First Time Tourists Guide in Madikeri

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Coorg or Madikeri is located among imposing mountains in Karnataka with a serene atmosphere

Raja's Seat is a popular park in the city that features an overviewing green valleys and hills from a high.

If you love trekking, Tadiandamol Hill is definitely must visit.

Bustling with breathtaking scenery and green spaces, Abbi Falls is the most popular attraction of the Coorg where you can see a natural waterfall located between coffee plantations and spice estates.

Let's explore this amazing city!



Coorg is blessed for its sightseeing nature scenery. Nisargdhama is where you should go to find the sightseeing pleasure and relaxing time in Coorg. It is a small island located on the Kaveri River, the main water source of Coorg. This beautiful island is 64 acres wide filled with bamboo forests around. There is also a deer park and a picnic area for families.

Nisargadhama Reserve

Riverside attraction with bamboo, captive deer, whimsical decorations, souvenirs & boating.

Address : Mangalore - Mysore Hwy, Baichanalli, Karnataka 571234, India


Downtown Coorg is a beautiful area in Coorg. The downtown is filled with some of the premium 5-star hotels. One of the popular city attractions near this place Madikeri Fort. It is a historic museum form the 17th century. Once used as the city's fort and palace, it is one of the interesting places for sightseeing in Coorg. You can tour around the museum and discover the history of the city from the fort.

Madikeri Fort

Museum in a historic 17th-century fort & palace with 2 whimsical elephant sculptures.

Address : Madikeri Fort, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201, India


Kushal Nagar Market is one of the best traditional markets you'll find the Coorg. Get mingled with the local and experience shopping with the lively traditional atmosphere. Not only souvenirs and good items, but you will also experience talking to locals and shopping daily needs. The famous items you can find in the market are Tibetan artifacts, sandalwood oil, silk saris, and many more.

Kushal Nagar Market

Kushal Nagar Market is a surreal market and helpful place to buy weekly fresh vegetables.

Address : Bypass Rd, Kushalnagar, Karnataka 571234, India


Kadambuttu is one of the authentic food from Coorg that must be tried. It is a steamed rice ball that is cooked with grated coconut. The rice is then served with Chicken Curry. And for the drink, have a glass of local wine that has a variety of fruit flavors like orange, gooseberry, and chikoo fruit.


Coorg is not only popular for its natural scenery, but also its culture and people. The Kodavas or the locals from the city are known for their keen hospitality.
The Kodavas (a local clan in Coorg), are considered to be absolutely the most. They have a different way of wearing saris with pleats tucked at the back and the loose end of the sari drawn under the left shoulder. One of the most important festivals in the city is Kail Polud or a festival to celebrate the end of the paddy season.


What kind of trip do you expect in Coorg? If you are there for trekkings, it's best to visit around October to March. Around the time, the city has the most suitable temperature to travel outside.


Spend your evening in B-Hive Pub. This trendy club offers you a night entertainment with bar and lives music. With the brick-and-wood decorations, the bar offers Indian pub plates and good selections of beers and cocktails. Another good bar in the city is The Lost Horizon Bar. Decorated in the wooden interior, it is a cozy place for a drink. They serve various Indian and international drinks in the bar. Order the fried chicken dish to accompany your drinking. It's delicious.

Hive Bar

Seasonal bar with cocktails made out of the fruits and herbs from the farms.

Address : Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa, Galibeedu, 1st, Monnageri, Karnataka 571201, India

The Lost Horizon Bar

The Lost Horizon Bar located in Hotel Coorg offering a wide variety of beer and cocktails.

Address : Hotel Coorg International, Madikeri, Karnataka, India


No trip in Coorg is complete without a visit to Abbi Falls. It is the most popular attraction of the city. It is a natural waterfall located between coffee plantations and spice estates. Sourcing from Kaveri River, it flows down to a rockface giving the most satisfying view for your escape from the bustle of city life. After getting soak in the waterfall, don't forget to visit the city's cultural landmark, Golden Temple. Tibetan Monastery or Golden Temple. It is a Prominent Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Known for the beautiful architecture, it is one of the popular city's landmarks of. The walls of the temple are decorated with beautiful paintings and the altar of the temple is filled with flowers. The higlight of the temple is the forty feet tall golden Buddha statues.

