Nagasaki: Best Things to Do - Photo by HRS_Kenzy

Set on a large natural harbor with surrounding hills, Nagasaki is a Japanese city on the northwest coast of the island of Kyushu.

It is known as one of Japan’s most intriguing and attractive tourist destinations. And the popular Peace Park is known as its symbol.

You can dive in to the city’s history by visiting the popular Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

The amazing facts about Meganebashi Bridge and Nagasaki Koshibyo Confucius Shrine are totally worth your visit.

Make sure to stop by and try the authentic taste of the city’s traditional cuisine and drink Champon and Shōchū.

If you want to have the best moment with your camera, Inasa-yam Park and Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki are the best places to go to.

And for your stay in the city, Hotel Monterey Nagasaki and Hotel Forza Nagasaki are ready to accommodate you with the best amenities.



Let the city introduce itself with one of its popular destinations named Peace Park. This regal, serene park was built in 1955 to honor people who died in the atomic bombing. Its purpose is to promote peace and is popularly used for holding a yearly anniversary called Peace Memorial Ceremony. Not only known as one of the best places in Nagasaki city, but this spot will also bring the feeling of peace. Definitely worth a visit.

Peace Park

A beautiful and very peaceful memorial park.

It has many large statues and monuments that memorialize the destructive power of war in the hope to learn.

Probably you will meet a lot of students coming here with theirs Teachers to learn about the history.

A must see when you go to Nagasaki.

Address : 9 Matsuyamamachi, Nagasaki, 852-8118, Japan


While downtown area offers many things, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum would be one of the best places for you to go to. This historical museum is located next to the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall covering the story of the atomic bombing event. The museum also displays the history of nuclear weapons development, photographs, relics, and documents related to the bombing. As one of the most visited places in Nagasaki, this museum would be a good reference to know more about the city’s history. To enjoy all the facilities, you just need to pay less than 200 yen.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

One of the most meaningful museums in Nagasaki.

The exhibition is very well made and maintained.

It's a must see for anyone visiting Nagasaki to learn about the dark history of WW2 and its aftermath.

A must visit place in a beautiful city of Nagasaki.

Address : 7-8 Hiranomachi, Nagasaki, 852-8117, Japan


The excitement that Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown is offered simply can’t be missed. The colorful life of Nagasaki is literally shown here with the diversity of traditional shows, classic costumes, street foods, restaurants, and of course shops. This spot is popularly known for holding traditional festivals and beautifully paraded with stunning lanterns. With its many exciting offerings, you can also shop things like local food and crafted souvenirs. For another good shopping place, you can also visit the popular Amu Plaza Nagasaki for high-quality products. Not only it sells international brandy products, but this mall also provides local souvenirs and traditional foods in various restaurants. Collect your favorite brands here and see it yourself why this shopping center is known a one of the best.

Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown

One of the most famous place for shopping and visiting during lunar new year.

Many restaurants to taste authentic Nagasaki food with heavy Chinese influence.

Worth stopping for if you are in the area

Address : 10-13 Shinchimachi, Nagasaki, 850-0842, Japan

Amu Plaza Nagasaki

Fantastic shopping mall in the Onouemachi District of Nagasaki, Japan.

Lots of retails outlets with a very nice cinema and food court.

Various number of shops and restaurants and convenient access to the station and nearby hotels.

It is best for travellers,

Address : 1-1 Onouemachi, Nagasaki, 850-0058, Japan


You don’t want to leave Nagasaki without trying the tastiest Champon. This noddle dish is a regional cuisine of Nagasaki. It’s made by frying pork, seafood, and vegetable with lard, and then a soup made with chicken and pig bones is added to it. Pair it with the traditional taste of Shōchū. Shōchū is a beverage distilled from rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, and brown sugar. It sometimes produced from other ingredients such as chestnut, sesame, potato, or even carrots. There are many tasteful cuisines waiting for you. You don’t want to miss them.


As the setting for a multitude of great events, Nagasaki offers many good places to visit. The city is popular for several things, from its volcanoes, beautiful offshore islands, historic buildings, to its hot-spring spas.


