St Ives: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Photo by Roman Grac

St. Ives is a small city but amazingly beautiful with its beaches and many historical and cultural sites, located in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Not only is St Ives one of the best surfing spots in Cornwall and is surrounded by four stunning sandy beaches, it also offers superb food vistas and is a perfect place to explore the whole of Cornwall.

You can find numerous places to visit in this small town with beaches as its best spots to visit.

Learning to surf on the beach and also swimming are two good things to do in St. Ives with its great waves.

After all, St Ives can be one of the best places you can visit next holiday.



St Ives is one of the most popular and loved locations in Cornwall, and it's not difficult to understand the reason. From sandy beaches to beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, you will definitely fall in love with this city too. The St. Ives Parish Church can be your first stop to see an old building off the beach. You can move next to the Steeple Woodland Nature Reserve, a natural preservation park located in the downtown.

Steeple Woodland Nature Reserve

A great place to take a walk.

Your effort is rewarded when you get the top and see the views from Knill's Monument.

Address : Steeple Ln, Saint Ives TR26 2AY, United Kingdom

St Ives Parish Church

Beautiful church in a lovely picturesque town.

The extremely welcoming volunteers will inform you about the history of the church and St. Ives.

Stained glass windows and old fashioned pews.

Worth a visit.

Address : 15 St Andrew's St, Saint Ives TR26 1AH, United Kingdom


The beautiful Porthgwidden Beach is one of the best places to surf in Cornwall. If this is your first time surfing, try St Ives Surf School, which is located right by the beach for fun surfing lessons. If you want something a little more relaxed that will also allow you to appreciate the amazing coastline, try paddle riding. You can also visit The Leach Pottery, an old buildings with unique potteries to see.

The Leach Pottery

Outstanding museum and garden with beautiful gift shop.

There is something magical and intriguing about this legendary pottery.

The Shop is curated beautifully with lots of pieces from the potters themselves.

Well worth a visit if in St Ives.

Address : Higher Stennack, St Ives, Saint Ives TR26 2HE, United Kingdom


A trip to St Ives is not complete without a visit to Kudos. This beautiful little gift shops provides extraordinarily strange, with its tiny rocks and independent shops. You can buy anything from designer clothes to lumpy cream fudge, and even though it can be a little touristy, it's pretty so you won't mind. Another gift shop you can visit is The Glass Tree, which provides numerous interesting items to buy.

The Glass Tree

Beautiful little shop.

A wide selection of Jellycat toys and lovely.

Helpful staff and recommended.

Address : The Digey, Saint Ives TR26 1HE, United Kingdom


What an absolute treasure trove of a shop.

It is really top-quality antiques mixed with fun objects, homeware and everything in between.

Brilliant prices with good service and loads of products.

Definitely recommend to anyone looking for some gifts or jewellery.

Address : 71-73 Fore St, Saint Ives TR26 1HW, United Kingdom


You might not expect to find food in this small city that is famous throughout the world, but you certainly can. Go to Blas Burgerworks, which is listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of the best places in Europe to buy burgers.


Just like other cities in England, the language they speak in St. Ives is British English. The cultural side of this city can be seen from the churches and museums that can be found throughout the city.


June to August experiences cool and comfortable weather with sharp high temperatures and moderate rainfall 7-9 days every month. Summer is the busiest tourist season on St Ives and is quite pleasant.


The best place to stay in St Ives is the very friendly Carbis Bay Hotel & Estate, which is centrally located, 5 minutes from all the bars, restaurants and beaches. It has just been completely refurbished and will give you the ultimate design jealousy. You can also stay at Tregenna Castle, located in a large forest area in a mansion dating from 1774, this hotel overlooks St Ives Bay, and is a 15-minute walk from St Ives train station.

Carbis Bay Hotel & Estate

One of the best hotel in the area.

Wonderful room overlooking beach and sea.

The Hotel is outstanding the food, drinks, spa facilities are all amazing.

All the staff are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

Address : Carbis Bay, Saint Ives TR26 2NP, United Kingdom

Tregenna Castle

Such a beautiful location and perfect place to relax.

Views are amazing and the rooms are spotless and very comfortable.

Lovely breakfast and good tea/coffee facilities, steam room, sauna and pool included.

Hotel staff are very accommodating and friendly.

Address : Trelyon Ave, Carbis Bay, Saint Ives TR26 2DE, United Kingdom


You might not expect to find food in this small city that is famous throughout the world, but you certainly can. You can go to The Loft Restaurant & Terrace, which is one of the best places to eat in St. Ives. You can even choose from many vegan choices and you will definitely make new friends while enjoying your drinks at one of the public tables. Another one of the best places to eat in St Ives is undoubtedly Porthminster Kitchen. This is where the locals come for lunch, and almost everything on the menu is available gluten-free.

