Komatsu: Best Things to Do

Image by Kzaral from Flickr - Komatsu is a city located in the south western Ishikawa Perfecture, Japan.

Komatsu is a city located in the south western Ishikawa Perfecture, Japan.

It surrounded by sacred mountain Hakusan to the east and sea of Japan to the west. It has several hidden natural beauty destination.

Explore its historical sites like The Ataka Barrier, a very popular spot for the first kabuki play in Japan.

Do not skip seeing cherry blossoms at Rojo Park or Kibagata Park as two famous parks in Komatsu.

Get an amazing night stay at Japanese traditional hotels namely Ryokan. You can head to Houshi Ryokan or Kitahachi hotel.



This beautiful city is surrounded by sacred mountain Hakusan to the east and sea of Japan to the west. It has several hidden natural beauty destinations. One of the worth visit places is The Ataka Barrier, a very popular spot for the first kabuki play in Japan. You can explore its history and enjoy the fresh air from its surroundings all at once. Another one is Hanibe Caves where you can reach by hiking to Komatsu hills. This place is famous for Buddhist statues and the parody of hell. When arrived here, a giant statue of Buddha's headstands at the entry gate.

The Ataka Barrier

Based at this historical storyline, The Ataka Barrier is site a famous & popular site in Komatsu.

Address : Atakamachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0003, Japan

Hanibe Caves

Hanibe Caves is popular for Buddhist statues and the parody of hell.

Address : 1 Ryumyojimachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0065, Japan


Beside operates as the central business area of the city, the downtown of Komastu has great destination to visit. Head to Rojo Park to get the best cherry blossoms viewing spot in this city. Located within the original grounds of Komatsu castle, this park offers various stunning spots such as site of the castes, waterfall of Ro, and also tea ceremony room. You will also find Komatsu City Museum inside the area of Rojo Park. It was first established in 1958 featuring various materials of Komatsu ranging from nature, cultural exhibits, and history.


Do not leave Komatsu city without buying its unique traditional things like yaki ceramics. These ceramics are made with an overgrazing painting style that shaped beautiful motifs ad texture. You can get those souvenirs from Kutani-yaki ceramics from Ana Festa shops inside Komatsu Airport. For shopaholic, the airport is a paradise since it offers several souvenirs stores to visit. Another place for hunting gifts is Aeon Mall Shin Komatsu. Besides offering a fashion store, you can also find gift shops here.

Aeon Mall Shin komatsu

Aeon Mall Shin komatsu is one of the best shopping centre in Komatsu.

Address : 315番地 Seirokumachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-8565, Japan


a paradise for shopaholic to get hand-crafts souvenir

It is located inside Komatsu Airport

Most popular things to buy here is Kutani-yaki ceramics

Kutani-yaki ceramics are made with overglaze painting style

Address : 50 Ukiyanagimachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0993, Jepang


Due to its coastal location, Komatsu's staple food is made from fish and rice. Noodles or known as udon are also a favorite of Komatsu people. For beverages, Komatsu has its own unique sake wine (rice wine) made from waters of mount Hakusan. Another wine is Nihonshu, a sake drink made from fermented rice in a traditional Japanese method.


The name Komatsu means little pine since pine tree becomes the symbol of the city. Its culture was steeped the traditional of Japanese culture. A lot of cultural knowledge are represented through several famous festivals with Kabuki Children Play as its major culture.


Moderate temperature is the best season to explore Komatsu. It happens during late July to August.


When it comes to accommodation, do not miss to stay in Japanese traditional inn or called ryokan. Komatsu has several great ryokans to stay. One of them is Houshi Ryokan that placed in the Awazu Onsen. This 4 star Japanese hotel is founded in 718 and the oldest operating hotel in the world. They offer different types of onsen for women and men as well as a great view of Mountain Hakusan. Another option is Kitahachi that features a public open-air and indoor bath. You will have a great stay in the traditional woven straw floor and Japanese futon bedding.

Houshi Ryokan

Houshi Ryokan is a Japanese-Western style room with panoramic view of Japanese garden.