While the peak season is from July to August, the best time to pay a visit to this beautiful city is between April & June and from late October to early November. The temperature is pleasantly comfortable.


Make sure to stay at Hotel Monterey Nagasaki for an amazing living experience. This 3-star hotel features design elements inspired by medieval Portugal standing beautifully with its bright color. Not only you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most exciting amenities such as fully equipped and warmly decorated rooms, classic Italian restaurant, outdoor courtyard, and a grand wedding chapel, you’re also able to access some of the most popular attractions easily. And Hotel Forza Nagasaki is another good choice to stay in the city. What’s great about this hotel is it located above a shopping mall. This way, the hotel allows you to have easy access to one of the city’s popular shopping malls. The hotel is simply decorated with its modern room facilities. You can also enjoy Japanese and Western-style breakfast buffet every day. More than that, the location is the star of this hotel. Many popular attractions are accessible with a few-minute walk.

Hotel Monterey Nagasaki

Very rustic hotel, with lots of old-fashioned furniture and decor.

Rooms are spacious by Japanese standards.

The restaurant buffet breakfast is a delightful with Japanese foods with Western additions.

The staff is very friendly, professional, and helpful.

Address : 1-22 Ouramachi, Nagasaki, 850-0918, Japan

Hotel Forza Nagasaki

Comfortable budget-friendly hotel in the perfect location.

Well appointed and comfortable rooms, modern facilities.

Everything is easy to use and the buffet has a nice variety of choices.

The breakfast is mainly Japanese and very good.

Staff are extremely lovely.

Address : Japan, 〒850-0853 Nagasaki, Hamamachi, 4−11 ハマクロス411 4F


Yossou restaurant allows you to enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese cuisines in traditional ways. As a restaurant that’s rich with culture, keeping its authentic ways is a must. From the room setting, furniture utilizing, food presentation, to the great hospitality, everything presented traditionally. It has Chawamushi (steamed egg) as the most favorite menu, you don’t want to leave without trying it. Just like other cities, culture is strongly applied in Nagasaki. Many places include traditional ways in their daily basis. This 多ら福 亜紗 Tarafuku Asa restaurant also has that way about itself. This restaurant is popular for serving Japanese cuisine with great care. The excellent taste and atmosphere will keep you alive throughout your visit. And the attentiveness of the staff will be the best company for you. You can freely ask them anything and they’ll gladly answer your questions. Many seafood dishes are shown here. Try them and get ready to taste the never-before-seen cuisines. Don't forget about sashimi though. It is also worth your time if you can eat raw fish.


Traditional Japanese restaurant specializing in chawanmushi.

Choice of Japanese tatami seats or normal table and chairs seating.

The chawanmushi is superb with lots of hidden treasures underneath.

Food served is quick and prompt service.

Address : 8-9 Hamamachi, Nagasaki, 850-0853, Japan

多ら福 亜紗 Tarafuku Asa

This is the best izakaya in Nagasaki.

Authentic Japanese dining and English menu.

There are also some unique dishes, such as whale meat and tempura mochi.

The staff are lively and attentive.

Address : 2-6 Aburayamachi, Nagasaki, 850-0832, Japan


Your cafe life should start at St.Marc Cafe. This cozy cafe is not only giving you the best taste of Japan, it also has some international cuisines like pasta and croissant. The amazing coffee will go perfectly with these dishes. With its comfortable room setting, this cafe would be a good place to relax and unwind yourself. Another good recommendation for your next stop is this casual cafe named Cafe & Bar ウミノ. This cafe is popular for its fruit sandwiches that are uniquely presented with its delicious taste. All menus are served in a comfortable room space and cozy atmosphere with great care. Fruit sandwiches will go just fine with the tasty shakes.

St.Marc Cafe

Cool place for coffee time.

Coffee and bread are delicious.

And their pasta is surprisingly delicious.

Address : 1-11 Hamamachi, Nagasaki, 850-0853, Japan

Cafe & Bar ウミノ

One of the coziest coffee shops in the area.

