Dehradun: Best Things to Do

Wikimedia Commons - Photo by MR.VIVEK NEGI

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, India. This amazing place nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas is one of the oldest cities in India.

Dehradun is also a popular tourist destination because of its many charms and interesting places such as Sahastradhara Natural Spring, Robber's Cave, and Mindrolling Monastery.

Many delicious and diverse foods can also be found around the city. The rich cultures that the city has such as festivals,celebrations, and ceremonies make Dehradun more incredible.

It is no wonder that many people from around the world flocking to this city.

Let's explore this amazing city.



Visit the Sahastradhara Natural Spring, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Dehradun that would be such a shame to miss. The name Sahasthrahara means thousand fold springs, it comes from the layers of limestone stalactites where the water flows. The place is also popular for its natural spring that is believed to have various medicinal benefits. The view of the beauty of nature around the spring is also incredible. For an even more interesting experience, you can ride the Sahastradhara Ropeway to reach the top of the Sahastradhara hill to visit a sai temple.

Sahastradhara Natural Spring

The place is beautiful and peaceful.

The place is small but with one of a kind beauty.

Water in that spring is clean and refreshing.

Overall nice place to visit and a good outing spot to hangout with friends.

Address : Sahastradhara, Timilimansingh, Uttarakhand 248009, India

Sahastradhara Ropeway

This is a brilliant place to hangout with friends and family.

A leisure place to unwind from routine life.

There is a DJ setup, cafeteria and fun games for children.

You can enjoy the scenery from this place.

Address : Rise Rope Laddre Pvt. Ltd, Shree Ganpati Sagar Hill, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248002, India


Clock Tower or Ghanta Ghar is one of the most iconic landmarks in Dehradun. The Greco-Roman building was completed in 1953 to celebrate the Indian Independence day. FRI (Forest Research Institute) Timber Museum is a museum in Dehradun that focused on the timber industry, wood products, and manufacturing. The museum is divided into six sections, namely the Pathology Museum, Social Forestry Museum, Silviculture Museum, Timber Museum, Non-Wood Forest Products Museum, and Entomology Museum. You can visit the museum daily from 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Clock Tower

Perhaps a very old monument still standing in the heart of city.

It has good to view at night.

It's a mix of road side market and restaurants.

You can buy anything from here at much reasonable price.

Address : Clock Tower, Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India

FRI ( Forest Research Institute) Timber Museum

This building is amazing, it's beautiful infact.

It's central building is as always very attractive.

You can feel the calmness, away from the city life.

A must visit.

Address : Brandis Rd, Forest Research Institute, Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248003, India


Shop for clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags at Indira Market. This market is quite popular among the locals and it's also one of the busiest markets in Dehradun. The market is located near the Clock Tower. Across the Indira Market, there's a Tibetan Market where many Tibetan sell various products. Another market that is worth visiting in Dehradun is the Paltan Bazaar.

Indira Market Dehradun

One of the busiest Markets in Dehradun.

This market has variety of shops here you get all types of products at low prices.

The market also has some amazing collection of clothes, accessories, shoes and bags.

Address : Indra market, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India


Dehradun has many foods that you can't miss. The city has diverse cuisines, from Indian, Tibetan, and even Chinese. Some of the food that you must try while you're visiting Dehradun is Momos which is a kind of steamed dumpling, Chowmein, Bun Tikki which is a kind of burger and one of the most popular street food in Dehradun, Choley Bhaturey, Aloo Parantha, and Rajma Chawal. Meanwhile, for the drink, Pineapple Shikanji is a drink that you must try in Dehradun.


The culture of Dehradun is heavily influenced by the Garhwali tradition and custom since the city is a part of the Garwhal region.
There are several languages that are spoken in Dehdarun such as Garhwali, Gorkhali, Punjabi, Sindhi, Kumaoni, Urdu, English, and Hindi. Dehradun is also rich with cultural festivals such as Jhanda Mela, Tapkeshwar Mela, Laxman Siddha Mela, and Bissu Mela that are celebrated annually.


Peak season: Summer is the busiest time in Dehradun. From March to June people are flocking to Dehradun. The reason is that during these months, the weather in Dehradun is ideal to explore the city since it's mostly sunny with very little rain.


Enjoy a comfortable stay at the Lemon Tree Hotel Dehradun. The hotel is located atop a shopping mall that makes it convenient for you. Several types of rooms are available for you such as the Superior Room, Executive Room, Valley View Room, and Executive Suite & Deluxe Suite. Hotel Madhuban is another great option of accommodation in Dehradun. This hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Dehradun surrounded by beautiful lawns. It is also close to several Dehradun attractions such as the Darbar Guru Ram Raij Maharaj and Tapkeshwar Mandir's Temple.

Hotel Madhuban

Nice Hotel, It is one of the oldest hotels in the town.

Great interiors, sitting place in reception area is beautiful and spacious.

The food quality as well quantity and location adds up to a luxurious stay.

The hotel staff is very supportive in managing the event.

