Vieste: Best Things to Do

Image by v from Flickr - Photo by Patrick Nouhailler

Vieste is a lovely town located in the region of Apula southeast of Italy with amazing views and landscapes.

The city attracts visitors for best beaches of Puglia such as Vignanotica Beach and Scialara pizzomunno beach.

While, the historic old town Vieste is truly a charming area.

Take a walk at the amazing Vignanotica Beach and feel the breeze on your cheek.

Let's explore this amazing city!



The beautiful Vignanotica Beach is a great place to go sightseeing because of it cleanliness. This is a quiet pebble beach with amazing cliffs. But it will get crowd during summer. It is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, or just enjoying the stunning landscape. There are few restaurants offers delicious food and drink as well as shops.

Vignanotica Beach

The best and the most picturesque beach in the whole city.

The water is absolutely clear and you can see small beauty swimming fish.

Great place for sun bathing, snorkeling and swimming.

It is pretty spot and fun for the well prepared.

Address : Sentiero Natura Mergoli-Vignanotica, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


The city centre of Vieste is a busy area with numerous accommodations and restaurants. You can take a tour to Church of San Francesco. The church is located in the headland of Vieste's old town. Even though the building doesn't has certain architecture, but it was built from centuries ago. Moreover, the strategic location of the church near the sea offers breathtaking view for visitors.

Church of San Francesco

The church of San Francesco is located in the easternmost area of ​​the historic center of the city of Vieste.

The church is amazingly peaceful inside.

Panorama from here is absolutely wonderful.

One of the places to visit with important cultural and landscape charm.

Address : Via S. Francesco, numero 15, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


The historic centre of Vieste is home to souvenir and handicrafts shops. Piccolo Souvenir is where you should go to get numerous hand made gifts with affordable prices. While if you want to get plenty of tastings, you may head to Mercato di Vieste. This is an outdoor market with loads of stalls such as snacks and other local products.

Piccolo Souvenir

Beautiful gift shop.

It offers special souvenirs on the great displays.

Friendly staff and prepared.

Highly recommend it to anyone visiting Vieste.

Address : Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 30/31, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy

Mercato di Vieste

Excellent market full of typical products.

There are fresh fruit and local pastas, oils, spices.

Equipped with quality local products.

Many tastes are available for tourists.

Address : 71019 Vieste, Province of Foggia, Italy


Vieste is considered as land of specialties and traditional flavors. The city has plenty local delicacies to offers such as orecchiette pasta as the symbol of Apulian cuisine. Another popular dishes is troccoli al sugo di calamari and Broccoli Rabe.


Located in the region of Apulia, Viese boasts priceless treasure of culture. The city has rich folk and religious festivals. Fracchie is a festival that popular in Easter time. While Rodi Garganico Orange festivals is another popular events that consist of folk bands performances and full of local goods.


The best time to visit Vieste is between May and October. You will experience good weather with pleasant temperatures.


To experience a luxury stay, book a room at Pizzomunno Vieste Palace Hotel. This 5 star hotel is located in Vieste's seafront. Therefore, you will get a stunning sea view from your room. The hotel has outdoor swimming pool and various sport facilities. Dimora Del Dragone is another reference for accommodation in the heart of historic Vieste. This is a unique hotel that has beautiful architecture and modern rooms.

Pizzomunno Vieste Palace Hotel

The hotel is in a great location to both enjoy the beach and be able to walk into the old town of Vieste.

The hotel is large and modern with excellent air conditioning.

It has a beautiful pool area and wonderful beach setup (chairs, towels, etc).

The rooms are large,comfy and clean and their breakfast is superb.

The staffs are very good and professional.

Address : Lungomare Enrico Mattei, Km 1, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy

Dimora Del Dragone

Excellent hotel for staying in the area with beautiful view.

Interior of the bb is excellent, everything renovated and designed in really nice and modern style.

Outstanding view to city, sea and island from some rooms with terrace.

Breakfast is fresh and well stocked with cakes, fruit, cereal in a charming atmosphere.

The owner and staff are welcoming and super friendly.

Address : Via Duomo, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


Head to Masseria San Salvatore to taste local cuisine of Vieste. This restaurant was formerly an authentic farmhouse. This place offers foods with natural ingredients and no artificial flavours. Il Paniere is another option for satisfy your culinary experience. The place gives romantic atmosphere and lovely food with reasonable prices. It hidden location is a great escape from the big crowd of Vieste's main street.