The main menu of the cafe menu is a sandwich with hot sand and fruit sandwich.

They are famous for their fruit sandwiches.

Coffee is pretty good too and they serve coffee jelly.

Address : Japan, 〒850-0058 Nagasaki, Onouemachi, 1−1 アミュプラザ長崎 5F


Enjoy your day/night with wide selection of drinks at LOCAL Bar. This bar offers many imported beers and exciting dishes in a good setting space. The staff will welcome you with open arm and great hospitality. If you haven’t had enough, Bar IWI would be another good place to go to. This good-looking bar presents itself with classic color with some of the best personalities. The bar carries great Japanese craft beers in an inviting and lively room setting. The atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff will definitely keep you away from boredom. With the good music played in the background, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable time here.


Great little place to stop and have a drink.

Best selection of beer in town.

Local has everything from IPA to Hefeweizen and great bar food as well.

The staff is always welcoming and this place is English friendly as well.

Address : 7-8 Dozamachi, Nagasaki, 850-0841, Japan


Great ambience and meeting place for travellers.

Definitely worth a visit for a good selection of beers and entertaining bartender.

Excellent place, excellent staff, excellent vibes.

Address : 1-7 Motoshikkuimachi, Nagasaki, 850-0901, Japan


To witness one of the oldest places in the city, you should visit Meganebashi Bridge. This 1634-pedestrian bridge is spanning the stunning Nakashima River and known as the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan. Apart from its history, this bridge also has interesting things around it such as a heart-shaped stone and an ice cream store that has been selling floral ice cream for decades. Continue your journey at named Nagasaki Koshibyo Confucius Shrine and Historical Museum of China. This Confucian shrine was built in 1893 and stands beautifully with its classic style. It offers large illuminated photographs of the old Silk Road and models of early Chinese inventions such as the world’s first seismograph. This historical museum lets you explore many interesting facts about the city’s history in a traditional environment. As one of the city’s popular destinations, this place is definitely unmissable.

Meganebashi Bridge

One of the oldest stone bridges in Japan.

The double arches resembles a pair of spectacles when reflected in the water.

Easily accessible by the tram lines.

Historical spot for travelers who love to take lots of photos or just a simple walk.

Address : Uonomachi, Nagasaki, 850-0874, Japan

Nagasaki Koshibyo Confucius Shrine and Historical Museum of China

Awesome museum, you can see all the Confucius follower and historical item displayed here.

This Confucian shrine is similar in structure to Buddhist temples.

The museum in the back has three floors.

The bottom floor has many unique souvenirs, including Confucian omamoris.

Address : 10-36 Ouramachi, Nagasaki, 850-0918, Japan


Inasa-yam Park has to be one of the best parks in Nagasaki Japan. This hill-park has a height of 333 meters and this allows you as a visitor to travel to the top to witness how gorgeous Nagasaki is. Whether it’s day or night, this spot will totally bring the best out of your inner photographer self. Not only you’re served with the best city views, you can also enjoy other facilities such as stunning greenery and a playground. Known as one of the best and most visited parks in the city, Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki would be another great place to surround yourself with the city’s beautiful offers. This park is designed to recreate the Netherlands by showcasing life-sized copies of old Dutch buildings. It features many Dutch-style buildings like hotels, villas, theaters, museums, shops, and restaurants. Not only that, it also has the stunning canals, windmills, amusement rides, and a park with beautiful seasonal flowers. You can definitely create any kind of color for your aesthetic pictures.

Inasa-yam Park

One of the best night scene in Japan.

This place is called the 10 million dollar night view.

Plenty of people at night but the lookout platform is quite spacious.

Worth going all the way up for the stunning night view of the city

Address : Fuchimachi, Nagasaki, 852-8012, Japan

Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch is an extraordinary place that will leave huge impact on you.

The best experience would be before noon. It allows yourself to explore the vastness of the park.

You can also visit the park at night for another level of experience.

House ten Bosch is definitely a fun day out.

Address : 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch Machi, Sasebo, Nagasaki 859-3292, Japan