Fort William: Best Things to Do - Photo by mariejirousek

Located on the shores of Loch Linnhe, Fort William is a beautiful town in the western Scottish Highlands.

It’s popularly known as a gateway to Ben Navis, United Kingdom’s highest mountain.

While it is surrounded by stunning mountains, the city also has old landmarks to visit; Inverlochy Castle and Neptune's Staircase.

For an interesting trip, you can visit Ben Nevis Distillery and West Highland Museum as some of the city’s best places.

Your travel is incomplete without visiting the beautiful Steall Waterfall and Ben Nevis for gorgeous pictures.

And Travelodge Fort William and Premier Inn Fort William Hotel are the best recommended hotels for your stay in town.



Start your trip by visiting one of the most visited places in the city named Old Inverlochy Castle. This 13th-century ruined castle is situated on the south bank of the River Lochy and has been known as one of the best tourist attractions in Fort William town. Apart from its interesting history, this iconic castle is surrounded by beautiful greenery that’ll definitely give comfort and relaxation to your visit. One of the best things about this place is that you get to see the popular Harry Potter train that’s operated in the afternoon around 3:50 pm.

Old Inverlochy Castle

Stunning, classic castle with turrets and a mostly complete curtain wall.

Impressive and extensive ruins in a very attractive setting by the River.

Not too busy, serene and ideal if you have dogs you want to let loose for a bit of exercise.

The best part is that it's free.

Address : Fort William PH33 6TF, United Kingdom


The gorgeousness of Neptune's Staircase is simply can’t be missed. This popular staircase lock was built by Thomas Telford between 1803 and 1822. It is known as the longest staircase lock in Britain. As one of the most high-rated attractions, this place is a great spot to walk in the afternoon and to admire the city’s beautiful surroundings.

Neptune's Staircase

Incredible set of locks.

Makes for interesting viewing especially if a boat is going through.

A beautiful walk and interesting too.

An absolute must see if you are in this area.

Address : Banavie, Fort William PH33 7NG, United Kingdom


To complete your shopping needs, visit Mountain Warehouse Fort William for lovely local goodies. While the city doesn’t have many big shopping centers like other cities, this shop values its products by offering good deals of goodies. From clothing, local drinks, and other local souvenirs. Another good place to for shopaholics is Ben Nevis Highland Center. This shopping center offers some of the best quality products from popular brands. From men and women’s wear, footwear, accessories, to watches. Explore many more offers from this shopping mall and enjoy shopping in the surrounding of local environment.

Mountain Warehouse Fort William

Excellent shop with great variety of clothing and other essentials.

Very good place to buy some winter clothes in fort William.

If you spend time in the great outdoors this is the shop for you, they have a sorts of outdoor clothing.

The staff are helpful and around if you need them.

Address : 10-14 High St, Fort William PH33 6AT, United Kingdom

Ben Nevis Highland Centre

This is nice shop with a big variety of gifts.

This is a very typical Scottish shopping centre containing all those products expected like,clothing, whisky, and tourist gifts.

It is supported by a reasonable amount of car parking, toilets, and a café that serves most types of café food stuff.

The staff is helpful.

Address : Belford Rd, Fort William PH33 6PF, United Kingdom


Enjoying a city’s culinary has to be one of the best things about traveling. In Fort William town, you’ll see quite many traditional cuisines and drinks. Haggis is one of them. Haggis is a delicious pudding containing sheep’s pluck, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt. For the drink, the city has whisky as its best and most popular drink.


Fort William is a town that is popular for its Ben Navis mountain and a center for hill-walking and climbing. The city is also known for its nearby downhill mountain bike track. The mountain surroundings and some of the old places makes Fort William worth visiting.


May and September can be the best times to plan a trip to Fort William. In these periods, you are likely to experience less crowds and busier roads. Also, accommodations are more available and generally cheaper.


