Zadar: Best Things to Do

Zadar, Croatia - Photo by betahydri from Pixabay

Zadar is a Croatian city located near to the Adriatic Sea. It's famous for the breathtaking piece of Roman architecture and sunsets view from the beaches.

To well start your traveling days in Zadar, it would be great to explore the Roman side of the city at Roman Forum.

See and catch the most beautiful sunset in the world at Greeting to the Sun with the natural music background from Sea Organ.

Visit St. Donatus’ Church and adore the unique circular Byzantine-style architecture.

Try Croatian Lamb Peka during your traveling in Zadar.



Welcome to Zadar. To well start your traveling days in Zadar, it would be great to explore the Roman side of the city at the Roman Forum. Roman Forum is an iconic rectangular plaza located right in the center of Zadar. Visitors and locals love to walk around and take some good snaps here. You can find many beautiful sculptures with special lighting and decoration here and there in the park. Close to the Roman Forum, you will also spot some Roman temples and government buildings.

Roman Forum.

A public space, since the Ancient Roman time.

It's an open air museum with many historical relics.

Greatly designed space in which they fit both St.Donat and Sv.Stosija.

The place is popular among local and also tourists with many park benches and some part has shadows from the trees.

Address : 23000, Zadar, Croatia


In downtown Zadar, you can tour around in the city's quiet marble streets. Or you can take a boat ride to travel around the Old Town. The downtown Zadar is filled with impressive Roman ancient walls and buildings. One of the places you can hop by is the Museum of Ancient Glass. This museum is one of Zadar's new attractions dedicated to collect the glass that didn't break during the great earthquake. They exhibit the premium collections of Roman glassware replicas.

Museum of Ancient Glass

Beautiful museum with modern ambience.

Lots of interesting history, and a cool glass blowing demonstration.

Interesting objects of ancient glass, outline description in English.

If you are lucky enough to be there at the time of the glassblowing workshops, it will blow your mind.

Super nice employees who are very helpful.

Address : 23000, Zadar, Croatia


Supernova Zadar is the largest shopping center in Zadar. Here you can find what you need in daily from local to international brands. You can just stroll around browsing for some stores with stunning architecture in the shopping mall.

Supernova Zadar

Biggest shopping mall in Zadar and surrounding area, with everything you need on one place.

Has all the big retail outlets and is extremely clean and well laid out.

There are a lot of jewelry desks and stores with some nice and affordable watches in case you are in need of any.

Tourist friendly and easy to walk through.

Address : Ul. Akcije Maslenica 1, 23000, Zadar, Croatia


During your traveling in Zadar, you should try Croatian Lamb Peka. It's a dish made of lamb mixed with vegetables and potatoes cooked in a large pot with olive oil. It's originally cooked with hot coals on an open outdoor fireplace, but now some restaurants use an oven to cook the dish. Zadar is beautiful, so does the taste of food here. They are tasty.


Zadar may be less popular than the other Roman cities like Split or Dubrovnik. But, the city is just as beautiful. You can explore the iconic Venetian heritage everywhere in the city. Zadar is also famous for its dance music festivals. Monopoly Festival is one of the festivals that is worth to witness. It's a contemporary dance festival performed by Croatian and foreign dancers. It's usually held in August at the several chosen locations.


Zadar has a Mediterranean climate which is hot in summer and cold in winter. You can plan your trip to Zadar in the Autumn seasons. With a moderate temperature and less crowded time, you can maximize your trip to the city.


Set in Zadar Old Town, Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel is a stylish boutique hotel that offers you a chic room decorated with colorful artwork and complete facilities. There is also a beautiful restaurant with garden views here. Another recommendation place to stay in Zadar is Tequila Bar Hostel. It is the best fit if you want to save up your budget in the city. They provide a comfortable stay during your trip to Zadar. Every unit in the house provides a seating area and a flatscreen tv. Buffet breakfast is available during your stay here.

Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel

It is a small beautifully furnished and decorated hotel in historic building in old town Zadar.

Interesting modern tastefully arranged comfortable room in attached building.

Lovely glass breakfast room with breakfast buffet beautifully set out and a lovely organic flair both with shower goods and breakfast.

Fabulous wine selection and charming garden make it more comfortable to stay.

Friendly staff are helpful and accommodating.

Address : Ul. Braće Bersa 2, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

Tequila Bar Hostel

Excellent and wonderful hostel in center of old town.

It has a kitchen (not many utensils), tv and a couch that creates a nice atmosphere.

Comfortable beds, spacious and warm female dorm.

If you're a long term traveler, this is the perfect place to relax a couple of days.

Address : Ul. fra Šimuna Klimantovića 1, 23000, Zadar, Croatia


Pet Bunara is a local favorite restaurant. Here you can enjoy dining with traditional Adriatic cuisines. This restaurant is known to serve their dish with old recipes and only sourcing the ingredients from local produces. As a specialty, you can try ts steak or fish fillets. Another good spot to eat in Zadar is Konoba Malo Misto. This olf-running restaurant combines traditional and modern touch to their restaurant. They proudly serve the local fare prepared and cooked in the traditional way of charcoal grilling.

Pet Bunara

An absolute gem of a restaurant.

Lovely their beef dish with homemade pasta and the filled squid.

The charcoaled bread tastes interestingly great as well.

Attentive staff, wonderful food, and reasonable prices.

Address : Stratico ul. 1, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

Konoba Malo Misto

A very nice place to eat during your visit in croatia, excellent quality.

The food is very tasty, good atmosphere, and great service.

It has the best pasta and grill in Zadar.

Address : Ul. Jurja Dalmatinca 3, 23000, Zadar, Croatia


Need caffeine effect to boost up your mood? The Cogito Coffee Shop Zadar will fulfill it. They claim to serve coffee only with good quality. This cafe has a casual setting with a patio and also indoor seating. If you choose to sit on the terrace, you can experience drinking coffee in Roman vibes. But if you are craving for dessert, Art Kavana is where you should head. This cafe has a beautiful interior of all-white color and dim warm light. They have a tasty selection of the most delicious cakes and pastries in town. Both the decoration and the menus are as tasty!

Cogito Coffee Shop / Zadar

Delicious & a fun spot for people watching.

Cogito has delicious specialty coffee & the barista Hrvoje is knowledgeable & attentive.

They also offer a range of domestic craft beers, cocktails and long drinks.

Great location with fast WiFi and good outdoor seating.

Address : Poljana Pape Aleksandra III 3, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

Art Kavana

The loveliest cafe, thoughtfully decorated, so it is a pretty space one enjoys being in.

One is sure to find something tempting amidst their variety of cakes.

The souffle cake is like an airy, fluffy cheesecake, with a slightly crisp layer on top.

The staff are so helpful and explain all the details about the deserts.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes good coffee and cakes.

Address : Ul. Bartola Kašića 1, 23000, Zadar, Croatia


Spend your night at Yachting Bar. It's a popular night club for live music in Zadar. Feel the intimate atmosphere and dance to the DJ music performances here. On the rooftop bar, you can also drink with the view of a marina and sea. If you visit Yachting Bar during the day, you will find this place quite chill as a cafe bar. Another local club you can visit in Zadar is Deja Brew Pub. This bar is perfect for you if you want to enjoy hand-crafted cocktails or whiskeys. They really have a good selection of refreshing drinks here. On certain days, you can enjoy live acoustic music performances here.

Yachting Bar

A huge, nicely decorated bar with a good location.

It has a huge terrace which is beautiful lit by colored lights at night, inside is also nice.

They serve awesome cocktails also their coffees are also great.

At least the staff is efficient and attentative.

Address : Obala kneza Domagoja 1, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

Deja Brew Pub

Vibrate bar with a good selection of drinks and friendly staff.

Massive selection of whiskies, gin and beer.

Fantastic atmosphere especially when they have live music.

Address : Borelli ul. 8, 23000, Zadar, Croatia


For a memorable traveling experience, visit St. Donatus’ Church. It's the symbol of Zadar and also the largest Pre-Romanesque church you will ever find in Croatia. This church has a beautiful architecture of unusual circular Byzantine-style from the 13th century. Even it's now closed for service, but you can tour around to adore the building architecture from the past. Some events like concerts and art exhibitions are also held here. Another Zadar's beauty that's worth your visit is the Land Gate. It is one of the famous gates of the walls along the border of Zadar. Once used as the main entrance to Zadar, this monument presents the historical side of the city.

St. Donatus’ Church

Magnificent monument set in the centre of the city and the backdrop of the sea.

Fascinating to see that the recently exposed founations are in fact large chunks of Roman fluted columns and carved masonry.

Lovely roof structure and gallery at the top of the stairs, worth the climb.

There is a lot of street music and street souvenir sellers.

Address : Trg Svete Stošije 3, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

Land Gate Zadar

Impressive-looking historical monument.

The goal of this magnificent door is to be able to enter at best.

And also you can go by the sea following city walls and then go around peninsula.

Address : Trg pet bunara 1, 23000, Zadar, Croatia


Who doesn't love a sunset? See and catch the most beautiful sunset in the world at Greeting to the Sun. It is a light installment of the sun panels that absorbs light from the sun in daylight. Then, when sunsets and the sky gets darker, the installment will transform into an amazing light show. Near to the installment, you will also spot the Sea Organ. It is a sound art object of marble stairs down to the sea. It is designed with a system if resonating tubes located underneath that can result in harmonic sounds of nature. With the winds and waves sweeping, the stairs play the beautiful natural music.

Sea Organ

One of the most awesome and creative places.

These sea organs offer some amazing views on the sea and interesting sound.

Recommend to go in the mornings to have a better experience,sunset is also really beautiful.

The solar panels on the floor capture energy and supply electricity to the entire water front of Zadar old town.

Address : Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

Greeting to the Sun

One of the most instagrammable spots to be at sunset.

It’s an engineering marvel, full of solar panels that stores energy in the day, and emits light in the night.

Spectacular view on the sunset and amazing show of lights in the art installation connected to the nature.

Must see in Zadar, definitely.

Address : Istarska obala, 23000, Zadar, Croatia