Newbury: Best Things to Do

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Located on the banks of Berkshire Downs, Newbury is the historic market town in Berkshire.

Here you can find numerous enchanting ancient buildings such as museums, historic buildings and more.

Plenty of tourist attractions can be visited museums in Newbury with its rich history and culture that is worth to visit.

For an interesting trip, you can visit Highclere Castle and Victoria Park as some of the city's best places.

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Start your trip by visiting one of the most visited places in the city named Donnington Castle. This park is a nice picnic area but a steep climb to the castle itself. You can do a picnic on the grounds and enjoy a lively view of Newbury from the top of the hill. Lovely surroundings including views and a woods to walk in.

Donnington Castle

Excellent little castle adventure.

Good historical example, external viewing only though.

Lovely suroundings including views and a woods to walk in.

You can do a picnic on the grounds and enjoy a lively view of Newbury from the top of the hill.

Address : Donnington Castle Farm Cottage, Castle Ln, Donnington, Newbury RG14 2LE, United Kingdom


In downtown Newbury, you can follow the journey of discovery. West Berkshire Museum is a great museum, ties in with a trip to the library for a great way to spend a morning without spending anything!. It's a small lovely museum for a family visit. Kids can try clothes and you can take cool pictures.

West Berkshire Museum

Interesting and decent small locally museum that is child friendly, clean, and free.

The exhibits show the history of West Berkshire using locally found items from stone age to the near present.

There's interesting exhibits on Jack of Newbury, greenham airbase,and many more.

Kids can try clothes and you can make cool pictures.

Address : The Wharf, Newbury RG14 5AS, United Kingdom


If you are looking for locally made products in Newbury just visit Temptation Gifts. Temptation Gifts offers dolls, clothes, bags, and displays. Parkway Shopping Centre is an outdoor shopping mall in Newbury. This shopping mall offers fashion stores, restaurants, cafes, and more.

Temptation Gifts

Funky shop full of treasures for everyone, especially at Christmas time.

There are many interesting items like dolls,bunny hats and cute hanging wall.

The customer service is nice and helpful.

Address : 94 Northbrook St, Newbury RG14 1AA, United Kingdom

Parkway Shopping Centre

Excellent modern shopping centre.

There’s ample choice outside the Parkway shopping Centre in the centre of Newbury where you can find many restaurants and coffee shops.

Good selection of big brands shops.

Very smart environment, excellent service from friendly and professional staff.

Address : 9 Park Way, Newbury RG14 1AY, United Kingdom


Enjoying a city’s culinary has to be one of the best things about traveling. In Newbury city, you’ll see quite many traditional cuisines and drinks. Toad in the Hole is one of them. Toad in the Hole made from Chipolatas, plain flour, eggs, semi-skimmed milk, sunflower oil, and more.


The cultural and artistic heritage in Newbury can be seen from its buildings in the downtown. Go bustling around and you'll encounter the cultural sides of this city. British English is the official language spoken in Newbury.


The best times to visit Newbury for ideal weather are June to September based on average temperature and humidity.


Regency Park Hotel located less than 1 mile from Thatcham's main street. The hotel comes with modern vibes that feature good equipment for your enjoyment. With its convenient location, this hotel is the best option to enjoy the city’s popular attractions. Another good hotel for your stay in the city is Jack Russell. This hotel located near Newbury that located in Netherton Hill. Here, the hotel provides free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee making facilities.

Regency Park Hotel

Beautiful hotel in a quiet location with popular spa and restaurant.

Pool and spa area are clean, with plenty of machines in the gym and probably the best bit of the hotel.

The rooms are large and spacious and well kept.

Breakfast and their food are fantastic served beautifully.

Staff are attentive and the facilities are really good.

Address : Bowling Green Rd, Thatcham RG18 3RP, United Kingdom

The Jack Russell

Lovely hotel to stay with lovely vibe.

Rooms are very comfortable with big beds.

Excellent food and good variety of drinks both alcohol and soft drink.

Their staff are excellent.

Address : Netherton Hill, Andover SP11 0DS, United Kingdom


In case you’re curious about the city’s culinary taste, Bill's Newbury Restaurant would be one of the best recommendations for you. To keep its customers in love, they use local and fresh ingredients from trusted sources. A good and reliable option if you're looking for a place to eat around the high street. Mio Fiore is another good recommendation for comfort food and drink. Classic Italian food that had amazing twists available to bring them to the next level. Delicious Italian dishes, especially pizzas made in unique wood fire oven; delicious desserts; daily specials; great wine options, and very friendly.

Bill's Newbury Restaurant

One of the most favourite restaurants for local or tourists.

