Tangerang: Best Things to Do

Image by Safran Nasution from Flickr - Photo by Safran Nasution

Tangerang is a city in the western border of Jakarta known for the third-largest city center in the metropolitan area.

No journey in Tangerang is complete without visiting the stunning Ocean Park BSD Serpong.

The famous food to taste in this city is Tangerang Laksa.

Come and visit Scientia Square Park. It's a green park with many outdoor activities you can do at this park.

Scroll down to know other great places to visit in Tangerang.



Take your time and explore the beauty of Scientia Square Park. This park is a good place to spend the weekend and Saturday night with the family. Here you can hang out with your kids with green grass, water fountain, trampoline, skatepark, rabbits, buffalo, pony ride, and more.

Scientia Square Park

The best place to hang out with your kids.

There is a beautiful park in this area where you can see some funny animals.

There are water fountain, trampoline, skatepark, rabbits, buffalo, pony etc.

So many foods around this area, cafes, near from apartment and university, great place to take some photos with your family.

Address : Jl. Scientia Boulevard, Curug Sangereng, Kec. Klp. Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810


Tangerang downtown is displayed by a beautiful lake. DANAU CIPONDOH is a natural lake tourism destination in Tangerang. The place is cool, lots of big trees and shady. This lake is a romantic place especially at Saturday night. In addition, many are selling various foods and drinks, snacks, fruit sellers are also there.


Such a natural tourism destination.

A romantic place especially at saturday night.

You also can bring your fishing gear.

Parking lots, food courts, and some facilities including the games on the lake.

Address : Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari No.2, RT.003/RW.001, Cipondoh, Kec. Cipondoh, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15148


PD. Pasar Anyar is a famous traditional market in Tangerang. This market offers all daily needs available here such as vegetables, meats, fish and more. Another place to find a gift to bring your home is Summarecon Mall Serpong. Summarecon Mall Serpong is a huge shopping mall in Tangerang. This shopping mall has several wide varieties of products such as fashion, accessories, and more.

PD. Pasar Anyar

One of the popular and big traditional markets in Tangerang.

The products are varied and their qualities are quite good.

A lot of local item such as clothes can be found here as well as fruits and agricultural product.

You can buy fresh meat and spices from here.

Address : Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani, RT.002/RW.004, Sukaasih, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15111

Summarecon Mall Serpong

One of the most popular and biggest malls for hangout in Tangerang.

Many options for shopping clothes, garments, and shoes.

Culinary tenants are also available on first floor and on the highest floor.

The outdoor space is wide with so many tables and live music performance at night.

Address : Gading Serpong, Sentra, Jl. Boulevard Raya Gading Serpong, Klp. Dua, Kec. Klp. Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810


Have a wonderful culinary tour of Tangerang cuisines with the wonderful taste of Indonesian dishes. Tangerang Laksa is a typical famous food in Tangerang. This food made from noodles, green beans, meat, and chives.


Tangerang is blessed with its cultural and artistic richness. You can witness many cultures shows with Sundanese, Javanese, Betawi, Chinese, Arabic, and other cultures influences in the city. The culture that offers this city is Cisadane Lenggang Dance, Gambang kromong, Lenong, and Barongsai.


The best time to visit Tangerang is between May to October. It's the perfect time to see the amazing sights and do outdoor activities in Tangerang because the weather is so pleasant.


Plan your trip and book a hotel near to your tour destinations. Novotel Tangerang is located in the city center, this hotel offers Wi-Fi, flat-screens, and minibars, plus tea and coffeemakers, sofabeds, and glass-enclosed bathrooms with privacy screens. It takes 2 km from both Tanah Tinggi train station. Another hotel to stay in Tangerang is Golden Tulip Essential Tangerang. This hotel located 4 km from both Cipondoh Lake and the Benteng Heritage Museum. Every room in the hotel offers free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs.

Novotel Tangerang

One of the best hotel in Tangerang city.

The building itself is beautiful with stunning views.

The rooms are clean and spacious and the pool is beautiful at night.

The breakfast is perfect with a lot of variations.

The service is excellent especially at the restaurant.

Address : Tangcity Superblock, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No.1, RT.001/RW.005, Babakan, Tangerang, Tangerang City, Banten 15117

Golden Tulip Essential Tangerang

It is coolest hotel for your holiday in Tangerang.

The location is convenient with excellent amanities.

It has clean and modern rooms,and unique swimming pool.

The breakfast is outstanding with delicious dishes.

Staff is friendly and helpful.

Address : Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 9, Cikokol, Sukasari, Kecamatan Tangerang, Sukasari Kecamatan Tangerang, RT.006/RW.013, Sukasari, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15118


Tangerang city has a wide selection of amazing restaurants for you. One of the famous restaurants with a tasty menu that you can stop by is Bandar Djakarta Alam Sutera. It's a seafood restaurant where you can enjoy dining in a relaxing garden setting. But if you are looking for a restaurant with more selections of the menu, Bhinneka Resto is where to go. This is the International Padang resto, all Padang cuisine they serve.

