Lecco: Best Things to Do

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Lecco is a city on the southeastern shore of Lake Como, in northern Italy surrounded by amazing mountains, like Monte Resegon.

The authentic food to eat in Lecco is the lake-fish dish. They have fresh fishes cooked with local flavor and ingredients.

Get something to bring home at Chocoutlet di Icam. This chocolate store offers many delicious local chocolates that will remind you of Lecco.

Visit Chocoutlet di Icam for shopaholics and Ristorante Pizzeria Acquario for food hunters.

Scroll down to know other incredible places to explore in Lecco!



Lungolago di Lecco is a popular attraction to visit in Lecco. This place offers panoramic views of a lakefront area and a nice breeze to enjoy. Come to take a walk and enjoy the atmosphere because there are good pedestrian walkway at this place. Here, you will see medieval tower ruins and mountain views. Also, there are some nice eateries that you can stop by in this area.

Lungolago di Lecco

This lake is so great to take a walk and enjoy the Adda River.

You can rent a boat and explore the lake and feel the natural vibe.

Address : Lungolario Luigi Cadorna, 4, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


Palace of Fears is a tourist attraction to visit in downtown city. This Neo-medieval building has an old and classic design to see. It was built in 1905. Explore the cool rotating exhibitions created by local and national artists. You will be amazed by the artsy works at this place. Don't forget to check out the Alpinistic Observatory Lecco too! It's located beside the Palace of Fears, showing the history of mountaineering.

Palace of Fears

This museum is set in a medieval building from 1905.

There are many cool exhibitions that will show you the locals' life.

Address : Piazza XX Settembre, 22, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


Chocoutlet di Icam is a favorite place to get local products to bring home. The store has various chocolates with high-quality to offer. Chocolate is the most popular thing to buy by tourists in Lecco. So, don't skip this store! Another thing that will remind you of Lecco is the wines. You can come to V.E.L. Fratelli Vassena and buy some great wines. They have a huge selection of liquors to offer.

Chocoutlet di Icam

Chocolate is the best souvenir to bring home from Lecco.

There are many tasty liquors sold at this shop too!

Address : Via dei Pescatori, 53, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy

V.E.L. Fratelli Vassena - Cantina Vassena

This is another place to get a souvenir to bring home.

This store has a huge array of wine you can choose and buy.

Address : Via Guglielmo Marconi, 1/A, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


The authentic food to eat in Lecco is the lake-fish dish. They have fresh fishes cooked with local flavor and ingredients. You can get the cuisine at many seafood restaurants in the city. Local cheese and meats, like gorgonzola and bresaola are also the local foods you must taste in Lecco. Don't forget to try its phenomenal gelato too! For the drink, there are local wines to offer.


Lecco is a city on the southeastern shore of Lake Como, in northern Italy. The city is surrounded by amazing mountains, like Monte Resegon. Lecco is full of lovely architecture and warm people. There are 308.000 people live in the city. Most of the people speak Lecchese dialect. It's a dialect of Western Lombard language. Also, prepare your money in Euro currency to pay everything in the city. For the cultural event, the city has so many local events, like concerts or festivals.


The best time to visit Lecco is between March and November. It's when the weather is so pleasant and the sun shines the most. You will get beautiful and clear sights of the city and do many outdoor activities.


Stay at Hotel NH Pontevecchio when you travel to the city. This pink and elegant hotel has comfortable bedrooms and a lovely view of the Adda River to see from your window. This modern hotel is so strategic because it's located a 9-minute walk from live performances at Teatro Della Società and 1 km from both Lecco train station & Belgioioso Palace. You can also stay at HLL Hotel Lungolago Lecco. This hotel has a beautiful design and atmosphere to stay in. They provide big rooms with excellent facilities to enjoy. The hotel is located across the street from the Lake Como, a 12-minute walk from Lecco train station, and 1 km the Museo Palazzo Belgioioso & Villa Manzoni museum.

Hotel NH Pontevecchio

You can see the Adda River and buildings at this hotel.

The hotel offers upgraded rooms feature separate living areas with sofas and chairs, as well as balconies.