Abbi Falls

Popular waterfall in the midst of coffee plantations, with a hanging bridge for observation.

Address : Abbey Falls Rd, Hebbettageri, Karnataka 571201, India

Golden Temple

Golden Temple is a symbol of human brotherhood and equality in Madikeri.

Address : Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 143006, India


Capture your memorable journeys in Coorg. There are plenty of beautiful places you can capture. One of them is Raja's Seat. It is a popular park in the city that features overviewing of green valleys and hills from a high. With two-level view points, the park is well decorated with flowers. Wait for sunset fo the best view to capture in the park. Another beautiful place to visit is Tadiandamol Peak. Tadiandamol is the highest peak in the Coorg. If you love trekking, this place is definitely must visit. It takes 3 km long to climb to the top. From the top, you can see and picture the breathtaking view of Coorg.

Tadiandamol Hills

Trekkers & hikers ascend this tall mountain known for its greenery, forested areas & striking views.

Address : Chelavara, Karnataka 571212, India

Raja's Seat

Sunset watching is popular at Raja's Seatpark with valley views, a train & musical fountain shows.

Address : Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201, India


Plan your trip itinerary and book the most suitable hotel for your travel. The best recommendation place to stay is a hotel where you can also view of coffee fields. Old Kent Estates and Spa Resort is where you go. It is a forest lodge with an old-world vibe offering an 80-hectare coffee plantation view surrounding the hotel. They also provide Colonial-style wood furnishings, sitting areas, and private gardens. Another hotel located in the coffee plantation area is The Tamara Coorg. It's an upscale resort that features contemporary tropical-style furnishing rooms for your stay. The restaurant in the hotel features an spot to enjoy the amazing view of the waterfall.

Old Kent Estates & Spa, Coorg

Refined cottages come with Colonial-style wood furnishings, sitting areas and private gardens.

Address : Thaikappa Estate, Horoor Post, Suntikoppa, Old Kent Estate Rd, Kodagu, Karnataka 571237, India

The Tamara Coorg

The airy cottages feature contemporary tropical-style furnishings, plus living areas, pull-out couches and balconies.

Address : The Tamara Coorg, Kabbinakad Estate, Yevakapadi, Napoklu Nad Madikeri, Karnataka 571212, India


Have an amazing dining experience in the local restaurants. If you are looking for a restaurant with the best local cuisines in an elegant atmosphere, Raintree Restaurant can be one of your options. Not only serving the tasty local cuisines, but the restaurant also gives innovative Indian cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds. With the classic interior, they also provide terrace seating. But, if you are looking for a restaurant with a more local vibe, Coorg Cuisine offers the best most original taste of Indian cuisine in an authentic local setting. You'll have a fine dining experience in the restaurant. You can try the chicken curry. It's the best recommendation in the restaurant.

Raintree Restaurants

Relaxed venue offering a range of classic & innovative Indian dishes, plus terrace seating.

Address : Pension Lane Behind Town Hall, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201, India

Coorg Cuisine

Coorg Cuisine is an authentic restaurant serving traditional cuisine with Coorg style.

Address : Main, Bus Stand Rd, Opposite Post Office, Stuart Hill, Madikeri, Karnataka 570201, India


Coorg's coffee is a bless for everyone who visit and live in the city. As the largest producer of coffee in India, the city is known to produce robusta coffee. Beans and Brews Cafe serves varieties of coffees and teas for you in the city center. They make coffee from home roasted beans. You can smell the coffee filling the cafe athmosphere. They also have a lot of food options like pizzaa and sandwiches. But if you are interested in organic coffees, Coffee Cup is where you go. They serve coffee made by ripe coffee beans that are selected carefully by hand-picking.

Beans and Brews Cafe

Hidden gem of Coorg with various coffee options and authentic Kodavas food.

Address : Rain Tree Restaurant, behind Town Hall, Madikeri, Karnataka 571201, India

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup provide organic coffee made from fresh ground beans from own estate.

Address : Mysore - Madikeri Rd, Kushalnagar, Karnataka 571234, India