Miyazaki: Best Things to Do

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Miyazaki city is located on the coast with several rivers and scenic views of both the ocean and mountain

The city is famous for its Udo Shrine, an iconic historical shrine located on a cliff near the beach

You must spend some nights in Nemunohana Hotel to connect with nature

Better yet, order a bowl of udon at Hyakusho Udon

Lastly, take some snaps at Cape Toi as proof to your followers on Instagram that you have been there



When you need a quite place to relax your mind while in Miyazaki, you have to make sure to add Takachiho Gorge to your bucket list. This is the most famous scenic natural monument in Japan which build in 1933, you can strolling this area from the Manai Falls, Sandan Bridge, Column joint, Onokoro Pond, Yarihibashi, Onihachi's Power Stone, and Lunar.

Takachiho Gorge

It is one of Japan's most famous scenic spots and designated as a national scenic natural monument in 1933 as the Gokasegawa Gorge.

Address : Mukoyama, Takachiho, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki 882-1103, Japan


The livelier area of this beach town is in Nishi Tachibana where you can easily find bars and cafes which open until late night and make this city never sleep. Besides, you can also explore many street foods that sell in the food stand in the street.

Kobiki Blue

Miyazaki's Downtown

Address : 〒880-0001 Miyazaki, Unnamed Road 3丁目


When it comes to a shopping center in Miyazaki, AEON MALL will come along with that. Because in this mall you can get souvenirs that you may need to bring to your hometown or you can see the newest collection of your favorite brands. Besides, you can also find some restaurants and cafes in the mall.

Aeon Mall Miyazaki

one of the largest shopping malls in Kyushu with about 250 speciality shops

Address : Eguchi-862-1 Shinbeppucho, Miyazaki, 880-0834


When you take your step to Miyazaki do not forget to taste authentic cold soup loved by the locals, Hiyajiru. It made from fish paste and miso mixed with broth and usually has some toppings like cucumber and tofu. This dish is perfect for a summer day.


The culture of the city is the result of the mixed-culture from a lot of cultures by its history. It makes the vibes of the city is very vibrant and have a rich cultural life.


The best time to visit Miyazaki from August to October, when the temperature is suitable and less rainfall to strolling around the city.


When you are looking for a place to stay connected with nature, Nemunohana Hotel is the right place to go. The hotel is surrounded by river and forest which certainly bring the natural atmosphere to the entire rooms and you will forget all of your burdens. Hotel J's Nichinan Resort is another hotel to relax and find a peaceful atmosphere. This hotel is located near the beach so you can relax while hearing the sound of the waves. Besides you can have leisure bath time in the hotel in a private open-air bath using natural hot springs.

Nemunohana Hotel

A nature-based hotel in Miyazaki

Address : 2711 Kitagocho Gonohara, Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-2402

Hotel J's Nichinan Resort

a resort in Miyazaki which has a private open-air bath

Address : 2821-1 Kitagocho Gonohara, Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-2402


Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steakhouse Miyachiku is the right place to go when you want to experience Miyazaki beef in a river view restaurant. This restaurant offers the best beef in Miyazaki which serves in a set menu with appetiser, salad, dessert and coffee. But, you have to eat udon to complete your visit to Miyazaki in Hyakusho Udon. This restaurant mainly served udon but its giant shaved ice is like scene-stealer when summer comes the shaved ice loved by many.

Miyazaki Beef Teppanyaki Steakhouse Miyachiku

a steak house in Miyazaki with river views

Address : Japan, 〒880-0834 Miyazaki, Shinbeppucho, 前浜 1401 255

Hyakusho Udon

Famous udon restaurant in Miyazaki

Address : Midarebashi-4502-1 Otsukacho, Miyazaki, 880-0951, Japan


When you are strolling around Miyazaki city and feeling exhausted, you can have a rest at The Rosa Coffee and order a cup of coffee. The owner of the cafe serves his best unique coffee after traveling around the world to learn the varieties of coffee. But if you want to have a cup of coffee in warm yet calm vibes, you can head to The Brilliant Coffee. Its interior is dominated by wooden furniture from its table, chairs, and counter. You can freely choose your coffee beans and grind it by yourself.

The Rosa Coffee

Located in the heart of Miyazaki city

Address : 4 Chome-6-14 Tachibanadorihigashi, Miyazaki, 880-0805

The Brilliant Coffee




Address : 1877-7 Hiratsukakou Yoshimurachō Miyazaki-shi Miyazaki-ken 880-0841, Miyazaki, 880-0841


When you are in Miyazaki, you will easily find a bar that has a karaoke room and Celts is one of them. In this bar, you can order a cold Guinness beer while letting the night slide in your eyes. But when you want to spend the night in an international atmosphere bar, you can head to The Bar which includes a pool table and darts. Besides wine and beer, you can also order fish and chips with international pub-style.

CELTS Miyazaki ichiban machi-ten




Address : 〒880-0001 Miyazaki, Tachibanadorinishi, 3 Chome−10−4 プラムビル 1F

The Bar Miyazaki




Address : 橘通り東3丁目7-15TRストーンビル3階, Miyazaki, 880-0916


When you are in Miyazaki do not miss visiting the famous historic shrine, Amanoiwato Shrine. The locals said that this shrine is the setting of the earliest Japanese mythology, but you can not take a photo in this place due to the spiritual importance of the location. To complete your visit to Miyazaki, you must explore its iconic historical tower Heiwadai Park. The tower is established in 1940 before World War II with the stones imported from some countries.

Amanoiwato Shrine

a historic shrine in Takachiho

Address : 1073番地1 Iwato, Takachiho, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki 882-1621, Japan

Heiwadai Park

a municipal park in Miyazaki, Miyazaki on Japan's Kyushu Island

Address : Koshigasako-6146 Shimokitakatamachi, Miyazaki, 880-0035


Take some snaps in Udo Shrine and bring the beautiful ocean and the authentic historical shrine in one post on your Instagram feed. Besides, you can also throw a stone to the open hole on the boulder below the cliff and tell your wish, hope you luck! But before you leave Miyazaki you must take some panoramic photos in Cape Toi and grab more likes from your followers on Instagram. The combination of the blue sky, ocean and green forest will give a vibrant vibe on your Instagram feed.

Udo Shrine

the mythical birthplace of Emperor Jimmu's father Ugayafukiaezu

Address : 3232番地 Miyaura, Nichinan, Miyazaki 887-0101, Japan

Cape Toi

located in a picturesque spot at the southernmost point of Miyazaki

Address : Ono, Kushima, Miyazaki 888-0221, Japan