Address : 97, Rajpur Rd, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India

Lemon Tree Hotel, Dehradun

Superb hotel rooms with scenic view

Facilities available in a good hotels are available

The room is quite big and very clean , the beds are very comfortable

Foods are also very good and awesome taste.

Staff is smiling and courteous.

Address : Ground Floor Pacific Mall, Rajpur Rd, near Bajaj Institute of Learning, Jakhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248006, India


Come to WALK IN WOODS Restaurant and taste the delicious Indian and Chinese foods. This multi cuisines restaurant serves various Indian and Chinese dishes such as Momos, Tandoors, Sweet & Sour Chicken, and Chowmein. The bamboo interior of the restaurant makes this place even more cozy and nice. Punjab Grill Restaurant & Bar is another great restaurant that serves delicious and authentic Indian food such as Dal Panchartni, Dal Punjab Grill, and Pindi Chana.

WALK IN WOODS Restaurant

A very nice and cozy dining place.

It has furnitures and tables made up of bass wood.

The food is amazing and it becomes joyful with the live music.

Food is delicious and servicing is superb.

Address : Sahastradhara Rd, chidowali wali, Raipur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India

Punjab Grill Restaurant & Bar

Its one of the best restaurant in city.

Overall place is amazing and it feels royal to have feasted here.

Food is absolutely healthy and delicious.

They also have specialty in mirch paneer.

The manager and staff is very courteous and service is great.

Address : 422, Rajpur Rd, Opp Old Kanta, Jakhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India


Grab a quick bite at Eddie's Patisserie & Coffee Shop. This place serves various kinds of foods such as burgers, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, and fries. There are also several board games that can be played and books that can be read here. Kalsang AMA Cafe is another cafe that has a nice ambiance and a great selection of menus such as pancakes, fries, pizza, coffee, and shakes. When you're here, make sure to order their momos and the Tibetan food they offer.

Eddie's Patisserie & Coffee Shop

One of the best Cafe's in dehradun, love the ambience and food.

They serve the tastiest pastries, especially cheesecake.

They also have several board games and a few books on a shelf to read from.

The staff are all good and they maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Address : 102, Chakarata Rd, above Punjab National Bank, Yamuna Colony, Khurbura Mohalla, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India

Kalsang AMA Cafe

Kalsang Ama Cafe is one of the best places for hot coffee and pancakes.

Nice place to chill out unique interior design.

Food quality is superb at such reasonable price.

The ambience is pretty decent and the service and the quality of food is top-notch.

Address : 88/A, Rajpur Rd, Chironwali, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India


The Great Indian Pub is an awesome place to hang out in Dehradun. Besides great food, they also have live music and DJ performances. A wide selection of drinks can be ordered such as beer and cocktails. Hookah is also available for you to order. The terrace seating is the perfect spot to enjoy the food, drink, and vibe of this bar. Or you can come to Qb Lounge, another great place to enjoy amazing drinks, DJ performance and party in a neon-themed bulding and fun atmosphere.

The Great Indian Pub

Cool place for lunch and dinner in heart of Dehradun.

It has a variety of unique dishes in there menus which are good to try.

Beer stuff is absolutely delicous.

It also has both indoor and outdoor sitting with a beautiful view of the valley.

Address : 138/345, Rajpur Rd, Jakhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India

Qb Lounge

One of the best bars for night party and good service is available of snacks and drinks.

Almost all brand of beer is available.

The crowd on both days are awesome and entertaining.

Staff are the best over there .

Address : 3rd Floor Axion Tower 152, Rajpur Rd, near Pacific Mall, Jakhan, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India


Explore the Robber's Cave or Guchhupani as the locals know it, which is a 600 meters long river cave formation. This place is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dehradun. You will be able to see the beauty of nature and soothing atmosphere while you're visiting this place. Many small shops and cafes can also be found nearby. You can also visit the Tapkeshwar Temple, a temple dedicated to Shiva. The temple is located between two hills and it's also a popular pilgrimage site in Dehradun.

Robber's Cave

Place is good for the tourist people.

The beauty of this place is beyond explaining.

The water is constantly flowing and it remains fresh.

There is also a way to go inside the cave and explore the unexplored.

Address : Gucchupani, Malsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248003, India

Tapkeshwar Temple

Temple is really beautiful from inside.

There is a river flowing amidst the temple and it's very appealing to the eye.

A place with natural surroundings.

Here you can enjoy going with your family members and friends

Address : Tapkeshwar Colony, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India


Mindrolling Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that was established in 1965. The place is also the center of religious ceremonies and activities, one of the largest Buddhist institutes, Ngagyur Nyingma College, is situated here. The monastery features beautiful architecture and structures. Visitors are only allowed to take pictures of the exterior since it's forbidden to take pictures of the interior of the monastery.

Mindrolling Monastery

A very peaceful and serene place.

Pretty beautiful structures and open to public for evening and morning walks too

There are lots of artifacts and writings in the walls of stupa.

A must visit if visiting this side of Dehradun.

Address : 3, Buddha Temple Road, New Basti, Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248002, India