Mangalore: Best Things to Do

Kateel town in Mangalore - Photo by

Mangalore is the chief port and the largest city of the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, India. The city is known to be the cleanest city in India and has numerous historical sites.

Start you day tour in Mangalore by having a walkingtour around the Kadri Park.

Do remember to visit the sacred temple town of Kateel. It is is one of the sacred Hindu temple towns in India.

Complete you traveling in Mangalore by visiting the beautiful scenery of Tannirbhavi Beach.

Visit Mangalore in winters for the pleasant temperature to tour around.

Plan your itinerary wisely and choose Mangalore tourist destinations here.



Enjoy your time in Mangalore by walking around at the Kadri Park. Kadri Park is the largest park in Mangalore that is known for the musical fountain and its flower shows. You can enjoy touring this vast park by taking a mini train ride or you can just sit on the park bench seeing locals hanging out with their family or just taking their children in the playground area.

Kadri Park

A beautiful park to enjoy nature.

Best place for jogging running,foods are available outside the park.

There is musical program is in the evening.

There are water pots with stagnant water where mosquitoes breed.

Address : Kadri Rd, Vasanth Vihar, Kadri, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002, India


Mangalore is known to be one of the cleanest cities in India and so does the downtown. The city downtown and the surrounding area are filled with amazing green areas and beaches. Not only blessed with natural attractions, but the Mangalore downtown is also filled with important historical and cultural sites. In the heart of Mangalore downtown, you can find St. Aloysius Chapel. It's a beautiful Christian chapel situated in on the Lighthouse Hill.

St. Aloysius Chapel

The best in the town to see the art and culture.

A very well maintained Chapel with the most beautiful paintings depicting the stories of Bible.

The church has a very warm european ambiance.

But you can't do photography inside the chapel.

Address : P B No 720, P, B 720, St Aloysius College Rd, Kodailbail, Mangalore, Karnataka 575003, India


Before you leave Mangalore, don't forget to buy your souvenirs. The Cottage Crafts is your where-to-shop for souvenirs. This craft shop sells handcrafts and decorative items that are authentic and beautiful. But, if you are looking for an experience shopping in the local market in Mangalore, Dubai Market is where you should head. Here, you can find locals selling their craft products and daily needs.

Dubai Market

One of the best places in mangalore to find electronic gadgets.

Best cheapest mobile available here.

The prices are really cheap and you must have bargain skills.

Despite all of this there is good vegetables and fruit market also.

Address : 13-5-597, Market Road, Bhavathi, Bunder, Mangalore, Karnataka 575001, India

The Cottage Crafts

Very good store with huge collection of handcrafts and decorative stuff.

Excellent variety and fantastic products, especially the souvenirs.

The staff are friendly and kind.

Highly recommended for locals or tourist.

Address : Shop no. 25-26, 2nd floor , next to life style, City Center, KS Roa Road, Mangalore, Karnataka 575001, India


While traveling around Mangalore, it's worth your time to have a culinary tour in the city's best restaurants. The city is famous for its Mangalorean cuisine. Do remember to try Bangude pulimunchi and Gadbad. Bangude pulimunchi is a popular curry dish from Mangalore that is made fish as the main ingredient. While, Gadbad is a popular Mangalorean ice cream that has three flavors of layers. They are jelly, chopped fruits, and roasted cashew nuts.


As part of Indian cities, the people in Mangalore are mostly Hindus. The culture and traditions here are mostly rooting to religion. However, the city Mangalore is also known to be one of the most diverse cities in India as it has many other cultures influencing the people's lifestyle. Tourists can learn about Mangalore culture by witnessing some of their festivals and traditions. One of the local traditions that you can witness in Mangalore is Korikatta and Kambala. Korikatta is the tradition of a cockfight, while Kambala is a buffalo race that is held in a paddy field.


The best time to visit Mangalore is around September to April. It's in winter. In winters, Mangalore has the most pleasant temperature to tour around. The city sky is more clearer in winter.


Plan your itinerary wisely, and book the most strategic hotel to your attractions. If you are looking for a hotel with a good view in Mangalore, book your room at The Gateway Hotel Old Port Rd Mangalore. This upscale hotel offers the views of the Gurupura and Nethravathi rivers. This hotel is located 4.2 km away from Kadri Manjunath Temple and 6 km away from Tannirbhavi Beach. But, if you are looking for an affordable hotel, Ginger Mangalore can be one of your options. Not only offering the best prices for you, but this hotel also has clean and comfortable rooms to stay in Mangalore. The hotel is located 7 km from Panambur Beach. A restaurant and gym are available in the hotel.

The Gateway Hotel Old Port Rd Mangalore

One of the best hotel of Mangalore.

Room is neat and overall stay is very comfortable..

Lovely spread of tasty dishes in the buffet and the chef's specialities are a delight.

The staff try their best.

Address : Old Port Rd, Bunder, Mangalore, Karnataka 575001, India

Ginger Mangalore

If you are looking for budget hotel in Mangalore with best service and comfortable stay,it is right place.

Rooms are good and spacious.

Very good breakfast buffet.

Staff really impressive and serve with passion.

Address : NH 66, Near Infosys, Kottara Chowki, Mangalore, Karnataka 575006, India


Looking for a good restaurant with good food in Mangalore? Machali is a seafood restaurant that will serve you a wide range of seafood cuisines. This simple restaurant is a seafood paradise for seafood lovers in Mangalore. Order the fried dish and curries. It will never fail to satisfy your taste buds. Another good seafood restaurant in Mangalore is Gajalee Sea Food Restaurant. They serve tasty cuisines in a lovely ambiance of a restaurant.


It is a very classy and big shot families prefer to go to this place.

