First Time Tourists Guide in Tehran, IRAN

Image by VTV online from Google Maps

This is the capital of Iran and Tehran province, the city of Tehran is blessed with many famous destinations

Lies in the historical region of Media, Tehran is also known as the most populous city in Iran and the third biggest metropolitan region in the Middle East

Having a much long history dating back from classical era, Tehran still preserves the ancient heritage as well as many other iconic landmarks that you should visit

From the famous tallest skyscrapers like Milad Tower and Azadi Tower to the beautiful Persian beauty in Golestan Palace, you should be ready to enjoy the many sides of charm that Tehran offers for its every visitor



The first place you can visit if you want to take a good look at the majestic city of Tehran is by going to Milad Tower. Standing 435 meters above the ground, this telecommunication tower is the sixth-highest tower in the world. Along with this breathtaking tower, not only that you can see the beauty of the whole city from the observatory point, but you can also chill around at the cafeteria and look around at the products exhibition available at the lobby area. Another alternative iconic landmark that is definitely a must-visit in Tehran is Azadi Tower. Built-in 1971, the monumental building blends between classic and modern architecture that results in such an impressive fusion. Other than providing an observatory deck, this building also offers you with underground museum and gallery that you can visit.

Milad Tower

435m telecommunications tower opened in 2007, with an observation deck & a revolving restaurant

Address : Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Azadi Tower

Landmark tower with an underground museum, gallery & an observation deck with views of the city

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, District 10, Azadi Square, Iran


When you roam around the city center of Tehran, don’t forget to make a visit to the iconic Golestan Palace. This place is obviously the ultimate landmark of the city that offers you with the lavish decoration of Qajar-era architecture at its best. Housing museums to the reception halls, this palace complex is a place to learn about Iranian history of culture and art.

Golestan Palace

Ornate royal palace & museum with highlights like marble thrones and treasures of Qajar kings

Address : Tehran District 12 Fifth Khordad Avenue, Arg Sqr، Panzdah-e-Khordad St, IranTehran District 12 Fifth Khordad Avenue, Arg Sqr، Panzdah-e-Khordad St, Iran


You can’t possibly miss out shopping in Tehran’s biggest historical market that is Tehran Grand Bazaar. This place has been around since 6,000 BC and is still now used as the most important market place and commerce center in Iran. Not only for the locals, but this market is also definitely very popular among the international tourists that want to buy souvenirs like local jewelry and Iranian traditional clothing.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

The biggest market place and commerce center in Iran

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, District 12, Panzdah-e-Khordad St, Iran


Tehran is a city famous for its incredible street food scene that is definitely worth trying while you venture along with the city. There are also exceptionally healthy options for foods that you can try in Tehran. Âsh reshte is one of the foods within the healthiest Iranian cuisine that you can try in Tehran. Âsh reshte itself is soup served with a mixture of garlic, onions, dried mint, and a good variety of herbs. Iranians are also known for the love of fruits in any form. Lavâshak is absolutely the fresh dried fruits from Iran that you would love to taste. The fresh tropical flavors of pomegranate, barberry, sour cherry, kiwi, apricot, and plum will blend perfectly in your mouth.


Tehran as the capital city of Iran is blessed with the rich heritage of culture that covers arts, music, museums, and other significantly important festivals of Persian culture. There are many faces of historical and artistic landmarks in Tehran in which you can learn about the culture of the city. National Museum of Iran is where you can begin your exploration of cultural heritage in Tehran. This museum displays an excellent range of Iranian culture back to ancient times until the 29th-century artifacts. Saadabad Historical Complex is also a must-visit place in the list of the best cultural landmark in Tehran. Along with this super impressive complex of palace, you are welcomed to trace the history of Qajar monarchs and the royal family from the 19th century Iran.

National Museum of Iran

Archaeological museum containing the history of Iran from the ancient time,

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, ابتدای، 30th Tir St, موزه ملی، Iran

Saadabad Historical Complex

Covering 740 acres, this area features scenic grounds, historic buildings & numerous museums

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, District 1, خیابان طاهری، Iran


Considering the weather and temperature, the best time to visit Tehran is during the spring season from March to May or during the autumn season from September to early November.


While you are in Tehran, don’t miss out on staying in Espinas Palace Hotel. With an extra beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, this refined hotel is ready to provide you with all the best quality service. The rooms are super and cozy and there is also free breakfast here every day. Optionally, spending your resting time in Niloo Hotel is also within the top recommendation. Decorated in modern architecture but still ornamented with Iranian touch, this hotel has its own remarkable value to offer to you. There is also a spacious balcony to look around at the surrounding scenery.

