Spoleto: Best Things to Do

flickr.com - Photo by Valerio Clementi

Spoleto is a city in Umbria, Italy known for its medieval buildings and history. It’s surrounded by hills, olive groves, and vineyards.

One of the oldest buildings that was dated in 12th century is Spoleto Cathedral. It offers many interesting things to discover.

The magnificent and beautiful Ponte delle torri is a great spot to witness the city’s classic self.

You don't want to leave without trying the city’s popular cuisine and drink; Prosciutto di Norcia and Montefalco Sagrantino.

Continue your fun journey by visiting Association Rocca Albornoziana and Palazzo Collicola Visual Arts for interesting trips.

You definitely don’t want to miss the gorgeousness of Fonti del Clitunno and Basilica di San Salvatore.

For the most comfortable stay, be sure check out Hotel Clitunno and Hotel Charleston.



The best way to enjoy the beauty of Spoleto is by visiting Ponte delle torri. This magnificent Roman bridge is known for its incredible architectural beauty with its impressive strong building. The bridge was constructed in the 14th century across a steep ravine between 2 fortresses. Although the bridge is already in no use, you can still visit it and definitely worth your time.

Ponte delle torri

One of the most historical and beautiful bridges in the world.

Ponte delle torri is a very strong robust structure which withstood all the tests of time.

It's very easy to get around especially during a sunny winter's day.

You don't want to miss this one.

Address : Via Giro del Ponte, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


While the downtown area has quite many attractions to offer, Spoleto Cathedral would be one of the best places to go to. It was built in 1821 with Romanesque architecture dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed of Virgin Mary. This cathedral is known for its architectural beauty and has been visited by tourists from all across the world. As one of the most visited attractions in Spoleto city, this cathedral would be a great place to see the city’s offer. And to make you even more excited, this cathedral is also used for celebrating the yearly and most popular festival called Festival dei Due Mondi.

Spoleto Cathedral

Beautiful Romanesque church and a must see place in Spoleto.

Absolutely huge, it's one of the most impressive cathedrals.

Interior paintings are of the finest with a lot of history and old paintings that you must see.

Get a sit and enjoy an outdoor concert if you have the chance.

Address : Piazza del Duomo, 2, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


If you’re looking for all crafted stuff and Spoleto’s specials, Badiali Cashmere would be a good reference for you. This boutique is selling many local things, from crafted souvenirs, clothing, to accessories in a rustic setting space. Even though the city doesn’t have many big stores and shopping centers like other cities in Italy, Badiali Cashmere and Eurospin are some of good options for you. Eurospin, though, is a big supermarket that has quite many things to complete your shopping needs while in the city. From fresh vegetables and fruits, foods, drinks and beverages, baked goods, groceries, to shoes. There are many things for you here.

Badiali Cashmere

Beautiful cashmere garments for men and women of all prices.

It sells lovley cashmere and here you can find articles of clothing.

And home knitwear of various kinds and for all seasons, even in cotton and other materials.

Excellent quality and prices for all needs.

Address : Corso G. Mazzini, 67, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


Clean, tidy supermarket with ample parking.

Good department of fish meat gastronomy and pork butchers.

Always fresh stuff, quality products.

It has everything and at a good price.

Address : EX-Ferrovia Spoleto - Norcia, 18/E, 06049 Madonna di Lugo PG, Italy


Spoleto has Prosciutto di Norcia and Montefalco Sagrantino and its popular cuisine and drink. Prosciutto di Norcia has a very little fat and not too salty flavor. It’s cut into thin slices and typically served with bread, cheese, and best accompanied with white wine. Montefalco Sagrantino, though, is an Italian appellation for dry red wines exclusively made from the local Sagrantino grapes. It’s incredibly tannic, full-bodied, and strong with delicate aromas of red and dark fruits, star anise, hints of violets, tobacco, vanilla, licorice, and leather.


