Skipton: Best Things to Do

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Skipton is a picturesque town in North Yorkshire, the United Kingdom.

It is a very attractive and fascinating place due to its natural scenic beauty.

The city attracts visitors for famous 900 year old castle, namely Skipton Castle.

It also famous for a collection of local artifacts that can be found at Craven Museum and Gallery.

Holy Trinity Church is where you go to capture the old architecture of medival church.



Take a visit to Parcevall Hall Gardens, renowned historic plants man's garden. This garden is owned by an architect and was built in 1927. Located in a small valley, this garden planted with many specimens from around the world, mainly from Western China and Himalayas. Enjoy the greenery on its surroundings and feel the fresh atmosphere here.

Parcevall Hall Gardens

Beautiful gardens set in lovely countryside.

There are benches to sit and enjoy the views.

Reasonable admission prices and good small plant sales area.

Lots of interesting variety and well maintained.

Address : Skipton BD23 6DE, United Kingdom


The downtown of Skipton is where the government office and gallery exist. Visit Skipton Town Hall that located in town's High Street. This Victorian style building was first built in 1862. In this town hall, you will find Craven Museum and Gallery preserving a collection of local artifacts. Browse various objects from prehistoric Craven to modern day. Those include costumes, agricultural tools, photographs, and naturalist collections.

Skipton Town Hall

A stunning building in Skipton.

Great venue for events.

It is great to take a walk or just look around.

Address : High St, Skipton BD23 1AH, United Kingdom


Various stalls and interesting unusual shops can be found at Skipton Market. In this market, you will find clothes, accessories, and also street food. This place has its history dating back to medieval times, but it only opens four days each week. Make sure to check on the internet when the market opens. Also do not forget to hunting souvenirs as gifts for your family. Head to Craven Court Shopping Centre, an area of souvenir shops. Situated in the heart of city, this place was developed from an original Skipton building dates back to 16th century.

Craven Court Shopping Centre

Great mix of local stores and chains.

There are some nice independent shops in this small shopping arcade.

Always lots of unusual gifts and good places to eat and have a cuppa.

It's clean and tidy and on the whole accessible.

Address : Craven Court Shopping Centre, High St, Skipton BD23 1DG, United Kingdom


Located in Yorkshire, Skipton are the ground for the finest food. It is famous for its cheese as the basic ingredients for food. You can try Curd tart, a delicacy that dating back to 1750s. Or you may taste Parkin, a gingerbread cake made with oatmeal and treacle.


The city of Skipton has deep historical background and rich culture, reflecting from the buildings and galleries. The life in the city is quite simple, decent, and comfortable. Local people are close to nature and interconnected each other. In addition, cultural heritage events still exist as the annual basis. Spend your time to see their event like Sheep day festivity.


The best time to visit Skipton is during June and September. There is limited rainfall, so you can explore the entire attractions in a pleasant weather.


For staying in the heart of Skipton, you can book a room at Townhouse Bed & Breakfast. Even located in the central city, this hotel offers a greenery garden that available for taking a fresh atmosphere. It also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the hometown. If you love the historic, stay at The Pinfold. This hotel is situated in the oldest part of Skipton near Skipton Castle. The decoration of visitors' room is a mixture of traditional and modern style.

Townhouse Bed & Breakfast

The location is fantastic and the owner is lovely.

Room comfortable and very clean.

Thwir staff are very welcoming and knowledgable.

Address : 1 and 2 Birtwhistles Yard, Devonshire Pl, Skipton BD23 2LR, United Kingdom

The Pinfold

What a lovely place, superbly presented accommodation.

Very tastefully furnished room and a great location in the centre of Skipton.

Corrinne the owner is also so welcoming and pleasant.

Address : The Pinfold, Chapel Hill, Skipton BD23 1NL, United Kingdom


Alexander's Bar & Kitchen is one of the popular restaurant in Skipton. You will be served by lovely warm welcome before tasting their delicious food. Inspired by European culture, the food are served in a beautiful way. There is also a small bar if you want to have cocktails. For enjoying local cuisine, you can go to Napier's Steakhouse, a family run restaurant in the heart of Skipton. Specialized in steak, this restaurant really guarantee that the steak they served has distinctive taste and high quality.

Alexander's Bar & Kitchen

Stunning bar.

Especially the beer garden and terrace.

