Aberdeen: Best Things to Do

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Aberdeen is a port city in northeast Scotland between the Rivers Dee and Don, is referred to as the "The Flower of Scotland" for a reason

Many beautiful old buildings and parks are here waiting for you to take a stroll around

Being the capital city of Grampion Region, Aberdeen is also known as the biggest fishing port in Scotland which graces the land with rich seafood dishes

You can start your adventure in Aberdeen by taking a long walk around King's College and Crathes Castle, learning about the cultural and artistic traces of Aberdeen in The Tolbooth Museum and Aberdeen Art Gallery, to having a delightful seafood meal in The Silver Darling

All within one experience in the city of Aberdeen



While you are in the city of Aberdeen, it would be great for you to spare some time visiting King's College. A quick visit to this place will give many insights into the historical background of the city. The architecture is marked by the huge tower and a majestic stone dome as the remaining replica of Scotland during the ancient time. Alternatively, the classic way to enjoy Aberdeen is by sightseeing around Crathes Castle. With the vintage 16th century architecture, painted ceilings and ancient hedges, you can get an instant glimpse of Scottish ancient time in this building.

King's College

It is one of those colleges and gorgereus place

Address : Kings Quad, High St, Aberdeen AB24 3SW, United Kingdom

Crathes Castle

Castle with turrets, gargoyles, 16th-century painted ceilings and ancient, great yew hedges

Address : Crathes, Banchory AB31 5QJ, United Kingdom


If you want to witness the medieval traces of the old town in Aberdeen, The Tolbooth Museum is the exact place for you. Located at the center point of the city, this grand old building is house to the 14th century Tolbooth that was once used to function as a town hall and prison. This place is also known as the ultimate medieval symbol of the city of Aberdeen.

The Tolbooth Museum

a quiet and peaceful place

Address : Castle St, Aberdeen AB11 5BB, United Kingdom


To maximize your shopping experience, don’t forget to drop by at The Trinity Centre. This one-floor shopping center has 408 spaces with the main entrance at Wapping Street. You can also find various outlets and retailers here including Debenhams, Superdrug, Ernest Jones, Flying Tiger, and many more. If you are still not satisfied with your shopping agenda, the next shopping center to go to Union Square Shopping Centre. This place has an extra-large department store containing outlets, food courts, and cinemas.

The Trinity Centre

nice place to have a rest from shopping

Address : 155 Union St, Aberdeen AB11 6BE, United Kingdom

Union Square Shopping Centre.

Great shopping centre with excellent choice of shops

Address : Management Suite, 12 First Level Mall, Union Square, Guild St, Aberdeen AB11 5RG, United Kingdom


Aberdeen is very much known for the good quality of fresh seafood. Along the 165 miles coastline, you are welcome to enjoy the delicious salmon and trout in the harbors and seaports throughout the seashore.


Aberdeen covers a wide range of cultural and artistic activities that include various museums and galleries. Some of the well-known festivals and theatrical events are held here annually. For the start, visit the Aberdeen Art Gallery. In this granite building, 18th-20th century collections of Scottish metalwork and paintings. There is also an interactive section for the children to learn about the artworks displayed here.

Aberdeen Art Gallery

Excellent architecture and nice art gallery, selection of good painting and artwork

Address : Schoolhill, Aberdeen AB10 1FQ, United Kingdom


The best time to visit Aberdeen is between the months of June to September when the weather is warm enough to stroll around.


Treat yourself with the highest pleasure of comfort during your stay in Aberdeen by booking a room in The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa. The refined hotel is graced with the elegant mixture of traditional and contemporary decoration with the antique furniture. The bar provides 100 collections of whiskey and more than 400 wines that are ready to give you the absolute pleasure. If you want to stay in a hotel that serves the best quality outfit in a vintage Gothic building, Atholl Hotel is the right place to accommodate your needs. The warmly decorated lounge is here to let yourself have the best relaxing time.