To have the best moment with your camera, Steall Waterfall would be the best object to create some iconic shots. This spectacular waterfall is known as the second highest waterfall in Scotland with its single drop of 120 meters. Not only you are able to shoot beautiful pictures, this place will also have the role of a relaxation place just by the sound of it and the greenery surroundings. The popularity and the gorgeousness of Ben Nevis mountain is unmissable. As the highest mountain in the British Isles, its summit is 1,345 meters above the sea level. It stands at the western end of the Grampian Mountains in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands, near the Fort William town. The mountain is popular for its beauty and has been attracting an estimated 100,000 ascents a year. As a nature lover and a hiker, this trip would be a memorable one. Get ready to be surrounded by nothing but exceptional beauties.

Steall Waterfall

The most amazing waterfall in the city.

For sure one of your highlights of your Highlands trip.

Not enough words to describe this absolutely beautiful scenery.

Waterproof hiking shoes or gum boots recommended if plan to cross the water to get closer to the waterfall.

Address : Old Military Rd, Fort William PH33 6SY, United Kingdom

Ben Nevis

As the highest mountain in the British Isles, its summit is 1,345 meters above the sea level.

It stands at the western end of the Grampian Mountains in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands, near the Fort William town.

e mountain is popular for its beauty and has been attracting an estimated 100,000 ascents a year.

As a nature lover and a hiker, this trip would be a memorable one.

Address : Fort William PH33 6SY, United Kingdom


For a comfort stay, make sure to check out Travelodge Fort William hotel. This classic-looking hotel is just a few blocks from Loch Eil and a 5-minute walk from Fort William Ferry Landing. The hotel comes with bright and simple rooms that features good equipment for your enjoyment. With its convenient location, this hotel is the best option to enjoy the city’s popular attractions. Another good hotel for your stay in the city is Premier Inn Fort William Hotel. This 3-star hotel allows you to visit some of the city’s best places with easy access. Located at the base of Ben Nevis, it is just a 5-minute walk from Fort William train station and a 13-minute walk from the Fort William Ferry Landing. With its classic-looking building, you can enjoy facilities such as well-quipped rooms with stunning decoration and nearby restaurants.

Travelodge Fort William

Lovely hotel for staying,it's a great location to base yourself from.

Travelodge offers very clean and reliable facilities for money.

The rooms are large and comfortable.

Their breakfast is great served by excellent server.

The staff are very helpful and friendly.

Address : High St, Fort William PH33 6DX, United Kingdom

Premier Inn Fort William Hotel

Pleasant places for spending a night in the area in the great location.

It provides excellent amanties in a cool atmosphere.

The rooms are spacious and have comfy bed.

The breakfast and foods are delicious.

The staff are polite and kind.

Address : An Aird, Loch Iall, Fort William PH33 6AN, United Kingdom


In case you’re curious about the city’s culinary taste, Crannog Seafood Restaurant would be one of the best recommendations for you. Just like its name, this popular restaurant is specializing seafood menus. To keep its customers in love, they use local and fresh ingredients from trusted sources. The restaurant is set in a red-roofed building and a cozy atmosphere on the Tower Pier. One of the best things about this restaurant is its good location. It allows you to enjoy the Loch Linnhe’s beauty while tasting the best dishes. The Crofter Bar and Restaurant is another good recommendation for comfort food and drink. This pub/restaurant stands with its classic colors serving Fort William’s special menus. The comfort of the room and occasional live music will accompany your dining. It also offers a TV sport for sport lovers. With its kind service, this place is the best place to unwind with good portion of food and drink.

Crannog Seafood Restaurant

World-class seafood restaurant.

Top quality produce, cooked expertly.

It serves tasty seafood with Scottish traditional cooking.

The salmon is absolutely fantastic.

The waiters are superb.

Address : Town Centre Pier, Fort William PH33 6DB, United Kingdom

The Crofter Bar and Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in the area.

Size, taste, price and quality - all boxes are ticked.

The food was excellent as is the english tea and the classical ale.

The waiters are very kind and polite, know everything about the drinks.

