First Time Tourists Guide in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM

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Edinburg is the capital city of Scotland

Located in the southeast of Scotland, the city is the center of the Scottish Government and Parliament

Being the second most populous city in Scotland, the city is also known as one of the beautiful cities in Europe

The famous attractions of the city are Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and Holyrood Abbey, The Royal Mile, National Museum of Scotland, and many more

The city is also known for The Edinburgh Festival Fringe that is held every August

You can book your ticket around the time to witness the world's largest arts festival



Edinburgh offers tourists numerous beautiful places to have sightseeing tours throughout the city. Get lost in the city by self touring to the endless beauty of the fascinating area in the city. Canongate can be one of your options. It is a street located in the Old Town. The street area offers the best sightseeing of Edinburgh's unique housing view. The Canongate also offers some important places in Edinburgh such as Queensberry House in Parliament Building complex, the Museum of Edinburgh, the People's Story Museum, and the Canongate Kirk. Don't forget to bring your camera, so you can save every moment on the street.

Canongate Street

a street and associated district in central Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland


As the busiest street of tourists in the city, the Royal Mile serves everything you need. The street connects the most famous attractions like Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. The area is filled with Castle Esplanade and Castlehill, Lawnmarket, Parliament Square, The People's Story Museum, Queen's Gallery, and the house of Lucky Spence.

Royal Mile

a succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of the Old Town of the city of Edinburgh in Scotland


Take time and have your shopping time in Princess Street. The street is famous as the main shopping street in the city. Filled with luxury brands stores and beautiful boutiques, this street attracts most of the world's shoppers. The famous stores and boutiques in the street are Debenhams, New Look, House of Fraser, Zara, Primark, and the historic Jenner.

Princes Street

one of the major thoroughfares in central Edinburgh, Scotland, and the main shopping street


As a Scottish city, Edinburgh foods are basically made of wheat, fish, and meat. One of the authentic traditional dishes, you can try while in Edinburgh is its Haggi. It's made of Scotland's sheep or calf's internal organ like liver cooked with oatmeal and various cooking spices. While for the authentic drink, you can try their Scotch whiskey. The whiskey is popular all over the world.


Scottish people in Edinburgh are mostly Christian. They have various festivals like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and some local-tradition festivals like Hebridean Celtic Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. As for the language, they use English with a strong Danish influence.


A pleasant visit to Edinburgh is from May to September. The weather in Edinburgh around this time is usually comfortable for outdoor activities and you can enjoy extended daytime.


Featuring the great view of Edinburgh Castle, Hilton Hotel Edinburgh City Centre can be one of your options for your amazing stay in Edinburgh. Located closed to Waverly and Haymarket train station, you'll have strategic access traveling in the city. The hotel offers a contemporary style room with modern facilities like en-suite-bathroom, high-quality cotton bedding, LCD TVs, fridges, and many more. But, if you want to save your budget, Cairn Hotel Edinburgh can be a choice for your stay in Edinburgh. Featuring a high standard accommodation and service with en suite facilities, this hotel offers an affordable price for your stay in Edinburgh.

Cairn Hotel

a hotel set in Edinburgh in the Leith district

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Edinburgh City Centre

a high quality hotel located in the heart of Edinburgh


Edinburgh serves various kinds of restaurants with different kinds of vibes in the city. The Gardener's Cottage gives you a fine dining experience with a beautiful interior of the restaurant. This restaurant is located under Calton Hill offering an intimate atmosphere in the small restaurant. The restaurant is known to have special menus depending on the season instead of printed menus. Since the food source is seasonal. The menus depend on their own grown produced sources. So, go there and order your special surprise dish in the restaurant! Another restaurant recommendation in Edinburgh goes to Cannonball restaurant. Located near to Edinburgh Castle, you can stop by at the restaurant after your long trip to the historic castle. This restaurant is known for its authentic Scottish dishes. Enjoy your dishes there while having a relaxing view of Edinburgh Castle.

Cannonball Restaurant & Bar

finest Scottish dining and bar in the heart of the Old Town

The Gardener's Cottage

A daily changing set lunch, full of flavour and favourites Restaurant


Start your trip day with Edinburgh's coffee. If you are looking for the best quality coffee and roaster, try the Brew Lab's espresso brew. They have been serving the best coffee in town fro four years. Located on South College Street, this cafe attracts costumers not only by high-quality coffee but also the fast free WiFi and relaxing vibes. But, if you are looking for a nicely decorated cafe, Café Portrait can be one of your options. This cafe is placed in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Sitting in a portrait gallery, this cafe features the amazing contemporary art portraits hanged on the wall. Enjoy your tea while admiring the wonderful arts here.

Cafe Portrait

This casual cafe in the National Portrait Gallery offers soups, salads & sandwiches, plus espresso

Brew Lab Coffee

Trendy, innovative coffee-house offering single origin brews and artisanal produce


To please your drink pleasure in Edinburgh, you have to taste their authentic Whiskey. The famous place serving the best whiskey in town is Ensign Ewart. This place is located close to Edinburgh Castle. With 1680 vibes, the bar features live folk music that will make your perfect drinking experience in Edinburgh. But, if you are looking for a loud music party nightclub in the town, Why Not Nightclub can be your option. This club features a spacious dance floor with dancing playlist music that will accompany your sleepless night.

Why Not Nightclub

Smart venue hosting themed club nights in spacious modern setting with beer garden and VIP deals

Ensign Ewart

Cosy pub, dating from 1690, with a low, wood-beamed ceiling and an all-day Scottish/European menu


You cannot visit Edinburgh without visiting its iconic attraction, Edinburgh Castle. It's a world's famous castle buildings on the top of Castle Rock, an extinct volcanic plug in Scotland. From the 18th century to the early 19th, the castle was used as a military prison for England's wars. But, from 1814, the castle has been used as the national monument of the Scottish National War Memorial. And now, the castle has featured audio guides for a tour that is available in eight languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin). This will help visitors to understand the architecture of the castle and the history behind it. As Edinburgh is filled with many historical monuments, another historical place in Edinburgh that is worth a visit is Holyrood Park. Not only a historical place in Edinburgh, but this place also pictures the great scenery of Edinburg's sky view. This park is known to feature Arthur's Seat. Arthur’s Seat itself is the highest point of the hill where you can see the city view from afar.

Holyrood Park

Parkland around the slopes and crags of Arthur's Seat, with walking and cycling paths and a loch

Edinburgh Castle

An 11th-century castle and barracks housing the Crown Jewels and National War Museum of Scotland


Everywhere in Edinburgh is instagrammable to get captured. The Vennel is one of the most popular spots in Edinburgh among tourists and youngsters. It's an alley connecting Lauriston Place to the Grassmarket. In the angle, you'll catch a beautiful photo with the background of Edinburgh castle from its best angle. But, if you have enough photos of Edinburgh Castle in your gallery, you can visit the Circus Lane for a suburb-vibe photo stock. It's a worth-visit place to Instagram people. It's a lane located in the suburb of Stockbridge. You'll have photos portraying the beautiful cobbled paving lane decorated with street lamps and tiny houses in the lane side with Scottish' unique architecture.

Circus Lane

one of the most popular and Instagrammable photography spots in Edinburgh

The Vennel

a Viewpoint of Edinburgh Castle