The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa

This refined hotel in a grand Victorian manor house is 2 miles from Gordon Highlanders Museum, 3 miles from Aberdeen city centre and 6 miles from Cruickshank Botanic Garden

Address : N Deeside Rd, Pitfodels, Aberdeen AB15 9YA, United Kingdom

Atholl Hotel

Set in a Gothic building in Aberdeen's West End, this unfussy hotel is 2 miles from Aberdeen Art Gallery and 3 miles from Cruickshank Botanic Garden

Address : 54 King's Gate, Aberdeen AB15 4YN, United Kingdom


There is no way for you to explore the variety of Scottish local cuisine without you have to try local fresh seafood. The Silver Darling is a light-filled restaurant serving Scottish and English seafood dishes with the wonderful sight of oceanic views. If you are curious to taste the Indian fare of cuisine served in the land of Scotland, you should definitely come to Wild Ginger Restaurant. The tandooris and curries menu here are among the most favorite.

The Silver Darling

Castle with turrets, gargoyles, 16th-century painted ceilings and ancient, great yew hedges

Address : Crathes, Banchory AB31 5QJ, United Kingdom

Wild Ginger Restaurant

Contemporary eatery presents classic Indian fare such as tandooris & curries plus grilled dishes

Address : 367 Union St, Aberdeen AB11 6BT, United Kingdom


Cafe Cognito will serve you with all the things you want while relaxing in a cozy environment. Serving all the variety of espresso, tea, ice cream, light bites, the baked goods, this cafe will welcome you with a friendly atmosphere and fantastic service. If you want to try a different kind of experience, please do pay a visit to The Long Dog Café. In this cafe, you can enjoy your meals accompanied by cute and lovely dogs and puppies that are allowed to interact with the customers both inside and outside of the cafe. All the menus of breakfast and lunch are also fabulous as the dogs here.

Cafe Cognito

Casual coffee shop serving espresso & tea drinks, plus light bites, baked goods & ice cream

Address : 39 St Swithin St, Aberdeen AB10 6XL, United Kingdom

The Long Dog Café

Dogs are welcome both inside & at outdoor tables of this coffee shop with breakfast & lunch bites

Address : 66 Claremont St, Aberdeen AB10 6QY, United Kingdom


For an excellent selection of classic and creative cocktails, Dusk Cocktail Bar is within the top choice that you have to try. With the live music and stylish low-lit bar, this bar serves the ultimate pleasant ambiance of your nightlife in Aberdeen. Now if you want to take a sip of the signature Scottish brewery’s craft beers, BrewDog Aberdeen is ready to serve you the highest quality of service. The beer here also has a different taste from the other kind of beer that you won’t likely find anywhere else outside the city of Aberdeen.

Dusk Cocktail Bar

Classic and creative cocktails, tapas, mixology lessons and live music in a stylish, low-lit bar

Address : 45 Langstane Pl, Aberdeen AB11 6EN, United Kingdom

BrewDog Aberdeen

No-nonsense chain bar specialising in the Scottish brewery's craft beers, with regular guest brews

Address : 17 Gallowgate, Aberdeen AB25 1EB, United Kingdom


For the sightseeing of the city’s maritime heritage, Aberdeen Maritime Museum is the right place to drop by. Other than displaying stuff related to Aberdeen’s marine life, the collection of the North sea oil and gas industry are also here for you to enjoy. You can also find iconic Scotland’s oldest bridge of Brig o' Balgownie. Dating back from the 1520s, this bridge has been used as the span of Don Juan. This is also a great place to have a chill and relax.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

An amazing museum with many things to read

Address : Shiprow, Aberdeen AB11 5BY, United Kingdom

Brig o' Balgownie

The iconic Scotland’s oldest bridge

Address : 259 Don St, Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 1XP, United Kingdom


Having dozens of great spots, you will never be lacked beautiful buildings to visit. St. Machar Cathedral is the 12th-century cathedral with a peaceful atmosphere. The ceiling is ornamented with crests and the windows have clear stained glass which adds the beauty of the cathedral. If you want to take the picture featuring the fairy tale atmosphere in Aberdeen, Balmoral Castle is right where you should pay a visit to. Embodying the Neo-baronial architecture from the Victorian era, this complex of castle is an extra lovely place to explore.

St. Machar Cathedral

Beautiful place, highly recommend a visit

Address : The Chanonry, Old Aberdeen, Aberdeen AB24 1RQ, United Kingdom

Balmoral Castle

Peaceful and beautiful castle

Address : Balmoral Estates, Ballater AB35 5TB, United Kingdom