Scarborough: Best Things to Do - Photo by Zeelo

As a resort town on England’s North Sea coast, there are so many exciting places you can visit in Scarborough.

Start from its downtown area, it has Peasholm Park, Scarborough Beach, Scarborough Castle, and Scarborough Fair Collection as the most popular places.

SEA LIFE Scarborough and Italian Gardens are the most recommended places for great Instagram shots.

Make sure to try the iconic Fish & chips and stick of rock as the city's traditional dishes.

Don’t forget to shop at Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults for many unique local stuffs.

And find out why Blacksmith's Arms Inn Cloughton hotel is famous and discover the reason why the Queen herself stop by for a lunch at this hotel.



Peasholm Park is an oriental themed municipal park located in the downtown area of Scarborough. Since its opening in 1912, it becomes a favorite venue for galas, displays, and exhibitions. It offers attractions like an artificial boating lake, a putting green, and a champion tree walk. This landscaped park is also offering stunning gardens around the lake, Japanese statues, pagoda, and replica boat battles. Make sure to bring your camera for stunning pictures. This park is too beautiful to be missed.

Peasholm Park

An enchanting place to visit lots of nice walks.

There are oriental gardens with beautiful water features.

There is a miniature railway which will take you to Scalby Mills and back with a miniature steam train

A must visit when in Scarborough.

Address : North Bay, Scarborough YO12 7TR, United Kingdom


Scarborough downtown area has so many exciting places for you to visit. One of them is the famous beach Scarborough Beach. This beach offers clean sandy beach, downtown vibes, restaurants and eating places, lifeboat station, arcades, and stunning landscape for your camera. Come and walk out from your lovely hotel and bring your travel buddy. Enjoy the town’s exotic beach with the surrounding of English people.

Scarborough Beach

Lovely clean beach.

Plenty of space and long stretches of beach to walk on when the tide is out.

Lots of places to have delicious fish and chips icecream and coffee.

Recommend if you are visiting Scarborough on holiday

Address : Scarborough YO11 2HB, United Kingdom


Shopping becomes more exciting when you shop at one of the best traditional markets, Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults. This market has been a part of the life of Scarborough town as a favorite shopping place for generations. The market offer so many interesting local things for you to choose from. From locally-sourced fresh fruit and vegetables, historic collectables, ceramics, coins, silver, handmade and vintage jewelries, artworks, to unique fashion stuff. Get lost in between great local stuff while surrounded with lovely English people. After seeking local stuff, Brunswick Shopping Centre would be the best place for mall shopping experience. With over 30 shops, this mall has been known as the center of Scarborough offering top brands with good quality products. Use this opportunity to grab your favorite products from your favorite brands here. Good restaurants and other eateries are also available for your enjoyment.

Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults

It is one of great markets in Scarborough.

There are lots of variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Nice place to get fair price.

Address : St Helen's Square, Scarborough YO11 1EU, United Kingdom

Brunswick Shopping Centre

Interesting place with few top shops with nice brands and good quality products and garments.

Selection of shops is excellent.

There is a cafe on the 1st floor which offers quality food and servic

A great place for teenagers to browse the shops

Address : Brunswick Shopping centre, Brunswick Pavilion, Westborough, Scarborough YO11 1UE, United Kingdom


Two of the most popular and also known as the traditional food from Scarborough are fish & chips and stick of rock. Fish & chips is a hot dish consisting of fried fish in batter that served with chips. While stick of rock is a type of hard stick-shaped boiled sugar and most usually flavored with peppermint or spearmint. But since Scarborough is a seaside town, seafood is also one of the most popular food and it can easily be found in various restaurants and eateries. As many other towns in England, tea has been the most popular drink in Scarborough since forever. Traveling to England cities wouldn’t be possible without hearing or tasting the popular tea. But obviously you can find choices of alcohol in the nearby pubs and bars.


Scarborough is famous for its seaside resort town and has been known as one of the most famous seaside resort towns in England. The classic historical places are ready to charm tourist. It’s personified by donkey rides, amusement arcades, fish and chips, and sticks of rock. When you’re in the town, get ready to hear lots of sexy British accents.


With the support of great weather, your travel to Scarborough town would be a splendid experience. Summer is definitely the best time to visit this town, which is from June to August. This is when the weather is mild and lovely.