Newly decorated with beautiful pictures and lighting.

Food is wonderful, service first class.

The staff are all really comforting and helpful too.

Address : 16-18 Market Pl, Newbury RG14 5AZ, United Kingdom

Mio Fiore

This is a delightful little restaurant in a quite out of the way area of Newbury.

They have a large selection of specials available as well as a nice variety of dishes on the main menu.

Classic Italian food that has amazing twists available to bring them to the next level.

The authentic wood fired pizza oven is a big bonus to this restaurant.

The wait staff is outstanding and extremely attentive, and the atmosphere is perfect.

Address : Inch's Yard, 5 Market St, Newbury RG14 5DP, United Kingdom


Kikis Café serves fresh bread made daily menus and the many varieties of coffee. The cafe has a great vibrant and good atmosphere with old-fashioned vibes. There's another place to stop to have some snacks and coffee, it is Kings Café. A cafe with a special coffee menu to start your day in Newbury. The comfy and cozy seating will let you enjoy good vibes while waiting for your friends or doing your work.

Kikis Café

One of the popular cafes to get best breakfast in beautiful city of Newbury.

Nice English breakfasts and the ham, egg n chips are great.

Staff are brilliant, and the food is great.

Address : Newtown Rd, Newbury RG14 7EY, United Kingdom

Kings Café

King's Cafe is a great place for a full English breakfast.

The decor and general set up is really nice as well.

A tasty breakfast with quality sausages that was well presented at very competitive price.

Extremely courteous & lovely hosts & staff.

Address : 2 The Broadway, Newbury RG14 1BA, United Kingdom


As one of the most high-rated bars/restaurants, The Catherine Wheel lets you enjoy your nightlife in a different way. In this bar/restaurant, not only you’re able to enjoy some of the best foods and drinks. Amazing pub with the most traditional English cuisine and local beer. And another good reference to enjoy nightlife is The Newbury. It is a lovely place to have a great meal and the perfect setting to start your evening.

The Catherine Wheel

Amazing pub with the most traditional English cuisine and local beer.

Also, the pie, it's incredibly tasty at reasonable price.

They keep their high level service and the highest level of cooking they offer.

The staff is really helpful and friendly.

Address : 35 Cheap St, Newbury RG14 5DB, United Kingdom

The Newbury

Fabulous food in this gastro pub with inside the place is decorated with assorted art work.

A good range of drinks, and they are happy to look up ingredients to find gluten free options.

Sunday lunch is excellent, with a food range of veg and sides, and service is prompt.

The staff are friendly.

Address : 137 Bartholomew St, Newbury RG14 5HB, United Kingdom


Victoria Park is a famous park in Newbury. This park has a good number of benches to sit on and plenty of rubbish bins to avoid litter. Located in the heart of the city center, it's an amazing place to relax after a long day of shopping. St Nicolas Church is an Episcopal church in Newbury. It is well known for stunning Gothic architecture, beautiful glass windows, and unusually large size for a parish church.

Victoria Park Newbury

Victoria Park is a lovely park in the centre of Newbury.

This park has a good number of benches to sit on and plenty of rubbish bins to avoid litter.

There is also an outdoor gym in the park.

So beautiful, with an opportunity to feed ducks and watch the amazing scenery.

Address : Park Way, Newbury RG14 1DJ, United Kingdom

St Nicolas Church

A wonderful, friendly, welcoming church in the heart of Newbury.

It is well known for stunning Gothic architecture, beautiful glass windows.

The panel windows are magnificent and the original organ is exquisite.

Brilliant children and youth programme to engage with all ages.

Address : W Mills, Newbury RG14 5HG, United Kingdom


If you are looking for spots for photographs, you can visit this castle. Highclere Castle is the popular castle in Newbury. It's the castle we're the Downtown Abbey is filmed! For the fans of Downtown Abbey will be something special!. You can also visit Northcroft and Goldwell Parks is a nice park with a fun outdoor climbing area for the children. This park is great for dog walking and cycling with a children's play area.

Highclere Castle

a must-see historic place in Winchester.

It is located 25 miles north of Winchester but it becomes the most visited tourist attraction.

The series of underground cascading waterfalls is definitely something that you want to see at least once in your life.

Scenic area.

Address : Highclere Park, Highclere, Newbury RG20 9RN, United Kingdom

Northcroft and Goldwell Parks

Lovely place for family picnics, with a playground and zip wire.

Great community for the family to do all sorts of activities ranging from swimming to fitness.

It's colourful and with a nice variety of climbing structures

The view from the top of the hill is relaxing and rewarding!

Address : Northcroft Ln, West Berkshire, Newbury RG14 1RS, United Kingdom