Address : Via Azzone Visconti, 84, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy

HLL Hotel Lungolago Lecco

This hotel has a riverfront view you can enjoy from your windows!

Breakfast is complimentary. There's also a laid-back restaurant and a bar, as well as a TV lounge.

Address : Lungolario Luigi Cadorna, 20, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


Have dinner at Ristorante Pizzeria Acquario with your family or friends. This restaurant is located beside the Lake Como. This Italian restaurant serves amazing local dishes and drinks to order. Not only good foods, but they also provide cozy space and nice seating to sit and eat. Seafood dishes are highly recommended at this place. Also, you can have beer or wine at the restaurant. Another nice place to visit is Hambù. This place is so popular for tourist and locals for its amazing burgers. Enjoy the foods in this wooden and cool restaurant. Vegetarian options and beers are also served here.

Ristorante Pizzeria Acquario

Have dinner with your partner or travel buddies and taste the delicious local dishes!

Beer and wine are served at this restaurant.

Address : Lungolario Luigi Cadorna, 1, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


This restaurant is so famous for its huge and delicious burgers.

The cool space and cozy seating are perfect to visit with your buddies.

Address : Lungolario Cesare Battisti, 17, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


Chill out at Caffè Commercio. You can come in the morning and have some delicious breakfast or brunch at this cozy cafe. They serve foods, like pizza, burger, and pasta. Morning and alcoholic drinks are also served at this cafe. Also, don't forget to try its yummy desserts! Another nice cafe to visit is Coffee & Coffee. This is a perfect stop for coffee lovers. They serve coffee in various ways with high quality. Beside its coffee, you can taste its delicious pastries.

Caffè Commercio

Have some tasty coffees with your friends at this cafe!

The burgers and pizzas are highly recommended at this place.

Address : Piazza XX Settembre, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy

Coffee & Coffee

This cafe is so perfect for coffee lovers because they serve coffee in various ways.

If you prefer non-coffee, the hot chocolate can be your choice!

Address : Via Roma, 83, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


Have a great night at River Cafè Birreria Paninoteca. This pub has a warm space and nice seating to relax with your travel buddies. Enjoy its tasty drinks and late-night foods while listening to live music at this pub. Another cool place to visit is The Shamrock Irish Pub. This Irish pub is one of popular places in the city. They serve delicious foods with great cocktails and beers to offer.

River Cafè Birreria Paninoteca

This bar has a warm space with cozy indoor and outdoor seating.

They have alcoholic drinks, but the beers are so popular.

Address : Via Ferriera, 33, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy

The Shamrock Irish Pub

This pub has shady theme with nice seating to enjoy the night.

They serve delicious late-night foods and great cocktails to order.

Address : Via Giuseppe Parini, 5, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


Manzoni Museum Municipal Art Gallery is an interesting museum you must visit in Lecco. It houses many artful exhibitions, like paintings and decorations. The building itself has an incredible design that will blow your mind. Also, you should visit Basilica of St. Nicholas. This historical neoclassical church was built with a corinthian columned façade, 315-foot neo-Gothic tower & Giotto frescoes. Explore the historical area and don't forget
to capture the place.

Manzoni Museum Municipal Art Gallery

This is an interesting museum with stories behind its exhibits.

You will be back in time for a while when visiting this place.

Address : Via Don Guanella, 1, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy

Basilica of St. Nicholas

This Neoclassical church is an iconic site in the city you must visit.

The Gothic tower is so beautiful and historical!

Address : Via S. Nicolò, 1, 23900 Lecco LC, Italy


Piani d'Erna is a cable-car attraction in Lecco, offering great views of the city and the mountains. Prepare you camera because you will get many panoramic angles to take photos. Also, come to Monument of Manzoni. This is an iconic monument with important bronze statue at this square and green area to see. Also, there are many nice spot for photography at this place. So, come and take some we-fie with your travel buddies.

Piani d'Erna

See the great views of the city by a cable car at this place!

You can see wonderful mountains from above and get many panoramic angles to take shots.

Address : 23900 Lecco, Province of Lecco, Italy