The Grand Hotel Scarborough welcomes you with its magnificent and classic styling. Built in 1863, this stunning hotel is overlooking the town’s picturesque harbor and South Bay. With its Victorian-styled building, this hotel is an instantly recognizable landmark and stands out among other hotels in Scarborough. Located in the town center, it has live entertainment and 2 fully stocked bars with exciting menus. Enjoy the sea views while dining at their 2 buffet restaurants offering traditional British cuisine. This gorgeous hotel with its affordable price is an ideal place to enjoy the surrounding beaches and a great place to do a relax walks in the town’s warm neighborhood. Get close to the British vibes in this hotel. Another good recommendation is Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas. Not too far from The Grand Hotel Scarborough hotel, it also overlooks the lovely South Bay beach. The fantastic view of the coastline from Scarborough is your every-day sight. The well-appointed colorful rooms are featuring comfy king size bed with four plump pillows, a cozy duvet, and other required amenities. Start your day at their restaurant/bar, offering breakfast buffet and simple dinners. Be ready to admire the nearby attractions of Scarborough town. An honorary mention and would be a good place for your stay is Blacksmith's Arms Inn Cloughton. Find out why this 4-star hotel became famous and why Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Phillip had lunch in this hotel. Staying in this hotel means you’re becoming royalty.

The Grand Hotel Scarborough

This stunning hotel is overlooking the town’s picturesque harbor and South Bay.

Architecture quite simply the interior and exterior architecture.

The ballroom is a beautiful venue and the foyer bar is as cosmopolitan as Scarborough gets.

Welcoming and accomodating staff who serve great breakfast.

Address : St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough YO11 2ET, United Kingdom

Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas

Travelodge Scarborough St Nicholas is best choice to stay in Scarborough.

The well- appointed colorful rooms are featuring comfy king size bed.

Start your day at their restaurant/bar, offering breakfast buffet and simple dinners.

Address : St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough YO11 2EU, United Kingdom

Blacksmith's Arms Inn Cloughton

Lovely hotel with the best breakfast.

The bedroom is very comfortable and extremely clean.

There is also the best pub here.

The food is excellent and the staff are polite, quick and engaging.

Address : High St, Cloughton, Scarborough YO13 0AE, United Kingdom


Whether it’s coffee, brunch, lunch, opera, dinner, party, romantic evenings, friend and family gathering, quick lunch time, business meetings, or Christmas party, you can do it all in Lazenby's on York Place. It’s a casually stylish setting restaurant serving British-French cuisine plus a great wine list. Try their famous Champagne Sunday Brunch and Steak & Seafood Sunday Lunch. The Green Room brasserie should be the next stop for your culinary trip. This simple and small restaurant is tucked on a bustling side street of the heart of the picturesque town of Scarborough. It offers an authentic mix of English, French, and Asian cuisine sets in a unique and cozy atmosphere. Though not too big, this restaurant prides themselves on bringing the freshest ingredients sourced from the local suppliers. They offer monthly changing menus including vegetarians, vegans, and gluten free diets.

Lazenby's on York Place

A gem for Scarborough.

They offer amazing food, fresh and really good quality products.

The service is fantastic and the serving staff are very attentive.

Very good wine list and good option by the glass too.

Address : 11 York Pl, Scarborough YO11 2NP, United Kingdom

The Green Room brasserie

This is a gem of a little restaurant.

Great food with some lovely taste combinations.

The staff were all friendly and helpful.

Address : 138 Victoria Rd, Scarborough YO11 1SL, United Kingdom


Enjoying the morning vibes in Scarborough town with the surrounding of sea is definitely the best feeling ever. The Clock Cafe is known as a little gem for breakfast and relaxing, overlooking the stunning South Bay. Whether you choose to sit inside or outside, this cafe will definitely bring the best experience for you. Enjoy a lovely breakfast with the company of the ever-popular tea while served with the best service in the surrounding of sea breeze. Enjoy a massive selection of tasty home cooked meals at Le Cafe Jardin. It’s a fabulous independent cafe/bar serving excellent coffee and home cooked food with the best service. It may be busy at times, but you won’t wait long for your order. The staff works really well. With its reasonable price, the cafe is located in a busy yet beautiful neighborhood of Scarborough, adding the British atmosphere to your visit.

The Clock Cafe

The Clock Cafe is known as a little gem for breakfast and relaxing.

Enjoy a lovely breakfast with the company of the ever-popular tea.

