Corfu: Best Things to Do

Photo by : Máté Markovics from Pixabay

Corfu is a city and also an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea

It’s defined by rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline

Corfu is known as one of the greenest islands in Greece

More than 2 million olive trees are on this island

Prepare yourself to explore some of the most beautiful places like Mon Repos Corfu, Archilleion, St

Spyridon Church, Angelokastro, and Mount Pantokrator

Make sure to try their favorite dishes like sofrito and grilled lamb while having their best drink, uzo



A great way to spend hours in Corfu is by visiting Old Fortress, Corfu. This Old Fortress has interesting architectures and each corner has a unique and rich history. The most beautiful of them all is the lighthouse at the top of the fort. While you’re on top, witness the stunning view of the city and the surrounding areas of the island. Go there in the first thing in the morning to have this place as your own. There aren’t really many people around so you can really feel the moment and enjoy the peacefulness of it.

Old Fortress, Corfu

Nice view from the top, could be challenging to get to the top

Address : Corfu 491 00, Greece


An interesting place you need to visit is Mon Repos, Corfu. This historical landmark is an elegant 19th-century villa that houses an archeological museum focusing on the area’s artifacts. This trip is even more exciting with the stupendous view of the sea. And what interesting is that this place is almost secret that not everyone really knows it. A hidden swimming spot with a long stone pier is also seen here. This is that kind of place that’s good for getting away from the busier parts of the island and yet still being relatively close to the center. There are also gardens around that look like a beautiful and peaceful jungle. You can even hear the birds singing. The ticket is not too expensive. You only pay for the museum, not for the gardens.

Mon Repos, Corfu

Historical place with a nice old architecture

Address : Dairpfela 16, Kerkira 491 00,Greece


Come here to Corfu Sandals and know the locals better. This place offers you many great shops, lots of souvenirs, and fun foods and restaurants. With the cheapness of the items, this shopping place is a very good recommendation for all the shopaholics out there. The sandals are as comfortable as walking on a soft carpet. It clearly isn’t complete for a traveler to not buy local’s things from a destination. This Sweet ‘N Spicy Shop is a good reference for all the sweet and spicy things. Ask anything to the owner. The owner, Ashley, is so knowledgeable about all the products here.

Corfu Sandals

Great shops with a complete items

Address : Φιλελλήνων 9, Kerkira 491 00, Greece

Sweet ‘N Spicy Shop

A must visit for people who cook as they will love this place - it holds a range of spices

Address : Agias Sofias 16, Kerkira 491 00, Greece


They have traditional dishes like sofrito (veal cooked in wine sauce, garlic and white pepper), grilled lamb, turkey soup Avgolemono and Pastitsada (veal or chicken meat cooked with fresh tomatoes, cinnamon, vine, onions, and different spices). Uzo and raki are the most famous drinks here. Uzo is a Greek aniseed vodka that goes great with seafood. While raki is a strong liquor, good to be served with honey and herbs. Don’t drink raki on a hot day, though.


Corfu has a spectacular coastline, verdant hills, and agreeable climate. It is also known as a cultural hub with a rich and fascinating history. Great artists have lived here over the centuries. Most of the people speak English, some very well, while others not much. Greek is also their official language. Many locals also speak some German and Italian.


April to May and September to November are the best time to visit Corfu. There’s never really a bad season in the Mediterranean, but you’ll find that the winter temperatures are too chilly to swim. Summer months, though, draws many tourists here.


A 5-star hotel, Grecotel Eva Place is one hell of a hotel. This hotel has everything you need. The view alone is excellent. The seashore is your every-day sight. The rooms are simply gorgeous, styled with simple touches of the Greece feelings, comfortable beds with the company of the breezy beach. Celebrate your wedding, honeymoon, or dining & parties here while having the great foods and services. This kind of hotel is the reason for an exciting holiday. Corfu Holiday Palace is another 5-star hotel to pamper your visit in this island. A hotel of luxurious and comfort surrounded by history and nature. It is setting in a lush of natural pine trees, cypresses, herbs, flowers, and a lovely private beach. Have a great time and enjoy their facilities like well-appointed rooms, restaurants and bars, pool and beach, conferences and events, great services, and so many more.

Grecotel Eva Place

romantic hotel

Address : Tzavros - Kommeno, Kerkira 490 83, Greece

Corfu Holiday Palace

what a beautiful hotel with good servers

Address : Nausikas str 2, Kanoni, Kerkira 491 00, Greece


Avli Restaurant Corfu has something special for you, the secrets of Greek taste. A garden of deliciousness awaits you at the parkland of Garitsa bay in Corfu town, introducing you to tasty dishes. This award-winning restaurant guaranteed you good quality of foods, politeness, and reasonable prices. Enjoy all the authentic and traditional dishes. Try their mouth-watering tzatziki dish and sit outside and enjoy the romantic vibes. Now it’s time to taste the other side of deliciousness, it’s in the tandoori bites, Indian Restaurant. The quality of their ingredients is simply the best. All the foods are served very freshly, immediately cooked after you order. A warm and friendly place, this restaurant has excellent menus like tandoori chicken tikka salad and indy mixed fresh green salad. Enjoy great spice ingredients from India.