Spoleto city is a wonderful mix of remnants from its Roman medieval pasts. The city is best known for its annual summer Festival dei Due Mondi that’s also known as Festival of Two Worlds and Spoleto Festival. The festival is held every year in honoring music, opera, theater, and dance. For the language, Spoleto speaks Italian as its official language.


You are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant temperatures during May, June, and September. But if you want to experience the city’s popular Festival dei Due Mondi, June 26 to July 12 would the best periods to plan a trip to the city.


Located just next to the V.Delle Terme bus station, this Hotel Clitunno is just 1 km from the Spoleto Cathedral. This classic-looking hotel comes with laid-back rooms featuring modern equipment with its comfortable decoration. It also has other amenities like free breakfast, restaurant with furnished terrace, a bar/lounge, airport transfers, and parking area. Hotel Charleston would be another good option for your stay in the city. This hotel is set in the medieval town center and its conveniently located just 8-minute walk from Teatro Caio Melisso opera house and 9-minute walk from Spoleto Cathedral. This 17th-century building comes with exciting amenities like airy rooms fully equipped, 2 bars, a wine shop, regular art exhibits, a sauna, a garden, and reading room with fireplace.

Hotel Clitunno

Lovely hotel with convenient location in the middle of town.

The hotel itself is spotless and the rooms are exceptional.

Lovely food served with a lovely style.

The staff is very formal and professional.

Address : Piazza Giuseppe Sordini, 6, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy

Hotel Charleston

The Charleston is a comfortable and convenient option close to the main attractions of spoleto.

The hotel is very charming with rooms of a decent standard for the reasonable price.

Breakfast is really good, lovely to eat outdoors on the patio.

The staff are welcoming and super friendly.

Address : Piazza Collicola, 10, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


The dedication and love that Restaurant Il Tempio Del Gusto has is enough reason to pay a visit. This popular restaurant has been serving its customers for three generations with love and respect. And what’s great about this restaurant is the menus are professionally handled by trained chef. With its attentive staff, it serves the mouth-watering Italian cuisines such as Watercolor Risotto and Tartare Di Chianina in a very well-set space. Continue your culinary trip at Ristorante Sabatini. Located in the historic center of the splendid Spoleto city, this restaurant is serving classic and traditional Italian dishes in an elegant environment. The great thing about this is it has been serving its visitors since 1900 and known as the oldest restaurant in the city. As iconic as it is, it allows you to enjoy the refined Italian dishes with the company of an enchanted garden.

Restaurant Il Tempio Del Gusto

One of the beautiful restaurants in Spoleto.

The flavors are perfectly balanced and simply excellent.

Umbrian ingredients with a lovely twist of exceptional presentation.

Courteous and trained staff.

If you visit Spoleto you must have a meal here

Address : Via Arco di Druso, 11, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy

Ristorante Sabatini

Excellent restaurant in the course of Spoleto.

Very welcoming and the quality of the food is very high.

The food is delicious and well presented.

The head waiter is always genuinely attentive and helpful.

Address : Corso G. Mazzini, 54, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


If you want to enjoy the best coffee in a peaceful environment, Caffè Letterario is the best place for it. It is located inside the Giosuè Carducci municipal library in Palazzo Mauri and only a few steps from the popular Spoleto Cathedral. While taste is best known, the good service will also accompany your visit. Ristorante Bar Caffè Collicola is another next good recommendation for your relaxed time. This cafe/restaurant is serving local cuisines and drinks in a nice and cozy atmospheric space. located in the city center, this cafe would a good guest for your lovely day with your significant other.

Caffè Letterario

Letterario café is a welcoming place.

It is an ideal place for a coffee, a quick lunch or an aperitif with friends in a totally relaxing dimension.

The glass ceiling makes the beautifully furnished environment very bright.

The staff is nice and the place is very bright because the roof is transparent.

Address : Via Filippo Brignone, 14, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy

Ristorante Bar Caffè Collicola

Lovely cafe in the center of Spoleto.

Excellent dishes for an aperitif that becomes a real dinner.

Interesting wine option.