Bandar Djakarta Alam Sutera

A seafood restaurant with special discount from Monday to Thursday.

Food is great and delicious, various delicate dessert, and they have beer.

Generous portions, great taste and freshly cooked seafood.

You can choose your own fish, crabs, shrimps and others.

Address : Kav. 6 Flavor Bliss, Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard No.3, Serpong, Kec. Serpong, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325

Bhinneka Resto

This is the International Padang resto.

Delicious authentic Padang food, comfortable restaurant, spacious parking area and reasonable price.

They also serve other indonesian food that you can try.

The waiters are attentive and superb.

Address : Jalan Imam Bonjol No. 21 Lippo Village Karawaci, RT.003/RW.004, Panunggangan Bar., Kec. Cibodas, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15139


Tangerang has numerous cafes with great vibes and settings. You can stop by and take a rest from your long trip to Turning Point Coffee. Definitely worth visiting feels like you're in a sea on a wooden ship setting. Paris-Lyon Cafe has Delicious with reasonable Price and nice ambiance. This cafe is the right place to interact with your buddies while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Turning Point Coffee

The cafe is so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Clean, sleek, modern design dominated with beige and white colour.

They offer best coffee and milkshakes.

Try their home blend coffee for Americano.

Definitely worth visiting, feels like you're in a sea on a wooden ship setting.

Address : Ruko Golden 8 Extension Blok G No. 5, Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara, Pakulonan Barat, Serpong, Pakulonan Bar., Kec. Klp. Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810

Paris-Lyon Cafe

Such a cool cafe with authentic Indonesian dishes.

The food is very diverse in Indonesian specialties and flavors with good taste and interesting presentation.

The coffee is outstanding and another delicious food.

The place is clean with waiters who are always swift and friendly, with unique classic models.

Address : Allium Hotel Tangerang's Lobby, Jalan Benteng Betawi No.88, Tanah Tinggi, Tangerang, RT.005/RW.015, Tanah Tinggi, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15148


What kind of night you would spend in Tangerang? If you are looking for the best place for pleasant drinking, Enigma offers a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy drinking in a local vibe. Wooden Bar Serpong is a great place to hang out with friends or your beloved one. They serve good cocktails and various beer. Live acoustic music comes every Thursday till Saturday.

Enigma Tangerang

One of the best clubs where you can get around gading serpong area.

Ambience is cool and this place is recomended for casual dinning with family / friends.

friendly girls, beverages, alcohol.

Address : Jl. Boulevard Raya Gading Serpong, Pakulonan Bar., Kec. Klp. Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810

Wooden Bar Serpong

If you want to spend your weekend with your gank while drinking beers, just go to this place.

Great ambience, live music, great choices of beer brand.

They also have soju there.

Plenty of outdoor seatings.

Address : Pasar Modern Paramount Blok H No.18, Curug Sangereng, Kec. Klp. Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810


Ocean Park BSD Serpong is a water park. It's nice water recreation. What a fun experienced being here. Great place yo spent the whole day with your kids. Another interesting place in Tangerang is Benteng Heritage Museum. This is a museum showing the Chinese heritage, customs, and artifacts.

Ocean Park BSD Serpong

Excellent place for family recreations.

Very complete pool, from baby pool until palace pool with wave, and many spot for a lot of fun.

There are a trampoline, a flying fox, and so many slides here.

Not allowed to bring drinks and food from outside but they provide cafe and restaurants inside with reasonable price.

Address : CBD Area, Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, Lengkong Gudang, Kec. Serpong, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15310

Benteng Heritage Museum

Nice place to learn about Old Tangerang and Chinese culture.

Real heritage from hundreds years ago, with interesting stories inside.

The tour guide is also informative

Address : Jalan Cilame No. 18&20, RT.001/RW.004, Pasar Lama, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15118


Taman Potret is a must-visit in Tangerang. Taman Potret is a beautiful park. It provides kids with playing arena and some interesting objects, which you can take pictures with. Kampung Bekelir is another famous park or village in Tangerang. This place is a new thematic park attraction in Tangerang. Enjoy the many various murals with colorful vibes.

Taman Potret

It's a really nice place to spend time with family or beloved one.

It provides kids playing arena and some interesting objects, which you can take picture with.

There are some food stands here, which deliver you many kind of food with cheap price.

The view is good, with lots of instagramable spot and good lighting, you'll have dozens of photo stocks.

Address : RT.001/RW.005, Babakan, Tangerang, Tangerang City, Banten 15118

Kampung Bekelir

One of the thematic villages in the city of Tangerang.

But,this one is the most unique, beautiful, and colorful with a variety of murals and ornaments.

It is suitable for taking pictures.

It becomes one of the tourist destinations that is cheap, comfortable, and cool, and easily accessible.

Address : RT.001/RW.001, Babakan, Tangerang, Tangerang City, Banten 15118