Excellent food, good choice of dishes,beautifully presented.

A wonderfully furnished and extremely helpful staff.

Address : 4-6 High St, Skipton BD23 1JZ, United Kingdom

Napier's Steakhouse

An absolute gem of a place.

One of the best steaks served in this restaurant.

It is also great place for excellent breakfast.

All of the staff are clearly passionate about what they do.

Address : Chapel Hill, Skipton BD23 1NL, United Kingdom


Head to Bean Loved for trying the best coffee in town. It has nice and relaxing atmosphere as well as great interior. It would not enough for you to just spend an hour at this cafe. Coopers Cafe Bar is another place for having breakfast, lunch, or even chill out with your travel-mate. The food is served in enough portion, obviously with perfect taste. This cafe also offers you not only coffee but also another drinks.

Coopers Cafe Bar

This cafe/bar is the friendliest place to stop off at any time of the day.

Lovely food, has both breakfast and lunch on separate occasions.

And also great range of drinks, wine, beer, spirits, aperitifs.

Their waiters are very kind and friendly.

Address : 6/8 Belmont St, Skipton BD23 1RP, United Kingdom

Bean Loved

This coffee house is the best place.

They serve all day breakfast and have a small brunch menu too

The food is excellent too especially the club sandwich and pulled pork sandwich.

Great friendly staff and service, always feel so welcomed

Address : 17 Otley St, Skipton BD23 1DY, United Kingdom


Going to VSQ, Gin & More.Bar is one of the ways to spend your nightlife. Situated just right in the heart of bustling traditional market town, this bar really welcomes you.
You can have many drinks choice while playing cards or dominoes. Another nice bar is Skipton Sound Bar Ltd. This bar offers warm atmosphere where it easy for you to make a friend with local people and another travelers.

VSQ, Gin & More.Bar

Fantastic relaxing atmosphere.

Large variety of different gins well worth a try.

Perfect for any type of get together; catching up with friends or enjoying date night with a loved one.

Friendly staff willing to help you enjoy your evening.

Address : 1 Victoria St, Skipton BD23 1JF, United Kingdom

Skipton Sound Bar Ltd.

Great little bar.

The atmosphere inside is great, with cool decor and great music.

There is a nice selection of drinks available with some real ales and craft beers.

The staff are very friendly and attentive.

Address : 15 Swadford St, Skipton BD23 1RD, United Kingdom


Discover the history of Skipton city by visiting Skipton Castle. It is the best preserved medieval castle that worth to visit in every season. The castle was first built in 1090 with about 6 stunning drum towers. Do not miss each side of the castle like Banqueting hall, kitchen, badchamber and privy. When you visit here, you'ill be given a tour sheet with drawings and descriptions. Not only the historical sites, but you can also visit traditional working farm, Thornton Hall Farm Country Park. You will be able to interact with animals like lambs, ilamas, rabbits, cow and many more.

Skipton Castle

What an amazing slice of history for all to explore.

Loads of information on the old castle and lovely views from the inside.

The grounds are beautiful, the entry fee reasonable and the toilets are clean.

In the summer all the bluebells are blooming and just a great walk.

Address : The Bailey, Skipton BD23 1AW, United Kingdom

Thornton Hall Farm Country Park

This lovely country park on the Wirral Merseyside, is ideal for all the family.

Rides for young children.

There is a wide range of different animal who are very friendly.

Staff are fantastic and great pricing.

Address : Thornton-in-Craven, Skipton BD23 3TS, United Kingdom


Traveling to a new city is incomplete without taking some great photography. Holy Trinity Church is where you go to capture the old architecture of medieval church. This church stands at the top of high street, making it dominates at the town. Bolton Priory also has stunning architecture with its historical origins. Each element of buildings like painted wall, statues, Pugin windows, and towers will amazed you.

Bolton Priory

A very nice, scenic place with some great views and interesting things to see.

The ruins are inspiring and the church quite beautiful.

Stunning building and weddings there look phenomenal.

Plenty of little tea shops and things to relax in also

Address : Bolton Abbey, Skipton BD23 6AL, United Kingdom

Holy Trinity Church

An attractive and historic parish church

It offers café facilities in the tourist season and regularly hosts community events.

Very interesting interior, well worth a visit try to find the green man in the boss near the organ.

Address : 1A Mill Bridge, Skipton BD23 1NJ, United Kingdom