First Time Tourists Guide in Tbilisi, Georgia

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The city is famous for its Narikala Fortress, Mtatsminda Park, Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, and Royal baths..



Narikala Fortress is an ancient fortress with an amazing Tbilisi city view. This site is also known as Shuris Tsikhe (the Rival Fortress). This is a famous landmark with many spots you can explore. There are sulfur baths, botanical gardens, and St. Nicholas church, a replacement of the original 13th-century church that was destroyed by an earthquake.

Narikala Fortress

This place is a must go to all travelers seeking a complete 360° view of Tbilisi.

Address : Tbilisi, Georgia


Mtatsminda Park is an amusement park in downtown city. It's a perfect place to visit with family or friends. There are spectacular rides like Ferris wheel, roller coasters, and cable cars to enjoy. You can get amazing views from high rides here. Also, the park has good cafes to stop by. Visit this park between 10 AM and 10 PM.

Mtatsminda Park

Good place for strolling with friends and enjoy the amusement park with different attractions as well as the fresh air of Mtatsminda mountain.

Address : 9 ქაქუცა ჩოლოყაშვილის ქუჩა, Tbilisi, Georgia


Tbilisi is famous for its artsy stained glass and handmade souvenirs. You can find them at Gallery 27. The souvenirs are placed in one of the oldest buildings in the city, around 200 years old. It sells high-quality stuff you can bring home. Also, you can go to the Dry Bridge Market. This famous market is so artistic and cultural. They sell antiques from the Soviet era, paintings, and local souvenirs.

Gallery 27

One of the oldest buildings in Tbilisi around 200 years old, with the original glass decoration.

Address : N3 Betlemi St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia

Dry Bridge Market

This is a open air market in which stalls are set up, selling antique items, handicrafts, arts and crafts, and other knick-knacks.

Address : Tbilisi, Georgia


The most authentic food from Tbilisi is khachapuri. It's eggplant with walnut. Also, there are khinkali and Pkhali to try. You can find the foods at Georgian restaurants in the city like Zakhar Zakharich. It's a favorite eatery for locals. For drink, get yourself a bottle of Tbilisi's chacha.

Zakhar Zakharich

A cultural restaurant serving its delicious local cuisines tourists must try.

Address : 3 Right Bank, Mshrali Bridge, Tbilisi, Georgia


Most people in Tbilisi or Tiflis speak the Georgian language. Also, most of the people are Georgian Orthodox, but religion does not really impact the culture. Georgians are friendly and they treat foreigners as country's guests. Also, elders are very respected in Tbilisi. That's why they are introduced first when greeting. Keep in mind not to toast with beers. Georgians only toast with beer when they wish somebody bad luck. Toast when you're having wine or vodka.


May, June, or September is the best time to visit. It's when Tsibili weather is warm and pleasant to explore the city, especially for outdoor activities.


Kisi by Tbilisi Luxury Boutique Hotels is a bohemian hotel with wood-brick interiors. This artsy hotel is located a 15-minute walk from the Avlabari Subway Station and a 3-minute walk from the Narikala Fortress ruins. Also, you can stay at the Tbilisi Inn. This hotel is so modest and comfy to stay. It's also located near the metro station, The Bridge of Peace, and Liberty Square.

Kisi by Tbilisi Luxury Boutique Hotels

Superb boutique hotel with clean well appointed rooms, exceptional staff and a great breakfast.

Address : 17 Botanical St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia

Tbilisi Inn

Excellent location with breakfast good selection of food, nice views from terrace bar, close to old town and currency exchanges nearby, best take € or us$.

Address : 20 Metekhi St, Tbilisi 0103, Georgia


Come to Shavi Lomi to taste various authentic foods from Tbilisi. This restaurant has a homey vibe and warm space. Georgian menus are served here with great cocktails and wines. The best option to offer is khachapuri. You can go for dinner too at Barbarestan. It's a Georgian restaurant to experience eat like locals. Have delicious cuisines and fine drinks here. Don't forget to try its duck and roast beef menus.

Shavi Lomi

Typical old Georgian style house with tasty food, good service and a beautiful modern backyard.

Address : 28 Zurab Kvlividze St, Tbilisi, Georgia


One of the highlights of coming to Tbilisi and highly recommended.

Address : D. Aghmashenebeli ave. 132, Tbilisi 0112, Georgia


Gabriadze is a great cafe for late-nights. Not only coffee, but they also serve Georgian cuisines, wines, and ice creams. Also, the space is cozy to spend the night with your buddies. Don't forget to visit Coffeesta too. This cafe is perfect for having breakfast because they have delicious morning foods. The cappuccino is a must to order. Also, try its cakes and croissants.


Nice cozy space,authentic place with an interesting interior with famous Doll Theater accessories.

Address : 13 Ioane Shavteli St, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia


One of the best place for coffee in the heart of the city.

Address : 52 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia


MacLaren's Irish Pub is a popular Irish pub in Tbilisi. It has a great atmosphere and a huge space to hang out. There is karaoke and live music to enjoy while you are having cold beers and snacks. Another spot to go is Cafe Gallery. It's not a cafe but a night club. It's a famous place for having parties, especially for young people. It has great music, space for dancing, and tasty drinks to offer.

MacLaren's Irish Pub

Great place to enjoy quality beer with friends.

Address : 5 რკინის რიგის ქუჩა, Tbilisi 0105, Georgia

Cafe Gallery

Cafe Gallery obviously is well-staked in the cultural fabric of modern Tbilisi.

Address : 34 Alexander Griboedov St, Tbilisi, Georgia


Royal Baths is a historical bathhouse with hot pools, sulfur water, and massage service. This historical place is great to relax inside a unique building. You have plenty of time visiting this place because it opens from 8 AM until 12 AM. Also, come to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. It's an Orthodox Christian cathedral, a masterpiece of the Early and High Middle Ages. It's listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will see its amazing 11th-century decorations.

Royal Baths

The bath is a good think, but the place is very old, everything inside is very old.

Address : 8/1 Ioseb Grishashvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

This is the biggest and most important Religious center of Medieval Georgia.

Address : Narekvavi-Mtskheta-Railway Station, Mtskheta, Georgia


Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi is a Georgian Orthodox church, built from 1995 until 2004. This is a cool spot for taking photos. The building is so typical and cultural. You can get the view of local houses too. Also, come to Bridge of Peace. This bow-shaped bridge is an epic spot in Tbilisi. The bridge is built with steel, glass, and many LEDs. When taking pictures, don't forget to show the river too.

Bridge of Peace

Nice bridge in the middle of the old Tbilisi only for pedestrians.

Address : Tbilisi, Georgia

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Largest cathedral of Tbilisi and probably Georgia. On a hillock with marvellous views of the city. Large grounds and an imposing structure.

Address : Tbilisi, Georgia