Aberystwyth: Best Things to Do

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Aberystwyth is a town located in Wales, the United Kingdom famous for nature and cultural attractions.

This city stand between three hills and two beaches.

The downtown of Aberystwtyh is historic area where Aberystwyth Arts Centre exist.

The city's historical cliff railway and Constitution Hill are two of popular destination among visitors.

Let's explore this amazing city!



Aberystwyth Castle should be put on your itinerary when you go to this city. Built in around 13th century, this remarkable castle is a Grade I listed in Edwardian Fortress. What you will find in this castle nowadays are just the inner and middle walls of the remaining castle. About 4 minutes walk from the castle, you will arrive at War Memorial. This site was built in 1921 and considered one of the finest memorials in Britain.

Aberystwyth Castle

A really nice spot with amazing views over the sea.

Lots of boards with interesting history of the castle.

There are enough ruins to get an idea of the size and what the castle use to look like.

There are wonderful views across Aberystwyth.

Address : Aberystwyth SY23 2BH, United Kingdom


Stroll around the heart of Aberystwyth and discover the Caredigion's heritage, art, and culture at Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum. The material evidence of country history between past and present could be found in this place. Visitors can also enjoy its cool events such as film nights, performances, and workshops. As well as being a thriving museum, this attraction also has a cafe serving local produce and a museum shop.

Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum

This is trully hidden gem.

Three whole floors of museum exhibits of all things Welsh.

From the geological formation of Wales to the modern day.

Great displays of neolithic, bronze age and Victorian life.

A fascinating insight with plenty to see.

Address : Amgueddfa Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth SY23 2AQ, United Kingdom


Ambassadors is a truly paradise for shopaholic who want to hunt for local product souvenirs. This shop is full of interesting hand-made stuffs. You can find lovely selection of gifts such a purses, handbags, clothes, and many more. Once you need a break after do shopping, you can order an ice cream at its cafe.


Lovely shop where you can buy high quality products.

Lots of unusual gifts and fabulous ice creams.

It has an amazing selection of high quality ice cream to walk along the seafront with.

The staff is very welcoming.

Address : Llys Y Brenin, Terrace Rd, Aberystwyth SY23 2AP, United Kingdom


The local cuisine of Aberystwyth is basically some Welsh cuisine. You will usually find food includes laverbread, wels cakes and sausages as those had been a part of their history. You may try cawl as Welsh's traditional soup. It usually made from lamb or beef with leeks, potatoes, carrots and other vegetable. Another must try food is Welsh rabbit, toasted bread with cheese sauce. Beer and wine are the common drinks to complete Welsh dishes.


Holding a title of culture capital of Wales, Aberystwtyh has strong impacts on arts and culture. Besides the existence of many theatre and creative studio, the city is home to largest art centre of Wales. Moreover, the most dominated language spoken here is Welsh.


To get a perfect trip in Aberystwtyh, you can go there during the summer time. It ranges between June to August. Those months are the hottest months and you is the peak of tourist season.


If you have enough budget, stay at the beautiful old property, the Nanteos Mansion hotel. This is an 18th-century former county house that now becomes a famous hotel. Because of its scenic woodland gardens and old structure of building, the hotel is listed as Grade I in Georgian building. When you want to experience seafront hotel, stay at The Glengower. This is a 3 star hotel that famous for its traditional pub. The rooms are all in upstairs and some of them offer a direct sea view from. It really close to the beach, so you can easily do surfing or just watching sunset on the terrace.

The Glengower

The hotel is in an excellent location with parking available on the streets nearby.

The rooms are comfortable and large.

Good choices on the menu and lovely food with quick service.

The ladies serving here are really nice and accommodating.

Address : 3 Victoria Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2DH, United Kingdom

Nanteos Mansion

Very beautiful old property with gorgeous grounds and really well cared for.

Rooms are very comfortable and food is excellent.

Great bar and restaurant with beautiful food.

Welcoming and friendly staff.

Address : Rhydyfelin, Aberystwyth SY23 4LU, United Kingdom


When you are looking for Welsh cuisine restaurant with a great spot, Pysgoty is where you should go. Located on the harbor front of the city, the restaurant offers you a stunning sea view while you taste their delicious local food or seafood. The outdoor seating area is within direct sight of sunset. Baravin is a fashionable and unique place to eat. It serves touch of Italian dishes but runs in a modern Welsh vibe. All the menu is excellent and cooked perfectly, also with reasonable prices.


This is favourite restaurant in Aberystwyth.