U can sit in or out and enjoy views of South Beach.

Very reasonable price and highly recommend a homemade scone.

Address : The Spa, Scarborough YO11 2HD, United Kingdom

Le Cafe Jardin

Le Jardin is a fabulous Independent cafe-bar serving excellent coffee with home cooked food.

There are always specials available both food and drinks offering value for money.

Catering for Coeliacs with an extensive Gluten Free menu.

Fantastic staff & good food at a reasonable price, what more.

Address : 25 Huntriss Row, Scarborough YO11 2ED, United Kingdom


Roscoe's Bar is a great choice for a night out in Scarborough town. It offers a cool venue for parties, celebrations, weddings, and birthdays. It also has pool games, snookers, darts, cool music, and a friendly atmosphere. Make sure to have an amazing night at The Golden Ball. This bar offers friendly staff, great drinks with good prices, and a cozy atmosphere. This fantastic traditional bar will not allow visitors to bring their phones for a logical and great reason. The visitors must have the most fun by involving themselves into each other’s present. This is actually classy. You won’t be bored, because they will guarantee the best drinks and other exciting menus for you. With this way, the bar still welcomes its visitors every day and it’s been known as one of the best bars in Scarborough town.

Roscoe's Bar

Great place for events/celebrations.

There is a nice bar cum function room with a stage and bar games before you go up to the tables.

They have a good selection of drinks and friendly staff.

Address : Roscoe Rooms, Roscoe St, Scarborough YO12 7BY, United Kingdom

The Golden Ball

Fantastic traditional pub.

They serve good beer at great prices.

Nice friendly staff, mobile phones are banned.

Address : 31 Sandside, Scarborough YO11 1PG, United Kingdom


Your travel isn’t complete without seeing the medieval English castle called Scarborough Castle. It’s a former medieval Royal fortress situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea and Scarborough North Yorkshire. It offers great views of both Scarborough beaches, kind and helpful staff, and an important piece of English history. Known as the heritage of English, this castle is a good reference for your pleasant trip. Once you’re in Scarborough town, don’t miss Scarborough Fair Collection & Vintage Transport Museum. It’s a museum of fairground mechanical organs and showman’s engines. This museum is known as one of the largest collections of its type in Europe. Discover the collections including vintage cars, miniature vehicles, and model railways. This fun spot is a must-visit to get a better experience with the English people. With affordable ticket price, the museum is a great spot for both adults and kids.

Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle is a lovely spot overlooking the sea.

Wonderful views of the bay, informative guides and very helpful staff.

Lots of space to walk around and have a picnic or food from the tea room.

There is a good cafe on the site with plenty of choice.

Address : Castle Rd, Scarborough YO11 1HY, United Kingdom

Scarborough Fair Collection & Vintage Transport Museum

What a hidden gem.

There is great collection of vintage rides, games and vehicles.

The old fairground rides are brilliant.

Worth a visit for young and old.

Address : Flower of May Holiday Park, Stone Pit Lane, Scarborough YO11 3NU, United Kingdom


If you’re a sea life lover, SEA LIFE Scarborough would be a perfect spot for you to explore. Explore many wildlife animals and capture their activities with your camera. There are many animals you can see; bay of rays, otter river, seal pool, sea horses, barrier reefs, turtle beach, penguin, and many more. Make sure to discover and get up close and personal to over 20 adorable Humboldt Penguins in their unique walk-through home, Penguin Island. You can take as many selfies as you want with the penguins. Italian Gardens is another exciting Instagram spot for you to explore. It’s an elegant landscaped park with gardens, a pond, statues, plus scenic views over South Bay and old town. Capture the blooming flowers everywhere and other beauties. The birdsong, squirrels scampering about, the rustling leaves, and the sound of the sea, this would be quite a magical experience for you.

SEA LIFE Scarborough

Excellent place for the kids to enjoy the sea life.

A really nice display of lots of animals.

There are lots of different habitats so you can see a wide variety of sea creatures.

Plenty to do.

Address : Scalby Mills Rd, Scarborough YO12 6RP, United Kingdom

Italian Gardens

Beautiful garden on the south bay of Scarborough.

It has lots of flowers, well arranged in and around sitting areas.

A good place to relax while walking around the South bay.

Highly recommended to take some monkey nuts and feed the squirrels.

Address : 47-49 Esplanade, Scarborough YO11 2UZ, United Kingdom