Recommended for a coffee.

Address : Piazza Collicola, 3/4/5, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


Enjoy a very good selection of drink at Pandemonio bar. This bar is offering Italian special menus with its good drinks in a pleasant setting space. The excellent beers and whiskies will definitely make visit special. The bar is also handled by caring and attentive staff. Make sure to try their pizza to add deliciousness to your visit. You can also pay a visit to Ristorante Bar Canasta for another good drink. It serves some of the best alcohol drinks in the city. The amazing staff will make sure everything you want is on the table. The interesting thing about this restaurant/bar is it overlooks the ancient Roman Theater. Be sure to taste their best Carbonara.


One of the most popular bars in the city.

The appetizers are both great quality and great choice are among the best in Spoleto.

They also serve the best pizzeria in Spoleto.

And especially popular with young people, which will consume the drink.

Address : 20/22, Via delle Lettere, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy

Ristorante Bar Canasta

Historic place in Spoleto where you can stop to chat with friends.

This place has the best carbonara.

They serve fabulous homemade pasta,good pastries and coffee too.

Recommend it if you want to spend a quiet and tasty evening with friends.

Address : Piazza della Libertà, 14, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


One of the most interesting places you shouldn’t be missed is Association Rocca Albornoziana. This popular fortress is strategically standing on Colle Sant’Elia towering over the whole Spoleto valley. As one of the most popular attractions in the city, it allows you to explore one of the oldest building as it is constructed in the 14th century. Definitely a must visit. Another good recommendation for your interesting trip is Palazzo Collicola Visual Arts. This palace/museum has to be one of the most good-looking buildings in the city. The building was built between 1717 and 1730 by a Roman architect named Sebastiano Cipriani. The building comes with the inspiration from the 18th century style showcasing modern art gallery, library, and a museum. As one of the best attractions in city, it offers tempera-decorated walls, interesting ceilings, decorated doors, high socles, and windows intradoses. It’s also known as one of the most important places in the city.

Association Rocca Albornoziana

A huge castle with defensive walls impressive.

Large and stately, it can be visited independently enjoying the vastness of the interior spaces.

Escalators and wide staircases make this easy for anyone to explore.

Try to imagine it furnished and inhabited by the ancient owners so you can feel part of it.

Address : Piazza Bernardino Campello, 1, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy

Palazzo Collicola Visual Arts

Modern art museum inside 18th century palace.

The building itself is an architectural masterpiece.

The historical rooms provide a beautiful backdrop to the artworks ranging from the Renaissance until today.

A permanent collection gives an overview of modernism in Italy with a focus on the important place of Spoleto.

Address : Piazza Collicola, 1, 06049 Spoleto PG, Italy


While the city is filled with many historical related things, Spoleto also has nature spot named Fonti del Clitunno. This beautiful park offers greenery area with beautiful trees and the stunning Clitunno River. Not only you’re able to shoot the best photos, this place also allows you to have the real moment with nature. Just the peaceful plus the relaxation it serves is everything you need for the soul. It’s also known as one of the oldest places. The beauty of a church has been one of the most hunted objects for photography. In Spoleto city, you have Basilica di San Salvatore as one of the oldest churches as a good object for your photography world. Located right in the center of the city, this ancient church was built in the 9th century in dedication to San Salvatore. Every old detail of this church is definitely worth a click.

Fonti del Clitunno

Beautiful and ancient park with different flora and fauna.

Characteristic water sources with panel with historical/naturalistic indications.

There are some small bridges and a gravel path.

Beautiful park, perfect for some shots and relaxation.

Address : Via Flaminia, 7, 06042 Campello Sul Clitunno PG, Italy

Basilica di San Salvatore

The ancient basilica of San Salvatore is located in the cemetery of Spoleto.

Very ancient and rare example of a Lombard building.

The reuse of Roman columns and its changes is clearly visible.

Beautiful, worth a visit.

Address : Piazza Mario Salmi,1, Spoleto PG, Italy