Address : 46 Awazumachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0000, Japan


Have a great stay at this 3 star traditional Japanese hotel

It has woven straw floor and Japanese futon bedding

It has public open-air and indoor bath

Address : Jepang, 〒923-0326 Ishikawa, Komatsu, 粟津温泉


Going vacation will not be perfect without tasting its local cuisine. Go to Tsuzura restaurant to get the real flavor of Komatsu and Kaiseki (traditional multi-course meal). This restaurant also has a traditional interior design. Another great restaurant is Kajisuke. Serving local dishes too, this restaurant has a great option of delicious dinner and lunch menus.

Tsuzura restaurant

Tsuzura restaurant is a cosy restaurant located in quiet residential area.

Address : Japan, 〒923-0834 Ishikawa, Komatsu, Seginomachi, 3 Chome−81


Kajisuke is a seafood restaurant and you can choose the style of your room, such as cushions, chairs and tables.

Address : 141 Yamatomachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0952, Japan


Take a short break during your trip to Takigahara Cafe. Its strategic location in the middle of nature makes this cafe a beautiful place to get relaxed. Rice fields, farms, rivers, and mountains are the view you can get when in Takigahara cafe. They serve good drinks and fresh food from their own farms. Or you can go to Komatsu Machiya Bunko, a coffee and second book shop to explore Japanese history. This retro style cafe also has a great taste of coffee and tea.

Takigahara Cafe

Takigahara Cafe offers salads and soups that allow you to enjoy the taste of seasonal vegetables grown near you, mainly galettes made from Takigahara buckwheat flour.

Address : 2 Takigaharamachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0335, Japan

Komatsu Machiya Bunko

Komatsu Machiya Bunko is located in the corner of Ryusukecho, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, where the old town of Showa remains.

Address : 102 Ryusukecho, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0926, Japan


Bar Esmeralda is where you should go to enjoy the nightlife in Komatsu. This bar offers plenty of selection of wine, beers, and cocktails to drink. Another option is Kitchen & Bar oluolu, a comfortable place to get drinks and delicious food. They serve various drinks and local dishes including the snacks.

Kitchen & Bar oluolu

Kitchen & Bar oluolu is a newly opened pasta and pizza shop in Komatsu.

Address : 79-1 Okimachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0861, Japan

Bar Esmeralda

Bar Esmeralda is an authentic bar located in Doiharamachi, Komatsu.

Address : 339-1 Doiharamachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0921, Japan


Once you are in Komatsu, don't leave without visiting Yunokuni no Mori Traditional Handicrafts Village. It is a crafts village located in the Southern of Ishikawa Prefecture. You can explore traditional Japanese houses which each of them displays traditional handicrafts of Hokuriku region. Do not forget to see the collection of World Class masterpieces and Domestic vehicles at Motorcar Museum of Japan. It is the oldest and largest automobile museum that has over 500 cars on the display.

Yunokuni no Mori Traditional Handicrafts Village

Yunokuni no Mori Traditional Handicrafts Village is an old private house in harmony with nature with traditional craft of Hokuriku Kaga,

Address : Japan, 〒923-0393 Ishikawa, Komatsu, 粟津温泉ナ−3−3

Motorcar Museum of Japan

Motorcar Museum of Japan is the oldest and largest automobile museum in Japan.

Address : Japan, 〒923-0345 Ishikawa, Komatsu, Futatsunashimachi, Ikkanyama−40


If you are looking for nicest spot for photography, Natadera Temple is a good option. This is a historical Buddist Temple surrounded by rocky hills and greenery nature. Take a trip to this place during autumn, so you will have the best photos of yourself with a great red and yellow colour of Japanese maple trees. Also go to Kibagata Park to get another amazing photo with stunning cherry blossom trees and a lake.

Natadera Temple

Natadera Temple was established by the great monk Taicho 1300 years ago in the year 717.

Address : 122 Natamachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0336, Japan

Kibagata Park

Kibagata Park is local's favorite playground in Kamatsu.

Address : 58 Sandanimachi, Komatsu, Ishikawa 923-0844, Japan