Gangtok: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Photo by Pralay Pa

Gangtok is the capital of the Sikkim mountain state in northern India, offers the scenic view of Himalayan foothills.

The city was founded as a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the 1840s, with several known temples on its surroundings.

Today, the city remains the center of Tibetan Buddhism and a base for adventurers seeking pleasure in the Himalayan mountains.

Gangtok, Sikkim is one of those places that sits beautifully on the lap of the Himalayas and offers a real view that you can't refuse.

Visiting Gangtok is something you can do on your holiday season, there's plenty things to do in this city with the best mountain views.



There are many things you can enjoy during your trip to Gangtok that will capture your desires instantly. Although this city is not included in the group of cities that occur in India, this tourist spot in Gangtok makes it one of the most sought after cities in East India. You can get around the area with best mountain surroundings and historical temples like Hanuman Tok, a sacred temple believed to be where Lord Hanuman stays.

Hanuman Tok

Colorful, Army-maintained Hindu temple complex with dramatic valley & mountain views.

Address : Gangtok, Sikkim 737103, India


The name which means hilltop, Gangtok can safely be said to be one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country. With everything in the right amount from a blend of cultural identities like in Rumtek Monastery, to urbanization, Gangtok is a paradise for breathing and dynamic in the northeast. It has amazing views of Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain peak in the world.

Rumtek Monastery

Colorful Buddhist monastery dating to the 17th century, in a tranquil locale with scenic views.

Address : Tsurphu Labrang Pal Karmae Sangha Dhuche, Dharma Chakra Centre,, Sikkim 737135, India


Dragon jewelry, precious stones, and all kinds of accessories made of silver are quite famous in the city of Gangtok. If you really like jewelry and want to bring home only the most original and traditional, make sure you buy from Sikkimese Crafts & Jewelry.

Sikkimese Handicraft & Jewellery

Beside jewelleries, they also provide many handicrafts from local that you can buy.


Some of the most famous local dishes in Gangtok are Gyathuk, Momos, Wonton, Thukpa, Thenthuk and Shah-Phaley (a type of Sikkim style meat patty). You will easily find this dish at a local restaurant or even at a street vendor.


Gangtok culture reflects various ethnic groups of people who make their home in this city. Music is a form of entertainment that is loved in this city. And Buddhist temples in the city depict the sacred of the surrounding area.


The best time to visit Gangtok, is between October and mid-December. Clear views of the Himalayan peaks are guaranteed in these months.


Mayfair Spa Resort And Casino in Gangtok has been designed in a unique Monastic theme, blends well with Colonial architecture. This perfect blend makes the design of this resort truly extraordinary. Mayfair has won many awards for outstanding atmosphere and service. Orange Village Resort in Gangtok is a beautiful luxury resort, set amidst the wonders of Gangtok. Guests staying here can enjoy the fresh mountain breezes and natural wonders that are equipped with all essential facilities and services.

Orange Village Resort

Condo-style suites with full kitchens in an upscale resort with a pool, spa & theme park shuttle.

Address : 7th Mile, Sambur, near Sikkim University, Gangtok, Sikkim 737102, India

Mayfair Spa Resort And Casino

Rustic-chic quarters in an upmarket casino resort with dining, bars & a spa, plus free breakfast.

Address : Lower Samdur Block, Ranipool, Gangtok, Sikkim 737135, India


If you believe that appearance is deceptive, you will know why the Roll House looks weathered on the MG Marg rocks. No bigger than a small kitchen, this is where you will find the best Gangtok rolls. There is no Tibetan food lover who can skip meals at Taste of Tibet. If you are around MG Marg, this one is a must visit. Choose from the distribution of momos, thukpa, fancy syabhale or Tibetan pasty meat.

Roll House

Roll house is one of the most famous fast food store in MG Market.

Address : MG Marg, Arithang, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India

Taste of Tibet

Taste of Tibet is an authentic Tibetan restaurant in Gangtok.

Address : MG Marg, Arithang, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India


Cafe Fiction is the perfect stop if you are looking for quiet food and find a compelling book cafe idea. The menu here has panini, cakes (don't miss red velvet and cheese cake), various grilled sandwiches. Offering delicious food and sweet memories, Osm Restaurant in Gangtok is nothing more than a paradise for culinary lovers. From North India to Continental, this place offers the best of every delicious meal.

Osm Restaurant

North Indian, Continental & Chinese fast food & mains served in a low-key, family-friendly setting.

Address : MG Marg, above Food Court, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India

Cafe Fiction

Cafe Fiction serving English breakfast and brewed coffee.

Address : Below Rachna Books, Development Area, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India


Cafe Live & Loud is the most amazing Gangtok cafe lets you sink into the tide of mystical music as you chew on its delicious dishes. Ten-minute walk uphill to MG Marg, and you are in one of the coolest places in Gangtok. If you are traveling in a large group then my friend After Dark is the place you need to go. The atmosphere of the place is so you won't be able to stop yourself from knocking all night long. It operates 3 days a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

After Dark Gangtok

After Dark Gangtok is a magnificent space for spending and your nightlife.

Address : Paljor Stadium Rd, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India

Cafe Live & Loud Gangtok

Multicuisine restaurant & pub with a lively atmosphere & live musical performances.

Address : Tibet Road, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101, India


Hanuman Tok, as you might understand, means temple. And Hanuman Tok is a temple of Lord Hanuman. This is one of the most famous temples among the Sikkim people. Located near the army division, this temple is more than a place of prayer. Also called the Dharmachakra Center, Rumtek Monastery was created in the mid-1700s under the guidance of Changchub Dorje, the 12th Karmapa Lama. Located about 24 kilometers from the city of Gangtok, this monastery is located at an altitude of around 4,900 feet.

Rumtek Monastery

Colorful Buddhist monastery dating to the 17th century, in a tranquil locale with scenic views.

Address : Tsurphu Labrang Pal Karmae Sangha Dhuche, Dharma Chakra Centre,, Sikkim 737135, India

Hanuman Tok

Colorful, Army-maintained Hindu temple complex with dramatic valley & mountain views.

Address : Gangtok, Sikkim 737103, India


The Himalayan Zoological Park is also called the Gangtok Zoo and is quite unique. This zoo is the first of its kind in northeast India; here animals are kept in semi-natural habitats. Covering more than 230 hectares of forest land, this park rises from 6,500 to around 8,000 feet. Right on the other side of the entrance gate of the Himalayan Zoological Park is the Ganesh Tok. The very famous Lord Ganesha Temple, stands at an altitude of 6,500 feet. The road to the temple is colorful and positive. Prayer flags are tied and raised at all distances.

Lord Ganesha Temple

Quaint Hindu temple with sweeping hilltop views, plus a cafe offering drinks & light bites.

Address : Gangtok, Sikkim 737103, India

Himalayan Zoological Park

Sprawling zoological park with select animals, a watchtower & views of Mount Khangchendzonga.

Address : Bulbulay, East Sikkim, Gangtok, Sikkim 737103, India