Espinas Palace Hotel

Warm rooms, some with mountain views, in a refined hotel offering dining & free breakfast

Address : Tehran, استان تهران تهران منطقه ۲ 21, 33 Ave, Behroud Sq، بلوار شقایق، پلاک St, Iran

Niloo Hotel

Refined rooms & suites in an upmarket hotel offering a spa, a chic restaurant & a fitness center

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, District 3, Shahid Lahijani St, No. 3, Iran


It would definitely be such a waste if you visit Tehran without tasting the original flavor of Persian cuisine. Divan Persian Cuisine is the place to go. With the signature ambiance of Iranian dishes, your visit to this restaurant would be much pleasurable. Both the menu and design in this restaurant are a nice mixture of a modern contemporary setting with an elevated local taste. But if you are looking for a different experience while you are in Tehran, try to get a mouthful taste of Japanese foods in Kenzo Restaurant. The taste of the food here is authentic and served with the best hospitality. You don’t have to worry about your wallet because the price of foods here is reasonable.

Divan Persian Cuisine

The best place that serves you with Persian cuisine at its fienst

Address : Tehran, Iran

Kenzo Restaurant

A restaurant offering the authentic taste of Japanese foods

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, No.30، Khoddami St, Iran


You might probably look for a cozy place to have the usual meal of an international menu in the middle of your adventure in Tehran. In that case, going to Malek Café can provide you with all the options. Serving both western and local menu selections with excellent coffee, this cafe is a highly recommended place to spend your day. If you are in the mood of lazing around in the outdoor seating accompanied by good food and drink, Café Tehroon will serve you just right. You can look around at the scenic courtyard in front of the cafe that gives you the ultimate calming ambiance during your meal.

Malek Café

A cafe providing local and western menu selections

Address : Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran

Café Tehroon

A cozy cafe with outdoor seating overlooking the scenic countyard

Address : Tehran, Khosrow Alley, No. 3, Iran


Spending the night in the city of Tehran won’t quite be like the experience in any other city. If you want to have a blast featuring the unique Egyptian decoration, go have fun at Fire Club. Serving the best quality Arabic and Italian cuisine, your night in Tehran would be worth-remembering for. Another must-visit bar in Tehran is definitely Atish Dizi Bar. With the super impressive decoration and a wide variety of menu selection, this bar would let you have the best night in Tehran. The place is lavish but very much rooted in Iranian traditional ornaments.

Fire Club

A bar with unique decoartion serving best quality food and drink

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, Andarzgoo Blvd, Iran

Atish Dizi Bar

A bar with lavish traditional decoration

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, Maghsoud Beyk - Darbandi, Iran


If you want to dive into the different ambiance of the city of Tehran, Tehran City Theater can be a very promising option. This place is the center of all kinds of performing art shows with the main building designed by architect Ali Sardar Afkhami in 1972. The complex is divided into Chaharsou Hall, Qashqai Hall, Sayeh Hall, and the Main Hall that house a wide variety of theatrical performances. Now, if you want to trace the collection of Iranian rugs from the 17th century to the present day, going to Carpet Museum of Iran can be a very interesting experience. Built-in 1976 by Queen Farah Diba, this place has preserved the long historical background of beautiful Persian Carpets.

Tehran City Theater

The biggest performing arts complex in Tehran

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, District 11, خیابان انقلاب، Iran

Carpet Museum of Iran

Museum displaying its collection of Iranian-made rugs dating back to the 16th century

Address : Tehran Province, Tehran, Dr Fatemi St, Iran


Jamshidiyeh Park is the place where you can capture as many as picturesque stills in the background of the calming garden views. Along the park, while taking shots for your Instagram page, don’t hesitate to take a long stroll throughout the walking trails where you can see the beautiful pond and waterfall. There is also a lovely picnic area for you who want to have the ultimate relaxing time in the middle of the busy city of Tehran. For you art lovers, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is the ultimate spot to capture Iranian contemporary art scene. Featuring the important collections of modern artworks from local artists and big names outside of Iran, this modern subterranean museum is an extra good place to hang out.

Jamshidiyeh Park

Former private garden, now a park with a pond & waterfall, hiking trails & picnic areas

Address : تهران، تهران، استان تهران،حصارک،مسیرکلکچای،،، Iran

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Modernist subterranean museum with an important collection of modern & contemporary artwork

Address : Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran