Szeged: Best Things to Do - Photo by Pedro Lozano

Szeged is the third largest city of Hungary, it is also considered the largest city and regional centre of the Southern Great Plain and the county seat of Csongrád-Csanád county.

There are several popular tourist attractions you might visit like Móra Ferenc Museum.

At downtown, you can visit Szeged Zoo as considered as the biggest zoo in Hungary.

Take the opportunity by visiting Sunshine Aquapolis Szeged to see the panoramic views of the city of Szeged.

Complete your Instagram feed by take some pictures at Sinagoge Szeged. It will never dissapoint you!



Móra Ferenc historical center is housed in a neoClassical royal residence preceded by great Corinthian columns. It is home to a diverse collection of exhibits dedicated to archaeology, ethnography, the characteristic sciences and so on. The gallery also has fascinating temporary exhibitions.

Móra Ferenc Museum

Famous Szeged museum, hosting numerous exhibits since the 19th century.

A lovely building contains permanent exhibits as well, mostly on local history and tradition in Szeged county.

A lot of info, interactive robotic dinosaurs emitting sounds and even a playground for kids.

The recent permanent exhibitions are also very well made.

Address : Szeged, Roosevelt tér 1-3, 6720 Hungary


The biggest zoo in Hungary has received visitors since 1989. Although it is found just 2.5 km from the focal point of the city of Szeged, it is situated in the natural habitat. Oak Forest and Lake Sancer guarantee a lovely and relieving experience all alone. However, animal collections offer fascinating experiences, since visitors can see some true interest alongside zoo favorites, such as: lions, giraffes, meerkats, and Asian elephants (the last from May 2018). In addition, the Zoo completes extraordinary conversation and educational activities in the region.

Szeged Zoo

If you are in Szeged, this is a must see.

Lots of diverse Flora and Fauna, great value for your money and excellent for children.

Its really a treat to experience giraffes, elephants, cheetas and pinguins for the first time.

There is a rich wildlife collection in the park set in different themes.

Address : Szeged, Cserepes sor 47, 6725 Hungary


Hazavarázs Gift Shop offers several products which you can purchase during your visit to Szeged. They have domestic delicates, crafts, gift ideas, handicraft ceramics, hand painted products. Ajándéktá Kft. offers unique items which you can customize whatever you want. You can see their catalogs and choose from a thousand products that are the best for you like stationary, home or kitchen accessories, electronic or leisure products.

Hazavarázs Gift Shop

If you want to get best experience of your shopping,come to Hazavarázs Gift Shop.

From the gift items to the reception by the host/owner of the shop is simply amazing.

There is a wide variety of souvenir and other products like honey, tea and the locally famous Paprika.

The best part is the shop owner who is very motivated and helpful.

Address : Szeged, Feketesas u. 17, 6720 Hungary

Ajándéktá Kft.

The greatest gift shop with great collections.

There are many collections of clothes,shopping bags,and many more.

The staff is friednly.

Address : Szeged, Csaplár Benedek u. 4, 6724 Hungary


Hungarian Lecsó is probably the most popular dish which is available in several countries and it has their own version of this meal (for example French ratatouille). Hungarian Lecsó is basically a vegetable stew produced using tomatoes, yellow peppers and onions. Vegetables are prepared with salt and paprika powder. Meat sweethearts frequently put hotdogs in their lecsó, yet the first version of this food is made without meat. Lecsó is generally presented with bread and a scoop of sharp cream. Pálinka is probably the most popular Hungarian mixed drink. It is a strong shot, traditionally from various types of natural products like plums, pears, peaches, cherries, grapes and so on. Pálinka is often presented both before eating and after finishing a dinner.


The rich culture of Hungary is quite strong in folk traditions and has its own particular style, influenced by the different ethnic groups including the Roma people. Music of all kinds, from classical to folk, is a significant part of regular daily life, just like the nation's rich artistic legacy.


The best times to visit Szeged for ideal weather are on April 23rd to October 7th.


Novotel Szeged is a four-star riverside comfort hotel on the banks of the Tisza, and it's just a short walk from centre. Enjoy the incredible view by the great river and city views from your balcony. There are several facilities and excellent amenities you might like such as pets allowed, free internet access, wheelchair accessible, laundry service. Science Hotel is the southern plains in the heart of the cultural and academic center which is located in the heart of the city Szeged. The hotel has around 43 rooms including 7 different kinds of rooms from standard and executive.

Novotel Szeged

The hotel is located close to river, which offer a beautiful view over the river and the city.

The hotel is very clean, with a comfortable bed.

Breakfast is outstanding, with high quality and diverse food.

All hotel employees are friendly and helpful.

Address : Szeged, Maros u. 1, 6721 Hungary

Science Hotel

Perfect stay for family, located near the city center.

The room big and the beds extra large.

Absolutely excellent breakfast selection in the restaurant.

The staff is helpful and accommodating.

