First Time Tourists Guide in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Montego Bay is the capital city of the parish of St. James in Jamaica and also the second-largest anglophone city in the Caribbean.

Montego Bay is famous for the beautiful crystal-clear turquoise water and white sand Doctor's Cave Beach.

You have to explore Sam Sharpe Square to learn the history of the city in one place before having a deep sleep in the luxury Montega Bay resort, Sandals.

You have to mark your visit to Montego Bay by taste the spicy Jerk Chicken and enjoying your nightlife in Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

Do not forget to take a snap of endemic flora and fauna of Jamaica in Rocklands Bird Sanctuary.



Exploring Sam Sharpe Square is like exploring the whole city since this square will show you "the face" of Montego Bay's history. This square is packed with Georgian buildings that have modern structures and both sides of the street are full of stores. You may be amazed by the historical building of Montego Bay Civic Centre, The Cage and a fountain that always attracts the tourists.

Sam Sharpe Square

Historic square centre in Montego Bay with statues of heroes.

Address :


The Montego Bay Hip Strip is the hottest spot in the city whether at the day or the night. The stores, restaurants, and bars are sides to side on the beachside. The area spread alongside the Doctor's Cave Beach and full of art galleries by the local artists and cafes.

Montego Bay Hip Strip

Montego Bay Hip Strip a beach and resort area in Montego Bay.

Address :


You have to make sure that you have an extra budget for souvenirs before visiting Harbour Street Craft and Cultural Village because everything about Montego Bay exists. You can watch the master of craftsmen create beautiful artworks and grab some of it. You can interact with the locals and get some social experience while enjoying the authentic vibes. When your tummy starting to empty you can have a bite of local cuisine available in the village.

Harbour Street Craft and Cultural Village

Harbour Street Craft and Cultural Village provide specialist products orientated for tourist use or to evoke memories of the spaces and places around Jamaica.

Address : 4 Harbour St, Montego Bay, Jamaica


When you ask the local what is the traditional food in the city you will get Jerk Chicken as the answer. It is a smoked chicken rubbed which marinated in a blend of hot spices. The local usually smoked the chicken with pimento wood. You can easily find this dish in restaurants or street food vendors.


Montego Bay represents a rich blend of many cultures that grow together on the island for over centuries. Many people with different ethnic backgrounds and languages are living and working together. The national language of the city is English but the local mostly speak patois (Jamaican Creole).


The best time to visit Montego Bay is from November to Mid December, to enjoy the pleasent weather while enjoying the tropical beach.


Staying near the beach is a must when in Montego bay because you can feel the sea breeze even when you sleep, so S Hotel Jamaica offers you amazing stay experience by providing a private beach in the hotel. The room has clean-cut modern decor which dominated by white color and the sea view from the window is no joke. On the other hand, you can not miss Sandals Montego Bay on your "place to stay list" when in Montego Bay. This hotel offers you an open-concept luxury beach resort which has an open-air lobby that brings a whole island atmosphere into the hotel. You do not need to worry to swim in their private-white sand beach because the water is calm by the offshore reefs.

S Hotel Jamaica

Situated right at the center of the mesmerizing isle's tourism capital, S Hotel Jamaica lends itself beautifully to an authentic Caribbean experience.

Address : 7 Jimmy Cliff Ave, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sandals Montego Bay

Sandals Montego Bay is a 5-Star Luxury hotel with a mega-vacation that includes two resorts for the price of one.

Address : Kent Avenue, Montego Bay, Jamaica


The Marguerite's offers incredibly fine dining by served a first-class seafood meal in Montego Bay. Beside offer first-class meals, this restaurant also offers a panoramic view of Doctor's Cave Beach because it is located in the seaside of Montego Bay which has been open for over 55 years and has elegant decor in the open-air dining room. Another seafood restaurant that you need to go to is HouseBoat Grill Restaurant to get a casually elegant dining experience. This restaurant is least crowded by the sound of the waves but you still can feel the sea breeze in the upper deck, for cozy and intimate dining you can take a seat in the first-floor dining room.


Marguerite's is the only place to experience a piece of incredible history while enjoying a first-class meal in Montego Bay.

Address : Gloucester Ave., Montego Bay, Jamaica

House Boat Grill Restaurant

The HouseBoat Grill offers a unique setting for an intimate, one of a kind dining experience in Montego Bay.

Address : Alice Eldemire Dr, Montego Bay, Jamaica


Do you love to eat a healthy meal? You may head to DLE Cafe and try its vegan wraps for your breakfast. But if you prefer smoothies or caffeine to start your day, you can have it in this cafe. Whether to have a healthy breakfast or light talk, come to this cafe is the best choice since they have a cosy atmosphere. If you want to take a sip of the authentic Jamaica coffee, you can bring your buck at Cafe Blue. The coffee shop is famous for its Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee which filtered and brewed with Blue Mountain Springwater.

Café Blue

Home of Jamaica's finest gourmet coffee drinks

If you are a coffee lover with a passion for espresso, cappuccino, latte, cold coffee drinks, or just plain filtered coffee accompanied by fantastic pastry & paninis, Cafe Blue is the place for you

Address :

DLE Cafe

DLE Cafe provides for vegans, vegetarians, hardcore health nuts and those who are trying to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Address : Shop #4 B11, Fairview Town Centre, Montego Bay, Jamaica


You have to mark your visit to Montego Bay by having a cold cocktail in Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and join with the crowd while dancing to the live music. But if are not into cocktails, you can take another sip of tropical drinks while mesmerizing the unlimited sea view in the front deck. BlueBeat Ultra Lounge may become the place you choose when you prefer to spend a night in the more upscale and elegant bar. In this bar, you can enjoy the show of the local bands or live comedy nights while taking a seat in comfortable couches or chairs.

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville offers an authentic taste of island life with nightclub venues.

Address : Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Blue Beat Ultra Lounge

Blue Beat Ultra Lounge is one of the popular restaurant that provide great cocktails in Montego Bay.

Address :


Ras natango Gallery and garden is worth to visit because it is a home for more than 50 species of fern, endemic floral plants and beautiful trees. The gallery is something that can not be missed because exhibit the works by the resident self-taught and trained artist in Ras Natango. You can buy souvenirs in the gift shop which available in this place. On the other hand, Dead End Beach offers you a least crowded beach which located in the northern end of Hip Strips. From this authentic beach of jamaica, you can enjoy the thrill of watching low-flight aeroplane since this beach is located near Donald Sangster International Airport.

Ras natango Gallery and garden

Ras Natango is a tropical retreat comprising a gallery and botanical garden atop the hills overlooking Montego Bay.

Address : Camrose District, Granville PO, Box21, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dead End Beach

Dead End Beach is a public beach at the northern end of central Montego Bay.

Address : Kent Ave, Montego Bay, Jamaica


You need to give "Vitamin Sea" in your Instagram feed by upload some pictures from Doctor's Cave Beach. The crystal-clear turquoise water and white sand will not disappoint your followers. You can also snorkel on this beach to explore the beautiful coral reefs. The exotic tropical birds in Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is also objects that can not be missed by your camera. The simple and relaxing nature where the birds live will give you an unforgettable leisure experience.

Doctor's Cave Beach

Doctor's Cave Beach got awarded the title of Best Beach in Montego Bay.

Address :

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is Bird Feeding & Watching place, in the tranquil relaxed setting of a country cottage, patio & garden.

Address : Rocklands Rd, Wiltshire, Jamaica