San Benedetto del Tronto: Best Things to Do

Google Maps - Photo by Giorgio Materazzi

San Benedetto del Tronto is a city and community n Marche, Italy famous for its natural beaches and natural reserve.

The famous foods you must eat in the city is seafood, especially fish from the Adriatic Sea.

Come and taste the delicious Rosso Piceno Superiore or Vino Cotto!

This city is famous for its Rotonda Giorgini, Rotonda Giorgini, Palazzo Piacentini, and Pineta Falcone

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When you come to the city. Visiting the lovely natural place is a must. Come to Riserva Naturale Regionale Sentina. This is a natural reserve with a great wetland. Come here and watch the turtles and birds living so free. This place is perfect to relax and take a walk. Also, it's a kid-friendly area. Go to the beach to swim or tan. The beach has clean water and sands. So, don't forget to capture the moment that you won't experience anywhere else!

Riserva Naturale Regionale Sentina

A unique place where uncontaminated nature enchants with its beauty.

You can observe animals through the loopholes and also the path to reach the oasis is spectacular

The beautiful beach gives wonderful sunrises

It is pretty but it's more beautiful in the summer time.

Address : 63074 Sentina, San Benedetto del Tronto Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy


Rotonda Giorgini is a downtown park with many cool buildings to check out. The area is so green and interesting. Come with your family or travel buddies will be so great. You can go for a walk and enjoy the vibe and sighs at this park. There are a fountain, museum, monuments, store, bars, restaurants, and cafes to visit and explore.

Rotonda Giorgini

Absolutely beautiful place full of character.

The fountain is in a wonderful position.

All around structures look in need of better cleaning and maintaining.

Beautiful palm trees, flowers and impressive pedestrian path.

Address : Via Milanesi, 3, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy


La Gatta Carillon is a perfect destination for antique collectors. There are unique items to buy and bring home. The store is so warm and the staffs are friendly and helpful. The ornaments are beautiful at this store. Also, you can come to Buy & Sell franchises San Benedetto del Tronto. This is a flea market, selling many souvenirs, from clothes to accessories to buy. Get something to remind you of San Benedetto del Tronto!

La Gatta Carillon

A little corner of wonders.

Unique and handmade creations for a truly original gift idea.

You can find gift items and collectibles, favors for baptism for marriage and other ceremonies.

Impeccable service and friendly, helpful staff.

Address : Via Sardegna, 16, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy

Buy & Sell franchises San Benedetto del Tronto

Characteristic flea market.

Clean and well organized.

Much electrical equipment, clothing and some furniture and good selection of records.

You can buy many things at fair prices.

Address : Via Marsala, 118, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy


The famous foods you must eat in the city is seafood, especially fish from the Adriatic Sea. The fish is cooked with local flavor and ingredients that you won't taste anywhere else. You can get the fish dishes at any seafood restaurant in the city. Cheeses, luncheon meats, truffles, and mushrooms are also the local foods to taste in San Benedetto del Tronto. For the drink, you can try its Rosso Piceno Superiore or Vino Cotto.


San Benedetto del Tronto is a city and comune in Marche, Italy. It's located along the Adriatic Sea coast. The city is famous for its clean beaches. There are about 48.127 people live in the city. Most people absolutely speak Italy. Like other countries in Italy, Catholicism is so strong in the city. When you meet an Italian, you can greet them by saying "Buongiorno", means "Good Day". For paying everything in the city, prepare your money in the Euro currency.


The best time to visit the city is between April 16th and July 8th or August 20th and November 11th. It's when the weather is so great and the temperature is so pleasant to explore the city and do outdoor things, like swimming, tanning, or diving.


Stay at Smeraldo Suites & Spa when you visit the city. This is a luxurious hotel with nice bedrooms and elegant buildings. The hotel is located beside The Adriatic Sea. So, you will get amazing views of the sea. Also, there is a great outdoor pool to enjoy in this hotel. This hotel is located a minute's walk from the nearest beach, 5 km from the Museo del Mare, and 6 km from the Tower of Gualtieri. You can also stay at Hotel Progresso San Benedetto del Tronto. This pink hotel is also a seaside hotel, offering lovely views of the Adriatic Sea. The bedrooms are so comfortable to sleep in. It's also strategic because it's located near Palazzina Azzurra and San Benedetto Del Tronto train station.

Smeraldo Suites & Spa

The Smeraldo hotel is absolutely top-notch in every way.

The rooms are modern and tastefully decorated and very clean.

Good breakfast and good restaurant around, as well..

The staff is helpful and friendly.

Address : Viale Rinascimento, 141, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy

Hotel Progresso San Benedetto del Tronto

Pretty stylish sea-facing hotel in the nicest area of San Benedetto.

Liberty style building with sea view and good comfort.

Good cleanliness and courtesy and excellent quality-price relation.

