Inverness: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Photo by Daniel Manastireanu

Inverness is a city located in highland of Scotland, offering numerous beautiful surroundings.

The legendary and mysterious monster of Loch Ness can be "found and seen" in this city with fresh and typical green atmosphere around.

Besides known for its Locness monster, Inverness is truly a beautiful destination to visit with many historical castles and buildings.

The Inverness Cathedral in downtown can be one of your must-visit locations with its great architectural.

You can also find the other destinations such as art museums, parks, botanic gardens, and many more.



Inverness itself is a beautiful little town, but one of the things that makes it so special is its location. Central to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, home to breathtaking vistas and fascinating ancient sites such as Eden Court Theatre, the city is an ideal place to explore the wider region. Either by walking, cycling, car or on the train, staying in Inverness opens up as many adventures as possible. Likewise, transportation links to the city from the South (as locals call it), including trains that run directly to Edinburgh and even London, airports that have networks throughout Europe, and A9 roads through the mountains.

Eden Court Theater

Broad performing arts programme presented across main and studio theatres, plus film in 2 cinemas.

Address : Bishops Rd, Inverness IV3 5SA, United Kingdom


Wildlife, trees, plants and everything from mushrooms to shells - these add to the whole of the highlands, and Inverness is in the right position for visitors to see everything. The variety of natural landscapes and different seascapes is amazing and accessible. You don't even need to leave town to see things, with the Merkinch Local Nature Reserve on the edge of Beauly Firth, or Craig Phadrig hill that rises about the houses below. The Ness River and the Caledonian canal further enhance the choice of natural scenery, and it is possible to walk or ride a bicycle just a little way out of town and feel you are in the middle of nowhere.

Merkinch Local Nature Reserve

Nature area on Beauly Firth offering walkways with views of bird life, deer & marine mammals.

Address : 40 Craigton Ave, Inverness IV3 8AZ, United Kingdom


With so many visitors in the region, there are also many shops that may have difficulty doing business, including the famous Leakey Used Bookstore, and several shops that sell traditional Highland clothing. This mix of shops makes city walks a pleasure, because there are surprises that can be constantly found, with businesses often found in much larger cities.

Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop

Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop is a large bookshop with a huge range of books across diverse fields.

Address : Church St, Inverness IV1 1EY, United Kingdom


With an array of fresh local ingredients, talented chefs and excellent places, the secret of delicious food available in Inverness is definitely out. Whether you want to visit an upscale restaurant like Rocpool, Chez Roux, or the original Contrast Brasserie, or maybe something less formal but still full of flavor, like Velocity Café, or the organic and vegetarian cafe, Nourish, there really is something for each tastes and every budget.


Some elements of Scottish culture, such as a separate national church, are protected in law, as agreed in the Treaty of Unity and other instruments. The language being spoken in Inverness is Scottish-English which is the national language of Scotland.


The best time to visit Inverness is April to August. But if you want to avoid crowds and are looking for cheaper deals, you can visit Inverness in October.


Located on the edge of trees on the Ness River, Glenmoriston Town House Hotel is ideally located for exploring the surrounding area. Glenmoriston has built an enviable reputation for years, but is not complacent, but rather encourages itself to provide the best service. A 17th century house, Bunchrew House is an excellent location for those who want peace and tranquility, but only two miles from Inverness itself. The hotel is located on a beautiful land and forest area of 20 hectares, and is on the beautiful Beauly Firth beach, making it ideal for seeing wildlife, including dolphins.

Glenmoriston Town House Hotel

High-end hotel featuring a cocktail bar & a restaurant serving Scottish cuisine.

Address : 20 Ness Bank, Inverness IV2 4SF, United Kingdom

Bunchrew House

Turreted 17th-century mansion with formal rooms, plus gardens, a restaurant & a cocktail bar.

Address : Inverness IV3 8TA, United Kingdom


Opened in 2002, Rocpool has an exceptional location in the center of Inverness on the west bank of the River Ness. This restaurant is built of glass on two sides and allows visitors to admire the nearby Inverness Castle, built in 1836, as well as views of the city. The interior decoration is light and modern, as befits modern European-style cuisine with an emphasis on using top quality Scottish products. River House Restaurant is run by Cornishman Alfie Little, who uses his connections and relationships with local fishermen and farmers to get the best, high-quality food and wine for the menu. The cuisine at River House Restaurant is based on classic dishes where excellent quality ingredients can shine without being too complicated and too subtle.


Brightly-coloured contemporary setting for locally sourced, Modern Scottish gourmet cuisine.

Address : 1 Ness Walk, Inverness IV3 5NE, United Kingdom

River House Restaurant

Sleek, upscale dining using seasonal, sustainable, local seafood and produce with river views.

Address : 1 Greig St, Inverness IV3 5PT, United Kingdom


Café 1 offers a central location close to Inverness Castle and the Ness River. This cafe combines an informal and friendly atmosphere with traditional decoration and very rich purple walls. The style of its contemporary cuisine with excellent Scottish ingredients from the Highlands and Islands is provided fresh every day. Girvans is one place that attracts a healthy mix of visitors to Inverness and locals, who already know they will be in for a treat. With excellent service and an eclectic menu featuring many different breakfast choices, sandwiches, light bites and main dishes, as well as a variety of hot drinks and, especially the popular homemade patisserie dishes.

Café 1

European and Scottish dishes from locally sourced produce in relaxed space hung with framed mirrors.

Address : 75 Castle St, Inverness IV2 3EA, United Kingdom


Girvans is a friendly family run restaurant. We are open daily serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner. The atmosphere in this modern style restaurant is warm, pleasant and very welcoming for all the family.


Dores Inn is a traditional family-run inn that provides excellent food and drinks, with classic dishes such as fish and chips, scallops, steaks, and scallops. The surrounding scenery is spectacular - from the inn in summer you can look out over the blue waters of Loch Ness and the stunning peaks.

Dores Inn

A family-run pub and restaurant with outdoor tables, sweeping views and hearty home-baked produce.

Address : B862, Dores, Inverness IV2 6TR, United Kingdom


Specializing in native Scottish wildlife and other cold weather creatures, Highland Wildlife Park has received praise for the Scottish wild cat breeding program, when they tried to save the species from extinction through cross-breeding with domestic cats. With several different shows each year, two theaters, two cinema screens, and various workshops, Eden Court Theater is a premier art venue in northern Scotland. Recently renewed and expanded, many people travel to Inverness with the aim of seeing one of the shows they hold.

Highland Wildlife Park

Scottish wildlife and endangered mountain/tundra animals in reserve with driving and walking areas.

Address : Kincraig, Kingussie PH21 1NL, United Kingdom

Eden Court Theater

Broad performing arts programme presented across main and studio theatres, plus film in 2 cinemas.

Address : Bishops Rd, Inverness IV3 5SA, United Kingdom


Culloden Battlefield is a windy, poignant and strong windy area, the Culloden battle put an end to the Jacobite cause and changed the course of world history. The informative visitor center also provides an excellent battlefield audio tour if you want it. Falcon Square is a new icon cross for Inverness designed by Gerald Laing and made of sandstone with bronze castings. Featuring an eagle on each side, bent to catch its prey, it is also favored by the Scottish national animal; many visitors to Scotland, and some Scots too, did not know that this was a unicorn.

Culloden Battlefield

Site of bloody last battle of Jacobite Rising, with visitor centre and interactive exhibition.

Address : Culloden Moor, Inverness IV2 5EU, United Kingdom