world of live music and already has a growing reputation for live jazz.

The Glass Jar

Live music played by our resident DJs every Friday and Saturday night.

Address : 15 Marine Dr, Margate CT9 1DH, United Kingdom

Lighthouse Bar

This bar is a great place to enjoy the night comes up with live music performance and drinks.

Address : Stone Pier, Margate CT9 1JD, United Kingdom


Margate Clocktower is a 19th century clock tower with a time ball, built to commemorate the Queen Jubilee of Victoria Victoria. This tower is an iconic one in Margate and England that you can see an amazing historical architecture on its building. The Margate Dreamland park itself has a difficult start in the 21st century, after it was closed completely in the early 2000s. Victoria Hall by the Sea at Dreamland is a place for musical performances, and parks at outdoor events in the summer, such as the Gorillaz Demon Day Festival in 2017.


A nice event venue that features numerous spots to enjoy the summer events yearly.

Address : 49-51, Marine Terrace, Margate CT9 1XJ, United Kingdom

Margate Clocktower

Margate Clocktower is an iconic landmark in Margate built in 19th century.

Address : Marine Gardens, Margate CT9 1UN, United Kingdom


Northdown Park was originally part of Northdown House, a Georgian house that still stands on the edge of the park and is home to the Friends family, who have been local landowners for more than 500 years. The park has a formal walled garden near the house, and an open space with a more natural forest and children's play area to the north end of the park. Princes Walk has a large sky, and beautiful views towards Margate in one direction and Botany Bay on the other, and out to sea. Seats and shelter at the point of view ensures that visitors can enjoy the view. The Interpretation Panel provides information about locality and wildlife.

Princes Walk

You can spend your evening or morning here to jog around and play with your dog.

Address : Prince's Walk, Margate CT9 3NR, United Kingdom

Northdown Park

The park was originally part of Northdown House, a Georgian house that still stands at the edge of the park and was home to the Friends family, who were local land owners for over 500 years.

Address : Northdown, Margate CT9 3LG, United Kingdom