Such a stunning location, quirky interior.

The food is decent quality and tasty.

Reasonable selection of drinks including a few local ales.

The waiters are very friendly, professional and accommodating.

Address : 1 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2AP, United Kingdom


Pysgoty fish restaurant at the harbour in Aberystwyth.

It is a high quality restaurant specialising in fish derived dishes.

They offer a variety of seafood which can be different each day.

The drinks and deserts are also of a high standard.

Address : S Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 1JY, United Kingdom


Go to Coffee#1 Aberystwyth for the great place to escape from the crowds. The cafe is located inside the old central hotel at downtown of the city. It boasts stunning character of the wonderful building. A wide range of coffee and delicious deserts are available to order. Caesars Cafe is another right choice to have excellent afternoon tea along with variety foods. The cafe always satisfies visitors with its service and affordable prices.

Coffee#1 Aberystwyth

Fantastic coffee lounge with a wide selection of lovely pastries.

Coffee #1 boasts a large selection of teas, coffee, fresh smoothies, juice and cakes.

Prices are competitive and the quality is good.

Waiters are friendly and the service is speedy.

Address : Portland St, Aberystwyth SY23 2DX, United Kingdom

Caesars Cafe

This is a lovely cafe producing consistently good food.

Very good selection of food and coffee, highly recommended.

Great scamp and chips,too.

Absolutely fantastically accommodating and welcoming waiter.

Address : 20 N Parade, Aberystwyth SY23 2NF, United Kingdom


Spending your night in Aberystwyth would not be perfect without heading to Rummers Wine Bar. This bar is divided into upstairs for nice eatery and basement for smugglers who enjoy the great music. Enjoy your drink or meal from upstairs while watching the other visitors enjoying themselves on the patio. While Inn On The Pier offers a spectacular Cardigan Bay view from the bar. It has huge selection of great beers and cocktails to drink. The bar is also children and dog friendly.

Rummers Wine Bar

Probably favourite pub in Aberystwyth.

They offer a wide selection of drinks from largers to spirits, and very cheap rum.

They have bands and plenty of offers throughout the week.

Super friendly staff and welcome atmosphere.

Address : 63 Bridge St, Aberystwyth SY23 1QD, United Kingdom

Inn On The Pier

Beautiful bar for having a beer in a fun atmosphere.

The Inn has a modern decor and is quite spacious with a central 360 degree bar.

The bar has a good selection of beers and spirits and also has a resident pizza bar at the back.

The waiters are friendly and service is usually prompt.

Address : Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2DR, United Kingdom


Try a diverse way to enjoy the majestic panorama of the city through travel by train at Aberystwyth Cliff Railway. Constructed in 1896, this funicular railway takes visitors to the top of the Constitution Hill. Don't forget to visit Ceredigion Coast Path, a footpath on the coast of Ceredigion. Stroll the entire area and enjoy the amazing coast line and wildlife there.

Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

Nice place to visit and see the engineering marvel from a century ago.

This is a short ride to the top of the mountain.

The scenic beauty the train ride offers is commendable.

It's not too pricey, and it's a great slow relaxing trip up Constitution hill.

Address : Cliff Railway House, Cliff Terrace, Aberystwyth SY23 2DN, United Kingdom

Ceredigion Coast Path

One of the most beautiful place in the area.

The views are stunning and scenic.

The environment is very cool.

Don't forget to take pictures with a scenic view as a background.

Address : Aberystwyth, Llanrhystud SY23 2AG, United Kingdom


Aberystwyth Arts Centre is one of nicest spots to get captured. It is the largest art center in Wales and recognised as a national flagship for arts. Located in Penglais campus, this is becomes a production place for drama, dances, virtual arts and many more. To get nice gorgeous photo with nature scene, Constitution Hill is where you should go. Running between the town and coastal settlements, this attraction provides spectacular view of the town and Cardigan Bay.

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Fantastic place to walk around loads of interesting architecture.

Has some great talent and some surprisingly great, shows.

The host top class artists and stars as well as fabulous plays, films and dance.

There are lovely gift shops and a fabulous inexpensive eatery serving great hot and cold foods and meals.

Address : Aberystwyth University, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth SY23 3DE, United Kingdom

Constitution Hill

For everyone who needs something to do when visiting Aberystwyth.

Hiighly recommend catching the railway train up the to constitution hill.

The view is excellent, lovely ride up with the funicular railway.

There is a cafe that serves tea coffee, cakes.

Address : Aberystwyth SY23 2DN, UK