Helsingborg: Best Things to Do

Flickr.com - Photo by Blondinrikard Fröberg

Helsingborg is a city located in Scania, Sweden, a busy commercial and industrial town with a plenty of tourist destinations

The historic downtown is a worth exploring where you can find Helsingborg City Hall.

A brick tower, Kärnan is one of the most stunning landmarks to see and capture.

Meanwhile, you really won't miss the tour to popular mansion namely Sofiero Palace.

Let's explore this amazing city now!



Your days in Helsingborg are totally unforgettable by visiting a relaxing destination such as Tropical Beach. Known also as Parapetan, this is a popular beach with approximately 200-meter long sandy beach. It's close to the downtown, just next to the ferry port entrance. The beach will be filled with palm trees in every summer, making the beautiful combination of clear water and white sand. There are also wooden walkways, sun loungers, and a children's playground attached.

Tropical Beach

This popular urban beach is decorated with palm trees every summer & offers a laid-back restaurant.

It's a temperate climate and beautiful, offers gorgeous views of the glistening sea.

Address : Tropical Beach, Helsingborg, Sweden


The heart of the city is home to Helsingborg City Hall. The area sets not too far from the sea. You will find the neo-Gothic architecture of the town hall that dates back to 1870. Featuring a 65 meter-high tower and stained glass window, the building becomes one of the most eye-catching landmarks. A few walks from downtown is where Dunkers Culture Center exists. The place filled with art galleries, special exhibitions, as well as tourist information centers. Numerous international music, theater, dances, and festivals are often held here.

Helsingborg City Hall

An impressive town hall built in neo-Gothic style in 1897.

Full of friendly people and many wonderful historical things.

Address : Drottninggatan 2, 251 89 Helsingborg, Sweden


You will not get confused to choose wht kind of gifts you'll bring back home. The city offers dozens place for your shopping experience. Head to Souvenir shop Helsingborg and hunt local crafts, cute stuffs, t-shirt, bags, and many more. It lies in the strategic location, just few minutes walks from city center.

Souvenir shop Helsingborg

Souvenir shop offers a wide unique souvenirs selection of Helsingborg.

A must-stop store with affordable prices and friendly stuff.

Address : Prästgatan 6, 252 24 Helsingborg, Sweden


Swedish cuisine will definitely satisfy your culinary experience. You can try dishes like Knäckebröd, a slice of crisp bread or Marinated Salmon with Dill Potatoes. When you go on Christmas, do not skip to taste Jansson’s frestelse, a classic Swedish Christmas dish consist of potato and anchovy casserole.


As the oldest cities in the Nordic region, Helsingborg boasts a rich culture that you may see through its historical sites. The city also has numerous popular festivals such as Festival of light, rose festival and many more. People of Helsingborg come from many different countries, with Iraq as the dominant.


The perfect months to visit Helsingborg is between February and April. There will be minimum rainfall, means you can explore the beauty of Helsingborg in a very comfortable weather.


Staying in the city center is the best option where most of the accommodation is mid-range properties. Clarion Grand Hotel, for example, offers you a traditional feel when you stay in its elegant room. Interestingly, if you want to go shopping, the main shopping street is the right next door and 5 minutes walk to the ferry spot. Another option is V Hotel Helsingborg, a 4-star hotel located near historical Kärnan. Housed in a 19th-century building, the hotel offers boutique-style rooms with a mixture of antique and modern decor.

Clarion Grand Hotel Helsingborg

Esteemed 1920's lodging with a spa, a sophisticated restaurant/bar & free breakfast.

Come with warmly decorated, the elegant rooms provide great facilities.

Address : Stortorget 8, 252 23 Helsingborg, Sweden


Olsons skafferi should be listed on your itinerary. It's a nice place to try Helsingborg's local delicacies. This is a downtown small restaurant but has a great reputation for its excellent menu. Several truffle dishes and tasty carbonara will make your mouth watering. Another recommendation is Restaurang Creo. It's a cozy restaurant offering creative and savory dishes at affordable prices. You can have European, Swedish and Scandinavian cuisines here.

Olsons skafferi

Long-established eatery serving hearty Italian fare in homey quarters with exposed-brick walls.

They serve delicious bruschetta toast with ham, cheese, and vegetables.

Address : Mariagatan 6, 252 23 Helsingborg, Sweden

Restaurang Creo

A homey restaurant to enjoy fantastic menus.

Preserved perfectly and details added to create a cozy environment.

Address : Bruksgatan 18, Postadress Möllegränden 8, 252 23 Helsingborg, Sweden


Espresso House Bruksgatan HBG is a cozy place to stop for a day trip break. It has excellent location in old town. There are plenty of space that usually full of students dong their work done. The cafe offers nice coffee selection, latte, and snacks. Waynes Coffee also a nice spot to go for having relaxing coffee. Situated just 5 minutes walk from the city hall, the cafe offers nice outdoor seating to enjoy the busy surrounding.

Waynes Coffee

Waynes Coffee has the most natural meeting place and an assortment of high-quality products.

Enjoy the best organic selection and healthy menu.

Address : Järnvägsgatan 11, 252 24 Helsingborg, Sweden


Situated on the waterfront, The Tivoli - Bar, Mat & Live will truly let you enjoy fun nightlife activity in Helsingborg. Besides offering a huge selection of beers, the bar is home to several live music performances. It really gives you a party vibe and great to hang out. Skip Kitchen & Bar is an entertaining place to enjoy brilliant craft beers. It also serves a nice meal to complete the drinks.

The Tivoli - Bar, Mat & Live

Fantastic bar for spending your night live with friends.

Enjoy entertainment and live music on great venue.

Address : Köpenhamnskajen 1, 252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden

Skip Kitchen & Bar

A laid-back bar with a superb selection of beer.

Enjoy drinks while feeling like home.

Address : Drottninggatan 30, 252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden


About 5 kilometers north of Helsingborg, Sofiero Palace stands in one of Europe's most beautiful parks. It was once a Swedish family's mansions. The building was constructed in 1864 and now boasting a rich history of the royal family. A very large garden of various plant life is the major attraction from this site. Fredriksdal Open-Air Museum also gives you a worthwhile experience. This museum features old countryside houses, outdoor theater, 18th-century Frediksdal mansion, a Music museum, and many more. Make sure to explore all of these stunning spots

Sofiero Palace

Former summer residence of the Swedish royal family, with famous flower-filled gardens, plus tours.

Address : Sofierovägen 131, 252 84 Helsingborg, Sweden


The amazing Romanesque architecture of St. Mary Church is one of the most favorite spots for photography. Built around the 12th century, the church is listed as one of the city's oldest buildings. It has beautiful stained glass, interior decoration, and the pulpit is dating back to 1615. Kärnan also boasts a photographic spot for every visitor. This is a brick tower with 35 meter-high built in the 14th century. You can find Slottshagen, a beautiful park with sculpture beyond the site.

St. Mary Church

An old church with the grave stones on the floor are impressive.

Lots of picturesque spots.

Address : Mariagatan 8B, 252 23 Helsingborg, Sweden


A surviving 35-meter tower from a medieval castle, with narrow stairs & stunning views from the top.

Address : Slottshagsgatan, 250 07 Helsingborg, Sweden