Porthminster Kitchen

Primarily a seafood restaurant in a lovely location.

The presentation of the dishes is exquisite, and everything is cooked and flavoured perfectly.

The menu is really comprehensive and showcased the incredible variety of seafood brought in from local fishers.

Super friendly and attentive staff.

Address : Wharf Rd, Saint Ives TR26 1LG, United Kingdom

The Loft Restaurant & Terrace

Really pretty restaurant lots of twinkling lights and a sea view.

It offers fresh and delicious sea food and fish and vegetables.

Beautifully presented and tasted fabulous.

Really friendly staff.

Address : Norway Lane, St Ives, Saint Ives TR26 1LZ, United Kingdom


On warm and sunny nights there is no better place in St Ives to enjoy the sunset than Pels of St Ives. Here you can enjoy dinner at one of the heated booths while being treated to a beautiful sunset. There is only one place to refuel post-surfing: the fabulous The Beachcomber Cafe at the western end of Porthmeor Beach serves local beer and heavenly sourdough pizza. You can eat and drink with sand between your toes and a great surfing crowd to accompany.

Pels of St Ives

Fantastic litte cafe with amazing pizza.

The food is cooked to order and is extremely well cooked and flavourful.

It offers gluten free crepes with magical fillings and lovely food and cakes including gluten free options.

The staff are quiet, efficient and polite.

Address : 5 The Wharf, Saint Ives TR26 1LP, United Kingdom

The Beachcomber Cafe

This is the very best cafe in St Ives.

The food is absolutely delicious and the sandwiches are to die for.

Lovely tea and coffee and cakes to die for.

The staff are very friendly and always attentive great service.

Address : The Wharf, Saint Ives TR26 1PU, United Kingdom


There is no bad place to eat in St Ives, from super fresh fish & chips to Cornish pasties on every corner. But You can also visit Beach Cafe Bar, a nice spot off the beach with great atmosphere and drinks. Spend your night here and enjoy the drinks. You can also visit this bar restaurant named The Searoom by Saint Ives Liquor Co. It is run by the St Ives Liquor Company, a maker of city premium craft gin, this jetty side restaurant specializes in Cornish tapas such as gratin crabs, mackerel fillets, shellfish and more.

The Searoom by Saint Ives Liquor Co

Lovely place on St.Ives Harbour.

Excellent choice of cocktails, beers,lagers, cold and hot drinks.

Food menu has a great choice and delicious too.

The workers are always helpful.

Address : 1 Wharf House, The Searoom, The Wharf, Saint Ives TR26 1PG, United Kingdom

Beach Café Bar

Awesome little bar situated right on the harbour offering a wide variety of drinks and light bites.

Cream teas which are to die for and a great selection of drinks for the evening.

It also has a great crab sandwich and some tea, both are delicious.

Best service from a really nice lady who works there.

Address : Wharf Rd, Saint Ives TR26 1LF, United Kingdom


If you are looking for a beach vacation then St Ives is certainly the right place. You can choose four main beaches, each within walking distance from the city. Although it is dominated by beaches, you can also visit the St. Nicholas Chapel. It was not only the patron saint of children, but also sailors, and it is natural to assume that the latter is the reason for the devotion of this little chapel, standing as it does on the island, surrounded by three side by side with the sea in this city where our ancestors for centuries earning a living from the sea.

St Nicholas Chapel

Beautiful chapel that overlooks the sea.

The views from chapel are fantastic - sea and beautiful waves on one side.

It has a nice, grassy area for a picnic or ice cream.

Would recommend as part as a walk around St Ives.

Address : St Ives, Saint Ives TR26 1SZ, United Kingdom


While Tate is perhaps the most famous art gallery in St Ives, the Barbara Hepworth Museum & Sculpture Garden is definitely the prettiest. This small museum is housed in the former home of this internationally renowned artist, and a quiet park filled with sculptures. Bring sketches, notebooks, or just your mind to this inspiring place. You can also visit Carbis Bay Beach, which is a privately owned beach that can be accessed by the public. This beach is equipped with lifeguards, toilets, pay and display parking, as well as beach rental equipment.

Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

A lovely museum and former residence/studio of Barbara Hepworth.

Some beautiful pieces of art viewed in Barbara's own studio and gardens.

An interesting slice of British art history.

Lovely, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Address : Barnoon Hill, Saint Ives TR26 1AD, United Kingdom

Carbis Bay Beach

Simply stunning, one of the absolute most beautiful beaches in Cornwall.

A quiet, clean, classy beach with the most perfect clear ocean.

Good maintenance of beach facilities and a small range of shops.

There are also activities to do.

Address : Bay, Beach Rd, Carbis Bay, Saint Ives TR26 2NW, United Kingdom