Genoa: Best Things to Do

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Genoa is a port city in Italy

This city is a famous destination with its Piazza De Ferrari, Via Garibaldi, Porta Soprana, and Cattedrale di San Lorenzo to explore

Also, Romeo Viganotti and La Formica for shopaholics

The best destination for food hunters at Ostaia do Castello and Trattoria Rosmarino

Also, 28 Erbe for a great nightlife

Stay at Hotel Bristol Palace while you are in the city




Piazza De Ferrari is the main square in Genoa. This is is a mix of historical and modern eras. You will see many modern buildings around the square and also cultural institutions. This place is so good for people watching, sitting, and walking while eating Italian ice creams. This square is also famous for its 1930s bronze fountain. Piazza De Ferrari is open every day from 9 AM until 9 PM.

Piazza De Ferrari

What a beautiful fountain especially at night

Address : Piazza Raffaele de Ferrari, 16121 Genova GE, Italy


Via Garibaldi is a street in the historical center of the city. You can walk and explore the stunning old palaces there. This street is one of the Strade Nuove, built by the Genoese aristocracy during the Renaissance. This Via Garibaldi was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 because of its beauty and story. So, don't skip this site while you are in Genoa.

Via Garibaldi

Lovely ancient city with a lots of interesting palaces

Address : Via Garibaldi, 16124 Genova GE, Italy


Genoa is famous for its delicious chocolate. So, come to Romeo Viganotti to buy some local chocolates to bring home. This place is popular for its variants. Also, there are gelato and coffee you can try too. Another shop to visit is La Formica. It's a wine store, selling local wines that are so high-recommended to buy. Also, get some local sweets too.

Romeo Viganotti

Amazing handmade chocolate candies made by amazing people

Address : Vico dei Castagna, 14, R, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

La Formica

Vast assortment, professionalism and friendliness

Address : Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 98r, 16167 Genova GE, Italy


Genoa is where pesto comes from. It's a kind of sauce. Only here, you can eat real pesto with pasta. Don't forget to try the authentic pensotti, salted cod, and cheese focaccia. You can get those cuisines at Italian restaurants in Genoa. For drinks, you must try its Ligurian wines.


People in Genoa speak Italian, but they also speak the Ligurian language with the Genoese dialect. Ligurian language is a Gallo-Italic language. Also, when you are in Genoa, you need to know that Genoese are not talkative like Italians. They only open themselves to people they trust. That's the difference between the two cultures. So, when you behave normally, they will appreciate you.


There are the best months to visit Genoa, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. Those months will welcome you with pleasant and good weather.


Stay at Hotel Bristol Palace to feel the Italian vibe. This hotel is so unique and comfortable to stay in. It's located a kilometer from the main train station, 4 minutes walk from Ducal Palace, and 1.6 km from the Galata Museo del Mare. Also, you can stay at Hotel De Ville. It's an elegant hotel in an 18th-century baroque mansion with Genova Port view. This hotel is located a 7-minute walk from Via Garibaldi and a 12-minute walk from Genova Piazza Principe train station.

Hotel Bristol Palace

Best hotel for the price with a helpfull staff and good service

Address : Via XX Settembre, 35, 16121 Genova GE, Italy

Hotel De Ville

nice bulding of hotel with amazing staff and so welcoming

Address : Via di Sottoripa, 5, 16123 Genova GE, Italy


Have dinner at Ostaia do Castello. It's an Italian restaurant famous for its delicious local foods, especially its pesto and pasta. They also have delicious wines to offer. The prices are affordable here. Also, come to Trattoria Rosmarino. This is a home-cooking restaurant. They serve Italian foods and homey space. Don't forget to try its super tasty lasagna and ravioli.

Ostaia do Castello

A cozy restaurant with a good and affordable food

Address : Salita di Santa Maria di Castello, 32/r, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

Trattoria Rosmarino

A beautiful place very nearby Piazza de Ferrari with a very nice itilian food

Address : Salita del Fondaco, 30, 16100 Genova GE, Italy


Go to Douce Pâtisserie Café to chill out. This is a popular French patisserie in Genoa, serving delicious and various pastries for breakfast. You should try its cappuccino and croissant. You can also go to Cafhein. It's a cozy cafe with delicious coffee and food to offer. This cafe has super tasty pancakes, salads, and cappuccino you must try.


A great little "American" style coffee shop

Address : Via Fieschi, 37-39 R, 16121 Genova GE, Italy

Douce Pâtisserie Café

A dessert shop in Genoa

Address : Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 84R, 16123 Genova GE, Italy


Enjoy your night at 28 Erbe. It's a cocktail bar with wooden interior and outdoor seating. This place offers a big selection of cocktail and has delicious gins to try. Also, come to the Irish Pub. A good place to spend the night with good friends. This pub has a karaoke space, good beers, and delicious pizza to complete your night.

28 Erbe

A grat bar with nice decoration, lovely staff and so many different drinks to choose from

Address : Piazza delle Erbe, 26/28, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

Irish Pub Genova

It is full of life and the area of the ghetto is fascinating

Address : Vico della Croce Bianca, 39/r, 16124 Genova GE, Italy


Cattedrale di San Lorenzo is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Genoa, the seat of the Archbishop of Genoa. This cathedral is so old, it is firstly built in the 12th century. It was built with medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic styles. Come and check out its amazing relics inside the building. Also, you can go to the Christopher Columbus House. This historical site is the childhood home of Christopher Columbus. The house is from the 18th-century. A popular place to visit for history lovers.

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

One of the most beautiful churches in Italy

Address : Piazza S. Lorenzo, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

Christopher Columbus House

A wonderful place to remind you of Christopher Columbo

Address : Via di Porta Soprana, 16121 Genova GE, Italy


Come to Porta Soprana to take pictures. This spot is so Italy. It's a monument with medieval architecture and a historical atmosphere. This area is so beautiful to be the background of your photos. Another spot is Genoa: Le Strade Nuove and the system of the. It's one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This site has many cultural and vintage streets for you to take photos.

Porta Soprana

Historical sight to visit and take a picture

Address : di Soprana, Via S. Pietro della Porta, 16123 Genova GE, Italy

Genoa: Le Strade Nuove and the system of the Palazzi dei Rolli

Beautiful initiative to open historical buildings to the public

Address : Via Garibaldi, 12r, 16124 Genova GE, Italy