The seafood is fresh and dishes are true to the description and yummy.

Overall ambience is lovely and atmosphere is romantic and classy.

The way the staff work together is the reason why the place is amazing.

Address : Circuit House Compound, Kadri, Karnataka 575002, India


One of the tastiest, most cost effective, and simplistic fish places.

Authentic south Indian style restaurant.

The taste is amazing and the prices are dead surprising for the kind of food offered.

Their service is amazing very friendly and quick staff.

It's a must visit place for seafood lovers.

Address : Behind Ocean Pearl, Sharada Vidyalaya Rd, Kodailbail, Mangalore, Karnataka 575003, India


Stop by at Diesel Cafe to drink for a good cup of coffee or just to relax. This cafe has a cool vibe and nice decor of white and red tone decorations. Not only serving good coffee, but this cafe also serves tasty foods to taste. But, if you are looking for a beautiful cafe with numerous vegetarian menu, Ideal Cafe is where you go. They also have some good desserts to try. This restaurant is located in an upper hill where you can enjoy the overlooking of the beautiful scenery of the surrounding.

Diesel Cafe

This is one of the best place to hangout with friends and also an ideal location for date.

The food is absolutely delicious and their coffee is outstanding.

Their English breakfast is very tasty and comes in big portions.

From the decor to the menu, everything is extremely well thought out in this place.

The staff is very welcoming.

Address : Balmatta Junction, Near Collector's Gate, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002, India

Ideal Cafe

Ideal cafe is a great idea when you want something solid to eat along with delicious ice cream.

Each item on the menu is carefully selected and taste pretty good.

They serve a wide variety of vegetarian items including burgers and pizza.

Service is gooda and waiters are helpful.

Address : Shop No.101, Door No. 13-1-25/16 Ideal Towers, Opp. Sharavu Temple, G.T, Road, Mangalore, Karnataka 575001, India


Have a relaxing night time at Liquid Lounge. This place is the most visited club by locals and tourists in Mangalore. The pub has a cozy atmosphere for drinking. They serve some good selection of drinkings like beers and cocktails. They also have some good foods to order. Another good vibe bar in Mangalore is Froth On Top. They have outdoor seating and indoor seating. This place is best known for its refreshing beer. Have a plate of the snack bars to accompany your beer here.

Liquid Lounge

Best place for teenagers to chill out.

The ambience is so chilled and gives you the right party vibes.

The must try dishes are Squid butter garlic, chicken ghee tawa fry, kheema rice and caramel custard.

Definitely worth spending a evening here.

Address : Door No. 14-4521:12, Bharath Mahal, Balmatta Rd, Near Don Bosco Hall, Hampankatta, Mangalore, Karnataka 575001, India

Froth On Top

Froth on Top is the place when people think to chill on a Sunday evening with a beer.

Definitely the food and ambience is the icing over the cake.

They have variety in pork chicken and seafood aswell.

Service is quick and the staff is also friendly.

Address : SLK House, Balmata, Arya Samaj Rd, Balmatta, Mangalore, Karnataka 575002, India


Have an interesting tour in Mangalore by visiting its stunning temples. The first cave to go is the Kudroli Gokarnath Temple. Dating from 1912, this Hindu temple is a religious temple that is dedicated to Gokarnanatha, a form of Lord Shiva. Built-in Gopuram style, the temple has beautiful murals of Hindu gods and goddesses scattered on the walls. The second place to explore in Mangalore is the temple town of Kateel. Situated on the Nandini river bank, this temple town is one of the sacred Hindu temple towns in India. Here, you can find the sacred Shree Durgaparameshwari Temple that is dedicated to the goddess Durga Parameshwari. From the sacred temple, you can see the beautiful panoramic scenery around the temple and the river.

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

Famous temple for all occasions.

The temple also looks extremely beautiful and sets up a devotional mood with lot of embellished idols of Hindu deities.

Beautiful arts, also surrounding temple also kept lot of live stories created with arts.

It is reality nice to see a modern touch to the old temple.

Address : Alake Rd, Kudroli, Kodailbail, Mangalore, Karnataka 575003, India

Kateel Shri Durgaparameshwari Temple

An old temple located in middle of the river nandini.

Spiritual atmosphere is well maintained.

Extremely good vibes in and around the temple.

Specially during early morning. Do visit, wherever you get an opportunity.

Address : Temple Rd, Ullanje, Karnataka 574150, India


Complete you traveling in Mangalore by visiting and capturing its beautiful natural scenery. One of the beautiful scenery that is worth capturing is Tannirbhavi Beach. Walk around this white sand beach and feel the refreshing sea breeze sweeping. Along the beachfront, there are some plastic umbrellas with chairs to enjoy the beach view. Visit the beach on sunsets for the best view. Another natural attraction that you can visit for the good scenery is Pilikula Nisargadhama. It is a park that covers some tourist attractions like a clean lake, an interesting zoo, a water park, botanical gardens, and many more. Every corner of the park is indeed worthy to photograph. You can capture the tropical forest here or the crytal clear lake surrounded by the greenery.

Pilikula Nisargadhama

Perfect for a nice walk with friends.

Different species of birds, trees and animals can be found.

The special attraction is snakes and king cobras.

They also have a lake where you can paddle boat and get some really nice pictures.

Address : Pilikula Rd, Mudushedde, Post, Vamanjoor, Mangalore, Karnataka 575028, India

Tannirbhavi Beach

It is a less crowded beach with the awesome view .

Walk around this white sand beach and feel the refreshing sea breeze sweeping.

In along the beaach front, there are some plastic umbrellas with chairs to enjoy the beach view.

Address : Kasba Bengre, Mangalore, Karnataka 575010, India