Appreciable cuisine and breakfast, with organic fruit buffet.

The staff is nice and really kind.

Address : Viale Trieste, 40, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy


Ristorante Puerto Baloo is a popular restaurant to have dinner in the city. This restaurant is simple but so cozy to sit and eat. They serve amazing local foods, like their fish dish. Most people come to taste seafood cuisines. Wines and beers also provided here, as well as the yummy desserts. Another great restaurant is La Croisette. This is a down-home cooking restaurant with warms space and nice seating. This is a seaside place, serving incredible seafood to order.

Ristorante Puerto Baloo

Excellent restaurant in a hidden location near the port.

Ideal very close to the beach for a seafood lunch.

The fish dishes are delicious and plentiful there is no gourmet portion.

The service is fast, always present with a much appreciated customer care.

Address : Via Amerigo Vespucci, 30, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy

La Croisette

A place with a fresh and at times sophisticated setting.

The restaurant is medium-high and suitable for the quality of the dishes served.

The fish is very fresh and the frying is really good with right portions and normal prices.

The staff is friendly in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Address : Viale Trieste, 37, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy


Orlandi Passion is a great coffee shop with a nice space and vibe. Chill out with your travel buddies while having a delicious breakfast in the morning. This cafe serves various tasty coffees to taste with its amazing morning options. Also, you can come to Wild Four Roses. This is a warm cafe with nice space and seating to relax. The waffles are so amazing, as well as the coffees and teas.

Orlandi Passion

A place for those who love coffee is handmade chocolate.

Great attention to the quality of the own production blends.

Simply the excellence in the production of sweet biscuits and in the offer of very high quality coffee.

The price is absolutely commensurate with the enormous quality of the product.

Attentive and friendly service.

Address : Via Montebello, 36, 63075 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy

Wild Four Roses

Pretty cozy, clean place with a modern,relaxed and very beautiful decoration.

The location has a really nice urban jungle style and is an ideal gathering place.

Good quality coffee and moretto, very good pastries, the creams are excellent.

Good cocktails and at fair prices.

The waiters are super.

Address : Viale Alcide De Gasperi, 44, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy


Gran Caffè Sciarra is a popular bar to enjoy the night in the city. The outdoor seating is so cozy to sit. They serve great cocktails, beers, and wines. Don't forget to try its delicious late-night foods too! Another cool place to visit at night is Old Spirit Authentic Football Pub Est. 2011. This is a beer hall, perfect for beer-lovers to visit. The place is shady and warm. They serve delicious beers and foods to order.

Gran Caffè Sciarra

Pretty nice bar in the good position on the pedestrian area.

It is perfect place for lunch as the menu changes every day and the food is fairly inexpensive.

It offers excellent coffee and high quality beverage.

The waiters are fast and kind.

Address : Via Palestro, 31/A, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy

Old Spirit Authentic Football Pub Est. 2011

Irish style pub in the center of San Benedetto.

They have tv with skysport everywhere.

It is perfect to taste different types of craft beers

They also have a small menu including Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Croutons, Fried etc.

The waiters are excellent.

Address : Via Gioacchino Pizzi, 91, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy


Palazzo Piacentini is a great art museum in the city you must visit. This place has many artful works to see and explore. The paintings are so awesome and meaningful. You will see the cultural side of San Benedetto del Tronto! Also, come to Museo del Mare. It's a heritage museum with unique items to see and explore. The artful works are so amazing!

Palazzo Piacentini

Fascinating building with cultural activities.

Building used for cultural events, exhibitions.

The walls are steeped in history and culture.

Well preserved place, with very competent staff.

Address : Via Gioacchino Rossini, 14, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy

Museo del Mare

It is a place of memory, tradition and culture of the San Benedetto area.

The maritime civilization with its instruments, boats, women and men of a time that seems far away.

There are many types of fish, molluscs and other sea food.

Definitely worth a visit if you are around here.

Address : Via Cristoforo Colombo, 94, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy


Pineta Falcone is a cool city park with beautiful sceneries of the Adriatic Sea and full of palm trees. There are many great spots to capture at this area. So, don't forget to bring your camera! Also, come to Monument to Jonathan Seagull. There is a famed work sculpture to take photos with. Not only the sculpture but also the beach too. You can take many great shots in this area.

Pineta Falcone

One of the largest pine forests of San Benedetto.

There is a large amount of sports equipment, even the children's area.

Beautiful fresh and shady pine forest on the waterfront

Ideal for doing some exercise or relaxing with shade all day.

Address : Viale Alfredo Scipioni, 15, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy

Monument to Jonathan Seagull

A beautiful walk filled with great sea views and modern art sculptures.

One of them is an amazing work dedicated to everyones favourite seagull.

There is a lot of street art expositions very interesting and this particular monument inspired from a book.

Highly recommended romantic walk at sunset.

Address : Molo Sud, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto AP, Italy