Address : Szeged, Petőfi Sándor sgrt. 17, 6722 Hungary


Régi Híd Restaurant is where you can taste of traditional Hungarian cuisine. There are several menu offerings you might try such as soups, main course, salads, pickles, garnishes, and etc. The restaurant is open on Monday to Sunday at 11.30 to 11 p.m. Kiskőrössy Fish Csárda is suitable for family dinner or other special occasions like corporate events, weddings, business lunches and dinner which can accommodate the following number of guests in rooms or the garden. In addition, Kiskőrössy Fish Csárda is well known for the most atmospheric fishing tavern in the country which serves typical Szeged fish dishes.

Régi Híd Restaurant

It is a very beautifully designed restaurant.

They offer the menu in Hungarian, English, and German.

All the foods are absolutely delicious and the portions are plentiful.

The waiters are very friendly and understand multiple languages.

Address : Szeged, Oskola u. 4, 6720 Hungary

Kiskőrössy Fish Csárda

The restaurant is next to the river Tisza, with Windows looking at the river.

The menu is all about local fish, prepared in every possible way.

Definitely the best catfish goulash, fish soup is full of fish, all food is fresh.

The waiters are super helpful and patient, they speak English very well.

Address : Szeged, Felső Tisza-Part 336, 6727 Hungary


Suti Nem Suti is such a fresh local cafe which serves sweet cakes, coffee, and tea. This cafe is located in the city center that is close to the University's law faculty in Szeged. Dock Cafe is located in the center at Karasz utca which is good to spend here with your buddies. Actually, this cafe is crowded with students. You can order the classic Italian coffee as the popular menu here. You can also use free internet access to stay in touch with your other friends.

Suti Nem Suti

Hands down, Suti nem suti is the best place for coffee and Hungarian style cakes, pastries.

The place is cosy with outdoor seating.

Extremely delicious home made cakes in a stylish decoration with relaxing atmosphere.

Staff here are friendly and will patiently explain or answer any question.

Address : Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 44, 6720 Hungary

Dock Cafe

One of the best places to have a breakfast a fresh and a nice coffee in the morning.

Good for studying or working as well in a relaxing atmoshpere.

Good variety of options on the coffee menu with savoury and sweet eats on offer.

Excellent value-to-price ratio with speedy and accomodating staff in downtown.

Address : Szeged, Kárász u. 3, 6720 Hungary


Malata is the place where you not only have fun but, there are several foods and especially beer to accompany your night. This would be a great idea if you come with your buddies while enjoying the garden and surroundings and try traditional Hungarian cuisines. The Nyugi Garden is a famous place among the students of Szeged, opposite the TIK, awaits those wishing to relax with a guaranteed addictive atmosphere, varied programs and unique gastronomes, as well as a huge selection of drinks.


Absolutely favourite bar, most importantly amazing craft beer.

Very tasty Szeged Burger with pulled beef and a hungarian style spicy dressing.

Also the wheat beer (Weizenbier) is very good.

The ambiance is incredible and staff are pretty attentive.

Address : Szeged, Somogyi u. 13, 6720 Hungary

Nyugi Garden

One of the best place in Szeged to hangout with friends.

Prices of the alcohols are pretty cheap.

You just chill with your friends accompanied by a glass of beer and talk about world changing ideas.

Address : Szeged, Vitéz u. 28, 6722 Hungary


Sunshine Aquapolis Szeged surely gives you an opportunity to gather and have fun with your whole family. The most attractive elements of the facility are around 223 and 272 m long including a 30 m high tower accessible by elevator. 13 slides with a total length of 1000 meters ensure the joy of sliding for adventure lovers. Don't miss the panoramic view of the city of Szeged from the 30m high slide tower.

Sunshine Aquapolis Szeged

Big aqua entertainment park with lot of fun for kinds.

The kids pool has small slides and is conveniently located near the dressing rooms.

It’s inside and outside pools, with cold and warm water, also you can find some saunas.

You can pay cash/card, they understand english and maybe a little romanian.

Address : Szeged, Szent-Györgyi Albert u. 2, 6726 Hungary


Synagogue Szeged is the most incredible dome which symbolizes the world. Take a look to the interior, there are four Hebrew words above the four marble columns which means lake, learning, and the practice of charity. The 24 columns of the dome drum are open 24 hours a day. In addition, the altar also includes the menorahs, the special raised area also includes the menorahs, the seven-fanned candles, the precursors of which remained in the asylum of Jerusalem, which was crushed by the Roman emperor Titus in 70 AD. The center ones are overlaid and decorated with semi-valuable stones. Over the special stepped area rises a little arch, which is a simplified copy of the dome of the building.

Sinagoge Szeged (Szeged Synagogue)

Impressive piece of architecture and history.

Reading about the symbols used in the stained glass windows brings the whole place to life.

A magnificent building overall, that is worth to take a look at.

Address : Szeged, Jósika u. 10, 6722 Hungary