Address : 11 High St, Fort William PH33 6DH, United Kingdom


The Wildcat has to be one of the best cafes in Fort William town. Not only it serves the best quality of food and drink, this caring cafe will bring the best version of yourself by supporting the ban of single-use cups and plastic. As a human being, this movement is very important. And located away in the back of the cafe are shelves bustling with ethical, organic, plastic-free stuff. After tasting the delicious coffee and other good selection of menus, check out their store. With its comfortable atmosphere, the room setting is hard not to mention. Get ready to enjoy the things that Costa Coffee is offered. The quality and the tastes of Espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Cortado, and the popular Flat White are the kind of things that’ll make you love traveling even more. With its good presentation, this cafe is ready to serve you the best coffee with good service and affordable price.

The Wildcat

Outstanding café in the central location in Fort William.

Beautifully presented building, with wooden interior and window out on to the main high street.

Wonderful place, tasty dishes and sandwiches

Food all freshly prepared and using fresh ingredients.

Staff are friendly, enthusiastic and attentive.

Address : 21 High St, Fort William PH33 6DH, United Kingdom

Costa Coffee, Fort William

One of the city's popular Coffee Shops.

Comfy, spacious cafe with a range of seating and some plug sockets.

The coffee/drinks and food are good quality like all the Costa cafes.

The staff are lovely and efficient.

Address : 3b, 102-104 High St, Fort William PH33 6DG, United Kingdom


There is no point in wasting a good time. Travel teaches you to value your time and to be your own best friend. As one of the most high-rated bars/restaurants, The Grog & Gruel lets you enjoy your nightlife in a different way. In this bar/restaurant, not only you’re able to enjoy some of the best foods and drinks, you’re also offered highly fashionable and incredibly priced Grog & Gruel t-shirt and few other tasteful souvenirs. Whether you travel by yourself or with someone you love, this place will treat you with good care. And another good reference to enjoy nightlife is Ben Nevis Bar. This popular bar is ideally located on the main street in the famous Highland town of Fort William. Known as the oldest pub in the down, it was built in 1806 and has been a favorite place for drinking since. The bar has two modern, decorated areas complete with high bar stools. With its tasty food, drink, and the company of live music, you want to assure yourself to check this friendly bar out.

The Grog & Gruel

Easily one of the best bars in with great variety of meals and beers.

A good mix of world food and lots of vegetarian options too.

The atmosphere has a nice buzz to it and the staff are very helpful also.

Tourist and local alike, this place caters to all both price wise and quality.

Address : 66 High St, Fort William PH33 6AD, United Kingdom

Ben Nevis Bar

One of oldest pubs in fort William on the high street.

Great views from the windows back of the bar area.

The lunch menu had a varied choice and is very good value.

Staff is really nice and the atmosphere is good.

Address : 103 High St, Fort William PH33 6DG, United Kingdom


With the popularity of Ben Nevis whisky, the opportunity of visiting its distillery is undeniable. This way you’ll see how the drink is made and the history behind it. Ben Nevis Distillery is that place for you. This former warehouse will allow you to see the Ben Nevis drink as well as getting the opportunity to taste it. This tour would be an interesting one, because you get to know the taste of the most popular drink in the city with the surrounding of the giant Ben Nevis mountain itself. Located in the center of Fort William, West Highland Museum is here to tell the story of this mountainous region and its people. It has seven rooms on three floors with an extensive collection of exhibits related to the Jacobites including the 18th-century “secret portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie.” With all its exciting offerings, this museum would be the best place to know the city’s life and history back in the day.

Ben Nevis Distillery

Awesome small distillery.

Very informative and interesting.

The staff and the trip are great.

Address : Lochy Bridge, Fort William PH33 6TJ, United Kingdom

West Highland Museum

One of the best places you can visit in Fort William.

This is a must see museum, especially if you have kids.

The building has character and the exhibit rooms are well done.

Very informative about Scottish history and it’s free.

Address : Cameron Square, Fort William PH33 6AJ, United Kingdom