Masseria San Salvatore

A unique place, run by real people who are passionate about nature, ecology and cuisine.

High quality products, carefully prepared by exquisite people.

Delicious and soft meat, cold cuts,cheeses,pasta,wine,homemade desserts,vegetables from the garden.

Convenient parking and excellent reception by the owner ready to satisfy any request and curiosity.

Address : Unnamed Rd, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy

Il Paniere

The restaurant is in a very suggestive corner in the heart of the historic district of Vieste.

The ambience is nice, and the food is delicious and presented very well.

Local Apulian food made with amazing care.

Staff are super gentle and friendly.

Address : Via Tordisco, 4, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


Take a visit to Bar Pasticceria Matteosky for having sweet Italian breakfast or afternoon break. This cafe serves numerous option of traditional pastry as well as coffee. Its strategic location near sea front makes this cafe a popular spot among visitors. If you are an ice cream lover, Gelateria Artigianale Maggiore is obviously the best gelato cafe in Vieste. There are great selection of traditional flavours and combinations.

Bar Pasticceria Matteosky

The best pastry shop in the city.

Many varieties of creams for the filling of croissants and donuts.

Typical Apulian desserts excellent coffee too.

Their waiters are quick and excellent.

Address : Via Sante Naccarati, 5, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy

Gelateria Artigianale Maggiore

Excellent ice cream shop located in the center of Vieste offers a wide variety of ice creams.

Raw materials excellent and really tasty finished products.

The ice cream is definitely handmade, the place is very central and this gives it value.

Average prices for the area.

Address : Via Santa Maria di Merino, 40, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


If you are strolling the historic Vieste, take a visit to La Cantina Vieste. This is a bar offering Italian specialties and of course local cocktails and wine. It a nice place to spend your nightlife while enjoying great music. Another favorite place to chill out is Tonga Tiki Bar. You will get warm atmosphere while enjoying huge selection of cocktails.

La Cantina Vieste

Nice and cozy place in the center of Vieste.

Varied menu and between typical dishes and ordinary dishes.

To taste the typical cutting board with local wine, caciocavallo and papos.

Friendly and helpful staff.

Address : Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 26, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy

Tonga Tiki Bar

Welcoming place with an excellent offer of drinks and live music events.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the variety of cocktails.

The quality of the ingredients and the professionalism of those who work there make this place the ideal place to relax.

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Address : Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 7, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


Explore marine artifacts and extensive collection of shells at Museo Malacologico di Anna Ragno. Beside featuring exhibits, you can also find little souvenir shop inside this small museum. When you are craving a peaceful nature spot, head to Architiello of San Felice. This beautiful beach has golden sand, blue water and is crystal clear. Surrounded by aleppo pine trees, the beach offers wonderful view.

Museo Malacologico di Anna Ragno

One of interesting places in the heart of the historic center of Vieste.

Precious collection set up in beautiful premises.

The shells are all labeled with name and origin,even the environment is very beautiful.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in Vieste.

Address : Via Pola, 8, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy

Architiello of San Felice

Incredible rock strucure and amazing view on the cliff toward Vieste.

You can also walk to the bay by walking along the rocks.

Taking a picture is absolutely obligatory.

Address : Baia San Felice, Vieste, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy


Take a walk through the medieval castle wall at Castello Svevo Aragonese. It is interesting to capture one of Vieste's historical site with its old style building. Go to Scialara pizzomunno beach to capture a symbol of Vieste, Monolite Pizzomunno. It is a large white rock monolith with more than 25mt tall. The monument has existed since ancient times, telling the love story of two young Viestani.

Castello Svevo Aragonese

One of the outstanding castles in the city.

Old castle itself is an interesting subject to explore.

Very nice is the possibility to see excellent views from the highest point of Vieste and take good pictures here.

Place interesting and worth visiting.

Address : Piazza Castello, 11, 71019 Vieste FG, Italy

Monolite Pizzomunno

Wonderful limestone monolith that stands at the beginning of Scialara beach.

The majestic and scenic monolith is spectacular.

Beautiful romantic story between Cristalda and pizzomunno.

Address : Spiaggia Della Scialara, Vieste FG, Italy