Avli Restaurant Corfu

Very nice restaurant,cosy atmosphere

Address : Alkiviadou Dari 3 Garitsa, Corfu Kerkyra 491 00, Greece

the tandoori bites, Indian Resrtaurant

one of favorite restaurant wit a fantastic menu

Address : Eth. Antistaseos 16, Kerkira 491 00, Greece


A nice cafe near a park and a good place for relaxing while having tasteful coffee is called Josephine. It’s a very good-looking cafe with warm lighting. Literally feels like at home. Don’t forget to try the fun wine and their hot chocolate. It’s cheap and tasty, too. Café Liston is another cute cafe with a beautiful view of the old Corfu town. Great place to spend quality time with your loved ones while having good coffee or cocktail. Admire and don’t forget to take a picture of the amazing building. They have free Wi-Fi, too.


A nice cafe near park and a good place for relaxing while having tasteful coffee is called Josephine

It’s very good-looking cafe with warm lighting

Literally feels like at home

Don’t forget to try the fun wine and their hot chocolate

Address : Kerkiras 4, Kerkira 491 00, Greece

Café Liston

Café Liston is another cute cafe with beautiful view of the old Corfu town

Great place to spend quality time with your loved ones while having good coffee or cocktail

Admire and don’t forget to take a picture of the amazing building

Address : Kerkiras 10, Kerkira 491 00, Greece


Nothing is better than having a great time and partying at 02 Old School Rock Bar. This bar has that exciting vibes about it. Great baristas and best cocktail are for you to enjoy. The quality of the live music is unmissable. They also have a pool table. The place itself has a nice set and good lighting, perfect for your night party. Not enough of partying? WHY BAR is another great place for nightlife spots. The staff is a great help here. If you’re an English-speaking person, the staff will help you complete your wish by giving great options. The price and music are some of the best things in this bar. Enjoy and have a blast.

02 Old School Rock Bar

Nothing is better than having a great time and partying at 02 Old School Rock Bar

This bar has that exciting vibes about it

Great baristas and best cocktail are for you to enjoy

Address : Gouvia, Corfu 491 00, Greece


Not enough of partying? WHY BAR is another great place for nightlife spot

The staff is a great help here

If you’re an English-speaking person, the staff will help you complete your wish by giving great options

Address : Eth. Antistaseos 36, Kerkira 491 00, Greece


Visiting a country full of goddesses is not complete without visiting a place that has many Greek goddess sculptures in it. Come to Archilleion palace and admire its richly decorated rooms with furniture, paintings, and details from the life of Empress Sisi (Elisabeth). This palace has a stunning garden with valuable sculptures of Archilles and many Greek goddesses. The garden itself is full of colorful flowers. This palace is quite far from the city of Corfu, about 10 kilometers south, but the journey would definitely worth the effort. Don’t miss the chance to have the most exciting trip ever at Angelokastro, a Byzantine castle located at the top of the highest peak of Corfu’s shoreline in the northwest coast near Palaiokastritsa. It stands 1,000 ft on a step cliff above the sea. Get ready and prepare yourself to climb many steps, easy steps though. But once you’re on the top, nothing but an exceptional feeling you’d have. Have yourself in awe of this stunning ruin castle and the whole stupendous sea becomes your friend. This is absolutely a must-visit.


Absolutely beautiful and historic place to visit in Corfu

Address : Achilleio 490 84, Greece


amazing place to hike and chill

Address : Paleokastrites 490 83, Greece


Plan a hiking trip to Mount Pantokrator. Located in north-eastern Corfu, it’s known as the highest mountain (906 meters) on the island. At the summit, the entire Corfu can be seen, as well as Albania located near the island. This is your moment to take and create the most beautiful picture for your Instagram. You don’t want to miss the most famous church in Corfu as your destination. This St. Spyridon Church is a Greek Orthodox church that’s built in the 1580s. The relics of Saint Spyridon are very much seen in this church, and its bell tower is the highest in the Ionian Islands. Apart from the stunning landscape of the seas and gardens, the architecture of this church, the ceiling, and all the details are can also be great references for your Instagram feeds. Your camera will call you for all the close-ups in this church, simply because all the details of it are unmissable.

Mount Pantokrator

one of amazing tourism places with a pretty good views

Address : Thinali 490 83, Greece

St. Spyridon Church

one of historical places with a old bulding and architecture

Address : Αγίου Σπυρίδωνος 32, Kerkira 491 00, Greece